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Oxide Strings Pearl Jewelry Collection

Pearls are a marvelous creation of nature featuring beauty in simplicity. When these tiny trinkets come together with the prosperity of silver, the result is a bold and beautiful creation. Combinations of pearls and silver go long back and offer a wide range of regalia. The oxide strings pearl jewelry Collection is an outstanding series rightfully termed as vivid and versatile. The beauty of intricately twisted silver strings elevates when given a touch of pearl. This unique ornament series will offer an edge to your personality. Made from oxide silver and white pearls, these accessories are perfect for casual office wear or a quick evening coffee.

A String Of Pearls Collection

Pearls have always been a suitable choice for most men, regardless of their age and status. They are like the diamond collections but available at a low price. Available in multiple designs and hues, these pearls are the most beautiful when combined with silver jewelry. Silver and pearls have been a choice of wear for most women during the early days. While gold and other gemstones need a lot of attention and time from the goals when these collections were available at a controlled budget. It’s not just the ordinary women, but even the royals preferred pearl collections since they represent purity and uniqueness. Every fashion-loving woman in this world will have their own set of jewelry collections.

Understanding the love between women and pearls, DWS introduces you to the latest collection of ‘string of pearls jewelry’ items in their showroom and through the online website. But before entering the concept of designs and collections, you must understand more about this unique collection and what they represent.

About The Collection

This collection is all about elegance and gorgeousness combined for a rich look. It perfectly combines silver and pearl. As per the name, the oxidized silver is beautiful with a string-like structure present on them. Each collection is unique, and they are available in abundance compared to any other jewelry in the showroom. The combination of silver and pearl has always been a choice of gorgeousness for most women, and here the oxidized silver looks like strings that combine the entire model together.

With quality, DWS can assure you that each pearl has been well tested, and the silver is of pure quality. Sometimes the collections can also be a customer of gold and pearl, but silver will always be a perfect choice of ornament for me. Here at DWS, our journeys are weaved into a collection of jewelry that enhances our love for jewelry combined with hard work and beauty. Our collections range from simple rings to a string pearl necklace that is authentic and beautiful.

Quality Test

In the trend, we must assure any client of the quality of the jewelry. Understanding this, we at DWS offer a well-trusted string of pearls jewellery items, but along with that, we will also explain to you how to understand the quality of the product you are buying.

Pearls have always been naturally available, and sometimes they are synthetically manufactured in labs. Available in natural forms, they have been initially found in the Persian Gulf. People have harvested this product all over the world, and they are pretty costly. But some products are grown in artificial setups and labs where they are developed in a simulation environment. Similarly, there are also types, like fresh water and saltwater pearl. So depending upon the area of production, size, color, and shape, they are classified into many types. Some of the general collections include south sea, Tahitian, Akoya, and mother of Pearl.

Test For Pearl And Silver

For testing, the quality of the natural option is to rub the pearl on your tooth to feel the structure. If they are grainy, then it means that the pearl collection is original, and the smooth surface always represents the duplicate collections. Remember, even the naturally cultivated pearl connections are available nowadays in multiple shapes and colors.

There are two types of pearls called the natural and cultured forms. While some items are being formed naturally with no human intervention, the culture collections are not. For example, the aided particle is being inserted into the smallest to start the production. Here, the product is formed as a defense mechanism. We can test the quality of the silver by polishing it with a cloth. To be assured about the quality, go to shops like DWS. So if you are looking forward to purchasing a string of pearls jewellery or any other type of silver pearl necklace, go to well-known shops that offer quality.

Beautiful Necklace Designs

For the pearl necklace, the combinations are not exactly restricted to a simple string collection. Here, even in the design of strings, you can encounter collections like a multi-string pearl necklace. This collection includes multiple designs. The strings can be made completely of pearls or mixed with the combination of both chains and pearls. The long string of pearls necklace can be suitable for party wear. Similarly, the 3 string pearl necklace is one of a kind. Each collection is unique, with a combination that cannot be replaced with any other designs. Pearls have always been a collection of designs in strings or single embedding techniques.

Our collection includes a beautiful three-string pearl necklace with pendants in the middle that combines the triple chains at multiple locations. Along with these collections, there is also a double-string pearl necklace that adds to the beauty of your outfit. The difference between the triple and double strings is the grandness. But while adding large pearls, this ornament is not just beautiful but is also gorgeous. They are best looking when combined with dark-colored costumes like black sarees and party wear. If you are searching for a suitable double string of pearls necklace, then a showroom in Jaipur Rajasthan is the best option available. The jewelry designs can be customized based upon the number of strings you need along with the middle designs you select.

Earring Collections

While drops have been a common choice for most women, pearl earrings have exhibited their gorgeousness by adding bling to the drops. Instead of wearing plain drops, you can always choose this collection that includes a pearl embedded in a single place surrounded by drops of silver chains. These chains are unique, and they have been a favorite collection for women who prefer long earrings. The string pearl earrings collection includes multiple designs that comprise oxide strings. The silver jewelry with a touch of pearl in the middle always adds an ethnic beauty that is not available in any other form. Each design is a statement collection that you cannot find in any jewelry store. The addition of oxidized silver has made it more beautiful by offering an antique look to the entire piece.

The designs are not just restricted to traditional collections, and they are also available in modern and fusion collections. Whether it is a heart-shaped park or a beautiful floral pattern, each detail is given utmost importance. Each flower is crafted with intricate techniques that include minute stones placed in the middle surrounded by twisted borders to add a beautiful look to the jewelry. There are multiple connections available in strings pearl earrings you can select from the showroom. These earrings might look hefty and filled with work, but the price is decent and the budget would allow you to buy three earrings in place of one golden stud collection. The pearl string earrings collection also includes matching necklaces that might be a perfect combo. The pearl necklace with black string collections is one-of-a-kind, and the floral necklaces have matching earrings and rings that you can choose from the shop.

Ring Collections

While gemstones embedded rings are a beauty, the plain rings can also be a perfect choice for beautiful collections. For statement designs, your choice can be anything. Whether it is a delicate engagement ring or a piece of advanced fashion jewelry, you can choose from the strings of pearl rings that are unique and beautiful for your fingers. The intricate design adds to the beauty of the statement ring designs. Combining it with matching bracelets and other jewelry items will be a perfect output. As a leading oxidized strings pearl jewelry manufacturer DWS creates ornaments to meet the requirements of the customers.

The floral and the heart pattern with intricate borders and twisted chains are the common patterns available in the showroom. Here, the pearls are usually embedded in the center and sometimes lined with beautiful gemstones to make them more elegant. The collections can also be matched with a string of real pearls necklaces. You need not worry about the quality of the pearls since each of them belongs to the natural variety, and if you want them for a low price, you can go for manufactured models. 

A Treat For Your Hands

With a string of pearls, the connections are not restricted to just necklaces, rings, and earrings. You can also enjoy a wide range of bracelet bangles and cuff jewelry. Even though the strings pearl bangles designs go with the traditional collections, they are still authentic and beautiful. It will be impossible to go for a collection that has a fusion design in the bangles with pearls. So if you want to make it more beautiful and modern, choose strings pearl bracelets collection filled with multiple silver and beautiful small-sized pearls. Similarly, the collection of strings pearl cuff jewelry is also as unique as the other collections. The combination of both pearl and oxidized silver can make your shopping more beautiful. The models are suitable for all your designer products and they can improve your look and style.

People always have a belief that pearls are a combination that should go well with gold. But oxidized silver is a combination that is not commonly available, and we at DWS bring you such unique combinations. So if you are looking for a pearl string bracelet collection, some designs will include three or four strings attached to a joint in the center. The bracelets are more flow and beautiful. Similarly, the cuff bracelets are stiff and are suitable for party costumes.


Strings pearl pendants are not completely made up of pearls like in the bracelets or bangles. If you are not interested in wearing a pearl necklace string you can always opt for an ordinary chain with these gorgeous pendants embedded with pearls. They are more metal and low pearl. These collections are suitable for youngsters who do not want to look extravagant but still need an elegant touch for their jewelry. They are more suitable for regular wear, and the collection includes multiple shapes and intrinsic work handmade by the workers in the factory. The designs on the pendant are intricate, and hence the value of the jewelry might be over budget.

It is not just these real pearl string necklace collections, but it also includes some rich models with multiple gemstones and purple combinations. With pendants, there are many gorgeous designs available. Customers can choose the model they love. Sometimes, they can also customize the collections or the whole set. The strings of pearl necklaces are a rare design that you should buy for a decent collection.

Which Would Be The Best?

Among the multiple choices available, the real pearl string necklace might be the best option, especially for your collection. The availability of oxidized silver combined with pearl can make the string of pearls necklace price fall within your budget. If you are looking for beautiful collections within a budget, then necklaces would be the best option. Instead of going for gold jewelry, this collection can bring a massive change to your closet. So initially, my choice would be to start with the string of pearls necklace and then move on with the other collections that will match.

If you are searching for any ‘strings pearl necklace near me‘ in Google, DWS will appear. We can be your choice for your requirements. It does not matter whether you are near or away from the physical shop in Jaipur. You can always go to the online showroom and choose the proper collection that will go well along with the design of your choice. Each of these collections is a unique statement and hence buy your set of string pearls for an acceptable price. Even the brides can try out these standard collections, and the youngsters nowadays are more attracted to such collections. For more details, contact the website or visit the showroom directly. DWS also accepts custom orders, making it easier for you to select jewelry of your choice.