Cowrie craze jewelry collection

The COWRIE SHELL is a accepted biological curio that has been held in high repute as a Magical charm since the earliest days of human life. It is a holy character of the Goddesses of love and Gods of ocean in numerous cultures. From the ancient time, cowries have been dealt in form of money, used in systems of forecast, and worn as shielding charms. There is no doubt if cowries has been treated as one of the most mysterious thing from the womb of history. Lets experience the sacred means of cowries and mother of pearl with this delightful collection.

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Cowrie Shell Jewelry Manufacturer In India

Cowrie shell is one of the most magnificent shells that exist in nature. They are small and mollusk kind and they arise from the vast water bodies. They are highly beautiful in appearance and are generally white or brownish and reddish in the color. The extensive range also includes pale green and yellow cowrie shells but the most prominent ones are white in color, they are generally used in carving ornaments. The jewels that are carved from then look extremely elegant and they impart a regal look to those who wear them. If you love simple and basic jewels and try to avoid those heavy ones then this is the collection which is finely made for you only.

Cowrie shells are of various types and they connect us closely with mother earth. They join us with the water bodies and impart a great amount of positive and healthy and wealthy vibes. They are also known to be highly beneficial as they can increase the tranquillity and calmness inside the mental arena of a person and they have strong soothing and calming agents. They are good for women and help them in the fertility arena as well. Thus, they are not only beautiful and decent in look, but they are also magnificent and advantageous. One can unravel a good number of types in this range including beautiful bracelets that are made by weaving numerous shells altogether. Necklaces and highly elegant earrings are also a crucial part of this collection. They are easy to carry and look extremely ravishing. If you want something beneficial as well as elegant, then these jewels are the decent ones.

The jewels that are present in this range are simple and light in weight and they generally go with simple western outfits. They look their best with casual clothing. They raise the beauty of the styling when you wear them with something modern. Also, they don't look bad with ethnic ones as well but they look more classic and pretty when one wears them with some light textured and colored western apparel. If you don't adore luminous, heavy, and shiny metals. If you do not get appeased by heavy metals and you are the one who loves to keep things simple yet elegant then you must go for them.

Own this absolutely stunning collection from any of the renowned Cowrie shell jewelry manufacturers in India. DWS Jewellery Private Limited is one of the best platforms for this kind of jewelry. They are also highly deemed as Cowrie jewelry makers in Jaipur. This collection is worthy of owning as it has the most ethereal jewels in it which will add more worth and elegance to your style statement. Jewels are one of the most integral parts of all the accessories concerned. That is why the best one must be chosen. Also, they are also expensive, which makes them more dignified and prosperous and that is why one must own the unique and highly stupendous ones in order to raise the bars of fashion.

Cowrie Shell Jewelry Wholesale Supplier From India

Cowrie shell has been widely used in ornaments since ancient times. Especially near the coastal regions, these have been a trending accessory. Cowrie shells can be easily converted into different accessories like bracelets, rings, and necklaces. The shells also carry earthly significance and are considered sacred. While many designs of cowrie jewelry are available, the Cowrie Craze Jewelry Collection by DWS Jewellery is very unique. The firm uses a variety of gemstones along with the cowrie shells. Pearls and Chinese turquoise beads are also incorporated into the metal jewels. The shell design is also available in silver and brass and has a perfect look like the shell.

As a popular Cowrie shell jewelry wholesale supplier from India, the firm’s artisans provide superior quality metalwork. Their handcrafted silver and brass shells are a perfect masterpiece of the original shells. Their unique designs can substitute a conventional cowrie shell jewelry into a modern design. This proves advantageous as these jewels can be worn on casual clothes as daily wear. The use of turquoise shells and pearls offer the perfect sea jewelry and can be worn even to a beach party. The company also provides natural and fine pieces of cowrie thus making them valuable.

If you are headed to this Craze jewelry wholesale supplier from Jaipur make sure you check all their exquisite collections. You can also get your custom design made and implemented by their master designers and artists. A notable feature of their accessories is their handcrafted work and quality. They also provide custom cowrie ornaments as per your specifications. One can find unique designs of their cowrie ensemble at affordable prices. The firm also provides bulk orders throughout the country. With their wide-ranging online store, it has now become easy and convenient to order these precious jewels just on a click.