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Wholesale Kyanite Gemstone Jewellery Manufacturer

Kyanite gets its name from Kuanos or Kyanos which means deep blue. It is a semi-precious gemstone finding great use in the fashion jewellery industry. Basically, a blue silicate material, Kyanite is also known by few other names like Rhaeticite, Cyanite or Disthene.


Found in the nineteenth century, Kyanite traces its origins to Switzerland, Brazil, USA, Myanmar etc, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Initially, it was also used as a compass to get to know about the magnetic force of the earth and get the directions.


Kyanite crystal is usually a fibrous, bladed and columnar crystal. Blue is not the only color in which it is available. There are also shades of yellow, white, orange, black, green, grey, etc.  This physical attribute of this gemstone is the reason why it is used in crafting out beautiful pieces of artificial jewellery. Kyanite is a very rare gem to find and is also quite brittle in appearance. Though it’s brittle nature makes it very difficult to be cut, the craftsmen have overcome this challenge to shape out beautiful pieces of jewellery from them. It is available in various shapes like marquise, round, cushion, tumble, oval drops, faceted, briolette, cushion, etc. This is the reason why various beads can be created for the jewelleries.


Kyanite is a refractory product, finding use in casting molds, dishware, plumbing fixtures, etc. It is also used as insulators in electronics as well as abrasives. But the most popular use is as a semi-precious gemstone in making jewelleries. It is extensively used in making earrings, brooches, and pendants.

Astrological Uses

Kyanite is a very important gemstone when it comes to astrological uses. It is used for meditation and relaxation. It is also a very good tranquilizer and is quite effective in keeping the wearer calm and peaceful. It also has various positive effects on dreams, psychic activities, and visualization. Other than these, the stone helps in fostering the flow of energy in the body, enhances the power of concentration and channelizes the abilities to communicate. It helps in bringing loyalty and honesty, dispelling frustration and anger. The stone is considered to be a very important gemstone for Taurus, Aries, and Libra, helping in clearing the blocked energy for them. The best use to which it can be put is aligning the chakras of the human body.

DWS Jewellery

As it can be understood, that for instant alignment of the chakras as well as adorning some beautiful pieces of artificial jewellery, very few stones can match Kyanite. It definitely has some qualities which make it stand out from various other crystals available in the market. Thus there is a huge demand for wholesale Kyanite gemstone. Due to its resemblance to the blue sapphire, this gemstone is also used to make artificial jewellery. Keeping all these in mind, there is a huge demand for DWS Jewellery as one of the premium Kyanite Jewellery manufacturers in Jaipur. DWS Jewellery has been catering to these needs with great efficiency and expertise for a long time now.