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About Blue Jade Gemstone

Blue Jade is a type of Jadeite. It has a creamy blue color, however, its color conjointly ranges from light to mid-blue, or typically a light bluish-green. Blue Jade could be a nice stone for people who need to become a medium. It'll assist you to hear the voice among you and to contemplate what message you're hearing. It will assist you to hear the voice of your spirit guides and also the voice of your heart. It'll stimulate your psychic talents and cause you to be additional attentive to the religious things around you. Blue Jade can promote dreams and visions, and it'll enhance your reflective expertise. It'll conjointly assist you to return to selections which will be supported by your own learning and religious data. Blue Jade can inspire you to envision the large image and do not permit your issues or emotions to cause you to any extent of further stress. It will conjointly assist you to connect with higher dimensions in order that you'll access your religious data, which is able to support you in creating enlightened decisions. Blue Jade could be a stone of peace and serenity. It'll relax and restore you and find and eliminate your negative energies. It will conjointly facilitate to temper your emotional upheaval and produce back the equilibrium in your body. It will facilitate to teach you the lesson that life isn't invariably truthful, and there’s nothing wrong with innocence and idealism. It'll not hurt to be realistic and sensible. Blue Jade can assist you to stay calm although you’re experiencing storms in your life. Blue Jade is understood to assist with the treatment of depression. It may also facilitate in easing the pains related to the inflammation of the joints and inflammatory disease. It is useful if you’re stricken by respiratory illness and different cartilaginous tube conditions. It may also promote blood circulation. Blue Jade will facilitate relieve inflammatory problems. The healing energies of this stone will balance your nerves and soothe your internal organ rhythms. Blue Jade may also assist with stress-related illnesses and conditions. It is terribly useful in treating eye and ear issues. It will cleanse the toxins within the body and enhance its filtration and elimination systems. It is useful with the treatment of the kidneys and also the spleen, and in leveling the fluids within the body. Blue Jade conjointly possesses restorative properties which will facilitate with the rebinding of the cellular and skeletal systems. It'll ease the pains and facilitate the body to heal itself. There were various Blue jade Myths, also mentioned in the Blue jade History, which are still prevalent. But knowing about the Blue jade Facts would be your first step towards learning and acknowledging the Blue jade Uses and ultimately the Blue jade Power.

Blue Jade could be a stone of knowledge which will assist you to attain your goals. It will assist you to add up of difficult things and perceive ideas in the order that you'll get eliminate the obstacles on your path. This stone will unleash the negative thoughts in your head and cultivate patience, optimism, drive, and determination. It will strengthen your need to realize your goals and to beat your monetary troubles. It will stabilize your temperament and integrate your mind along with your body. It will conjointly urge you to act on your dreams and needs in order that you'll bring home the monetary abundance and independence. This stone can attract abundance and prosperity, and it'll open several new doors of opportunities for you. It will keep you grounded and stable, and it'll shield you in order that the negative energies that are in your life won't make any amendment to who you're. It will increase your capability to possess rational thoughts and your ability to recognize the simplest road to require. It will assist you to move forward and create progress, and it'll permit you to envision your life from a distinct vantage. This stone can keep you sturdy and stable in order that you'll not be frenzied by the petty dramas of life. Blue Jade can herald additional trust, patience, faith, and respect in your relationships. It will encourage you to be additional sincere and compassionate, and it'll urge you to act additionally responsibly. It will provide you with the bravery to simply accept and embrace the life that you simply have. It will teach you the way you'll grow additionally patient and forgiving, and the way you'll reconcile your variations with the folks you like. Blue Jade is extremely useful once you invariably feel rush, stressed, anxious, or engulfed. It’s an ascent stone which will assist you to stay calm and picked up, even once you’re enclosed by chaotic or nerve-racking energies. It will facilitate to relieve your anger and frustrations, and it'll remove the negative energies from your body. It will conjointly assist you to learn your lessons from your mistakes and volitionally settle for all the repercussions. Blue Jade is additionally typically remarked as the “Philosophers Stone”. The Blue Jade meaning lies in the Blue Jade Healing Properties. It'll assist you to see things from a higher end. It can encourage you to see at the larger image and to listen to each side of a story. This stone can inspire you to not get fixed in your life’s day to day drama. Blue Jade will facilitate self-reflection. It'll cause you to trust all the items that you simply have aforesaid and tired the past. It will cause you to mirror on the teachings that you simply have learned and the way they will have an effect on your life with the gift.

Blue Jade can stimulate rational thinking and assist you to become additional inventive. It'll conjointly foster a way of harmony in your life. It’s a robust stone for calming tense things and partitioning issues. It’s effective for once you desire you’re not being appreciated enough, or once you desire you’re not a part of a relationship. It will be a really useful stone once you think that somebody isn't being entirely truthful to you. Blue Jade can get eliminate your guilt and your unsuccessful attitudes. It'll conjointly encourage you to be yourself rather than being somebody you're not with great care. It will encourage individuality and individualism. This stone can inform you that you simply don’t have to be compelled to follow the overall opinion. It will shield you from feeling engulfed by the events in your life. It will assist you with the management of your temper, and it'll inform you to take care of your words. By delivery in energies of peace and harmony in things, Blue Jade can facilitate with showing emotion-charged problems and issues. It’s a stone of knowledge which will assist you to approach a state of affairs from completely different views. It will still your mind and permit you to envision solutions that you simply haven’t seen before. Blue Jade is accustomed to assisting you to bring home the solutions and create progress on problems that appear to maneuver so slowly and feel unbeatable. This stone can assist you to settle for the items that have happened to you and realize peace within the things which will now not be modified. Blue Jade is a really effective tool throughout the meditation. It'll bring your subconscious to a quiet and floating state, or to a deeper and additional relaxed state, just like the peace that you simply get within the ocean depths. This stone can bring deep religious data from your unconscious higher self into your waking consciousness. It'll facilitate with problems that need your centered attention. Blue Jade can finish your confusion and produce clarity and peace of mind. Blue Jade could be a stone that heals an individual in numerous alternative ways, be it showing emotion, spiritually, mentally or physically. The emotional healing that takes place attributable to the exceptional forces among this stone is crucial for those that feel lost, disconnected or simply sad overall because of past or gift experiences. The stone works by removing harmful energies from your life in order that you'll permit yourself to expertise smart and positive things.

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Overview Of The Blue Jade Gemstone

Blue jade is a type of jadeite. It is one of the two unique minerals that share the same name. The gem gets its known after“piedra de ijada” – a Spanish saying which means a stone associated with pain on the side." This gemstone is a form of sodium aluminum silicate and is rare, hard, and lustrous.


In earlier times, this stone has been widely popular in Asia. Today several non-Asian people are also fascinated by this stone. The cultural use of this jewel can be dated back to prehistoric humans. Its applications in Europe, China, and many other parts of the world mainly involved ornaments, tools, ritual objects, and weapons. They believed that the stone brought the power of earth and heaven and the mystic powers of life and death.

The crystal has been part of many artistic traditions in China for more than 3000 years. The Chinese believed that the stone brings purity of spirit and clarity of mind. It was widely famous in Central America. Jade vessels were essential for making medicines. Objects made from this stone also involved religious artifacts, ornaments, and jewelry.

Geographic Location

The gem deposits have traces in Northern Burma, Central Asia, Japan, New Zealand, Siberia, Australia, Canada, and the USA- in Wyoming, Alaska, and California.


People are often attracted to this jewel because of its rich heritage, its beauty, and durability. These days, the use of these crystals is for accessories. It is essential to purchasing these accessories from a reputed blue jade jewelry wholesaler to get a high-quality ensemble. If you are looking to buy this regalia, DWS Jewellery, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a leading blue jade jewelry wholesaler that offers exquisite crystal jewelry at affordable prices.

Properties Of Blue Jade

The blue jade gemstone is considered a stone of peace and serenity. This gemstone is highly spiritual. Its color varies from mid-blue to light, and sometimes it is also found in light bluish-green shades. It is very famous for managing emotional disturbance and restoring equilibrium.


This gem is widely popular for its metaphysical properties, while its unique physical properties give it a lavish and charming look.

Physical Properties

• The gemstone has tiny and monoclinic crystals with a refractive index lying between 1.64-1.677.

• It comes with a vitreous luster and is rated 7th on the MOHS hardness scale.

• The crystal consists of a splintery fracture and is free of any cleavage.

Metaphysical Properties

• This stone brings stability to the user’s life and keeps them grounded.

• It repels negative energy, attracts positive vibes, and also makes the user more compassionate and sincere.

• The gems are also known for instilling a sense of responsibility in the wearer and boosts their confidence.

• The crystals bring steady progress in life and soothe the mind.

• It gives fresh thoughts and ideas and insightful dreams when placed on the forehead. It also helps in recalling dreams and offers relief from suppressed emotions.

• One can fight self-imposed restrictions and make rational judgments by using this jewel.

• It makes the user self-sufficient and self-reliable and stimulates psychic abilities and spiritual sensitivity.


The unique and impressive metaphysical properties of blue jade have garnered fame as a dream stone. A reputed blue jade jewelry exporters offer exquisite varieties of these gems and also accessories. DWS Jewellery, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is among the leading blue jade jewelry exporters.

Understanding The Applications Of Blue Jade


Blue jade finds many applications due to its strength. It is highly durable and can be mold in different shapes and sizes. This gemstone has been in use for thousands of years. It is the toughest jewel which makes it very reliant and protects it from usual wear and tear.

Uses In Jewelry

The lustrous and durable nature of the stone has made it very famous as accessories. It is essential to make various kinds of designer regalia. Ornaments pieces made using the blue jade gemstone include bangles, pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cabochons and beads. Along with accessories, it also finds applications in sculptures and religious arts.

Health-Related Applications

• It helps in controlling inflammations in the body and treats bronchial conditions, asthma, and arthritis.

• The gems are very beneficial to joints and bones and treat bedwetting, cystitis &genito-urinary infections, viral and bacterial infections.

• These crystals are also useful for kids as they are effective in treating children’s ear and eye problems, tonsils, and adenoids.

• The crystals also find applications in laser treatments and sound healing.

• It helps in detoxifying the body and cures ailments related to kidneys.


A blue jade jewelry factory uses this solid gemstone for producing various beautiful ensemble pieces. When combined with lustrous sterling silver, its brilliant blue shade makes them a hit among jewelry lovers. DWS Jewellery, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a leading blue jade jewelry factory that produces various kinds of designer and custom jewelry and gemstones.

How To Clean And Take Care Of YourBlue Jade Jewelry?

The blue jade gemstone is strong and limits itself from any breakage. Still, it is essential to take good care of this gem when used regularly. To take optimum care, the user must know whether the gemstone has undergone any treatment or not. Cleaning at regular intervals is essential to maintain its look and luster.

Cleaning Of Blue Jade Crystal And Jewelry

• Take a warm solution of soap water in a container. 

• Put the gemstone in the container and leave it idle for a few minutes. It will slack off all the dirt, sweat, and oil stuck on its surface.

• Take out the stone from the container. Use a soft cloth, sponge, or toothbrush to wipe it gently. It will remove any remaining dirt particles stuck on it.

• Now rinse the stone under running water to get rid of the soap and dirt particles. Dry using a paper towel or soft cloth.

• One can also use wax to rub on its surface to prevent it from scratches. Once the stone is waxed, wipe the excess wax using a soft cloth. This process will improve the shine and protect it from sweat, dirt, and oil.

Precautions To Consider While Cleaning A Blue Jade Piece

• Don’t use harsh chemicals for cleaning.

• Don’t overexpose them to heat and light.

• Keep them separately as they can damage or can get damaged by other gemstones.

• Store them at room temperature and dry place.


A well-established blue jade supplier makes sure to maintain the integrity of the crystal during supply. DWS Jewellery is a leading blue jade jewelry supplier located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, famous for its blue regalia encased in brilliant sterling silver. The suppliers also offer advice on cleaning and storage of these crystals to ensure they last long.

Three Prominent Categories Of The Blue Jade

For a long time, people dealing with blue jade have discovered several ways to enhance its appearance and look. Wax, heat, bleach, dye, polymer injection, and other treatments are implemented to enhance its luster, stability, and color.

The blue jade gemstone is classified into three categories based on the treatment it receives.

Type A

The treatment on this gemstone involves wax coating. It is the traditional treatment method. Customers accept these types of gems, and the process doesn’t affect its cost. In this method, the gemstone is boiled in water to clean them, preparing them for wax coating. It is then left to dry and later submerged into molten wax. The molten wax fixes any fractures and pores on the surface. The extra wax comes off once the gemstone cools down. The wax removes the deformities on the surface, making it smooth and lustrous.

Type B

This treatment involves soaking the gemstone in sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid. The acid leaches out the sodium and eliminates oxidation stains. It brightens the color of the jewel. Then it is infused with wax using the pressure. This infusion fills fractures and pores, giving it a lustrous and smooth look.

Type C

This treatment is often the same as the Type B treatment. The only difference is that the stone is also dyed to give it a bright color. This dye can fade when exposed to light and heat. Hence this treatment must be declared while selling the gemstone.


Many blue jade jewelry makers often use treatments to improve the looks of the stone. Hence it is advised to purchase the gemstone from a trusted blue jade jewelry maker like DWS Jewellery in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The company has a reputation for revealing its jewelry-making processes and discloses information on treatments used on the stone while selling.

Three Things You Should Know Before Buying A Blue Jade

Blue jade is a gemstone associated with wisdom and is the favorite stone of sound healers who use rattles, bells, or drums. This jewel is adorned as a protective talisman that assures long and healthy life. It is also famous for its healing powers.

How Does This Jewel Help The User?

This gem has numerous benefits. It helps the user hear the voice of his spirit guides and the voice of his calling. It aids in meditating and making complicated decisions using spiritual knowledge. It enables the user to dream big and achieve dreams. The crystal is also known for connecting the higher dimension and brings trust, respect, faith, and patience to the relationships.

How To Use This Jewel For The Best Results?

The only way to use the stone for the best results is by keeping it close. The crystal is strong and can be worn daily as a jewelry piece. One needs to clean it regularly on daily usage as an accessory. One can also keep it in a place where they spend most of their time, like an office or study room. Many people can also keep jade under their pillow while sleeping.

What Are The Best Combinations To Use With Blue Jade?

To attract prosperity and luck, combine this stone with Tsavorite, Orange Moss Agate, Citrine, Aventurine, or Peridot.


People have to be very careful while purchasing this gemstone as some blue jade jewelry manufacturers sell poor-quality gemstones. Hence one must always buy it from the trusted blue jade jewelry manufacturers like DWS Jewellery, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, famous for providing high-quality gemstones.