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About Green Tourmaline Gemstone Jewelry

Jewellery is every woman’s first love and when that jewellery is made of gemstones they become all the more exquisite. The gemstones are used by people all over the world for healing purposes be it spiritual healing, physical healing or mental healing. And when these gemstones come in jewellery pieces their demand increases. As people can have the privilege of wearing diversified and trendy jewellery pieces along with enjoying the powers of these magical gemstones studded in the jewellery pieces. Green tourmaline is one such gemstone which is known for its healing properties and mesmerizing colour.

It is not easy to find a jewellery manufacturing company that manufactures green tourmaline as not every jewellery manufacturing unit deals in green tourmaline gemstone and green tourmaline jewellery. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is the best jewellery manufacturing company situated in Jaipur. The company is known across the world for manufacturing jewellery with the rarest of precious and semi-precious gemstones. The company wishes to craft jewellery pieces that give a royal look on wearing.

Green Tourmaline Gemstone:

The Green Tourmaline gemstone is a green coloured gemstone belonging to the tourmaline family. Tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral which is compounded with elements such as potassium, iron, aluminium, sodium, magnesium and others. Tourmaline gemstone is categorized as a semi-precious gemstone that comes in a variety of colours such as red, blue, yellow, green, colourless and black. Amongst the different varieties of tourmaline gemstone green coloured tourmaline stone is regarded as the classic stone because of its vibrant colour.

This stone is also referred to as Verdelite which is nature’s best healing crystal for the physical heart. The gemstone helps in channelizing its electrical energies to the various parts of the body and enhances the strength, courage, vitality and stamina of the individual. The beautiful and mesmerizing green tourmaline stone is available in different hues ranging from pale light green to the darkest emerald and sometimes even in the olive shade. Apart from the astrological purpose, it can be used in meditation as it helps bond with nature spirits and physically connect with plants and animals. It is one of the most favourable gemstones amongst the various green coloured stones because of its revitalizing qualities that provide the wearer with happiness and positivity.

Properties Of Green Tourmaline Gemstone:

Tourmaline gemstones are amongst the most multifaceted gemstones in the mineral world as they are the rarest of gemstones that are available in a variety of colours. Every tourmaline gemstone has some properties associated with them, the green tourmaline stone is also associated with various healing properties that are primarily focused on improving the health and well-being of an individual.

1) Purifies Energy

It purifies an individual’s energy and also protects them from the negative energy around them. This tourmaline stone also helps in clearing the blockages in the energy meridians and facilitates a fresh flow of energy, joy and love.

2) Brings In Compassion

Apart from the purification and protection properties, this gemstone is known for its healing properties, compassion, happiness and joyful acceptance towards everyone. As the green tourmaline stone is known for strengthening and revitalizing your energy it is recommended to wear it at the time of transition from winter to summer or vice versa as your energy levels may be low.

3) Releases Stress And Anxiety:

Another property of green tourmaline is its ability to release stress. It is believed to provide the wearer with strength and positivity even in the worst situations and help him cope up with anxiety and stress.

4) Brings In Prosperity:

The green coloured tourmaline gemstone is associated with bringing in wealth and prosperity into the wearer life.As the green colour of the stone signifies Mother Earth, it helps you align with the healing vibes of nature.

Healing Properties Of Green Tourmaline Gemstone:

The Green tourmaline helps in physical as well as emotional healing and that’s what makes it all the more superior from other green coloured semi-precious stones. Listed below are its physical and emotional healing properties.

Physical Healing Properties: 

  1. It is an outstanding stone to wear to relieve oneself from the chronic fatigue and enervation.
  2. It helps maintain proper cellular functions in the human body and is an excellent stone that helps in treating cancer or other cell-growth disparities.
  3. It also aids in vibrational healing of the heart.
  4. It strengthens the nervous system and is beneficial in healing eye problems, ductless glands, thymus and immune system.
  5. It helps quiet the mind and that is why it is beneficial for hyperactive children.
  6. It brings calmness and peace into the life of the wearer and also helps reduce claustrophobia and panic attacks.
  7. It is an excellent detoxifier that aids in treating the intestine, chronic bowel diseases and weight loss.

Emotional Healing Properties:

  • The green tourmaline stone helps in converting the negative vibes into the positive one, it instils a feeling of gratitude towards each other and the environment.
  • It brings stimulating growth to the emotional body thereby making an individual more expressive, outspoken about changes in one's life and less fearful of changes.
  • It instils a sense of belongingness, tenderness, care, patience and compassion in the carrier of this stone.


Birthstone And Zodiac Stone:

Most of the gemstones are birthstone and zodiac stone to some of the other sunsign and so is green tourmaline stone. The green tourmaline is the natural birthstone for those people who are born in the month of April and May and it provides them with success, prosperity, wealth and good health.

It is the zodiac sign for the people who have Libra as their sun sign. Apart from being the birthstone and zodiac stone, the tourmaline stone helps people with the zodiac sign of Capricorn to be more expressive.

Green Tourmaline Gemstone Shape:

Mostly Tourmaline gemstones are found in extended crystals that are usually cut in the long rectangular shape. Whereas the green tourmaline gemstone is found in the shape of ovals, rounds, cushions, emerald cuts and various other fancy shapes such as heart, pear, marquise and etc. The fine green coloured tourmaline gemstone commands the highest price per carat in comparison to other shades of green tourmaline and is usually cut into emerald cuts, cushions and ovals.Usually, This stone contains minute parallel tubular inclusions which enable it to display a strong shining effect when polished.

Hardness And Stability Of Green Tourmaline Gemstone:

The hardness of gem is measured on the Mohs Scale. This stone ranks 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale and is fairly tough in comparison to other gemstones. It is usually stable when exposed to light and chemicals but heat can damage a green tourmaline gemstone. When the stone is exposed to high heat its colour can alter so to keep it in its original form avoid exposing it to high heat. Also when the stone is exposed to sudden temperature change it can cause fracturing in the stone and make it breakable.

Proper care must be taken of the green tourmaline gemstone in order to maintain its shine and lustre in the long run. Always clean your green tourmaline gemstone and green tourmaline jewellery with warm soapy water and avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning it.

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

After getting to know so much about this beautiful and exquisite gemstone, now you must be wondering which is the idle place from where you can not only buy the green tourmaline stone but also jewellery made of this gemstone. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is the perfect place for you. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a unique store located in Jaipur which is known for its exquisitely handcrafted jewellery. They are reliable partners of brands, jewellers and designers who want to offer their customers a taste of royal jewels and that too at an affordable price.

Apart from being the best jewellery manufacturing company, they are a wholesale supplier of green tourmaline stone as well as green tourmaline jewellery. They are amongst the most reputed jewellery manufacturing companies of Jaipur and have been serving not only Jaipurites but people across the world. The company is dedicated to inventing uniquely designed jewellery pieces to enable the wearer to stand out in the crowd and be the centre of attraction.

People across the world trust them and their jewellery because of the raw material they use while manufacturing jewellery. They have a very talented team of artisans and designers who every now and then come up with new and unique jewellery collection which will make you fall in love with them. With being the best wholesale jewellery manufacturing company they are leading exporting company, exporting their products to some of the big countries like USA, UK, Australia and Japan.

The company manufactures a complete range of products be it rings, earrings, pendants, cufflinks, bangles, bracelets, charms and other jewellery items. To know more about them check out their website or visit their jewellery showroom in Jaipur to check out their latest jewellery collection.