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Wholesale Zircon Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry Shop In Jaipur


Jaipur has been known to be a jewelry hub for the country due to the availability of wide variety of jewelry. If you are looking for Zircon amethyst jewelry store in Jaipur then you can go for DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. Our store has been one of the most important jewelry markets which cater to the needs and services of the given customers. The jewelry made from Zircon gemstone is the most valuable ornament which is loved by people, all over the world especially the women. These jewelries come in various colors and styles and loved by people across the globe. We at DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. Provide our customers with zircon amethyst gemstone jewelry best offers at an affordable price so as to fulfill all of their needs and demands. DWS Jewelry and Co is a well-established jewelry organization, which is famous at the global level and attracts a large number of people so that they could get high-quality jewelry so as to get effective gemstones to present themselves adorable and charming.

Best Place To Purchase Jewelry In Jaipur

Jaipur has been one of the famous places to get good quality jewelry from its jewelry market. This would then help in fulfilling all the needs of the individual irrespective of the class. So, our jewelry shop acts as one stop destination to buy jewelry for the new business set up, jewelry for brides and for viewing and visiting our shop. We provide you with full assurance from our jewelry store so that you would be able to meet all the requirements to get good quality jewelry gemstones as per your convenience. We are one of the best jewelry stores not only in Jaipur but also in the world. A person visiting once in our store would become a loyal customer of our store for complete lifetime. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd is a key Zircon amethyst gemstone jewelry manufacturer in India, situated in Jaipur and has become one of the best jewelry stores which cater the needs and aspiration of all the people coming from the different backgrounds. We also believe that our store has been most popular zircon amethyst gemstone jewelry shop in India and firmly believe that we are here to stay so as to provide significant jewelry across the globe.

Zircon Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is Violet-colored quartz, which has been largely used in the manufacturing of the jewelry. It comes in purple color and has been extremely popular throughout the ages in the form of everlasting beauty and extreme power to stimulate and soothe the mood and mind of the people in a significant manner. Historically, it was known as “gem of fire”. It also signifies love and dignity. In addition to this, there is also some medicinal use as it helps in releasing stress and tension to provide balance in the mind. Moreover, it also helps in decreasing negative moments such as anger, fear, and nervousness and also reduces grief and sadness.

Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones are the ornaments of the women because of their hardness, antiquity, and luster. They are also used as a healing stone so as to fulfill all the needs and aspiration of the people as per their astrology. Moreover, Jaipur is one of the famous cities where astrology has been an important part of the life of the people. It has resulted in large scale use of gemstone in the given city. At our jewelry store, we provide natural, untreated and unheated mystical stones which would help our customers to get the best gemstone jewelry for their astrological commitments. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is the renowned jewelry shop as it helps in providing good quality zircon based jewelry which suits the lifestyle of the people in a significant and appropriate manner. 

Purchasing Gemstone Jewelry

In India, it has been considered that the purchasing the jewelry is the same as that of doing investment. Our store keeps in mind in providing reliable and certified jewelry to the clients in a significant manner. We try to satisfy even small requirements of the customers so that they could buy our Zircon gemstone with a good experience. We understand that the valuation of the gemstone is a tough task and it works on the principle of economics such as demand and supply. Therefore, we understand the value of money and provide you the superior quality zircon amethyst jewelry at an affordable price and reasonable cost. 

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd is a key Zircon amethyst jewelry store in Jaipur and is one of the most important sources to provide attractive jewelry not only in India, but also in the world. We help in rendering quality services and have a wide variety of jewelry items to provide the customers with a wide range of choices to choose among them.

Zircon Jewelry Based On The Astrology

Jasper jewelry is mostly used to wear as an ornament as per the astrology in India. We are one of the best zircon amethyst jewelry shops in Jaipur, which provides you a particular form of jewelry, so as to fulfill your requirements based on astrology. Some specific conditions under which this jewelry is useful are:

  1. When there is a lack of energy and positive outflow
  2. When someone wants to be more energized and alert
  3. When negative energy is blocking your inspiration and motivation
  4. When an individual is experiencing very low energy due to burnout
  5. The feeling of coldness in the feet and hand
  6. Preparation of an event which would require all your attention and effort
  7. Encouraging focus on a single project which would require high dedication
Advantages And Benefits Of Zircon Amethyst Stone

It has been considered as the rarest form of quartz and has been fairly common throughout the world. Some of the advantages and benefits of this gemstone are:

  1. Promotion of high cell-growth which helps in regeneration of the cell in a significant manner
  2. Enhancement in Blood Circulation to increase the energy level of the body of the people
  3. Better Circulation of Body Fluids and hence enhances the overall fluid transportation
  4. Increase in anti-oxidant activities so as to fight the aging process
  5. Act as a healing power of wounds
  6. Help in the prevention of the following diseases such as asthma, problems related to bones and teeth, harmonic glands and so on
  7. Enhance Respiration among the people
A Person Who Could Wear Amethyst Zircon Stone

This stone has lots of fan follower and is admired by a large number of people. It is a beautiful stone which helps in bringing a high level of energy into the home. If it is kept in beside the bedroom, it would help in the promotion of good sleep and peaceful dreaming so that person could get enough rest to refresh them in a significant manner.

How To Wear An Amethyst Zircon Stone

It acts as a substitute to the famed and expensive Blue Sapphire and requires proper care and attention. As per the Vedic Astrology, there are following guidelines which are to be followed to prepare an amethyst gemstone. It can be made into ring and pendant which should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand.


The given study has shown that Jaipur has converted into a jewelry hub which has enhanced the quality of the jewelry market whole over the world. Moreover, it has also been found that the zircon amethyst gemstone has proved to be highly beneficial to the customers and that too in a significant manner. The study has also shown that the zircon gemstone has been beneficial to a large number of people and helped to enhance the jewelry market whole over the Jaipur resulting in a decrease in prices and increase in wholesale and export whole over India.