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Green Agate Gemstone Jewelry Designer In India

Green is an important color in the world of the gemstone. Today, we are going to talk about Green Agate. This gemstone is smooth in texture with clear luster. Deep green Agate is a beautiful and translucent gemstone.

This gemstone gets its name after the Achates River which is famous with the name of Dirillo nowadays. It is well known as the best gemstone in jewelry industry due to its resistance and hardness. The Mohs hardness of this gemstone varies from 6.5 to 7.00. It is believed that this stone helps in increasing compassion, sense of justice, and helps in resolving solutions.

This gemstone is formed from crystals of quartz. The process is formed by layers of silica by filling the voids in contact with other minerals. By having different shapes of void each agate formed is very unique. When the process of filling voids completes, then the full gemstone is produced.

This stone can be found in many parts of the world like India, Myanmar, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Poland, and the USA. It is one of the oldest gemstones in history. In ancient times, this stone is generally used by Talisman and considered as the valuable gemstone. It can be cut into any shape including emerald cut, round, pear or square.

The vivid green color of this gemstone is connected with health. It blesses the wearer with the physical and mental body. It helps in improving emotional balance and keeps taking care of the digestive system.

Being a health gemstone, it protects its wearer from various kinds of diseases by stimulating the immune system. The body of the wearer becomes more active, powerful to fight against diseases providing strength. The health issues related to eyes and digestive system can quickly be resolved by the interaction of the gemstone with the skin. This stone is also very efficient in case of muscle pains like joint pains and knee pains.

Are you interested in buying agate and want to know about the stone? Then you have reached the right place. Our expert jewelry designers make this beautiful gemstone into a classy piece of jewelry. As it is affordable gemstone this stone can be formed into a variety of elegant jewelry collections.

Being an elegant stone, it looks stunning with any outfits. Even Celebrities loved to wear this stylish gemstone. The agate necklace can look wonderful. One can opt for a delicate and small green agate pendant with a chain. For those who like, statement jewelry, one can choose the chunky green agate necklace to team up with their outfit.

It is very popular for carrying a simple look with agate bead bracelets. If you want to look glamorous in your evening occasions, make your look eye-catching and stunning by wearing the agate cuff.

Rings made of this stone can be considered by both men and women. Make a style statement by wearing the cocktail rings in green agate stone. Make your special day complete by wearing the awesome agate earrings that are extremely popular.

Are you looking for a Wholesale Green Agate gemstone dealers? We are the reputed and experienced Green Agate Jewelry Designer in India. You can find vintage and classy designs of this gemstone in a wide collection to match up with your personal choice.