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Unique Plata Collections For You

With unique jewelry designs, women are always interested in them. The quality of the metal does not matter as long as they appreciate the dress they are wearing. A low priced silver jewelry has more value when compared to gold jewelry without a design. This is one of the main reasons fashion jewelry has been gaining more popularity in recent years. Simple gemstone jewelry made up of silver, and pearl jewelry has been more preferred by the general population when compared to the other antique gemstone gold jewelry. Among such fashion jewelry designs, one of the famous collections includes the plata jewelry that has been recently getting famous in the market.

Before visiting a plata jewelry wholesaler, you must understand the jewelry and its designs to ensure quality. There are multiple plata jewelry shops available in the market, and among them, very few have their manufacturing unit to provide the customer's requirements. So if you wish to purchase excellent quality plata jewelry, DWS might be the better option for your requirements. With the help of its manufacturing unit and unique designers, DWS has always created its own set of jewelry designs that are authentic and valuable. Let us now look at the concept of plata and how you can design your collection.

What Is Plata Jewelry?

This plata jewelry is a combination of multiple metals or metal coatings that provides a unique color to the external appearance. Most of the designs comprise hand artisans, and each piece is a work of art. From rings to nose pins, there are a variety of color combinations available. While gold and silver are the most commonly used color combos, other designs like gemstone embroidered jewelry. This design originated initially in Mexico in a city called Taxco, which was well known for offering the best designs in silver.

This type of jewelry, which is a mixture of silver and gold, has been used by Aztec dwellers and was later developed continuously to meet up with the current generation trend. Most of them are available in tribal designs, and this unique collection comprises beautifully handcrafted techniques. So if you select any of the plata jewelry makers. So, to visit them, ensure that they have proper authentic artisans to create your designs. They are also similar to statement jewelry, but the techniques used are much more difficult and hence the budget will be higher. The making charges of these unique combinations will be higher since a lot of work and experience goes into them.

Why Should We Buy Them?

Most people might wonder that why silver, regardless of their intricate designs, cost high. So why should we purchase it if we can buy the same quality gold jewelry? But fashion plays an important role here since such unique collections are not currently available in gold jewelry showrooms. So if you are looking for a suitable fashion necklace or a complete set that will improve your appearance, then these options should be considered. Let us now look at the wide range of collections available in DWS jewelry and how you can customize them based upon the other ornaments available in the market. Being one of the well-known plata jewelry manufacturers in the country, we need to consider such a unique collection.


If you are looking for a beautiful bangle collection that can go well for your light-colored costumes, then this unique combination of silver and gold with handcrafted designs can be a perfect option. DWS has a wide range of plata bangles that are not just unique but also suitable for your costume regardless of its requirement. Originated in the early period, bangles have always been a choice of jewelry for most women and men. Later, with the development of time and trend, they were slowly restricted to women while men went for the standard chains and occasional bracelets. There are a variety of bangle collections available within the showroom.

The collections with gemstones embedded within them are unique. We can add grandness to the collection with the gemstones like ruby, emerald, and zirconium. Also, to make it more preferable, jewels include intricate designs like idols that make the Indian collection grand. Similar to the beautiful silver oxide jewelry, here the collections are available in silver and bronze with an overcoating of gold in certain parts. There are also both traditional and modern designs included within these collections. So if you are interested in purchasing them, you can automatically buy them from some of the best online showrooms in the country, including DWS. But before purchasing, look at the base metal used in these collections to get an estimation of the price. For example, some designs might be made in Brass with silver and gold coating. The cost of these collections will be lesser when compared with original silver collections.


Along with traditional bracelets, the multiple bracelets in a single loop have become quite famous in recent years. Understanding this DWS has introduced new plata bracelets that are not just unique but also made with the latest fusion designs to attract your attention. If you are looking for a beautiful modern collection, you can go for the charms and bangle bracelet design handcrafted with intricate designs. Women can combine these collections with Indo western wear like skirts and Kurtas. They are also suitable for modern costumes like party wear. But for traditional models, there are certain Kada bracelets available. You can also choose the Bangle bracelet models that offer a much homely look you are planning to give out.

Bracelets are modern bangles, and men of all ages also prefer them. Understanding this, we have also introduced a new collection for men that are available in multiple designs. If you are a lover of single designs, then enjoy the handmade simple silver metal bracelets. There are also intricate work-filled designer bracelets available for people who love richness. Instead of buying an ordinary friendship bracelet or a couple of bracelets, these collections can be a good choice, since they are both fashionable and beautiful at the same time. If you want to get an idea of such collections, you can visit the showroom website and look at the designs available.

Nose Pin And Rings

Some designs include a plain circular nose pin with beautiful flowers at the end, highlighted by a gold plate. The same models are also available for rings. The plata rings are not just unique but are designed to improve the elegance of your fingers. Most of the rings comprise silver with gold highlights or vice versa. The designers have made sure that each collection is unique and suitable for people who love both simplicity and grandness in their jewelry. Pearls and gemstones embedded in them also accompanied some collections. The pearl designs will be suitable for an ethnic look. Here, each of the patterns on the ring comprises handcrafting techniques. Nose pins and earrings are not just designs. They are traditions that ensure good health.

Most of the rings are expanded so that everyone can enjoy these collections. Some designs include floral patterns, heart patterns, teardrop patterns, and many other collections. Imagine wearing a ring that includes the entire planet system like the star, sun, and moon. Such unique designs are available only at a DWS jewelry store. Some collections include beautiful gemstones like Ethiopian opal and blue topaz. They can be worn regularly, but remember the gold plating will wear off after some time. So it is better to wear them during an occasion or constantly coat the jewelry. Since DWS has its very own factory that is dedicated to such corrections, the customers can submit their jewelry anytime and make the changes or polish them.

Earring Collections

Since most people became lovers of oxide jewelry because of the multiple colors involved with them, the showrooms have been intent on creating unique collections that combine both gold and silver. From chains to necklaces, there are many collections available in gold jewelry with silver and bronze coats placed upon them. If you wonder about that or only a few designs in these collections, then it is not. These plata earrings are available in multiple forms, including teardrop collections and chandeliers. By combining gold and silver, they are more ethereal to look. There are also collections with gemstones included in them, and they are more suitable for bribes, where the gold is more, and the silver is less in certain areas.

But the bridesmaids can go for the vice versa option. Most of these designs are available in statement collections, and hence they can be worn separately with no necklaces. These collections are suitable for closed-neck costumes that prevent you from wearing any chain or necklace. These collections can also be customized. All you need to do is provide the photo of the design you need or explain your thoughts to create it into a beautiful plata earring model. You can also send the images through email, and we can place the orders online.

Necklaces And Chains

While some necklaces are heavy with traditional designs on the other collections are lighter and suitable for regular wear. Some people think that haram and other types of grand necklaces like chokers are the only designs in the market. But in reality, there are other collections including plata necklaces that are not just beautiful but are also suitable for regular wear. Most of the brides can try out these unique collections. We can also wear them to offices and other formal occasions. Some models also include chains made up of a variety of metals or metal coatings. If you are looking forward to matching them with a perfect set, then the plata pendants can be a good choice.

The pendants are available in both plain and gemstone designs. Some of the commonly used gemstones include emerald, ruby, and opal. They can also purchase topaz jewelry since it is one of the most attractive gemstones. Sometimes collections have structured topaz collections. It means that it has subjected the entire gemstone to designing, which is also an original collection. Sometimes it is possible to embed the face of the idols within the gemstones for a beautiful appearance altogether. If you are looking for cheap replacements, you can also go for plata jewelry collections. The chain collections can be purchased for kids and adults.

Cuff Bracelet Collection

Cuff bracelets have been quite famous during recent years regardless of their history existing from the Egyptian period. They are available both as simple designs and also as designs with wide metal plates. Having a large gemstone embedded in the center has been quite a standard design in these collections. But with plata cuff bracelets, the designs are highlighted in place of the gemstones and hence more importance is given to the design. They are more suitable for modern costumes like skirts and party wear. It is not for most of the sari collections and other traditional costumes. Cuff bracelet collections are also available for bridesmaids with a grand selection.

All these collections of unique plata jewelry are available in DWS. Being one of the most popular showrooms in the country, it is necessary to offer a variety of designs to the customers, and they have always achieved it through a team of expert designers and their manufacturing unit. Jewelry has become a necessary part of most people’s lives, and hence such unique collections will keep emerging. Some models might be suitable for your requirements while the others might not be so. In such a situation, it is good for you to analyze and focus on jewelry designs that are cheaper and within your budget without wasting a lot of money. If you are a bride who prefers to purchase heavy jewelry for your marriage, then fashion jewelry will be an excellent choice over the other collections. So choose wisely and look at our models through our mobile application and website. Customers can also visit our shop directly for a chat with our designers.