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Origin And History Of Rhodochrosite

The name Rhodochrosite derived from Greek word rhodon which means rose-colored. This is a type of common mineral composed of manganese carbonate. This stone got its vivid pink color from manganese; however, this is also available in different shades of pink, such as pale pink, rose, light orange, and red. You can find narrow bandings on this stone has made it even more beautiful. Often times, the chemical alteration turns this tone dull brown to blackish. While under sunlight, it reflects pearly to vitreous luster.

Rhodochrosite history is dating back to the 13the century when this stone was highly revered. Initially, Argentina was the premier source of this gemstone. Rhodochrosite uses was found among Inca civilization. They crafted beautiful statues using this raspberry-colored stone. Rhodochrosite meaning is associated with the pink color which is the symbol of universal love and this can be traced back to one of the most ancient civilizations Inca. This stone has been popularly named as “Inca Rose.” Legend has it, Rhodochrosite stone was formed from of the blood of Inca kings and queens. This is a crystal that is ruled by the venues, the planet of love.

The oldest mine of Rhodochrosite is located in central Argentina. The United States of America is the primary source of this gemstone, but some of the elegant pieces of Rhodochrosite is sourced from Argentina. Most of the brilliant red-colored crystal clear rhodochrosite is minded from the mine of Colorado. Deep red and pink Rhodochrosite is found in Quebec, and a highly transparent variety of this gemstone, which has the band in it, is sourced from the South African Province of North Cape. A few miles from where this stone is sourced are located in Brazil, Peru, England, France, England, Mexico Spain and different parts of the US. Due to its abundance, this stone has become the official state mineral of Colorado, USA. During the 1930s, this gemstone has become highly popular as it was used to care for amazing figurines. Even in the present time, this stone has been highly popular for making jewelry, boxes, pots, and necklaces. Due to its fragile nature, Rhodochrosite jewelry is not used every day. One thing that made Rhodochrosite stone stand out of other stone is – it neither can be imitated nor can it be manufactured synthetically.

Effects Of Rhodochrosite On Your Mind

No two gemstones are as luscious as this raspberry-colored crystal named Rhodochrosite. The color pink symbolizes love. Therefore, this is another valuable crystal that has profound effects on your heart. Through its positive healing vibration, it opens up the heart chakra while attracting true love to your life. Let your inner child get the vibes of this pure love while you hold on this amazing crystal. Let those old wounds of past be dissolved in the light of happiness and allow you to join in the celebration of life. It would help clear away all the negative debris that has accumulated over the years. Bringing the perfect balance between your upper and lower energy levels, this amazing gemstone provides the barer courage to overcome the painful situation of the heart. It encourages you to take your second chance while it comes to love and affection. The moment you fall, Rhodochrosite power will elevate you to a better state. So with a tight hold rhodochrosite, you would never be a failure in love ever again.

Rhodochrosite healing property can bring tranquility from within you. Your feel deeply relaxed yet highly reasonable even under stress and tension. Sometimes, you are mind is fully occupied by negative thought. What you gonna do instead of living in those negative though? Well, hold fast to this gemstone, and let the negative feeling replace with positive vibes of sunray. Take a shower with Rhodochrosite holding in your hand and see instantaneous effects. Slowly, but steadily, this stone’s positive vibe would be absorbed in your body, thus mind. You would rediscover yourself Rhodochrosite uses.

Love can open all the doors that have once been closed. With Rhodochrosite jewelry, you would not only look fabulous but also attract love from around you. This stone could be the perfect addition to your healing gemstone. Pair it with Smoky Quartz and see the magic. You would never get hurt in love as you make this gemstone your ally. Those old patterns that no longer serve any good to you are harming your body and mind simultaneously. This gemstone helps you get rid of those people or relation as soon as you take refuge in rhodochrosite. It encourages unconditional love into your life. Therefore, you feel happy and healthy up to the brim. With this brilliant pink color, this stone can exercise much more magic into your life as you start your journey with Rhodochrosite.

Rhodochrosite In Balancing The Energy Of Chakras

The Sacral Chakra which is an integral part of the heart gets positive vibes as you wear this stone and believed in Rhodochrosite facts but not in Rhodochrosite myth. Being a broken heart is a terrible state of mind which has its own negative effects. If you are living in constant mental torment, then this crystal is the best option to tune in negative emotion. While your mind is cursed in between jealousy and anger, take refuge to rhodochrosite healing power. You would be amazing the find how love and forgiveness are taking control of your life.

Near the center of the breastbone located the heart chakra, which controls our interaction with the environment in which we live. It helps us make the right decision at the time of crisis. What you should discard and what we embrace largely depends on the proper functioning of this chakra. It stimulates our minds and maintains a perfect balance between our conscious and subconscious minds. Therefore, the proper functioning of this chakra greatly affects our relationships. Solar Plexus Chakra is the hub of energy. It helps establish a balanced relationship with all the other chakras of the body. This is also called the energy distribution system. This is situated between the navel and ribcage. This also maintains your immunity and digestive systems. When Solar Plexus loses its balance, fear, panic, displeasure, and disappointment take over your mind.

Rhodochrosite For Physical Wellbeing

This is the kind of gemstone that contains manganese. This is one of the crucial minerals responsible for bone development, mineral assimilation, and tissue repair. Rhodochrosite helps strengthen the ailing heart, circulatory malfunction, lowering high blood pressure, and pulse rate, and if placed at the base of your skull, it might alleviate migraines. Any lung diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and malfunction of thyroid glands can be cured as you wear this gemstone.

It is also used in elixirs. If taken internally, it can cure stomach ulcers, ear infection, sinusitis, inflammation, digestive diseases, abdominal pain, constipation acid reflux and any ailment of intestinal walls. Make sure to consult your physician before starting your treatment. Somatization is a physical disorder originating from mental suffering. This stone works like magic to cure this disease. From liver purification to healing cancer Rhodochrosite or its elixir can prove to be of great help. In today’s world, nervous ailments have become a common problem. If you happen to pray to any of the nervous diseases them this crystal can provide a solution to your problems. It might not cure the disease though it can relief you from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Rhodochrosite healing properties can cure any kind of skin disorders such as Shingles, chickenpox, skin rash, boils, and hives. Most of these skin diseases happen due to stress and anxiety. An elixir made from Rhodochrosite distilled water that has been exposed to sunlight for a few days can be of great help for curing skin ailments. Make sure to use the spring or natural mineral water. Before using this water as a poultice, heat it and soak a cloth in this lukewarm water. It not only relieves the painful itchiness but also helps the root of the problem.

Final Verdict

This is the stone that has a low hardness and prominent cleavage. Make sure to wear it carefully to avoid any accidental blow that might damage this stone.  Rhodochrosite jewelry looks pretty trendy as it compliments perfectly any dress be it western or ethnic. People generally prefer this stone in their necklace and bracelets rather than ring given its fragility. The beautiful pink color of this tone might seem famine to some, but this is the stone that can be used for both men and women. Handcrafted jewelry made using this fabulous gemstone looks perfect while mix and match with another stone of a dark color and using different base metals. There are a few shops that wholesale rhodochrosite but DWS Jewellery one of the highly regarded among those.

Use soap water to clean this gemstone. Make sure to use untreated cloth while cleaning this crystal. Before storing or putting this on, dry rhodochrosite jewelry thoroughly. To avoid scratch and damage, store this gemstone soft pouch away from other harder gemstone.