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Is A Gemstone Doublet Worth Buying?

The world of jewelry has changed a lot, and in recent times, it has become necessary for designing cheap jewelry items with authentic designs. Such unique combinations allowed people to purchase jewelry at a low price and enjoy wearing them in original designs. Even though some shops offer gemstone doublets without informing their customers, many offer authentic products for a reasonable price.

What Is A Doublet?

If you are well versed in the world of jewelry, then you might have heard about gemstone doublet. These are nothing but a combination of two or three gems. For example, an original sapphire stone might be costly. So making it cheaper, the best option is to place a cheap stone in the bottom with a thin slice of the original stones on the top.

This will ensure that the price of the product is less and the design will also look authentic to most people. Only people with the trained eyes will understand the quality of this jewelry. So if you are looking for such a unique design, visit a doublet jewelry wholesaler for more details. Since you cannot produce them naturally, only the wholesalers will have access to multiple models. So by visiting them, you can avail many options before selecting a perfect piece of jewelry. These doublets are best suited for bridal collections, as they are both within the budget and fashionable. We restrict most of the bridal collections to single-time usage. Hence such a defined collection with a decent budget will be a better option.

Scamming Issues

Even though manufacturing such unique jewelry items is quite common among doublet jewelry makers, they are not illegal. The variation lies during the sales. If you are aware of the quality of the product while purchasing, then there is no issue with these designs. Even though they provide the same quality in appearance and beauty, the resale value of the product will be much less when you are not aware of the quality of the product you are purchasing.

These products should be sold to people who are alright with such variations so that these items will fit within their budget. From garnets to diamonds, you can duplicate everything and sell to the people regardless of their knowledge of the subject. Each of the gemstones has its technique that can find the quality of the gems. So a clear understanding of the quality is essential before purchasing any form of Jewellery.

Why Are They Manufactured?

One might wonder why these designs are manufactured if they are not of original quality. One of the main reasons a double gemstone jewelry manufacturer exists in the market is because of the budget. The quality of a gemstone after being embedded is tested by placing them under the microscope to detect the inclusions.

Since there is a mild part of the stone placed on the top layer, the inclusions will be visible. Hence, the quality of this low-budget product will be like the original jewelry item.

They commonly used these assembling techniques in multiple doublet earrings, providing a soft surface on the top and also improving the strength of the stone. When placed in inexperienced hands, these doublets can provide beautiful designs and colors that appear like a mirage of combinations.

How To Detect Them?

Despite the acceptance of the stone, certain jewelry stores still try to sell them as the original ones for a higher price. So you need to understand how to detect the originality of the stone. Even though most shops embedded the stones properly, there will be some signs of the split in the middle, which you can detect under a microscope. Some inexperienced people will manufacture these products with a clear sign of the multiple gems being used. But even then, when such stones are prepared by a professional with proper fabrication, it will be impossible to detect the flaws within them.

Another important technique used for detecting the flaw is by looking for bubbles that might occur while sticking two original stones together. Similar to the concept of doublets, there are also triplets, which involve three original stones being stuck with each other. So if you are visiting a shop, check whether it is an original piece or a duplicate product by using the techniques we have mentioned above.

Collections Involved

Since this is a rare technique that requires a lot of perfection and workmanship skills, only very few shops in the country offer them quality. If you are looking forward to purchasing double bangles, then ensure that they placed every stone with no flaw in the jewelry. If you want to look at more collections, you can visit fashion jewelry auctions that offer such unique items for sale. Along with that shops like DWS in the Sitapura Industrial Area also offers a vast collection of tablet necklaces you can purchase for a good price.

You might think that these jewelry items will not be useful for your style and requirements. But in reality, these structures are safer, and you can wear them everywhere without worrying about losing them. It does not matter whether you are a youngster going to college or an old woman attending functions. This ornament is available for everyone, regardless of their age and appearance. If you are interested in purchasing such a unique collection, visit the online e-stores available for fashion jewelry outlets like DWS.

Other Stones With The Same Brilliance

Rhinestones have become quite famous in recent years. With the constant development, in the synthetic product that has been a high development in rhinestones. Shops continuously used them for every type of fashion accessory, including clips and jewelry. Along with cubic zirconia, people also consider rhinestones to be the best replacement for diamonds. Similar to rhinestones, a synthetic Emerald also has immense popularity as much as the original. The price of this product is also higher for being synthetic because of the beautiful fusion process used for creating them.

How Are Colors Altered?

The colors of the stone are the crucial point of attraction for the collections. For example, they can produce double shade-based collections, and hence the designs will be more authentic. For example, imagine having a pendant with dual colors, like cobalt blue and green. Also, think about other unique combinations like black and green, red and blue, etc. Naturally, there are only certain gemstones like boulder opals that offer such unique multicolor combinations. Some of them even refer to these gemstones as ‘Natural doublets’. Some collections available in these doublets include opal triplets, ammolite gemstones, intarsias, and inlays.

Using the technique of doublet jewelry, many shops are offering unique intarsias for sale. They are nothing but stones that are combined to form a picture like gemstones. This will allow the users to enjoy a wide range of pendant collections that will be beautiful. They are more suitable for statement jewelry designs. These collections are also eligible for tribal designs, where a single product will have multiple designs embedded within them.

Are Assembled Stones Natural?

These doublets and triplets are not natural, but they offer unique color combinations not available in the market. Most of the doublet rings you purchase from the market will have such unique combinations to provide a colorful appearance that is not available in any natural product. But even these duplicate products have a quality that only very few shops like DWS maintain.

Similarly, when there is a fragile material stone available that has a beautiful appearance but you cannot use them because of its quality than creating a triplet is the best technique available. We commonly used them with opal gemstones because they offer a variety of colors. The opal variety-based doublet pendants are usually handled with care since they can be fragile and break easily. But researchers also found some of the most beautiful colors only in this variety. So, making it beautiful, some products like black onyx use the base with a beautifully colored deposit on the top. Sometimes an extra transparent layer is added on the top to form a triplet that provides an embossed feeling.

Are Doublets Astrologically Beneficial?

No, they are not. With astrology and selecting a proper birthstone, there are strict rules about its quality and final finish. It’s not just astrology, but even about crystal powers and spreading warm energy, you need a proper stone instead of these duplicates. So if you are looking for designer jewelry with spiritual healing capacity, then the doublet bracelets are not an excellent choice. But if you are looking for an option that will charge you less, but also will make you look beautiful, then this is the best option in the market.

It’s not just the simple emerald and ruby; we can duplicate almost all the original gemstones with the help of this doublet concept. As a result, the customers must purchase such unique products from a well-known brand. You cannot just go to the shop and purchase them without understanding their quality. You can either consult an expert to check the quality of the product or you can get it from a well-known branded shop like DWS to ensure quality.

Why DWS?

All these are the properties of a perfect tablet product, but along with that, it is also necessary to choose a perfect shop. DWS is one such shop that offers a wide range of jewelry collections. Among search collections, these designs are also quite famous. Let us now look at the features that make our shop unique and best. Here below, we have mentioned some features that make our product the best in the country.


For these types of unique and manufactured products, then it becomes necessary for the manufacturer to have proper equipment and artisans for work. DWS has some expert quality teams with their manufacturing factory that makes it easier to create such unique gemstones for a decent budget. All the products are well tested and there will not be any show of the sticking lines or any other identities that will show the duplicity of the stone. The quality of the product is perfect, and all of them are available for a good price. Here, these stones are manufactured to bring out fashion jewelry. The connections are available even with original gemstones and, depending upon the customer; we offered the ultimate design.


The doublet cuffs and other products are well polished, and DWS makes them to perfection to provide a unique color combination. The primary reason people prefer these stones is for the color and design which has been taken care of by the shop for a long time. Each gallery is unique, and they are available for people from all categories.


Someone can also fascinate most of these duplicate quality gemstones with the help of special machinery and workers. All the gemstones are manufactured and faceted to provide perfect doublet necklaces that will reflect the light with an utmost glow.

Collection Range

People should always select shops like DWS have because we dedicate them to providing the best collections for their customers. Each product is unique and ranging from bridal collections to days where there is a wide range of options available for the customers to choose from. The availability of online stores with mobile applications has made it easier for customers all over the country to purchase this product.


Some shorts offer customizations only for certain valuable jewelry made with gold and original quality gemstones. But here in DWS, they provide a wide range of customized offers, even for simple doublet rings to meet the customers. The value of the customer is essential for the showroom than any other difficulties.

Here, each product is unique, and we give more importance to the customer rather than the profit. So if you are looking forward to purchasing any doublet jewelry, visit the DWS store directly or visit the website for further details. We also offer customized jewelry for sale.