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The earth is something that is universal and common for everyone. Our earth is the only place which gives us base and harbor to life. We can not imagine life without earth. In any case there is no space in near future, where our species could migrate. It is only when you are flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is and forget not that the earth delights to feel your uncovered feet and the air-stream long to play with your hair. Love the Earth and Earth will love you back even more. Come closer to earth with this Classic collection.

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Earth Jewellery Manufacturer In India

Earth is one of the natural elements that takes little and gives more. One of the most important materials that the earth has given use includes stones and other metals that are used for making jewellery. There are very few manufacturers who are experts in making earth jewellery. DWS Jewellery is one of the famous Earth jewellery manufacturers in India. You can make all types of jewellery designs using the stones and metal obtained from the Earth. Whether it is a chain or it is a ring everything can be made using it. Not everyone can make these designs and it requires special hand craftsman to design it.

Special Powers

Even though artificial jewellery is beautiful to look at and easy to make, they lack something that these jewels made from earth metals and stones have. The magnetic power that these stones have provides you with immense power and you can use them to ward off the bad energy and gather more good energy. Many stones like moonstones, diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire are obtained from the underground and they are more powerful than any other artificial stones manufactured in the factory. This is because they have been buried under the ground for a long period of time undergoing changes. This makes the stones special and valuable.

Variety Of Designs

There is a variety of designer jewellery and products manufactured using these stones and metals. Our hand craftsmen have worked a lot to make designs that are beautiful and modern. Some of our current designs include a beautiful moonstone chain with matching earrings, pendant and rings. The designs are created by special designers and made by our craftsmen. You can also create your own custom designs with our designers. Being one of the famous earth jewellery makers in Jaipur, it is essential for us to satisfy our local customers to meet up with their expectations. Our latest creation in this category includes a beautiful white pendant with the moonstone in the centre hand is accompanied by a set of matching earrings and rings.  This piece is loved by most of the friends and people have been purchasing them from both our shops and also from our online website portals.

Gift Your Loved Ones

These designs can be gifted to your loved ones and they would be much more special because of their high positive energy and also because they own something only a very few people in this country own. These types of jewellery are made by only a handful of people. You can gift these jewels to your friend, wife and mother to show your love for them and how much you mean to them. They can be for special occasions and also for regular usage. This type of designs is available for both men and women. And giving something so valuable as a gift to them will mean more to them than anything else.

So either order for these designs through our website or you can always purchase directly from our shops. We also make custom designs for online orders. Choose the design and enjoy more.

Nature's Finest: Celebrating Earth's Beauty and Sustainability Through Jewelry

Recently, the modern generation has started focusing on bringing up the old designs that were popular during ancient times. Rather than going for geometrical patterns and other collections, people now try to focus on the beautiful patterns related to the earth and other natural elements. Modern designers called this beautiful collection Earth jewelry. With authentic patterns like leaves and floral designs, this brilliant Earth jewelry brings out the beauty of the younger generation. This collection includes gemstones and other intricate patterns that make it more modern and natural for women to wear. The gemstones used in this jewelry have a natural finish different from other shiny collections.

Most people who love Earth jewelry buy their collections from specific designers. But nowadays, with technological development, the concept of creating customized jewels has improved, and most shops have released this earth jewelry concept into the market. Whether you are looking forward to buying a necklace or pendant, the collections are everywhere. But before making a final option, the general population must understand the concept of earth jewelry and how they can select from many products available in the market. The collection ranges from necklaces to rings and is available for all genders, including kids.

General Designs and Patterns

If you are looking for a clear definition of this jewelry design, the only statement available is the designs are close to nature. Every single product is made up of materials retrieved from the Earth, like stones and metals. DWS jewelry is one of the best and most beautiful Earth jewelry manufacturers. These collections are not just beautiful. The raw nature of the stones creates positive energy that is not available in any artificial models. The magnetic power offered by the gems offers you the required confidence and energy to move on in life. Some elements include Earth-acquired metals and gemstones like diamonds, ruby, emeralds, moonstones, opal, etc. Instead of going for any factory-manufactured items, this collection is a better option.

It creates a positive vibe within your body and allows you to attract positive thoughts. Among this collection, there are many designs and products available. This model is handcrafted and offered to customers based on their requirements. This model is presented as a single piece and as a complete set depending upon the requirement of the customers. Now anyone can buy this earth stone jewelry from renowned designers like DWS through custom order placements. They made each product with metals like silver, brass, copper, and gold, depending on customer preferences. Since the designs are intricate, they are hand carved by advanced technicians to create perfect models.

Who can wear this?

So now ask yourself! How many offers have seen such unique pieces but ignored the design because they are not gold and won't suit your outlook? Most of us reject these pieces to avoid changes in their style. But in reality, this beautiful and brilliant model is suitable for everyone, including adult women and men. They provide a complete traditional outlook, especially with the oxidized silver collections. They often considered silver a metal that requires proper cleaning. But in DWS, we use advanced 925 sterling silver. It does not permit you to search for a brilliant Earth jewelry cleaner. With customization options, we can also make this collection for kids with their birthstones embedded in them for positive energy. So, to make it short and sweet, this collection is suitable for both men and women, regardless of age. So place a customization order from DWS for effective delivery and a decent budget.

Collections available

● The Necklace Model

Whether it is a simple chain model necklace or an extensive heavy necklace with large gemstones embedded, DWS is one of the best brilliant Earth jewelry manufacturers. First, let us take a look at the simple necklace model. One of our best ongoing collections includes a round disc gold, silver chain necklace made in pure quality silver. With a circular pattern design on the earth necklace, it has beautiful gemstones like moonstones embedded in the middle. Based on customer requirements, our shop and designers can alter the gems and provide options that suit your needs. There are also others available with us. The beautiful circular disk with the gemstone in the middle offers a sun-like appearance.

The necklace is available in gorgeous patterns, and some collections include gemstones. If you are looking forward to buying a brilliant earth necklace, go for models with statement designs and gemstones embedded, and them. Jewellery with Ruby and emerald provide a rich look and shine brilliantly upon proper lighting. They made the most brilliant collections with diamonds. Our collections include beautiful styles for every occasion with vibrant gemstones that feature nature's most beautiful hues. You also now have the option to personalize a solid and necklaces by selecting the setting and gemstones you want in them.

● Ring Model

Naturally, the Rings have a passionate set of audience. Whether a man or a woman wears a ring is compulsory for engagement and a choice for fashion. It is for style or engagement. So, wearing beautiful earth rings can make your fingers look elegant. Similar to the necklace, there are options for brilliant earth rings. Sure, we have listed some of the best options available in the DWS store in rings.

● Engagement Collections

When looking for earth engagement rings, the best option available in the market is the Diamond. The unique crystal designs with solitaire Diamonds placed in the middle make the collection gorgeous and suitable for the woman you love. The diamond ring collection also has options with a minimal price range. Whether it is a beautiful pave diamond or solitaire, the customer can select the design, diamond size, color, quality, and ring size. There are also other generic brilliant earth diamond ring collections available with us. So, along with engagement purposes, you can also purchase casual jewels that suit your requirements.

Along with this collection, there are also simple and brilliant Earth engagement rings with other gemstones like Ruby and Sapphire placed in them. The jewel includes a combination of gemstones and Diamonds. So depending upon your requirement make up a choice.

● Sapphire Model

Sapphire is one of the precious gemstones that people used in royal designs and collections. Its brilliant blue color combined with original hues makes it a perfect option for the model. Along with the design, this gemstone has natural properties that absorb positive energy from the surrounding. During ancient times, it was a gemstone that was of Royal Caliber. But nowadays it is available for a decent price range and presenting this gift to your valentine or better half will be a good option. It provides a sense of richness with a natural appearance. DWS has a vast collection of brilliant earth Sapphire rings for men and women with hand-crafted designs.

● Wedding Bands

Most people prefer to have bands that are simple yet beautiful for their wedding. Unlike engagement ring, these band mostly holds small size diamonds or no diamonds at all. So along with the Brilliant Earth engagement rings, you can select wedding bands that suit your thirst for nature. In DWS, there are collections available for both men and women. The brilliant Earth men's rings include jewels in gold, silver, rose gold, and other metals. The customers can engrave their marriage vows into the ring with customization options. Our exclusive collection of brilliant Earth mens wedding bands with matching women's band collections also includes unique design combinations like twisted bands, or designs that represent the symbol of love. Men can embed their birthstones into their brilliant earth wedding bands for a positive vibe in the marriage.

● Oval Collections

When searching for something latest and gorgeous, go for the brilliant earth oval rings in the market. We at DWS are proud to announce our expertise in the area of crafting diamond-based oval engagement rings and wedding bands. It's not just the Solitaire collections, are designs with different cuts included in this band model. Along with diamonds, there are other designs included. For example, some jewels like a Sapphire stone in the middle with minute diamonds surrounding the oval stone. This jewel is one of the collections used by the royal Queens. We at DWS provide exotic designs for your regular wear and occasional purposes.

● Emerald Band

Emerald is a beautiful gemstone in a bright green color that we can subject to many types of cut. From the beautiful baguette cut to the oval cut, there are many models that you can create for your band. The price range is decent, and it is both stone for Taurus. If you are looking for a suitable way to wear this beautiful gemstone, buy our brilliant earth emerald rings for a decent price range. This collection is perfect for both men and women. We can also use it as a wedding band and engagement ring. This model is perfect for brides who wish to appear rich on special occasions. Most celebrities never days, select Emerald cut brilliant Earth jewelry but light-colored lehengas for their special occasions. It provides a royal appearance and makes your day special.

● Moissanite Rings

Most people nowadays search for cheap options to replace their diamond rings. One such design is the brilliant Earth moissanite rings. Unlike lab-grown diamonds, these are naturally formed Silicon carbides with multiple crystalline Polymers. It is a rare mineral, and people commonly used it to replace diamonds for a low price range. So now you can decide and design your own unique, brilliant earth wedding rings with this gemstone for an exotic appearance that falls within your budget. It is a sustainable and cheaper alternative that supports the design. DWS has a wide range of unique collections in this category that both men and women can buy for their loved ones. You can match this gemstone with silver and gold. White gold is also a better option.

● Earring Models

We are DWS of classic brilliant Earth Diamond earrings and other models for everyday wear and breathtaking statement freezers for special occasions. We as a team provide the option to select your favorite setting and color to create the ideal earrings that are responsibly produced and ethically handcrafted to form late the best collections. Most people love earrings that are shining and lustrous light. Earrings are one of the ancient and most cherished forms of personalized jewelry that both men and women from the ancient Era wore as a statement of popularity. Everyone has access to hearings since it is one of the cheapest options available in the market. We offer brilliant Earth earrings design that is carefully created to provide the highest standards and have sustainability for an ethical and compassionate jewelry industry. Our designs are unique and formulated for the customers to fall in love with our jewelry and feel good about wearing them.

Some of the commonly available earth earrings models include simple studs with solitaire diamonds embedded in them. Similarly, there are also other extensive collections like dangles and beautiful chandelier designs in this brilliant jewelry idea. Whether it is a long drop or a simple star each product is handcrafted with unique design combinations that attract immediate attention. People can wear statement collections separately without a choker or any other necklace format.

● Bracelet Models

When it comes to bracelets, there are many collections available, ranging from fashion to statement models. While the bracelets are equally beautiful, the brilliant Earth bracelets have an appearance to them. The presence of raw gemstones on the earth bracelets adds extra positive energy to your body and cleanses the negative energy. Along with the concrete designs, some brilliant earth grace bracelets attract immediate attention. Both women and men can wear honor the earth's Angels that have created a positive impact in our lives. Now you can wear these models to thank and recognize the earth Angels. Now you can gift this beautiful earth angel bracelet to your friends and other people who have created an impact in your life. They can be anyone. Your partner, an unknown person, or your closest friends. Just select them and grace them with these unique bracelets.

● Pendant Models

Long gone are the days when people prefer to wear beautiful necklaces. Women and men of the current generation prefer gorgeous pendants that can be paired with unique chains. Pendants are one of a kind, and wearing beautiful, brilliant Earth pendant jewelry can make your day positive. One of the main advantages of these gorgeous Earth models is that they can attract immediate attention. So even if it is a simple pendant, you can still buy them for a good price and be a gorgeous bridesmaid. When it comes to pendants, it is not the usual collections that are in the market. Nowadays, there are statement pendant options available that make your entire outlook appear rich and unique. For example, wearing a beautiful peacock pendant with the required colored gemstones can make a brilliant collection. It can also surface as a brilliant Earth necklace. Some other simple pendant options include large gemstones placed in the middle and have handcrafted designs surrounding them.

One of the unique pieces that we have is the plated oxidized silver pendant with handcrafted lines running along the circular plate. You can play beautiful gemstones of your choice in the middle for a better appearance. We can personalize this collection with other options, like matching earrings and ring sets. You can also create pendants with your name and family name engraved on them. Using natural gemstones like opal and amethyst stone can create an earth pendant appearance that is not available in any other collection. The Mysterious topaz silver pendant and rainbow gemstones add more beauty to the jewels. We have it at home. They mostly made the designs in silver, with gold coatings. People can also make these brilliant Earth collections in copper and bronze to match requirements. Unique collections are available for men with funky models and delicate features.

Along with the bracelets, there are other unique cuff models available in the market. These cough models allow you to place the gemstones in a bangle-like design. Most women and men love wearing bracelets. Each product is one of a kind, and you can customize the collection with us at DWS. Along with customization, we offer bridal collections that our girls can wear on their wedding day. This jewel can be a perfect opportunity for you to gift your help us with the grace bracelet or any other collection. Even the bridesmaid can try out our brilliant Earth bracelet. Both the bride and bridegroom can wear a matching bracelet or cuff that suits their requirement. It can also be a perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Where can we use it? 

Most people are often confused about the purpose of this brilliant Earth jewelry. Understanding your requirement, we have mentioned some of the best ways to use it. Since the jewelry items have a neutral background, they are suitable for both men and women. Latest now look at them in detail.

Gift option - This beautiful jewel concept can be gifted to your friends and family members. While the ring and necklace can be a perfect Valentine's Day gift for your partners and festive occasions, there are other formats you can gift to your well-wishers. For example, the beautiful angel bracelet can be a perfect gift for the people who help you in your time of need. Similarly, the pendants can be gifted to your close ones, especially with customizations like names and photos. Inserting their birthstone can add a special place in their heart.

Brides and grooms - Engagement rings, and wedding rings can be a perfect choice for both bride and groom. Along with the ring, the bride can also wear a complete set of jewelry for their special day. The bridal collections are in beautiful Earth jewelry or higher, especially with Emerald and Sapphire. The necklace collections are unique, and they can be a perfect option.

Spiritual presence - this beautiful natural form of jewelry can be recycled and reused continuously. So once bought, can serve as family jewelry. It creates a spiritual energy within themselves. The gemstones reduce the presence of negative energy, and hence you can wear them to concentrate and build up your confidence in real-life situations. People following meditation and yoga can use bracelets and rings for better concentration.

Special Offers

Unlike any other jewelry store, DWS provides special offers for your purchase even better. For example, you can personalize your brilliant Earth wedding rings with metals and gemstones that suit your birthstone. Similarly, these products must have perfect maintenance due to the presence of raw gemstones. So DWS offers brilliant Earth ring cleaning services with brilliant Earth ring resize offers. Both of these services make your purchase valuable and everlasting. However, customers can stay in touch with us for a long time. Customers can select their brilliant Earth ring sizes or customize them depending on their requirements. It's not just the ring. These options are available for other earth jewelry. You now have the choice to clean your earrings from time to time and Re polish them if there is any issue.

People can alter and customize their available bracelet sizes and cuff bracelet models. The size alteration makes it possible for people to continue wearing their unique jewelry. It pays regardless of their body condition. Similarly, we offer you the option to remodel the chains and other beautiful necklaces.

Each piece of jewelry purchased from our shop has a long life, and you can continue our services in terms of alterations and new polishing. Each product has its value. We can reuse them with other designs. So buy from the DWS showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan, or visit our website for personalized information. Our collections showcase dinner websites and mobile applications for easy access. You can either place an order from them or send a mail to us for necessary customizations or details. We have everything lined up just for you.