Tribal silver jewelry maker in India

A tribe is a set of people associated to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to a thought. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or other. A group requires only two crazes to be a tribe: a common interest and a way to converse. In numerous behavior tribes turns much sensitive than civilized people. For instance tribes respect topography of other group, they have a high sense of unity and they always come forward to protect each other. Experience the tribal trend with this classic collection.

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Wholesale Tribal Silver Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

Any outfit seems incomplete if it isn’t complimented with jewellery, minimal or other. Jewellery is the best you can gift to your special one, and of course, women never get enough of it! Your jewellery defines your personality even before you speak, and it’s true, that one feels an instant boost of confidence if they have any piece of jewellery on. And well, it’s okay to be obsessed with it! We have an exquisite collection of the pieces you have always loved, transformed into a more graceful and elegant work of art. You still want your jewellery to make a statement, and be a trend yet being extremely poised, ritzy and classy for sure. DWS is the perfect place for you if you’re looking for awe-spiring pieces.

DWS is a wholesale 925 silver jewellery manufacturing factory, a team of Wholesale Tribal Silver Jewelry Suppliers, from Jaipur India, incepted in the year 2004. We have the best tools and equipment, to deliver to you the best services and cater to your needs so that we achieve the main motive we work for, satisfying our customers, and bringing their aspirations, and vision straight to reality exactly as our customers want. Our customers are who we work for, and our customers are who give us the guidelines. We traverse through the unique and latest of all designs, to bring o you the most exemplary of all designs, while simultaneously working on getting it to qualify the highest level of quintessential norms.

Tribal jewellery is an authentic work of art by indigenous tribal artisans and craftsmen. They choose silver over all other meals as their metal of reference to work on. It has still been preserved since ages by the ethnic tribes, and we intend to do the same. DWS recognizes that tribal jewellery is an extremely stunning work, its organic and remains modish forever, which is why we feel it should be evolved with time to suit our culture and scenarios, without compromising its organic essence, simplicity and the genuine traditional factor that attracted customers in the first place. Hence, we assure you the most skilful of all lot, from our tribal silver jewellery manufactures and even our stores to bring to you the best of our tribal silver jewellery collection.

Shop At DWS

DWS being the tribal silver jewellery exporters, offers the most desirable models of bangles, bracelets, cuff, earrings, pendants and necklaces. It brings you ten different types of silver, from Sterling Silver to Thai Silver, at the best price. It silver range includes Fine 999. Silver, Sterling Silver 925. Argentium silver, Coin Silver, Nickel Silver, Tribal Silver, Bali Silver, Mexican Silver.

Some of the best tribal silver jewellery designers design one can’t afford to miss are:

  1. Labradorite Gemstone Cuff  Bangle
  2. Eternity ring in natural gemstones in rose gold on silver
  3. Handmade blue aventurine gold on silver
  4. Handcrafted multilayered long necklace in natural multi gemstones

You will also come across the Tribal Silver Jewelry Collections like tree bark collection, maze illusion collection, organic twister collection. Fortune frame collection, leaf collections, seedpod collection, hammered collection, rebound classic collection and many other stunning collections at DWS. It also provides a wide range of gemstones to choose from, some of which are as follows:

  1. Amazonite
  2. Apatite
  3. Aquamarine
  4. Black Agate
  5. Black diamond
  6. Black druzy
  7. Bakelite
  8. Tourmaline
  9. Bloodstone
  10. Blue Jade
  11. Blue sapphire
  12. Carnelian
  13. Change garnet
  14. Chrome di oxide
  15. Emerald
  16. Green Jade
  17. Hydro green
  18. Malachite
  19. Pyrite silver colour
  20. Turquoise cultured
  21. Zircon peridot

DWS as tribal silver jewellery distributors has earned a trusted name in the sphere of jewellery over the years of is existence and hoes to make a mark in future as well. The last decade has been quite an astounding one because the company expanded a great deal. Apart from the beauty and aesthetic of our products, we pay major attention to the durability and comfort the product carries along with it, to the customer. DWS Jewellery encourages a woman to take pride in her feminity and use it as her strength to stand out. It emboldens a woman to celebrate her existence, and decorate it to feel even more exceptional. DWS helps you to bring out the most remarkable side of you, and enhance it with the most extraordinary and prodigious products it has to offer.

No matter how hard life gets, our wondrous jewel pieces are only going to bring you bliss.DWS believes that a woman should sparkle not just at occasionally, but every day. We aspire to be a part of your womanhood celebration. Hence we take into consideration your suggestions, and opinions while crafting your dreams so that you look the best version of you when you put in on. Every DWS collection is dedicated to the strength, power and glory of a woman and we await your coming and exploring our Tribal Silver Jewelry Store soon!