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Dyed Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry Exporter From Jaipur

Among the three colored gemstones, sapphire is one of them. The other two being the ruby and the emerald. This enchanting gemstone is the birthstone for all the September borns’ and is a premier choice of the jewelers like us. This precious stone has a multitude range of colors and each colour makes it different in terms of its quality. It is said that the value of the stone is determined by the intense color it possesses and the distracting zones of an unattractive colour.

The value of the blue sapphire stone is most influenced by its color. The most valued bluish sapphire stones are somewhat violet-blue or velvety blue. Also, the degree of saturation also influences the value of the stone. The saturation should be such that it does not comprise the brightness and should be strong enough too. Such sapphires usually are set at high prices per carat.

The various other colours in which sapphires are categorized are green, orange and yellow, pink and purple, colourless and black. The most popular colours that are traded and used for commercial purposes are really beautiful ones like padparadscha. These are priced higher than the other sapphires.

Dyed Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphires are chemically structured in the same way the rubies are i.e. they contain aluminum oxide. However, rubies are only found in a single color i.e. red where sapphires come in a different range of colors. Sapphires are also known for changing their color according to the presence of light. Finest dyed sapphire gemstone is usually found under 2 carats. The blue color of sapphire is due to the presence of varying amounts of iron and titanium in the stone, the combination of which is responsible for the different colors of the stone.

Dyed Sapphire Gemstone Treatments

Sapphire like rubies are heat treated to enhance the blue color of the stone and to increase the clarity of the stone by removing inclusions. It is standard practice to heat treat the sapphire and of the other stones. Natural sapphires which are untreated with heat are much more preferable and are highly costly. Diffusion treatment is done on the sapphires to enhance the colour of the sapphire and to make it more enchanting. Diffused sapphire stones have a combination of hues such as orange-red, bright yellow and orange, green etc. when sapphires are undergone with some sort of treatments to enhance their look, they then priced much lower. We at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. are faithful to our customers and disclose every necessary information that should be disclosed in relation to the treatments our stones have gone through.

The various sources where sapphires can be found are Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Australia, Tanzania and the US. In India, sapphires are found in the Kashmir region. Sri Lanka is the largest producer of sapphire stone in the world with a stone of 100 carats. The sapphire stone which is found in Sri Lanka is lighter blue in colour. The maximum number of star sapphires are found in Myanmar. The dark blue coloured sapphire stones are found in Queensland and New South Wales of Australia. Smaller sapphire stones are found in western Cambodia whereas dark blue sapphire stones are found in China and Nigeria.

Dyed Sapphire Gemstone Uses

Sapphire is exclusively used for the purpose of jewellery. The finest coloured sapphire which is deep blue in colour is very expensively sold and is adored by women who love jewellery. Sapphire can be used in various forms of jewellery like rings, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, bangles, charms, jewellery findings and earrings. It can be used as a centerpiece for rings or dents as well as be used as a complementary gemstone for diamond rings and such. To get such masterpiece of sapphire jewellery, you can visit DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. as we are wholesale sapphire gemstone jewellery retailers near you. Sapphire without any colour refers to the blue colour of the mineral corundum.

Dyed Sapphire Healing Properties

Sapphire has been known to help in overcoming diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia. In case you have recently undergone a reconstruction surgery, wearing the sapphire stone can help in improving the bone density. The blue energy of the stone helps in calming the inflammation and helps in easy recovery after surgery.

A sapphire wearer is also benefited from fast healing of burns, fever, infections, nose bleeding and eye problems. It is also good for the thyroid and pituitary gland. As sapphire is known as a promoter of sound health, it is helpful for the blood flow and blood-related problems.

Sapphire stone helps in controlling the emotions. People who choose to wear sapphire are better able to understand the feelings and instill self-confidence within. It increases your self-esteem and provides a way to self-exploration. It makes communicating with others easy and calms you down in situations which can alleviate your anger. Due to its calming nature, it provides a sense of relaxation and calmness to the body and soul.

Sapphire being the wisdom stone also helps in training your mind and put it in the right direction. It sharpens your mind and provides better clarity and understanding. Using this stone while meditating has a rippling effect on your mind. It makes you cheerful, increases concentration power, provides you with peace of mind such that you focus on the important things in life.

Dyed Sapphire Gemstone History

The word sapphire is acquired from the Latin word “saphirus” which means blue. Some of the people believed that sapphire is closely associated with the planet Saturn. In many other languages, the word sapphire can also be translated to mean “dear to the planet Saturn” and thus it has been related to Saturn.

Sapphire gemstone history dates back to 800BC. According to the popular belief of rulers of Persia, sapphire is responsible for the blue color of the sky. They believed that it is the reflection of the sapphire which turns the sky into hues of blue. A great poet once specified that color of the sky after sundown to be sapphire blue. It is considered to be a holy stone for some; it represents heaven to the others. They are also known as the stones of the apocalypse. 

The holy ancient Lores said that the Ten Commandments were written over the stone sapphire. The kings used to wear the sapphire stone necklace as a weapon to protect against any harm. The wearer is said to be away from envy, hatred and attract the needed favors. There are many great personalities who wore sapphire and believed in its powers. The star sapphire is believed to protect from any sorts of harm and witchcraft. An Oriental traveler referred to his sapphire as a talisman as he believed it to bring him good horses and attention when he traveled around the world. King Solomon also used to wear a sapphire ring. Sapphire has gained, much popularity and belief in modern times too when Prince Charles was engaged with Lady Diana and the ring possessed a sapphire stone in it.

One of the most notorious sapphires of the world known as the “star of India” is kept in the Museum of the Natural History in New York. The sapphire is of 563 carats. The other qualities that are associated with sapphire include chastity, dependence and piety. It brings about good faith, better perception ability and a better understanding of justice. It keeps one's mind calm, at tranquility and peace and keeps one's innocence alive while learning the truths of life. Sapphires are also the love stone and keep the flame of romance burning between individuals.

If you are also keen to become a wearer of sapphire stone and impressed by its powers. If you are into gemstones and believe in their powers and their ability to make your life better, wait no more to change your life for the better. We at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. has been into this business for over a decade now and we are where we are today with fairness and because we satisfy our customers by providing them with right quality jewels. If you are willing to believe in us too, visit our store and give us a chance to serve you with our exquisite dyed sapphire gemstone jewellery. If you are finding jewellery for any purpose be it gifting, engagement, astrological purpose, adoration or anything else we are a one-stop shop for the wholesale dyed sapphire gemstone.

If you are facing trouble in your life and in achieving success or if you are facing any digestive problems or other health problems, may be all you need is a sapphire stone to make things right. We are Dyed sapphire gemstone jewellery designers that can fulfill your need of a true sapphire stone as recommended by your Vedic astrologer. We are trusted dyed sapphire gemstone jewellery manufacturers that provide authentic and true stones. We also provide various customized jewellery options that can make your lover go in awe. The jewellery pieces manufactured by us are trendy, fashionable and indifferent which makes us the primary destination when it comes to jewellery shopping With our expertise in jewellery manufacturing, we have now emerged as a global jewellery manufacturing brand not only in India but all over the world. So wait no more and contact us for any jewellery based suggestions. We will love to help you out!