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Wholesale Zircon Pink Gemstone Jewelry Shop In Jaipur

It is very rightly said that fashion changes but style endures. Nothing is static in today’s time, everything keeps on evolving and that is the nature of the universe. Every year a new jewelry trend keeps popping up on our radars, some are able to survive in this race of fashion and some are not. The various jewelry trends which have come up in the past few years are seashell inspired jewelry pieces, fashion jewelry, and others. If you are looking for a jewelry trend which will work for your everyday look and which will stand out from your other daintier pieces, gemstone jewelry is what you need.

A few years back there was a shift from colorful gemstones to diamonds, but now people have once again started falling for gemstone jewelry. The eye-catching gemstone jewelry trend is having a major comeback as people love to wear colorful gemstones like sapphire, ruby, opal, garnet, zircon etc. as their birthstones. These birthstones add a bit of personalization in the jewelry pieces as these birthstones are related to birth month. In today’s time the jewelry pieces which are carved in sculptural designs in minimalist size which add an extra flair to any conglomeration. This season bold, creative and dynamic fine gemstone jewelry debuted in the fashion parade.

Of all the gemstones pink zircon is the most vibrant and sparkling gemstone. It is not easily available in the market so look for a strong dealer in zircon to get the authentic pink zircon gemstone. DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur is one of the strong distributors of real zircon pink gemstone jewelry as they can easily differentiate between the real and artificial zircon pink gemstone. This gemstone is basically associated with the October month but can be worn by anyone as it doesn’t do any harm. Since this gemstone is rarely found and an extremely valuable gemstone, the price of this gemstone is expensive. The zircon pink gemstone has various properties such as to enhance the charm of the owner, bring prosperity to the owner’s life, and boost the owner’s confidence.

So, fill your jewelry box with these hottest and latest fine zircon pink gemstone jewelry pieces that will help you rock your look this year.

1) Zircon Pink Gemstone And Diamond Cluster Bar Necklace:

Zircon pink gemstone is the most vibrant and exquisite of all the zircon gemstones. The zircon pink gemstone combines well with all the precious and semi-precious stones be it diamonds, ruby, sapphire, white zircon, blue zircon or any other stone for that matter. This necklace gives a look worth million dollars on wearing yet is cost effective and is rare to find in the market. You can get these necklaces from DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. as it is one of the best jewelry manufacturing companies in Jaipur. The company manufactures exquisite design jewelry pieces for people across the world. The necklace is a very elegant piece, though light in weight yet gives a royal look on wearing.

2) Hoop Earrings:

We all know that old is gold and hoops plays a great role in bringing that retro look back in the trend. Silver, gold or brass hoops studded with diamonds, zircon gemstones or both look good on every face cut and help elevate any outfit. Hoops come in varied sizes; you can either opt for big chunky earring styles or go with oversized statement hoops. Though these hoops are big in size yet they are light weighted and with the gemstones studded in them; they add extra bling to all dress types. DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. manufactures pure silver, gold and brass hoops studded with premium quality precious, semi-precious gemstones. The company is a very reputed jewelry manufacturing company of Jaipur and they have been in this field for more than 15 years now. They never compromise with the quality because they have their reputation at stake.

3) Arm Cuff Bangles:

These bangles are carved with convoluted detailing and a zircon pink gemstone is studded in the center to give it a sparkling look. This bangle serves a dual purpose as it can be worn as a bracelet also with traditional and western outfits. DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. manufactures such bangles and if you wish to get you jewelry customized you can get it done here. The company is not only a manufacturing company instead it is a wholesaling as well as exporting company. They are the wholesale supplier of zircon gemstones not only in India but all over the world. This edgy arm cuff bangles will enrich your look as well as your jewelry box.

4) Lovely Traditional Ring:

The rings which are carved in traditional designs are the ones which never go out of style. These rings with traditional designs all the more enhance the look of traditional attires. These rings are carved in various traditional designs such as flower, peacock, drop and etc. and are studded with colorful zircon gemstones to give them an edgy and catchy look. You can easily find these rings at DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd jewelry showroom in Jaipur and if you can’t physically pay a visit to their jewelry store then you can check out their website and have a look at their wide range of jewelry collection.

5) Pendant Set:

Pendant carved in funky and cool designs like a key pendant, owl pendant, star-shaped pendant, and various others is very much in trend. These simple pendants, when studded with zircon gemstones or diamonds, make them a dainty piece. They are apt to be worn on casual days or to any party. Since these pendants are inscribed in cool designs doesn’t mean that they cannot be paired with traditional outfits. Try pairing these pendants with kurta and plazzo set and you will leave everyone spellbound with your fashion sense.  You can get a wide range of such pendant sets at DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. So, hurry up stock your jewelry box with these trending jewelry pieces and be a pro at this game.