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Wholesale Tsavorite Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

Everybody knows an attractive personality is a key to fame and success. From clothes to customized shoes, people love to look exclusive yet stunning. In this fashion-conscious world, everyone and especially women give more consideration to their wardrobe accessories to look classy and diverse. Amongst all the accessories, the major emphasis always remains on garbs, but to complement your wardrobe, fashion jewelry is a must. Fashion jewelry is mainly used for fashion purposes in while the real jewelry which people purchase are primary collectibles, mementos, or investments. But now high-end fashion jewelry has also achieved a collectible status as it increases in value as time goes on. In the current scenario, the fashion jewelry market looks pretty profitable. It is a good way to invest as well as a trendy way to update your wardrobe as it will give your outfit more color and glamour. With accordance to your personality, fashion jewelry varies from jewelry pieces studded with precious gemstones to jewelry with semi-precious gemstones or imitation stones. It also consists of exclusive platinum, gold, silver, and gemstone jewelry. There are rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles, and pendants to cater to a wide variety of fashion jewelry.

DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturing company of fashion jewelry. A wide range of jewelry designs is available to match every taste at affordable prices. The company started its operations in the year 2004 in Jaipur. Ever since its inception, the company has been providing the people with what all they have imagined and what is beyond their imagination. With the eminent team of artisans and designers, the company has the ability to these semi-precious gemstones into magnificent pieces of jewelry. The company is known worldwide for its exquisite jewelry pieces made with the rarest of gemstones. Tsavorite is one such gemstone which is not known to much people and DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. has the ability to convert this gemstone into stunning jewelry pieces. DWS Jewelers are the wholesale supplier of Tsavorite gemstone as well as Tsavorite gemstone jewelry not only in India but across the world. With our alluring jewelry pieces, we have been catering to the needs of the people in various countries like USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, and others. The company has earned so much recognition because of its high-end quality products available at a very reasonable cost. If you are looking for something which is not available anywhere, then DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. is the place for you as indeed fashion starts from here.

Tsavorite Gemstone:

Tsavorite is a trade name given to the rich green variety of Grossular Garnet. It is the stone of vitality, strength, compassion, and prosperity. It helps the owner of the gemstone in discovering the inner beauty and the beauty in others. The tsavorite gemstone has become one of the most popular and expensive garnets, because of its rarity and effective marketing tactics. As Tsavorite is a garnet, it is the birthstone for the January borns. The stone was first discovered in the mountains of north-east Tanzania in 1967 in a place called Lemshuko. The stone was named by the discoverer of Tsavorite Campbell Bridges and the president of Tiffany & Co. Henry Platt. In 1970 it was subsequently found across the border in Kenya near Tsavo National Park and was given its name after the national park.

Tsavorite helps the wearer in making and maintaining their own destiny rather than struggling with those things which are truly not theirs. Being the stone for increasing prosperity, Tsavorite gemstone not only grants wealth but also reduce the financial anxiety of the wearer. These beautiful shining crystals are new in the world of gems and jewels and therefore are very much in demand. The green color of the Tsavorite gemstone is because of the presence of the small amounts of vanadium or chromium in the chemical structure. The Tsavorite gemstones are naturally light yellow in color although green is created that makes them more anticipated. DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. uses Tsavorite gemstone in manufacturing a wide range of jewelry pieces ranging from earrings and rings to pendants, bangles and various other pieces. These stones are completely natural as no treatments are used and that is the reason they are so costly.

Facts About Tsavorite Gemstone:

A lot of people know this stone by its original name Grossular Garnet. Tsavorite is a trade name which is given to this green colored emerald that will make you fall in love with its shade. The harder you try to keep your eyes and yourself away from it, the more it will attract you to itself. The gemstone is available in various different shapes and sizes. One can choose from the wide array of options depending upon the suggestion made to him by the gem expert. But before buying this beautiful green colored Tsavorite gemstone, there are some things that you need to know:

  1. The Tsavorite gemstone will help you protect from animal allergies and can easily adopt a pet.
  2. It is the best healer of all the gemstones available in the market. As it belongs to the deepest shade of green, which represents Mother Nature, it helps the wearer feel closer to the environment they live in.
  3. The gemstone is not only available in just one shade in the market; the color of the gemstone ranges from the dark shade to light green shade. But before wearing this gemstone, consulting a professional person, who has in and out knowledge about gemstones is a must.
  4. Good and proper care is a must while wearing this gemstone or gemstone jewelry. To have a long-lasting Tsavorite gemstone jewelry keep your jewelry pieces away from harsh chemicals, and perfumes.
  5. Being a FengShui talisman, the Tsavorite gemstone utilizes wood energy that is the epitome of new beginnings, novelty, and growth.

Healing Properties Of Tsavorite Gemstone:

As the Tsavorite gemstone is the best healer, the stone helps in various physical, spiritual and emotional healing and also help balances chakras in your body. Some of its glorious healing properties are:

Physical Healing:

The gemstone helps in recovering from emotional trauma and illness and supports the cellular regeneration process of the body. It is an excellent stone for treating skin inflammations, cleansing the body, stimulating kidney and liver, regulating metabolism, and preventing ailments, like arthritis, and arteriosclerosis. It is also believed to be a medicinal remedy for healing respiratory problems and enhancing the immunity of the person. It helps the wearer in getting rid of the infectious diseases and in the assimilation of vitamin A in the body.

Spiritual Healing:

The Tsavorite helps the wearer in sustaining through all the levels and stages of life as it clears the aura and fills their lives with positivity. It makes one learn the importance of gratitude and spread his learning. It is very beneficial as it helps the person in realizing his own blessings and working without giving a thought about whatever is missing from one’s life.

Emotional Healing:

It is an excellent crystal to soothe the emotional stages in a relationship especially if one has already been through heartbreak. It helps in encouraging and building new trust, and the bright green color of the gemstone dispels the feeling of loneliness and inadequacy. It is also known to increase creativity and imagination and reducing financial troubles and anxieties.

Balances Chakras:

The Tsavorite gemstone is mainly associated with the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the closest to feelings, emotions, and expressions of a human being that enables the wearer to connect with the outer world. An unbalanced heart chakra gives the feeling of being meticulous in a relationship, and it makes the person feel that everyone is hurdling him. Tsavorite cleans and rebalances the heart chakra by making the person aware of the ups and downs that are the parts of every relationship. Wearing a Tsavorite gemstone pendant is advisable to all those who feel love deprived.

Have a look at DWS Jewelry Pvt. Ltd. wide range of tsavorite gemstone jewelry collection and you won’t be able to resist yourself from buying a piece or two. All the tsavorite gemstone jewelry pieces are unique and exclusive; something which not many people succeeds in making.