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Wholesale Sunstone Cultured Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer

Many of us have heard of the moonstone, but not about the cultured sunstone! The name is mysterious and fascinating by itself. This feldspar gemstone is known for several centuries, but has not been commonly used in jewelry. It has sparkling inclusions and the smooth glittering glass. Instead it was valued as a sunstone for trade.

The cultured sunstone is a lovely addition to any collection of gems found in variations of red-brown colours. You may not yet know the sunstone, but we're sure you will love it, like many other people. If you want to buy the cultured sunstone, you can contact DWS jewellers, the biggest Wholesale sunshine cultured gemstone jewelry based in India.

What Is Sunstone Cultured Gemstone?

Sunstone is a member of the gemstone feldspar group, which is the largest mineral of all. There's more feldspar on Earth than any other mineral.

Based on differences of their chemical composition, Feldspar may also be subdivided into some different categories. The sunstone belongs to the plagioclase feldspar group if it includes orthoclases (moonstone) and microclines (amazonite). Some sunstone cultured also comprise of labradorites, andesines and oligoclases, based upon its chemical composition.

In many places around the world, Sunstone is found, but India is the best known for it. Canada, Madagascar, Russia, Norway and the United States are other locations, where it is found.

Perhaps the most famous American variety comes from the abundant oregonian mines and it is known as the Oregon sunstone. Oregon Sunstone is the only copper inclusive sunstone that gives it a distinct and sparkling appearance. Some of the Oregon's sunstones, can exhibit two or three colours. To get the best cultured gemstones, you should contact DWS Jewellers, one of the reputed sunshine cultured gemstone jewelry manufacturer and sunshine cultured gemstone jewelry supplier.

What Is Sunstone Cultured Best Known For?

You can see a vivid, glossy glittering sparkle from within the stone when you look at a high-quality sunstone. This is also referred to as schiller. This metallic glitter takes place because of hundreds of small, reflective inclusions. The inclusions act as reflectors when touched by light, send the light out.

Sunstone usually includes hematite, pyrite, goethite or copper, in the case of sunstone of Oregon. These are metallic and often flat. When light hits the stone at some angle, the sparkling reflection from within the stone can clearly be seen. Even though the inclusions are too small to produce a proper sparkling effect, the inclusions of copper will still produce a shine.

However, not all sunstone varieties are sparkling. It is a value-adding factor for the sunstone. To buy the best quality cultured sunstone, you should approach DWS Jewellers, the biggest sunshine cultured gemstone jewelry distributors and sunshine cultured gemstone jewelry wholesaler.

How Can I Assess Sunstone Cultured Quality?

We always look at the 4Cs–cut, colour, clarity and carat-for the value of any precious stone.

Sunstones are commonly found in different shades of red, brown and orange when we evaluate the colour of the sunstones. The darker, richer colours, sunstones, which are not of very high prices, are of greatest importance. Although the sparkling effects of sunstone often lead to a red-brown glare, certain varieties are also green or blue.

Assessing The Clarity Of Your Sunstone

Inclusions and impurities within the stone are usually seen as faults and they devalue the gemstone as a result of their presence. But the inclusions are what make it special when it comes to sunstones. These sparkling impurities are what make the stone look appealing and sparkling.

While generally the sunstones are opaque to translucent, with excellent clarity some of the highest quality sunstones can look transparent. The most important factor for sunstones is the cuts.

Checking The Sunstone Cultured

In order to maximize the beauty of the inclusions inside, sunstones must be carefully cut. This particularly applies to the Oregon Sunstone, as the typical copper inclusions are flat. The light reflects the impurities, causing the stone to glow, when it is cut expertly and viewed at a certain angle.

Most jewelry sunstones are mirror faced, so that the inclusions are reflected. Some of them are cut, particularly the translucent or opaque stones. Sunstone is normally found in round, oval as in pear and marquise, but not so much in angular cuts. You can find many sizes for the carat weight of sunstones. As it is an affordable stone, its size does not significantly influence its value. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the size.

Most retailers emphasize the breadth and length of the sunstone rather than carat weight. This allows you to accurately measure the size of the stone. Remember that the carat weight varies from gemstone to gemstone relative to the density of the stone. DWS jewellers, which is the sunshine cultured gemstone jewelry exporter and sunshine cultured gemstone jewelry factory is the biggest provider of Sunstone Cultured jewellery.

How Are Sunstones Enhanced Or Treated?

No known enhancements or treated sunstone varieties are currently available on the market. That means every sunstone that you purchase is a natural gemstone. This does not necessarily mean that improvements or therapies are bad. Some gemstones (like rubies) are almost always used for the improvement of colour and this is an accepted practice in the industry.

Sunstone Cultured Value And Price

Colour, clarity and sparkle are the factors which affects sunstone prices. One of the best things about this beautiful gemstone is that it fits all budgets very affordably. However, transparent high quality specimens with an excellent sparkle can be the most expensive and popular. Sunstones that have bright red colours are the most valuable of these. To buy the best cultured sunstone, you should look for sunshine cultured gemstone jewelry store or sunshine cultured gemstone jewelry shop like DWS jewellers.