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About Amethyst Stalactite Gemstone

The most popular stone of love, happiness, and creativity!

The beauty of the Amethyst Stalactite Stone as a gemstone is considered as the most creative among all the other types of gemstones. It is also considered as a stone for healing, happiness and even loves, the beauty of it is to promote the most affectionate feeling love and personal connection with the being. To make ht understanding clear it can be stated that it is one of the refreshing, passionate and exciting stones that fashionistas love to wore and adore a lot. As per the astrological terms, this stone stimulates the crown chakra along with the heart chakra which enables one to feel more deeply. You may not believe the importance of using a stone but they deeply control out nerves, creating sensational changes from within. It is the perfect gemstone for those who wish to live a newer life.

Power Of Meaning

The most extravagant gemstone Amethyst stalactite meaning varies with time, but the significant meaning that is attached to it from the time of its discovery is the stunning beauty and the simulative legendary stone which can excite and smoothen, the inner mind and its emotions. The semi-precious beauty of the stone is called the GEM OF FIRE. It is even considered as the precious stone in the history which had more value than the diamond.

Historical Importance

The wonderful name Amethyst is derived from the most fascinating Greek work ‘ameusthos’ which means intoxicated. If you know, the wine god in history Bacchus was once very angry over an incident. He took a pledge to take revenge against those who decreed for a very first individual would meet, will be devoured by his pet tiger. But unfortunately, the most beautiful maiden named Amethyst was on her own way to worship the shrine goddess Diana. The ferocious and angry beasts simply sprang on her. She sought protection from the goddess and turned herself into a crystal. The king started regretting and he poured his wine juice on it, thus the colour of the Amethyst turned the famous purple one.

If you read the Amethyst stalactite History you will not that the special virtue was always provided to this stone for preventing the drunkenness and over extravagance. Even the ancient Roman and the Greek people simply routinely studded their goblet with the precious Amethyst gemstone. They even use to pour the stone in the wine drink and have it to intoxicate their body. From the naval to the entire body they experienced a special effect and believed the mystical power of the mineral.

Powerful Gemstone

The beautiful Amethyst stalactite Power is considered for controlling any sort of evil effective. It is from the historical times that the intelligence and the rendering of the men shrewd using it in the business matters. There are hardly any people who know so much about this stone, the notable tourists often use to wear it for their protection from the surprised attacked from the people of the other areas and even from the duplicity. The hunters in terms to capture the wild beats and fowls use to wear this for experiencing the Amethyst stalactite influence. One of the hottest favourite gemstones of everyone is it looks and effectively is the Amethyst.

Overview Of The Wonderful Uses

The gemstone has massive and multidirectional uses which hardly anyone is aware of. It endeavours originality by creating useful tools and processes in ancient times. Amethyst is often addressed as the Artist’s stone, the Inventor’s, the Composer’s Stone or even the Poet’s and Painter’s stone. it is the cluster of this gemstone that simply focuses on creative elements and the unification of the mind.

Amethyst Stalactite Uses Are Less Than It Can Be Listed Here;

  1. It has amazing healing power to help in ailments both –physical and mental.
  2. Reduces the emotional issues by simply balancing the chakras which are both energy-related.
  3. It is amazing for the therapy to change a human being from within.
  4. Positive effects have been noticed to those whoever wearing it.
  5. It is often associated with the nervous system recovery.
  6. It helps in the curation of the nightmares and insomnia.
  7. The gemstone helps you to protect from any sort of physical attack or any paranormal attacks.
  8. It is universal in sharing the positive, loving and most energetic mindset for the users.
  9. It is often termed as nature tranquilizer which helps in the soothing oneself.
  10. Effective for the children who are using it from a very early age, fewer chances of negative energy will be able to hit them.
  11. A perfect gemstone for the professionals like a businessman, diplomats, and the negotiators
  12. It maintains balance in your temperament.
  13. Once you wear the Amethyst stalactite your spiritual motives will be enhanced.
  14. It increases the intellectual mentality.
  15. It offers the strength to reduce addiction and enhances personality.
  16. If you place the gemstone near to your naval while meditating it will offer much more purification and cleansing from within.
  17. The users have shown remarkable results who were into gambling and overspending. It controls the unwise investments at a large.

The astrologers are truly fond of this gemstone; the Amethyst stalactite Healing Properties helps the human or the user to get rid of their long term addictions which include smoking, drinking, and even excessive drug usage.

Myths That You Should Know Before Using It!

As per the Mythology, there are so many things that we hardly know. It is also present when we are a discussion about the amethyst as a stone. The gemstone is considered as the young virgin who simply becomes the object of devotion that everyone till now believes in it.

The Amethyst stalactite Myths does into the ancient Egyptian related facts where the most powerful Zodiac sign Libra which has a symbol of goat went to have grapes from the vineyard. This was connected with the historical story of the birth of this gemstone. It is also a myth that the birth of the stone is around February and the Pisces is the astrological sign for this stone.

Encircling the historical story of the birth of Amethyst there is innumerable story related to it. Like, another one is the queen Diana is considered to turn Amethyst Stalactite Crystal into the pure crystalline quartz to simply protect herself from the brutal claws of the tiger. The king Bacchus broke down in tears to see the remorse of his actions which made the beautiful woman into a statue.

Colour Importance Of Amethyst Stalactite

The Amethyst stalactite Facts are really alluring. It simply embodies the vibrant red-violet rays which help in connecting with the time and even the colour. The stone tempers off the intuition of the violet ray which signifies in bringing on the passion and colourful thoughts live. The creativity of the artistic endeavours of Amethyst stalactite motivates the soul and the self-knowledge for it. The dark colour gives more power and improves the perception of the patent effect.

Meditation With The Amethyst Stalactite

Since this gemstone has spiritual explanation and importance, it is believed that the gemstone has the effective vibration of the third eye. If you place or position the stalactite in the right potion it will usher with serenity and calmness within. The energy that this stone has encourages the mind and the body to surrender to the greater self and gain an understanding of the power from within. To relax the inner self and enhance the awareness, you can always get one of the finest collections from the Wholesale Amethyst stalactite gemstone manufacturers who will not only give you the perfect one but will charge somehow reasonable. It is important to get in touch with the right manufactures or sellers or dealers for buying any sort of gemstone.

A large number of crystals especially the Amethyst stalactite crystals is responsible for drawing the positive energy in the body. There are many meditation centres where a large number of Amethysts are placed in a bowl for drawing a positive effect on the person meditating. It even encourages getting new ideas and establishes the fact of cause and effect in our body and mind.

If you have heard about the Amethyst stalactite gemstone and the angelic realm you must know the purity it draws from its an inborn purple colour. The positivity of purple as a colour works on any person mind and body for the long term.

On a note, if your birthday is in the following period like;

  1. January 16 - Jan 20 (Dark Amethyst)
  2. February 15 - February 19 (Amethyst)
  3. February 25 - February 29 (Amethyst)
  4. April 26 - April 30 ( Amethyst)
  5. July 17 - July 22 (Dark Amethyst)
  6. Sept 18 - Sept 23 (Violet)
  7. Oct 29 - Nov 2 (Lt Amethyst)
  8. Nov 23 - Nov 27(Amethyst)

You can choose the stone as per your birthday and e joy wearing it.

There is some amazing Amethyst stalactite Jewelry which is loved by all and in high demand. Getting the heartiest designs and the astonishing outlook of the jewellery will create an urge in you to wear it in every place you go to. The beauty of the gemstone is incomparable. There are some manufacturers or dealers who prefer selling the beauty, brightness and elegant products using the Amethyst stalactite gemstone. Browse on and get the best accessory with multi-direction uses for yourself.