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About Chrysocolla Gemstone

Chrysocolla History:

Chrysocolla gemstone is one of the most beautiful and blue to greenish color based gemstone. Copper is present in this gemstone which makes it more attractive when people wear it. It breaks easily that’s why many pieces of jewelry coated in quartz to make it durable and attractive. It is the kind of carbonate gemstone family. The name chrysocolla was first used to represent the stone by Theophrastus. This word derives from the Greek words Chrysocolla meaning is gold and Kola means glue. This beautiful gemstone is used by the older goldsmith as a solder. Renaissance painters grinding it as a pigment of paint and ancient jewelers used this stone to make fancy jewelry pieces. It is found in the place where a large amount of copper deposit occurs.

Chrysocolla Healing Properties:

Chrysocolla is associated with peace, intuition, patience, calm and unconditional love. Chrysocolla healing properties are very strong. A person who has been suffering from anxiety, depression and has rude personality he should has to wear this stone.

  1. The Chrysocolla gemstone Power and healing properties help with nervous disorders and make you mentally strong.
  2. This stone also helps women during the period and reduce the anxiety of pregnant women.
  3. On an emotional level, this stone teaches the value of virtue like how to keep calm in a negative environment.
  4. It regulates the blood flow and protects your heart from attacks and blockages.
  5. By reducing mental pressure and negative energy it fills unconditional love in relationships.
  6. Couples who are taking marriage counseling must have to wear this stone.
  7. As per the chrysocolla history, in an ancient time, people used this stone letting go of the past and cut the guilt.
  8. Chrysocolla meaning a stone which soothes your mental pressure and let you live a life without anxiety and depression and forget the guilt.
  9. It encourages self-awareness and inner balance.
  10. This gemstone is very helpful for individuals who are suffering from bone pain-related diseases.
  11. One of the effective Chrysocolla uses is to always generous in front of people to avoid hurting their feelings.

If you are suffering from some kind of mental pressure than use this stone to reduce all mental negative energy. You can contact Wholesale Chrysocolla gemstone jewelry suppliers, who are one of the leading gemstone providers in Jaipur. And offer you the best pieces of gemstones at the best market rates.

Chrysocolla Gemstone Facts:

  1. Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper based gemstone which is used by the people to reduce the anxiety level and stable the inner balance of life.
  2. Chrysocolla praises the Greek goddess of knowledge, Sophia.
  3. It is the stone of individuals brought into the world under the zodiac indication of Sagittarius.
  4. Chrysocolla shields from the noxiousness radiations of mobiles, and furthermore protects from the obstructive neighbors.
  5. Unadulterated Chrysocolla is excessively delicate, and subsequently can't be utilized for adornments purposes. The stone found with quartz stores makes it sufficiently able to be utilized for adornments.
  6. It uses water vitality due to which it brings virtue, stillness, and quietude in the wearer and where its precious stone is kept.
  7. European doctors used to blend Chrysocolla with water and sugar to make a rinse for sore throats.
  8. The mixture made of Chrysocolla has a productive diuretic impact.

Chrysocolla Myths:

  1. There is no powerful stone to represent the union of masculine and feminine than chrysocolla.
  2. At every level, this gemstone represents compromise, negotiation, calm, and cut guilt since ancient times.
  3. People who wear this stone it protects them from the psychological injury.
  4. Chrysocolla is of blue color and blue is a calming color.
  5. People who don’t concentrate at the time of meditation have to wear this stone.
  6. This gemstone connects to the belief, increase self-confidence and enables you to live a life with a feeling of peace.
  7. This gemstone clam cleans and energizes all the chakras.
  8. One of the popular chrysocolla myths that it helps individual in overcoming the phobia.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen who wear this stone signify their mental level are very calm and their life is full of unconditional love.
  10. It is believed that this gemstone heals the infection, lower the blood pressure and soothe the mental level.
  11. People who have been wearing this gemstone have acknowledged that it alleviates the brings joy in life.

Where To Buy Chrysocolla Gemstone Jewellery?

Chrysocolla is a stone which is valuable, looks exceptionally exquisite and has an abnormal state of significant worth in the market. As a prestigious Chrysocolla gemstone distributor, we just supply morally sourced gemstone, gladly upholding the most noteworthy industry standard.

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Final Say:

The reason why people have to purchase pure gemstone is that pure gemstones have a strong that deliver better results than impure gemstones. If money is your concern, the don’t worry, at our chrysocolla gemstone shop you will get the best pieces of jewellery at the best market rates. You can only receive Chrysocolla gemstone Healing Properties if you purchase gemstone pure and for that you have to come at our chrysocolla gemstone store.