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Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Human life is blessed with a numerous gift from the mother nature. Have you ever considered what would the earth be without its natural resources and minerals? Well, as we grow ahead with our technology, we come across various stones produced and hidden beneath the layers of earth. However, have you ever considered knowing the minerals, crystals or the gemstones? Well, in this blog we shall provide you with detail information on one of the gemstones that is in demand. Delve into the blog to know the Lapis Lazuli Gemstone and a number of its surprising facts and benefits.

Ingredients, pressure, time, space and much needed temperature are the aspects required to form a crystal. Well, it goes with out saying that this comes naturally. So, the minerals or crystals are created deep within the earth. Basically, the gemstones are formed when the bodies of the mineral reach the temperature of being water cool. So, heating gives the formation of the crystal and cooling helps it get a shape and turn into solid. The crystals are brought to the surface during volcanic eruptions. But, in certain scenarios, they reach the surface through erosion. Forming in the earth’s crust, almost 3-25 miles beneath the surface, formed under tremendous pressure and temperature, no wonder why the gemstones are truly gem when they make your beauty kit attract eye balls.

Well, we shall discuss about one of the gems, Lapis Lazuli stone. The name of the stone is derived from the two terms as, ‘Latin Lapis’, which basically means a stone, and the Persian term ‘lazuward’ as, Blue color. One might question whether why is its blue color responsible towards so many benefits? Well, the blue color teaches us the compassion in ourselves by enhancing the respect. The dark blue color is responsible towards teaching and promoting the humanity and hone and thus enhancing human lives. We all must have witnessed that globally dark blue color could be preferred to show the sensitivity towards those in need.

In terms of the Lapis Lazuli history, in 7th Millennium BCE, humans found Lapis Lazuli Gemstone while mining. The stone was discovered in the Sar-I Sang Mines in Shortugai. Well, soon after the discovery of the stone, the traces of the stone were found in other mines in Badakhshan region in Afghanistan. The stones were used in the funeral mask of Tuthankhamun from 1341-1323 BCE. By the end of the middle ages, the stone finally marked its way to Europe after the stone was finally crushed into powder and made into ultramarine. Fashion and beauty icon, Cleopatra, used the crush of the stone into her eye shadow design. The ultramarine of Lapis Lazuli stoneis one of the most expensive elements of all the blue pigments. Color of the stone is either blue or purple. It is mottled with white calcite and brassy pyrite. Tr-sulfur radical anion is responsible for the bright blue color of the crystal or stone. Afghanistan was the main source of export of the stone to Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilization. To define the Lapis Lazuli meaning in a simple way: Lapis Lazuli is a dark blue metamorphic rock that is valued for its intense color. Lapis Lazuli stone is certainly the only gem that appears in rock form. It is a composition of Lazurite, Solidalite, Pyrite (which is found in golden color) and Calcite (Appears in white color). The stone also honors the Athena, who is worshipped as a Greek Goddess of war and wisdom. The stone also honors Hera, another Greek goddess of marriages. She is also the queen of all the gods. Referring the two above Greek gods, one must know that the stone has a great significance on the Greek civilization.  However, after knowing its rich historical aspect, it’s even interesting to know the Lapis Lazuli facts and benefits.

It is said that the Lapis Lazuli Gemstone is known for the three important qualities in human life: Truth, wisdom and power. It must be surprising enough to know the celestial blue stone recognized for the royalty and honor, is also helpful and widely preferred for meditation, insight and intuition. One of the things that people are not aware about is the occurrence of Lower-grade Lapis, which is lighter blue in color. The lower lapis is also referred as Denim Lapis. Out of the few Lapis Lazuli myths, it is believed that it is a symbol of starry night in the ancient Persia, and the Muslim community also call it a stone that protects an individual from an evil eye. In Buddhism it is believed that the stone offers inner peace and set you free off the negative thoughts. When an individual wear this stone in any form of jewelry, it can build a connection with the ancient Egyptian beliefs and connect you to the spiritual world through meditation.The stone is also believed to be harmonizing the mind and heart as it can truly develop a bond between them. It is often believed that hard work fulfills your dreams, but the vibes keep you motivated enough towards scaling the dream. Although, as the stone goes along well with the dreamers, as it encourages creativity and enhances your objectivity. We have always heard that activating pineal gland requires one to initiate all the psychic powers, but in of the Lapis Lazuli myths, it is found that the stone helps you in activating the pineal gland. The stone goes along well with the other third eye stones i.e. Pietersite, Modernite, Tanzanite, Albite, Howlite, Heliodor, Cookenite, Beryllonite and Euclase. The stone has not just had the benefits spiritually but also carries the pros medically. Well, the Lapis Lazuli powers are defined and discovered in a number of dimensions: spiritually, medically and physically.

Talking about the medical impact of the Lapis Lazuli gemstone, it is found that the stone purifies one’s blood and boosts the immune system. Well, those people who find it tough dealing with the blood pressure, this tone can benefit you in a number of ways. It soothes areas of inflammation. Depression is one common factor that is haunting the society. People battle stress and anxiety and hardly anyone comes ahead to complain the trouble. Well, this stone can is believed to helping those who are battling depression. As stated earlier that it deals with releasing the positive energy by removing the blockades, the stone does a miraculous job when it comes to helping person come out of the circle of depression. Lapis Lazuli stone also benefits the respiratory and nervous system, and it goes without saying that it alleviates vertigo, too. There are several Lapis Lazuli healing properties. While meditating, let your mind relax and try focusing on your breath. Once the mind is at peace, and thoughts are setting themselves out of your mind, try to focus your mind on the stone. This will help you in acquiring the answers in the toughest time when questions keep whirling on your mind. Using it with the stone such as Vanadinite may help you in getting answers responding to ways of utilizing psychic gift. It is recommended to keep the stone on your forehead while meditating. One must note that since the stone has a greater share of spirituality in your life, there are also various mantras specifically designed to meet the demands of the stone user.

The Lapis Lazuli Stone Is Categorized As,

  1. Lapis Lazuli Natural Birth stone.

The dark blue stone is one of the natural birth stone for them who are born between (February 19 – March 19).

  1. Lapis Lazuli Zodiac stone of Sagittarius

The stone is surely associated with the Venus and d into various stones, designed to meet the needs of any individuals. The below example can help you in understanding the stones and its categories as listed below. However, one must note that Lapis Lazuli is not a traditional birth stone.

The stone is a great talisman for earning peace, understanding and calmness. This is one of the facts that most of the people were unaware of the stone that it utilizes the water energy. It is a kind of energy that is known for stillness, strength and purification of oneself.

After knowing the ocean of information on the spiritual, medical and physical benefits of the stone, we might want to know the daily Lapis Lazuli uses and application of the stone. Well, it is observed and realized that the stone is widely preferred by executives, psychologists and journalists. However, lawyers and writers, too, earn most of the benefits from the stone as it enhances the decision-making skill along with boosting the creativity for inventions. The above personalities from the mentioned profession widely prefer the usage of this stone because it stimulates the desire for truth, understanding and knowledge. Friendships and relationships can be harmonized after wearing this stone in a jewelry. However, this stone is easily available in form of necklaces, beads, and pendants made from this crystal. Few people might get concerned over wearing this in Lapis Lazuli jewelry but they must wear it until they adapt it, taken into consideration its beauty and ocean of benefits. If an individual is looking forward to purchase this gem in a form of pendant then one must wear it near the throat as that benefits’ psychic abilities. People who opt to wear the earrings made up of this crystal might want to know that it can resonate within the third eye area and throat. This stone can be quite stimulating, but it totally depends from a person to person. As discussed earlier that the clarity and the expensiveness of the stone may vary from the intensity of its color. The less bluish stone may also be effective enough to create an impact on an individual.

The stone is available in different sizes and types, and hence it could be a great alternative for gold and silver jewelry. All the gemstones, including Lapis Lazuli stone, have become quite popular with the current trends, given the credits to its vast spiritual and medical benefits, there is an increasing demand among the buyers. However, due to increasing demands and growing popularity, the high quality and top Lapis Lazuli stone are hard to buy. Although, the stone has become quite easy to buy.  Mostly the Lapis Lazuli gemstone pendants or earrings were the amenities people were seen wearing, but growing with the trend one could readily find the stone rings and jewelry.

Taken into account its vast and benefits and a rich history, the Lapis Lazuli stone either erupts out of the earth or is found while mining. And hence, it is connected straight to the mother planet, earth. That also describes it importance and benefits towards its users and buyers. Buying the real and pure gem is not a cake walk and hence it is always recommended to buy it from reputed traders who are reputed enough for their sale of Lapis Lazuli and other gemstones. Also, if you are just looking to purchase this stone and are least bothered about its color then we recommend you to purchase it without a second though as even the less bluish leaves a lasting impact as described. When you have bought a new two or more gemstones, it is advised to use the stone on its own first before combining it with the other stones. Once being aware of its energies, you may choose to combine it with other stones. Also, while combining one may combine the stones for shorter periods initially as every individual stone has altogether a different reaction. The combination of the stones may be performed under the supervision of experts involved in the gemstones as that might help you in getting most from the crystals and either way solve the unremitting problems in your life. In conclusion, all we could suggest is that this stone is must buy and a great alternative for jewelry as it is one of the gifts that is offered to mankind by the mother nature.