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About Dendrite Opal Gemstone

The dendrite opal is a famous variety of opal which is termed as dendritic because of the presence of dark tubular or circular dendrites within the base. These dendrites are composed of metallic oxidise such as manganese, iron, potassium and various others. These fern-like presences in the opal gemstone make the gemstone all the more attractive because of the bold and striking patterns in the gemstone. The dendrite opal gemstones are cut into pieces to showcase their best possible nature’s artwork.

All these dendrite opal gemstones are unique in their designs and in fact, no two dendrite opal gemstones can have exactly the same dendrite pattern. The dendrite opal gemstones are usually found in white, pink, yellow, blue and green colour with black colour inclusions in them. They are translucent-opaque. Their hardness level is 5-6.5. Dendrite Opal is milk opal it has dendritic inclusions on it that look like moss or ferns. This Gemstone is extracted from the mines of New Mexico, the stone posses rainbow-like pearly lustre. It does not contain any toxins, so you can easily hold it or keep it in contact with your skin for however long you may want. Sometimes it becomes more expensive because of the beautiful ferns patterns on it. There are not so many in the market, so be careful to find one. The dendrite opal is one such gemstone which is usually found in white and varying shades of black ranging from blueish black to dark grey.


Opal was rare and very valuable in antiquity. This gemstone can be easily found across the world but mainly its mines are situated in Australia and are considered as the national gemstone. This gemstone way backs its origin in the 19th century in Australia. Soon after its discovery, it became a prized gem amongst the Europian royalty. With the increased popularity of the dendrite opal gemstone in the world market, Australia expanded its mining activities. The demand for the dendrite opal gemstone had tremendously increased all over the world by the 1950s with Australia containing approx 80% of the world’s dendrite opal supply. No other country can compete with Australia in this area of the market as even today a major part of the world’s supply is taken care off by Australia. Before the vast deposits in Australia in the 19th century, the only known source was the Roman frontier in Slovakia.

Since ages dendrite opal has been used as a gemstone as it was thought to possess supernatural powers. Some even believed that a dendrite opal wrapped in bay leaf would provide the wearer with the power of indiscernibility. Apart from Australia, the deposits of dendrite opal gemstones are found in various places like Indonesia, Russia, Honduras, Queensland, United States, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico.


The Dendrite Opal Gemstone is a member of the agate family and is also considered as a stone of wealth as it offers the wearer with abundant wealth. This stone helps you to develops your own self or growth, both physical as well as mystical growth. This gemstone provides the wearer with the ability to be consciously aware of life’s experiences by giving clarity to one’s actions and by fetching peace and harmony in the wearer’s life. It protects you from the negative energies also. This gemstone helps you to control your own actions and judgments.

This gem impacts the life of the wearer as it improves the self-confidence of the wearer and also changes one’s outlook towards life. It enhances your social presence by making you easily available so that you can easily put yourself with others and can interact or connect with them. The stone has strong positive energies that enable you to emphasise on your inner strength and wisdom. It also enables you to pay attention to your finest qualities thereby enabling you to improve your skills. The Dendrite opal gemstone helps in making you the best version of yourself by motivating you to work towards achieving your life aims. It boosts the wearer’s mental health and power and is also believed to attract coincidences in your life to make you comprehend the meaning behind all the is happening in your life. The stone tells you that whatever is happening, happening for a reason because it meant to be. It improves your institution level to enable you to fathom through situations and people. The stone also attracts good and positive energy to fill the wearer’s life and surroundings with positivity and happiness.

Dendrite opal gemstone is bound to transform your love life too. It develops your own personality so that you easily handle your relations with your partners. The emotional healing properties of stone make you emotionally stronger and stable so that you can easily face any type of challenges and arguments in your life in a very composed manner. It also improves the functioning of the eyes and the digestive system. Many people love this gemstone because it lights the darkness. If you want to change your luck flow this is the good gemstone. This stone increases your motivation so that you can create things. If you combine dendrite opal with some other gemstones like moonstone, river stone or garden quartz it will enrich your sensitivity, keep your aura beautiful and will promote your mental growth respectively. If you want a family-oriented environment then you can place this dendrite opal gemstone around your home, it will create harmony and acceptance in the environment. If you are feeling very low or want to improve your inner self, you can use this stone to bound to balance your energies and to clear any concerns that cross your mind. Your energies need to connect with its vibrations to make it work properly.


Another name of this white milky Dendrite Opal Gemstone is Merlinite and Moss Opal. The Merlinite word is often used when the stone is being referred to for its metaphysical properties. Opals are categorized into two categories viz the one which shows the radiance of colours and the other which does not show the radiance of colour. Presently, there are over 60 varieties of opal in the market, amongst all Dendrite Opal is considered to be an attractive and magical gem. As the Dendrite Opal Gemstone is easily available in the market in its raw form, it is often more competitively priced in comparison to other gemstones. The price of dendrite opal is being evaluated on the basis of its shape if it is milky white in colour and the attractive plant-like patterning it has. The attractive the pattern and colour the expensive the stone is. The most expensive dendrite opal gemstones are found in Australia. Putting the gemstone under your pillow will give you a peaceful sleep at night, so if you are having restless nights or finding any difficulty in sleeping well, you can use dendrite opal gemstone.


Dendrite opals are used for their beauty and for the mythical characteristics and powers that they are thought to be carrying with them. Dendrite opals are very delicate in nature, they are very soft gems, so they must be handled with care. Never use cleaning detergents or chemicals on them, never wash them with an ultrasonic cleaner. Products like bleach or any similar detergents will destroy the dendritic opal and their unique metallic patterns.

Why DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd?

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd is an online and offline store, that is a wholesale Dendrite Opal Gemstone jewellery manufacturer and supplier, across the world. They have varieties of Dendrite Opal silver jewellery collection. The DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd has gained the fineness over the collection of the gemstones as well as the manufacturing from last many years. The skilled labour at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd works hard to create magic and unique jewellery pieces. From across the world, they have collected and sourced the gemstones that fit perfect for the jewellery. The designs are latest and the fitting of the gemstones is accurate for you to be confident enough while you wear your jewellery piece. Jewellery in today’s time does not restrict its use on special occasions like a wedding or an engagement ceremony. The jewellery manufactured by them is one of its kind and is manufactured with genuine metals and gemstones.

Some people just do not need a reason to wear and own a jewellery piece it is their love for jewellery that compels them to keep enriching their jewellery collection with varied pieces and if all that is done in their very personal style, they will fall for it even more. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. manufacture the jewellery that is made to order. Your ideas for Dendrite Opal Gemstone or the beautiful Moss Opal will be transformed beautifully in the jewellery pieces like cufflinks, pendants, earrings, rings, bangles, jewellery findings, charms or anything you like. The on-demand or the customized jewellery is also made at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. Well, to check out the amazing existing dendrite opal gemstone jewellery collection you can visit their website or visit their store in Jaipur.

About Dendrite Opal Gemstone Jewelry Designer In India

Opal Gemstone, one of the semi-precious gemstone, comes in the variety of "Dendritic Opal Gemstone". This Opal got its name due to its internal variation of dendrites. Dendrite is a Greek name that means a look of a tree. This gem makes a bold pattern inside it by having the inclusion of iron, manganese, or other metallic oxides.

These inclusions throughout the stone look a tree or its branches making this opal so unique and eye-catching. This graceful gemstone is a perfect gemstone that helps in getting in touch with the peaceful mood and also allows communicating with the Nature spirits. 

These Opals are mostly found in India, Turkey, and Africa. Beautiful jewelry can be designed from multiple dendrite stones. These stones are cut and polished to design jewelry from rings to bold necklaces. DWS jewelers are one of the Wholesale Dendrite Opal gemstone dealers who design an amazing dendrite opal jewelry collection. We are the best Dendrite Opal Jewelry Designer in India providing quality service at the affordable prices. 

These opal stones are used for their inner glow and the amazing powers that they hold. They are very elegant, must be handled very carefully. Detergents or other beauty products can destroy its beauty and the magical powers that it holds. 

DWS Jewelers create a magical and stunning Dendrite Jewelry to increase the beauty of every woman. This jewelry is creatively designed to make such a beautiful jewelry piece like rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces, etc. The attractive look of this jewelry collection will attract every woman. 

Look gorgeous by wearing the awesome collection of this beautiful jewelry designed by DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. We are the best Gemstone jewelry manufacturer and suppliers across the whole world. We have a wide variety of dendrite opal jewelry designs that will create enough confidence in you while wearing it. 

This Opal stone jewelry is also termed as "Mass Opal" that reflects different shades vary from milky white to the brownish white. This charming gem is a perfect antique piece that helps in promoting your growth. This stone can be worn by Zodiac Sign Pisces, and after wearing the wearer will feel stronger with the positive wives. 

If you want to enhance your look, then the Dendrite Opal jewelry is the perfect piece to wear. It will add harmony and embracing in the environment. Add a trendy look to your whole attire by wearing this stunning gemstone.

This stone helps to heal in many ways by making your relations stronger. The married couples can wear this amazing stone to keep their relation fruitful and help to encourage care and love for each other. 

If you are having a confusing lifestyle, this gemstone will help you out by balancing your mind and you will have a clear vision in front of you. This is the best gemstone to have control on your digestive system and makes you ready to face any types of challenges in your life.

If you want to change your luck, want to resolve your health issues so don’t think more go-ahead to buy this amazing Dendrite Opal Gemstone Jewelry from the DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. the best Dendrite Opal Jewelry Designer in India.