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Green Chalcedony Gemstone Jewelry Designer In India

Chalcedony is termed as a gemstone species which relates to the quartz mineral. This gemstone can be available in different shapes, colors, and sizes. This stone is softer than quartz and denser than the opal gemstone. It is a form of silicon oxide, one of the varieties of quartz.

Green Chalcedony gemstone has a waxy luster that appears in green color. This stone is semi-transparent to opaque. The hardness of this stone on the Mohs scale is 6.5-7.00. This gemstone can be formed as it is dyed in green color to make it more beautiful and attractive. It provides the same effects and benefits to the wearer as given by Chalcedony stone.

This stunning gemstone can be found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Namibia, and the USA. It is a very common gemstone to be worn as jewelry in the form of cabochons. In ancient times, this stone is specified with water gods, goddess, motifs of the air and water sprites.

It is associated with that person who has zodiac signs like Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. This gemstone works on the Sacral Chakra of our body. It is a creative stone that blesses its wearer with great mental power and verbal communication. It makes the wearer more capable to learn new techniques by improving its memory.

It is also a health stone that provides protection to the immune system. It will help in balancing the temperature and blood pressure of the body. Being the best gemstone for health issues, it helps to heal the lungs and functions the proper of the respiratory system.

To strengthen the soul, one can choose this stone to have a positive influence on your body. Green Chalcedony gemstone jewelry can be worn by someone who wants to be famous and unique, and want to express their talent in front of the world. This stone will protect the wearer from the evil eye and negativities around it. By having a healthy body and mind, one can achieve their goals in their life by wearing this gemstone jewelry.

Treating with chronic diseases, Chalcedony considered the best healing gemstone. A person with aggression must wear this stone. It is also called a communication stone, which helps the wearer to express its ideas, beliefs, and confidence in front of others by developing strong communication powers inside.

Green Chalcedony Jewelry is loved by the young generation that they can team up with any outfit. Keep calm with the beautiful chalcedony jewelry that is perfect to wear in the evening events also. This jewelry can be worn in the bead bracelets, stunning necklaces, ear studs, pendants, and rings.

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