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About Smoky Stone

While metals like gold and silver we're constantly used to make jewelry, certain royal craftsmen also tried to increase their work quality by placing shining stones within them. Later people started to recognize the pattern in this jewelry and they separated them by their nature, color, and quality. Among them, some were separated as gemstones and they were widely used in their designs. There are a variety of gemstones available in the market. One of the most common and famous among them is the Smoky gemstone. This particular product is not just a stone but they also come with a long line of history and facts. Let us now understand this particular stone.

Smoky History

The smoky stone is widely available in all parts of the world. They have been present right from the ancient days. The word smoky meaning is directly related to the product as it provides a smoke-like appearance with a light brown or black shade. They are formed as natural irradiation of the rock crystal. They are found in multiple regions and most commonly in the mountain regions of Scotland and also in Brazil. This particular stone is found mostly near the mountain areas and they are widely used for both scientific and ayurvedic purposes. The smoky history has started before several centuries. This smoky quartz was widely used in the regions of China as a form of sunglasses. They are transparent and translucent. Only in certain regions, you can obtain the opaque form of the stone. This particular stone is kept away from the sunlight and they are versatile.

The Myth

One of the most common smoky myths spread around the country is that the dark brown is the black crystals with opaque nature were commonly called as the 'Morion' and the other one with striped bands were called as the 'Coon tail quartz'. This particular crystal is associated with the Goddess Hecate of green mythology. These are worshipped by the druids. One of the most famous forms of this particular stone is the Smoky Spear that is present in the museum of Britain. This particular stone belonged to Dr. Dee and he called it the Shew stone. This stone is famous as they are believed to be a form of the angels. He used to get dreams through which he wrote many concepts that solve the question about the universe.

Smoky Facts

Some of the smoky facts that you need to learn are given below. The smoky quartz is converted into beautiful stones and also into beads. This conversion process is easier and this is one of the major reasons they have been used from ancient times. They were used as a form of jewel design and they made amulets and this using this particular stone. During ancient times this particular stone was considered one of the most powerful and they were constantly used in prayers and poojas. These stones indicate the earth and the gods related to them. They were used as a sole purifier since they were considered to be the Root Chakra of the body. They were used in multiple tribal ceremonies and were also used in shaman rituals. The kings and queens wore jewelry and amulets made from these gems and they were considered to be costly.

Medicinal Values

This stone is used for healing a variety of problems including both mental and physical problems. Some of the smoky healing properties are stated below. This particular gemstone has various medicinal properties including its ability to absorb negative energy. They can detoxify the body and clears the digestive and respiratory system. They provide proper protection against unwanted radiations and electromagnetic activities happening around us. They are also used for receiving other ailments like stomach cramps and other knee-related ailments. They will strengthen the heart muscles and nerve tissues resulting in a strong body. These smoky powers are used constantly by the people for healing and have positive energy surrounding them.

Jewelry Designs

Even though these crystals are constantly used by people for healing and everything they cannot carry them everywhere. So in order to make them both permanent and not forget them in your car or home the perfect choice is to wear them in the form of jewelry. This is a form of birthstone and they are also attractive enough to be worn as a pendant or any other form of jewelry. These particular forms of smoky jewelry were available right from ancient times. There are various forms of designs available in the market. DWS Jewellery is one of the famous jewelry manufacturers in the country that has been well known for its customized designs. Some of the common forms of designs available in the market include,

Bridal Jewelry

Designing jewelry for brides has always been a huge responsibility. To avoid the hassle of designing and going through the entire process people always prefer renting artificial bridal jewelry which is commonly used nowadays. But now you can design your own customized jewelry from our shop. If you are going for a light color dress for your reception then, wearing a necklace and bangles with dark smoky stones will be contrasting and they will be beautiful. Now the brides can customize their own design and feel special during their wedding day. The bridal jewelry should be authentic and the designs hour be carved perfectly. To make the design perfect we have our own set of hand craftsmen who can design your special jewelry with intricate works.


Bracelets are a common form of jewels that are worn by everybody from children to youngsters. There can also be gifted to your friends on friendship day and to your girlfriend on valentines day. These crystals can be made into beads and connected together by a string. This is a simple form of design and they are suitable for children and young men and women. The Other form of design that is commonly used is by keeping them in the form of a stone and embedding them into the bracelet design. They can be carved into various sizes and they are attractive. Wearing a silver metal or gold plated silver metal bracelet with embedded stones will pull out your look. These bracelets can be worn along with modern wear or along with sarees depending upon the design.


If you are wondering what to gift your mother for mothers day or her birthday then the best option is bangles. While the bracelets are a modern form of bangles people still prefer wearing these traditional forms of jewelry that are best suited for any type of traditional wear. It is a common tradition to gift a women bangles to indicate their importance. Bangles with embedded stones of Smoky stone will make your hand look beautiful and will improve your health when worn continuously. There are both small and large bangles available in the market. If the bangle is large enough you can wear a single bangle with no other combination but if it is a simple bangle with a single row of stones then you might have to wear certain other combinations. The beads cannot be used for designing bangles and hence the only option available is the carved stones.


Rings are one of the most common forms of jewelry that is worn by most people. The ring can also be a general and personal item at the same time. Most men and women wear their birthstones as rings to ward off the evil spirit. If your birthstone is Smoky quartz then you can wear them in the form of a ring. Else you can also wear them as a designer product. Normal people can also wear these stones as a ring as a fashion statement. The rings can be worn by both men and women and they can be designed according to your wish. You can also combine it with other stones. like the diamonds so that they will make a good engagement ring. People prefer this particular gem for its smoky uses like healing the body with positive energy.


People in India generally pierced ears as a form of their culture and it is also a good acupuncture point. So technically piercing the ears is good for your health. From small studded earrings to large loops there are a variety of designs. Earrings are mostly matched with the other jewels you wear. So if you are purchasing a pendant or a necklace with smoky stones, then purchase a matching earring along with it. These studs can be simple or large depending upon your choice. We at DWS have manufactured a wide variety of earrings made from smoky gems. Sometimes they are also combined with other gems to make them look more beautiful. You can also order our collections through online portals. If you want a simple design you can purchase the single stone studs, that have a large stone at the center. These studs are beautiful and they will be suitable for all types of occasions. For a more grand design, you can use multiple small and a single large stone. If you are not satisfied with these useful designs you can always customize them with a special unique design. Our designers can help you in creating this unique design that will be manufactured by our craftsman with perfection.


The pendants are more popular these days. The pendants can be the best form of gift for your friends. If you want to gift something valuable to a person, but do not want it to be personal then the pendant is the best option. Instead of wearing a necklace, you can always combine it with a pendant. This will make a suitable choice of wear for offices and other formal parties. The smoky pendants made up of small and large stones are gorgeous and they will make a suitable choice for your daily wear. There are a variety of pendant designs available in our shop. You can either select a suitable design from them or customize your own design with the help of our design experts. You can also engrave their names on the pendants with the smoky gems surrounding them.

About DWS Jewellery

All these designs are preferred by both men and women present over the world. DWS Jewellery is a shop that has been identified as the seller of authentic jewelry and gemstone. The fashion jewels are mostly made up of silver and gold with the gemstones. One of the major issues while purchasing these gemstones is that sometimes there are duplicate gemstones that will be mixed along with originals. Unless the entire jewelry set is separated these stones cannot be stated whether they are original or not. So while purchasing it is essential to buy from a well-known store so that you won't be cheated. DWS Jewellery is one of the leading sellers of gemstones in the country. Everything is tested properly before sale to ensure quality. We also have our very own factory with skilled workers who can make beautiful handcraft jewelry and also repair them. So even if you have any issue with your jewels you can always send them to us for repair.

Customized designs

Because of its popularity, the smoky jewel designs are commonly available all over the world, and hence obtaining a unique design would not be possible. But at the same time, there are only a few shops that have the ability to produce a customized design. Making a customized design involves a lot of work, experience, and workers. DWS Jewellery has a team of designers who will help you in creating customized designs that will be manufactured in their own workshop by their special goldsmiths. The customized designs can also be ordered through online portals. All you have to do is send a picture of your favorite design with a description. The products will be delivered perfectly with utmost care. If you want to have a personalized chat with our designers then visit us at our shop in Jaipur.