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Statement Bangles Wholesale Supplier from India

When buying jewelry, most people try to select statement collections since it has a unique fan base. This condition is because of the jewelry's authenticity and unique design models that make them something special. The statement jewelry, in reality, is a product that expresses your unique characteristics in the form of designs. Among the products available in the market, the statement bangles have gained a whole new fan base because of their authentic designs and combinations. These collections are available in different designs, metals, sizes, and options. Understanding your options will allow you to select the perfect statement bangle for your collection.

Avoid Restrictions

One thing we must understand about the concept of these unique collections is that they do not have any restrictions. The designers provide designs in different sizes, colors, metals, and products.  So, technically, by selecting a model that meets your requirement, you are choosing a jewel that suits your character. This condition is one of the main reasons why these are exact replicas of your character. These collections are available in the form of bills and a variety of other substances, and you go for the purchase, do not restrict your mind to a simple design. When you visit a statement bangles wholesale shop in the local area, you must understand the range of collections that is to be expected from the person. Let us now look at the options available in the market.

Gold Models

If you are looking for a costly version of the statement collections, this beautiful gold model will be a perfect option. Unlike the temple or traditional models, this will not have intricate carving designs and will be attractive. Any type of statement design naturally can attract immediate attention. When you try to overcoat it in gold, they double the attraction, and you can expect people to notice it. You can either select a plain gold bangle or go for an option with Silver that they have dipped in gold. So, this color combination of statement bangles will be costlier than expected with the wastage and manufacturing charges.

Silver Models

When you need a good collection of silver metal bangles, you must visit a sterling silver statement bangles supplier. When going for silver, you can select options like plain white silver or advanced oxidized formats for the detailing available in the design. The design is perfected, and the detailing is an essential part of the bangle. The price will differ between the oxidized metal and pure silver concept. When you select an oxidized bangle remember that the charges will be higher since the product is chemically treated for highlights. But for plain silver, the making charges are considerably low. So you now have the opportunity to buy a collection that meets your needs. These models go well with your beautiful dark-colored costumes. A black traditional attire or a skirt will be a better option for these collections.

Bronze and Copper Collections

If you want something to make you feel unique, along with it being a statement model, then the best option is the bronze and copper collections available in the market. Being a cheaper metal, you might think that you can avoid it for a decent price range. Well, it is partially right. But the making charges will be higher for these products. But regardless of the making charges, the price is still lower than the silver and gold metals. It is not the price you expect for a bronze or copper collection. There are also models available with these metals that have gemstones in them. These models are unique, and you can buy them from some of the best manufacturers in the country.

Other Formats

As we have already mentioned before, with statement collections, you cannot restrict it to a metal choice. There are also options available where the jewelry is made of many other items like recycled products, wire, straps, feathers, and stones. So always have an open mind and go for purchasing this unique collection piece available in the market. Each product is a work of art. It is designed to perfection to establish your character along with other choices.

DWS offers many statement options that improve your purchases and work the money. It is not just ordinary purchases, one can also buy these products for a reasonable price and customize them. In some showrooms, customization may not be an option, while others charge you extra for these custom collections. But here, we focus on providing you with jewelry for the same price as others with the quality you expect them to be. For more details, you can visit our showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan. You can also buy our collections from the website and mobile application available.

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