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Jasper Ocean And A Trusted Manufacturer

The word jasper has its origin in the Greek language, meaning spotted stone. It is a semiprecious stone which is mostly composed of chalcedony, microcrystalline quartz and other minerals. All these are responsible for the colourful bands and the patterns which are also responsible for the name of the stone. The stone also has various patterns like the landscape, the ribbon, the orbicular and the picture. The landscape type is the most common of all the varieties, as it offers a panorama of colours in a single stone.

The Significance Of The Stone

As already discussed, the stone occurs in a wide variety of colours and patterns. All these stones also have different astrological connotations. Many people also prefer wearing jewelleries made out of them.

The Dalmatian variety is off white in colour and has black spots. It is believed to protect from nightmares and is also said to increase the patience of the wearer. There are fancy types as well which manifest a plethora of colours ranging from green, grey, lavender to beige. Some of these colours help in alleviating depression as well as brings about physical and mental well being. Green jasper is said to bring a balance between the spiritual and the physical side of a person.

There is also the leopard type which has an orangish tan colour with yellow, red, dark brown, pink and black spots. Bearing resemblance with the fur of a leopard it is used to improve the vibrations of the body. The red form of this gemstone offers protection, promotes physical energy and helps in having a better sense of smell.

The rainbow variety of the stone is used as a tonic for promoting good health in the wearer. The ocean jasper has every shade of the ocean in it, thus rendering the name. It helps in breathing during meditation. This variety of gemstone is also widely popular in jewellery designing in crafting out stunning pieces of fashion jewellery. The various colours in which it is available are beige, greenish grey, white, pink and maroon. The large range of colours and patterns available in this form of jasper gemstone also make it a good choice over other semi-precious stones. This is because it can be paired with other base metals like silver, sterling silver or copper. The stone can also be used to create decorative bowls and other marvellous pieces of creation.

Dws Jewellery-The Trusted Name

Dws Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in being one of the most sought after Jasper Ocean jewellery manufacturers in Jaipur. They deal with wholesale Jasper Ocean gemstone and are the manufacturers of some of the most exquisite pieces of jewellery for people who search for some uncommon pieces of creation. Ocean Jaspers are very good healing stones which are known to elevate the spirits of the wearer. For an uplift of the moods and getting rid of negative emotions, Ocean Jaspers are the best. For such a gemstone, which can help in effective communication, the demand will be high. Thus there will be a need for Jasper Ocean jewellery manufactures in Jaipur like Dws Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.