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Spun Oxide Jewelry Collection

Oxidized silver is a unique metal that offers a classic and a sensational undertone to an accessory. Its subtle color tones and smooth textures elevate an ensemble with a glamorous finish. This unique metal transforms into an alluring ornament with handmade silver-making techniques. The Spun Oxide Jewelry Collection is extravagant regalia, a result of flawless and creative craftsmanship. The selection aims to highlight the simplicity of ornaments with their low tone and curvy textures. The spinning method used for making these pieces is an example of rarity and ethnicity. If you want a perfect daily wear accessory collection with a playful and subtle look, the Spun Oxide regalia is made just for your closet! Explore a wide range of rings, necklaces, earrings, cuffs, and more with this quirky insignia today!

The Value Of Oxidized Silver Jewelry

Jewelry has always held a special place among women. It is because of their love for the jewelry they have never tried to discriminate against the metal and type of gemstones as long as they are beautiful. If you are looking for an ethnic jewelry design, then oxidized silver jewelry might be an excellent choice. By providing a perfect antique appearance, this oxidized form of silver-based designs has gained more popularity in recent years. From earrings to beautiful necklaces, women nowadays are interested in such unique combinations rather than purchasing gold. The main reason for shifting from gold to other metals is because of the beautiful collections and the budget it offers.

Nowadays, gold is more or less considered being an investment rather than a designer product. The beauty of black silver combined with the mild shine provided by the metal offers a unique combination. If you are searching for a perfect silver oxidized jewelry wholesaler in the country, then DWS can be a wonderful choice. Currently, vogue has also stated this as one of their favorite jewelry preferred by women. Because of this popularity, the combination of designs using this metal has also been increasing with innovative collections in the market.

What Does Silver Oxide Jewelry Mean?

Some people have thought that silver oxidized jewelry means a different type of silver. But in reality, it is nothing but the original sterling silver which is introduced through a chemical for intentional darkening of the surface. It might seem like we have exposed the silver a lot, and hence it is dark because of natural oxidation. But the true factor is that we unnaturally oxidized certain parts to make the design beautiful. This technique is quite common among spun oxide jewelry makers like DWS jewelry. Most jewelers use chemicals like sulfide and potassium sulfide to achieve different levels of darkness depending upon their requirements. The quality of jewelry varies depending on the work of the manufacturer.

They provide a completely matte look, and the final output can be any of the rainbow colors. Some of the other colors that can be achieved include red, green, and blue. But you must understand this blackening of the silver is temporary, and depending upon the usage, they might fade away. The original quality and the color of the silver will reappear after a few months of continuous usage. But they can be re-exposed, and we can bring the color back similar to gold and silver polishing. The irony of this technique is how we wish our natural silver products to remain polished while we expect these jewels to remain black all the time.

Why Do Women Prefer Silver Oxidized Jewelry?

Even though gold has been one of the favorite choices of most women, they still prefer wearing silver oxidized jewelry because they are unique and provide an antique feel. Similarly, for silver oxidized jewelry, that is no need to clean it constantly like silver. They should be kept separately in a storage container for safety. The entire jewelry also provides an edge-like look which is necessary for modern fusion. To make it look more beautiful, we can add a variety of gemstones to the model, which offers a colorful twist for the jewelry. The silver oxide Navratna necklaces have been quite famous during the past decade. Similarly, there is one particular design that is more famous for these oxide combinations. Currently, tribal designs and earrings have been trending among women.

Plain Design Or Gemstone?

Both the plain design and the gemstone have gained immense popularity among the audience. A spun oxide jewelry manufacturer tries to manufacture both collections they are favored by women of all ages. Most of the plain jewelry designs come along with intricate workmanship; some women still prefer color to the ornament. In such cases, gemstones differ, especially with opaque designs like topaz will make the entire ornament beautiful. Some of the statement collections include such colorful combinations. So, for regular wear, women will always choose simple designs, but with marriage and other occasions, the gemstone embedded designs will play a vital role. Gemstone adds bling to the jewelry. But you should make the final choice based upon the dress. The dress and the jewelry should complement each other to make you look beautiful. The occasions you are wearing the product should also be considered.

Tribal Collections

Tribal collections have always been about their size and intricate workmanship. For oxide-based designs, the following models based upon the tribal design will be an excellent choice. The darkening of the silver will add more to its beauty. The Silver oxidized necklace has been made from such a collection. It will be a superb choice for your traditional attire. Even though there are some designs like the tribal pendants shaped like a leaf with a Blue Topaz stone in the middle, there are still more traditional designs when compared to the modern fusion collections. Along with the necklace, there are also a variety of tribal pendants available in the market.

One of the main advantages of the Banjara tribe-based collections is that they are pretty colorful and made of many metals. Silver has been the source of metal for making oxidized silver jewelry. There are multiple pendant styles available, with colorful gemstones embedded in them. Oxidized beaded jewelry has always been a perfect choice for most celebrities. The recent trend has been wearing oxidized tribal jewelry with engraving on rings, bracelet pendants, and anklets. But these engravings are oxidized to provide a different outlook. You can also purchase beautiful tribal charms for your charm bracelet. So the tribal collections make a perfect option for or all your silver oxidized requirements. Even though it is impossible for the bride to go with oxidized jewelry during their special day, the bridesmaids and others visiting the occasion can always try out these unique collections.

Statement Collections

The tribal collections are beautiful with a traditional appearance. The statement collections always go with the fusion design or for modern designs with a unique look that can be paired with any of the costumes. While looking at silver oxidized statement collections, you must remember to choose between plain and gemstone embedded designs. DWS has some of the best silver oxidized bangles collections that you can purchase. One of the well-known designs in the bangles includes beautiful vintage Kada. It is not just beautiful, but it shows an authentic antique collection. Some of the other models in silver include beautiful silver-plated oxidized bangles with charms hanging all over them. Other models include traditional designs like elephants, gods, and jhumkas. While we know some bangles for their beautiful ability to make a noise with the help of beads hanging on them, there are other simple gemstone imported bangles.

It is not just the bangles, but the collection also includes many other designer statement items, like bracelets, rings, earrings, and silver oxidized pendants. For pendants, having gemstones is essential, which we have seen above. Similarly, for some bangles, the designers have gone with embedding gemstones that are brighter and beautiful. Some common gemstones are used in combination with oxidized silver or emerald, ruby, pearl, cat eye gemstone, Firoza gemstone, and Amazonite gemstones. Since most of the statement jewelry originated during the earlier period in Egypt, some designs also resemble the Egyptian collar necklaces and cylindrical rings. So if you are choosing a necklace, there are other statement traditional necklaces available along with the famous necklaces in oxidized silver. Silver oxidized cuff bracelets are also a part of statement jewelry fashion existing from the Egyptian era. Most of this jewelry was used with gemstones during winter to provide more heat. But nowadays, people do not care about the external temperature, but they worry about fashion.

The Latest Trend In Oxidized Earrings

For silver oxidized earrings, there are multiple options available, including jhumkas, Chandbali, drops with pearls, studs with diamonds, and gemstones have been some of the general designs available. Most of these earrings go well along with modern outfits like Kurtis and traditional clothes like saree. Sometimes lehengas can also be paired with unique designs. They also go well along with Indo western outfits like long skirts and Indian suits. The earrings with gemstones have also gained more popularity in recent years. During the olden period, people always avoided gemstones since they could damage the ear because of their heavy weight. But nowadays, because of the invention of light metals and gemstones, it has become quite common among manufacturers to create large earrings without affecting the ear.

The jhumkas and drops have gained more popularity because of their ability to be paired with most types of jewelry items. So with oxidized jewelry, you should also expect designs like floral patterns and geometrically shaped studs filled with intricate handmade designs. These collections are pretty famous, and they are the representatives of original oxide jewelry.

Oxidized Rings

The concept of the ring includes both the finger rings and the nose ring. Some people prefer wearing nose pins with an antique look at them. So if you are looking for such a pattern, then oxidized silver models are pretty famous. The nose pin is made of idols, and other unique designs have gained more popularity in recent years. Along with these, depicting the face of Kali Mata and other idols within the gemstone using the embossing technique has become quite famous in oxidized jewelry collections. So if you are interested, you can purchase such unique rings and nose pins with embossing designs. But they will be better when worn along with their part necklaces and pendants.

Similarly, rings are also quite famous for oxidized silver. Among the multiple silver oxidized rings collection, the handmade collections are pretty natural. More importance has been placed upon the designs nowadays for rings. Along with the standard floral patterns and other German tickle shapes, there are other unique quality statement rings available in the market, including rings made up of designed gemstones. Designing gemstones with exclusive pictures like gods is gaining more attention from women these days. If you are interested in such unique ring collections, then visit the shop DWS in Rajasthan.

Bracelet Collections

Similar to all the collections, bracelets are also quite famous. But having a silver oxidised bracelet with a traditional design will not be suitable. Bracelets are available infusion models, and hence the designers have brought away in providing beautiful black oxidation on the metal regardless of modern design. If you are looking forward to purchasing such unique collections, then DWS can be an excellent choice. Among the multiple jobs available in the country, DWS is the best option for purchasing silver oxidized cuffs and bracelets. Each collection is unique, and they are made to meet up the customers. Creating and polishing the oxidized jewelry requires a lot of experience and is not available to most manufacturers.

There are also some exclusive bracelet collections filled with zirconia stones and pearls for providing a unique design suitable for bridesmaids. There is no fixed rule that the bridesmaids should be in gold jewelry. And hence you can also rock your friend’s wedding with unique designer combinations. You can also gift your favorite person with oxidized silver charms. But keep in mind that they cannot be born every time since they might lose their color after some period.

Purchasing silver oxidized jewelry is not just enough, but you should also maintain it. While standard silver jewelry can become darker because of oxidation, the oxidized jewelry will shine brightly after certain days because of the lack of oxidation. So it is essential to not expose the jewelry to water and air for a long time. After purchasing the jewel, place it in an airtight container and avoid polishing the jewelry or wiping it to protect them from losing the polish in five days. Even if you keep a designer item in the open air, you find that the color has diminished because of the chemical reactions.