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Gray Moonstone Gemstone Jewelry Designer In India

One of the attractive gemstones with a smooth texture, today we are going to talk about beautiful moonstone. Like other semi-precious gemstones, moonstone belongs to the minerals family. It belongs to the Felspar group of minerals. It's chemical composition is KAlSi3O8. The hardness on the Mohs scale of this stone varies from 6.0 to 6.5.

This gemstone looks like moonlight and its glows like a moon if see in the water. The stone can be available in colorless shades like Gray, White, and Peach. Gray Moonstone is the most popular. The main origins of this gemstone include India, Madagascar, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

This gemstone is popular with the name 'Chandrakanta Mani’ or ‘Chandra Mani’ in Hindi. It is believed that moonstone was made from the rays of the moon. Greeks believe that this gemstone has a linked with goddesses Selene. Moonstone relates to the planet Moon also well known for giving peace in the wearer's life. Moonstone is recommended to those people who are aggressive. So, moonstone can be worn to have calmness in life, positive feeling, and have a balance on emotions.

This gemstone can be worn to protect them from the evil eye. This stone gives benefits to wear like inner growth, relief from stress, good harmony with a partner, growth for the business. Moonstone also provides health benefits to the wearer. It helps in digestion; improve the health conditions related to eyes and skin. A person having a lack of confidence must wear this gemstone to achieve high success in their life.

This stone plays an important role in Astrology. A person having a strong moon has strong creativity. The wearer was blessed with strong mental power and physical growth. A person facing the problem of insomnia must wear this stone as it gives the wonders in the wearer's life. Stone can provide the calming powers to the students those who face the sleep problem.

Moonstone is very popular to be worn in the form of jewelry. This stone can be embedded with the combination of sterling silver and gold. The Gray moonstone jewelry looks stunning when embedded with other gemstones. Moonstone jewelry is eye-catching and unique to be worn as engagement rings. It looks alluring when keeping as a center stone of any engagement rings. The moonstone engagement rings are the perfect choice as jewelry to gift to your special ones.

This stone jewelry looks like a perfect match with the western outfits and looks stunning with any color of outfit. A string of moonstone gemstone as a beads jewelry is loved to wear like a bracelet. Moonstone gemstone jewelry is one of the affordable jewelry which comes with beauty as well as reasonable cost. 

If your doubts regarding the moonstone benefits have been cleared, don’t think more and buy the quality moonstone gemstone to have huge magic’s to happen in your life. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd deals with the high-quality Wholesale Gray Moonstone gemstone. We are the reputed Gray Moonstone Jewelry Designer in India deals with the classy gemstone jewelry collection.