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Wholesale Chrysoprase Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers From India

Chrysoprase crystal stone is one of the best antidepressant in the world of crystal healing and is known for its optimism, happiness and happiness. Take Chrysoprase crystal as an indication that you need an emotional overhaul when you find its way into your life. Here, we will have a look at the Chrysoprase gemstone Facts and Chrysoprase gemstone History.

If you have a checklist of emotional conditions, such as depression, fear and stress, chrysoprase crystal is a good prescription to promote a more positive outlook. Keep this gemstone in your corner and always look bright, even when the weather is cloudy. In order to buy the Chrysoprase gemstone, you should contact DWS Jewellers, the biggest Chrysoprase gemstone jewelry manufacturers and Chrysoprase gemstone jewelry exporters.

If the storm and clouds of fear as well as anxiety begin to roll into the shutters of your natural and quiet heart, it's time to use the crystal Chrysoprase and its association with the heart chakra. The relaxing and serene vibrations of this storm can cool down intense emotions, especially when you place it above the heart, helps to alleviate an overactive nervous system. It is a very good healing crystal. The activation of this Energy Centre enables a stronger flow of healing heart energy, not only boosting cellular circulation but also bringing you closer to living from the heart and embracing universal love.

Chalcedony's cool and peaceful variety, this gem was a favourite of the great Alexander, who in his search for world dominance had reclaimed his healing powers. In ancient times, a region in south-western Poland called Lower Silesia was the only source of this rare form of quartz. Chrysoprase was in fact a common feature in Silesian carving and masonry from as far back as the Iron Age. With King Frederick II of Prussia in the eighteenth century the practice of incorporating Chrysoprases into decorative art continued. After the conquest in the region, he decorated the halls of his favourite Palace at Potsdam near Berlin with the land deposits of green Chrysoprase. Thus, you should contact DWS Jewellers, the biggest Chrysoprase gemstone jewelry distributors having very diverse Chrysoprase gemstone jewelry collections.

Chrysoprase Gemstone Meaning

The Chrysoprase crystal is part of the light blue-green ray sources in the broader context of our mysterious and expansive universe. Imagine the photograph of paradise with tropical emerald waters sprinkling white sands. Let its ancient wisdom lead you down, a turquoise river of internal peace lit up by a bright white light to a divine light of inner truth and enlightenment.

It is always a good line between the preservation and removal of resentment. The healing properties of Chrysoprase crystal are excellent for supporting this delicate balance of emotions. Forgive and be paralyzed or forget. This is the knowledge of this crystal-stone.

Chrysoprase Gemstone Uses

It helps in enabling the heart chakra, and taking the spin of forgiveness. This magic stone reminds us how well it feels free of toxic emotions of any kind. The first step in healing is a happy state of mind. In other words, get the stone that symbolizes joy and optimism into your heart with Chrysoprase.

Chrysoprase is about alignment, which makes it an essential addition of your everyday wellness routine. Like yoga practice, Chrysoprase is about alignment. Focus on your heart chakra and feel it is coming into the universe with its loving energy. The efficient treatment layout to maintain and restore internal balance begins with lying on a yoga mat free from confusion and distractions in a sacred healing space. Place a lit candle near the stone, which helps to set mood for healing crystal treatment. Keep the stone in your hand and view the positive vibrations flowing across the chakras to balance the left side of the body and the right side.

Chrysoprase is also great for use as powerful water because of its connection to the life-giving waters of the earth. The ultimate in stress relief and relaxation with candles and luxury bubbles is already magical. But placing a chrysoprase stone in the water increases the amount of water therapeutics. Hold the stone over your thoroughfare, while enjoying the bathroom, and see if it involves forgiveness, positive inner growth or encouraging miracles.

Chrysoprase Gemstone Myths And Chrysoprase Gemstone Power

Like other stones of the heart chakra such as Rose Quartz and Jade, Chrysoprase helps to make the abundance of love a gem in matters of the heart. This magnificent stone has the power to immediately lead you to the pristine shore of a tropical paradise, surrounded by glaring, emerald waters, if you are struggling with heartbreaking or loneliness.

Chrysoprase is a distinct variety of chalcedony quartz quality gemstone, a silicon dioxide cryptocrystalline form. The apple-greens colour, which is especially uniquely distinctive and due to their distinctive colouring agent, is highly valued for Chrysoprase. Although iron, chrome or vanadium is the most common colour for green gemstones. Chrysoprase derives its charming colour from nickel impurities that form in otherwise colourless crystal quartz. Chrysoprase, is one of the most rare and precious species of chalcedony quartz, second only to the rare green-blue gems.

The name "chrysoprase," which refers to his or her green colour and the golden inclusions, comes from the Greek words.  The quartz veins of nickel-carrying serpentine rock and in weathered deposits of nickel ore materials often have the presence of chrysoprase. Chrysoprase consists of crystals that are too fine as distinct particles, like all other varieties of cryptocrystalline quartz. Chrysoprase is preferred to have the solid and bright green colour, which reminds of the best quality jade, unlike many chalcedony quartz variants that are prized for their multi-coloured patterns.

The chalcedony quartz and the distinct light Green to apple Green colour of Chrysoprase can be easily identified. Jade is much softener and usually less translucent with a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on Mohs scale, making it easy to distinguish from chrysoprase.

Prehnite has a colour, but is not typically as vivid or intense as chrysoprase. Variscite is also known to cause confusion, but it's smoother than chrysoprase. Chrysoprase can also be marked with separate nickel traces. Indeed, gaspeite is also the only other green gem coloured by nickel, iron, chromium or vanadium, resembling it.

Chrysoprase Origin

Deposits of chrysoprase are located worldwide. The key sources are amongst the main ones include Australia, Brazil, Germany, Poland (Arizona, Oregon and California), Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, India and Kazakhstan. The previously most abundant sources of gem-quality chrysoprase have been Frankenstein mines (Zabkowice) in Upper Silesia, Poland, but now Australia produces nearly 85% of its supply. Chrysoprase mined from Central Queensland (Australia) has been seen as one of the highest quality worldwide, with many translucent and colourful specimens that are similar to jade quality.

Colour of Chrysoprase can vary from light, minty green to intense deep, apple green. Deeper colours are considered more desirable but once the colour reaches a certain depth, the stone can be classified as' prase' The colour of chrysoprase is subject to prolonged exposure to heat or direct light, but the colour will in most cases be restored after moisture absorption.

Chrysoprase clarity is typically translucent to opaque. Luster of chrysoprase is opaque. The most valuable are translucent specimens. It has a glassy waxy luster when cut and polished. In terms of clarity, chrysoprase is mostly very clean, yet an uneven, cloudy colour distribution is fairly common. Also popular are Chrysoprase beads and tumbled stones, but they are usually made from lower grade products. Most chrysoprases found today are totally untreated.

Chrysoprase belongs to the very large quartz gemstone family, but in particular to a number of chalcedony quartz. Chalcedony was considered for many years to be a fibrous variety of crypto-crystalline quartz (as opposed to granular quartz), but more recently it has actually found to be composed of quartz and moganite, a polymorph of quartz. Quartz and moganite are silicates very closely related, but their crystal formations are slightly different.

There are many other closely related varieties of gemstones, including variscite, jadeite (jadeite and nephrites), prehnite and smithsonite, and also a series of gemstones which appear similar but unlike other varieties. Chrome chalcedony is often mistaken for chrysoprase as a consequence of colour similarities. However, chrysoprase has a nickel color while chromium chalcedony has a chromium colour.

The most popular or similar gemstones and trading names are Chrome chalcedony, chalcedony, onyx, carnelian, bloodstone (heliotrope) and Jasper.

Chrysoprase Gemstone Healing Properties

Chrysoprase Gemstone mythology is said to help balance the conscious and unconscious realms of the mind. The energy and the power of crystal are very strong and can bring happiness, protection, success, friendship, good fortune and prosperity. Chrysoprase encourages inner vigour and bravery. Greeks, Romans and Egyptians alike were highly appreciated for their many great powers and attractive soft colour. In Greek legend chrysoprase guaranteed a happy marriage and good health, and when it was laid open during half the month, its power was' recharged.

Chrysoprase is said to be able to boost the eye power, reduce blood pressure, and alleviate rheumatic pain. Chrysoprase is a powerful stone with balance, grace and mental skill. It is also designed to reduce complex inferiority and to improve the self-esteem of broken hearts. Chrysoprase is the cancer stone and is related to the earth element. The chakra of the heart is ideal to open, activate and energize.

Chrysoprase Gemstone Jewelry

Chrysoprase is a variety of chalcedonous quartz which makes it suitable for any kind of jewels, including everyday wear rings. It is most frequently used in cabochon designs or as ornamental gems like cameos, badges and seals. Not as popular as' chalcedony,' however, many gemstones, collars, pins, and brooches still contain it very frequently.

Although chrysoprase is considered to be one of chalcedony Quartz's rarest and most valuable forms, large stones are very affordable. The colours of Chrysophrase are gender neutral and range from light-green to profound, army-green, and are ideally suited for men and women as they are. It is particularly impressive when set in silver, platinum and white gold fastenings due to its slight translucent and soft glamour.

Chrysoprase gemstone care and cleaning are considered one of the harder gemstone cleanse. Since it doesn't have cleavage it is very durable, but harder materials like topaz and diamond can still easily be scratched. If the exposure to direct sunlight or extreme heat takes long periods, the colour of chrysoprase may deteriorate, so be careful not to excess or directly expose your gemstones to harsh circumstances that may damage the colour. With warm, soapy water and a soft cloth or brush the chrysoprase can be easily cleaned. Please ensure that the soap residue is well removed.

Due to the natural porosity of chrysoprase and absorption of other chemicals, colours can easily be dyed or stained. Therefore, avoid using harsh chemical products from the household, in particular bleach, perfume and sulphuric acid. Always remove jewelry or jewels before you practice, do sports or do homework. Wrap it with a soft cloth and put it into a fabric box for adding protection when storing the chrysoprase gemstones.

Thus, we have seen the key details allied to the chrysoprase gemstones. If you also want to buy these gemstones, you should visit some Chrysoprase gemstone jewelry shop and Chrysoprase gemstone jewelry store like DWS Jewellers.