New Designer Longing Gemstone Jewelry Collection

Longing makes everything blossom while ownership makes the whole thing shrivel and fade. Emotions and longing are the motive forces behind all human endeavor and human establishments. There is a passage between mans thoughts and mans accomplishment that may only be pass through by his longing. However if some longings goes unformulated, do not be astounded, we call that life. Celebrating the same believe with this exquisite gemstones collection. more

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Wholesale Longing Gemstone Jewellery Manufacturer In Jaipur

Gemstones have been part of our jewellery since the time immemorial when people used to wear gemstone jewellery mainly to protect against bad luck and evil spirits. Even today, gemstones are considered useful and valuable for their astrological significance. Besides, bringing good luck, peace and prosperity, gemstone jewellery can be highly stylish at the same time.

Gemstone stands as a symbol of assertiveness and strength. It exudes confidence and pride in ownership. It signifies happiness and life by itself. We at DWS believe in offering these special moments through our endless variety of longing gemstone jewellery designs. While there are rubies, emeralds and pearls for the admirers, there are pieces in blue or yellow sapphire and amethyst blocks gripped in yellow, white or rose gold casings. For those who want it all, there are mixed colours and multiple gemstone options available such as the longing earrings and neck pieces.

DWS is one of the largest manufacturers of wholesale longing gemstone jewellery with widespread shops providing customers with designer gemstone jewellery all over the world. DWS has also been the largest Gemstone exporter with wide presence all over the globe. Our main gemstone collections include designers longing gemstone earrings; neckpieces and rings & bracelets.

Longing Gemstone Earrings

Ever looked at the early dawn sky when the sun shyly peeps out from the darkest hour showering vermillion blessings beginning a new day? The horizon breaks out into radiant shades of pink, orange, peach and mauve and illuminates your entire existence. Colours have a way of making your heart dance with joy and jubilance. Our gemstone earring collection is inspired by the mighty nature in all its brilliant glory. With the help of our very own manufacturing unit, we produce a variety of designs that are designed by our specialist designers who excel in producing these designs. We also provide customised designs for our customers who prefer to have their designs rather than buying a design that everyone loves.

Longing Gemstone Necklaces

DWS is the greatest manufacturer of Gemstone Necklaces for women who enhance their independence, boldness, confidence and beauty by flaunting beautiful Gemstone jewellery on their neck. Our wholesale gemstone stores and shops provide gemstones of various colours and sizes, to create varied looks for different occasions. The multi-gemstone necklaces come with many gemstones strung together. These multicoloured gemstone necklaces can be paired with a variety of outfits, owing to the multitude of colours available. A pink gemstone necklace works well for an all-white outfit, while a green gemstone necklace will beautifully complement a black outfit.

Gemstone Rings

The gemstone rings collection is an assortment of different designs styled with specific purposes like engagement rings, party-wear or cocktail rings, casual gemstone rings, gemstone band rings and navratna (nine stone) rings. Gemstones are used in jewellery for both astrological as well as ornamental purposes. For astrological impact, the stone should be of a certain, colour, carat and be worn with specifications on a certain occasion, following certain rituals, chanting some mantras and on certain fingers, as per one’s birthstones or the zodiac signs. The most common way of wearing the gemstones is in the form of gemstones embedded in the rings. They can wear it in the form of rings in a fashionable way.

DWS is the largest distributor and supplier of beautiful Gemstone rings. We also provide customization services for our customer at our various stores and online sites.

Gemstone Bracelets

DWS deals in Bracelets studded with precious &semi precious stones. Bracelets can be made of various types of metals like Silver, Gold & Platinum. All Gemstones used are Certified Natural & of High quality. We also make Bracelets with Natural Healing Crystals. The designing & Finishing is of international standard. We make customized Bracelets as per your requirement. You can also ask for any Gemstone you want to be set in Bracelet and the metal to be used. Bracelets are available for Men, Women & Kids.

Being one of the leading Gemstone jewellery manufacturer, supplier and distributor In the country and we make sure that our products are of high quality and good design. Repair damaged Jewellery items for our customers with proper care and made the jewellery in such a way that they are new as before without any trace of damages. Starting values for people and in fear of damaging them for these people preserve their damaged Jewellery items rather than repairing at Jewellery makes sure that all the Jewellery items are repaired perfectly without damaging the jewellery and their values. Visit our store located in Jaipur Rajasthan, all visitors at. Designs to our online website portal. Order can be placed with the picture of the jewellery design uploaded with. Action has been our priority, and we will always try hard to maintain their happiness and satisfaction towards our wholesale longing gemstone jewellery store.