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Golden Pastor Collection

The golden hue on silver indicates power, beauty, and prosperity! Imparting curved shape to this powerful yet elegant metal is symbolic. These delicate shapes indicate the never-ending possibilities of the metal at the same time imply its subtle nature. These enticing properties, when combined with vibrant gemstones, elevate the look of an accessory. Realization of this seamless potential of the combination is visible in the golden pastor collection. With the handmade designs available in textured forms and loops and arcs, this sensual series represents the artistic talents of our craftsmen. If you are looking for a statement accessory for those big presentations or an evening gala, this shimmery regalia is perfect for you. Check out rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from the golden pastor collection today!

Understanding Our Golden Pastor Jewelry

Jewelry is all about beauty. Most women nowadays prefer visiting a shop that has elegant jewelry collections that are not just unique but also should show them different from others. Understanding this, DWS introduced the concept of a beautiful golden pastor jewelry collection. Filled with a light coat of a beautiful golden layer on the top of the silver collection, they have always attracted a vast amount of attention from the audience. Golden pastor jewelry has always been a design for the masses, and women who can carry themselves with unique collections and styles.

Simplicity with elegance has always been the principle of the DWS showroom. As a leading golden pastor jewelry wholesaler in the country, they have always created the best collections in both gold and silver. Regardless of the varieties they produce, customer satisfaction has always been the goal of this shop. So we can customize each piece of jewelry depending upon the requirement for customers and improve the needs.

Let us now look at the collections available and how they can alter the style of your designer wear. These statement collections can blend according to your well, and they can be a charge for both traditional and modern designer wear depending upon your attitude and outlook.

What Is Golden Pastor Jewelry?

If you are wondering what this new design is all about, then understand that a golden pastor is statement jewelry with designs based upon curves. Bringing out your internal beauty through these modern and well-crafted jewelry items made of pure quality silver, and gold plating can be a good choice. They have a variety of gemstones embedded within them to enhance the design and make it good. These designs are available as individual sets and also in pairs depending on the customers. They move along with the modern collections and hence contact DWS for more details.

How To Use Them?

Most of these jewelry designs are unique, and they go the best jewel along with both modern and traditional looks. The designs are statement collections, and hence they can you can wear them separately based upon your requirements. These curves add to the beauty, and the shining gemstones are always adding an excess beauty to the jewelry.

Similar to every other piece of jewelry, this unique collection also includes collections like bangles, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. Let us now look at the ornaments available in the showroom.

Bangle Collections

Bangles are curved objects that add to the beauty of your hand. But introducing unique curve designs on the bangles is the specialty of these beautiful ornaments. The collection of golden pastor bangles in DWS is unique and made up of different models. Made up of silver with gold coating with gemstones embedded in them. They are gorgeous. For gemstones, we cannot restrict the collections to simple Emerald or Ruby work. Starting from doublet jewelry gemstones to beautiful Opal gemstones, there are multiple collections available in the showroom that you can embed to form a unique design. The bangle collections are available for people of all ages, and their gorgeousness is proof of originality and quality within the jewelry.

We have not restricted jewelry to a particular metal. Hence, at DWS, our golden pastor jewelry maker had designed multiple collections in silver with gold plated on the top. As a country supporting a vast youth population, it is necessary to create designs that attract the current generation of youngsters. So these collections are a combination of both traditional and modern ornaments providing a fusion model that meets up with the trend.

Authentic Ring Collections

Today, there are multiple variations available in rings and any form of jewelry. Even wedding brides nowadays are interested in original collections that make them look beautiful but not traditional. This statement designer golden pastor rings beautifully combine ethnicity and innovation at its peak. The curved design improves the beauty of your finger and makes your outfit look beautiful. Available in multiple models and adorned with unique gemstones like a rainbow, these collections are one of a kind.

These collections are also available in smaller versions for regular wear. The designs are not just for the youth generation but also suitable for women of all ages. Each ring has a sentimental value for women, and this one can bring fashion to your life along with confidence. Rings are all about beauty. Visit our showroom website to understand more about the ring collections, along with matching necklaces and pendants. Whether it is a casual ring or engagement ring, these collections can be a unique choice that you might never have faced in any jewelry shop.


Have you ever wondered which earring will go along with your particular costume? If yes, then you are one of the best fashion lovers. Choosing earrings can always be quite a challenging concept. For the first time, bring you a unique collection of golden pastor earrings suitable for most of the costumes in your closet. The beautifully crafted earring with a gemstone in the bottom surrounded by a crescent shape is just an example on the line. Each of these collections is made using drop models. They are most suitable for women with long necks and beautiful oval-shaped faces.

The drops filled with gemstones can be worn alone as statement jewelry and also can be combined with necklaces for adding to the beauty. Here, the choice of the gemstone can be altered depending on the customer’s requirements. The customization option is not just for designs, but also includes gemstones. To provide a choice of the budget, we at DWS also offer double gemstones that can be customized to meet your requirements. Wearing a dangler or a drop model requires immense confidence, and this collection gives you that. Whether you want to walk ahead or dance your heart out, these collections will assist you all along by moving along with you.

Pendant Collections

Similar to other designs, pendants have also been a choice of jewelry for most youngsters these days. While necklaces show grandness and beauty, pendants show beauty and fusion. To add more to this elegance, DWS introduces you to the latest golden pastor pendants. The beauty of the design adds to the beauty. These pendants are mildly submissive, but capture your spirit with a charm. Our collections have inspired the latest fashionistas to create new designs worthy of the metals used in them. Have a look at the dazzling choices of the current trends filled with gorgeous designs and gemstones that are rare to find. Each pastor collection is one of its kind, and these statement collections are available for a low budget.

Our team of engravers, polishers, design experts, and goldsmiths works with the metals to bring their inner happiness through such unique collections.

Necklace Collections

Necklaces have always been jewelry for rich adornments, and people have always preferred them. While the traditional necklaces have a completely fresh look, some of the fusion and modern collections have always been simple and yet beautiful. We would like to introduce the latest fusion jewelry called golden pastor necklaces that are simple and gorgeous. Made with beautiful gemstones, this statement collection is all about simplicity, elegance, and beauty. These collections can be added to fusion bride jewelry that prefers a simple, and yet powerful design for their wedding.

The golden hue on the necklace is filled with ethnic beauty, and these collections are available in our jewelry showroom. Simplicity has always been an attribute of modern women, and this ornament is the epitome of it. We can also customize the collections to meet the requirements. Other collections include necklaces with designs present all over them and also necklaces with designs only on the bottom region. Sometimes the choice of chain combined with a perfect pendant can also be regarded as a beautiful necklace. Remember, jewelry is what you want it to be, not how you want it.

Bracelets And Cuffs

The difference between the bracelets and cuffs has always been a point of mental fluidity. Similar to every other bracelet, this Golden pastor bracelet collection has a perfect combination of designs that are not just unique but also elegant with a beautiful gemstone. To match up with the requirements of all the youngsters, these collections are available in simple and grand forms. These statement collections can be want separately and also can be combined with an array of other jewelry. They can be matched with the earrings and necklace collections available in the same category.

While the bracelets had been a choice for women going to colleges and other universities, the cuff jewelry has been a charge for office wear and functions. The golden pastor cuff collection is not just about the design, but they have indicated ethnicity. With the open option available for customization, these cuff jewelry has always been a wide choice for most people. It’s not just the pastor designs, but multiple other collections have also been customized in cuff jewelry.

Best For Occasions

One can never wear this jewelry casually because of its ethnic beauty and unique elegance. But it has always been a suitable choice for women who wear jewelry to their offices. The statement collection earrings with gorgeous drops and stones are available. These golden pastor collections have met both the requirements of women. While some ornaments are suitable for the office, the others are suitable for occasions. They have been a perfect fusion that you can wear with any attire. If you are looking for a good design with your hard-earned money, this collection can be an excellent choice. With the upcoming festivities, this collection can be included as your choice for a gift to the best women in your life.

It is not the best, but it is a person's heart that matters. But what if both things are beautiful? If you have any doubts on what to select, then automatically go for this collection since they are not just gorgeous but created to be suitable for every woman on this earth. The models can be worn as a stand-alone set, or you can combine them with other jewelry items.

Choices For Genders

The collections are not restricted to women, and they are also available for men. The ethnic designs can also be offered daily for men since the rings are beautiful and the bracelets are gorgeous. If you are a man who prefers beautiful bracelets, then this statement selection can be a perfect choice for you. It is rare for men to face statement collections, and here at DWS, we offer them. We have a vast collection of pastor rings for sale that is suitable to meet the choice of both men and women. The pendants are also available for men, and if you are not satisfied with the collection, you can always go for the customer as an option in this statement collection.

Gemstone Varieties

For such unique designs, it is always the gemstones that add to the beauty. While some people look at gemstones for their beauty, other people prefer wearing them for the luck they bring along. The beauty of this model is that it goes well along with any type of gemstone and sometimes a rainbow of colors within the design and will add more. Sometimes there are also some models like doublet gemstones. So whether you want the original please for the duplicate one, it is a choice that you can make with the DWS jewelry. Regardless of the model you choose, the quality will always be the same.

As a leading gemstone exporter and wholesaler, we have always used our talent as a leading golden pastor jewelry manufacturer to create such collections. So for more details, visit our showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan, or visit our online website for unique collections. Anything you choose will connect you with us for a lifelong relationship in jewelry and designs. For more details contact our showroom in Jaipur or visit our website. We allow online purchases to include customization orders.