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About Blue Chalcedony Gemstone

Blue Chalcedony can be described as a crystal glorious for its attractive energy, penned in an exceedingly elegant, murky blue hue. It resides underneath the Quartz family and is thought for having the ability to amplify its energy for suggests that of maintaining balance. The origin of its name rests in its Greek history. For people who use it, it encourages reflection and careful deciding, a valuable factor for folks to be told if they have complications with impulsivity. This is why the stone is usually named “the Speaker’s Stone” because of its stress on being careful. Blue Chalcedony is ready to specialize in specific forms of negative energy and dissipate them quickly and expeditiously, an awfully helpful property for those trying to silence unwanted thoughts or negative forces in their life. It will this by giving weight to the items that truly matter, permitting you to separate the forces in your life which are positive and which are negative. This breaks down the encircling energy and provides you with a way of comfort and security, one thing that several healing crystals are superb at however the Blue Chalcedony excels in this. To get a real view of this mesmerizing crystal, you can visit any Blue Chalcedony gemstone jewelry shop or Blue Chalcedony gemstone jewelry store near you.

This stone has such an influential past that not solely has it been used throughout the Blue Chalcedony gemstone History as a way of divinity, however, it absolutely was additionally worn by Cicero, one in all the foremost vital orators throughout Ancient Rome. Blue Chalcedony contains tons of knowledge and that means for people who are seeking it, particularly underneath the pretense that it will teach you tons regarding yourself. Possibly the foremost useful half regarding the stone is that it will get you to look at your already-established thought processes otherwise, which may ultimately add a positive read to your life that wasn’t antecedently there. Blue Chalcedony gemstone Meaning is related to nurturing, having to take care of the folks that use it. Like we tend to antecedently delineate relating to its ability to assist folks to be additional careful regarding their words, Blue Chalcedony provides users with a way of security and adds weight to their actions. The added interest of being careful regarding your words and rejecting impulsivity offers tons of aiming to this stone, that instills confidence during a distinctive means. Instead of giving users the assured ability to maneuver forward apace with whichever task they're coping with, Blue Chalcedony adds weight to each action to present the users' confidence not in charging forward however creating fastidiously thought-out selections.

Blue Chalcedony gemstone Uses are immense. Blue Chalcedony is best used throughout moments of indecision and frustration, showing an intense ability to assist folks to think through choices in a way they're not usually faced with. Using it constantly throughout the day and creating jewelry out of it will actually be useful, however, it depends on how you would like to use it. If you would like to possess a continual sense of calming and security, devising it into your outfit somehow and taking it with you'll be an honest thanks to keeping the vibrations going throughout the day. If you’re trying to specifically use Blue Chalcedony for moments of distress or meditation, it’s counseled that you just solely have it around for those moments, therefore, you’re able to get the total advantages of the stone. You can get many Blue Chalcedony gemstone jewelry exporters and Blue Chalcedony gemstone jewelry distributors across the world, however, always go with an authentic name. And if you want to add a sense of fashion to it, choose the one created by some expert Blue Chalcedony gemstone jewelry designers. The power of Blue Chalcedony to assist users in having the ability to live their words effectively is its main charm. It helps considerably people who act on impulse and the Blue Chalcedony gemstone Healing Properties rest within the wondrous magic. Its healing powers are available in the shape of adding weight to those areas of your life and mind, that cause you to take larger notice of stuff you could otherwise not notice. Because of this, you’re able to be additional aware of your selections and also the parts that bring your life along. And, in the end, it offers you confidence too. This will ultimately be an improbable helpful healing property of the crystal due to the importance of the entirely different and distinctive kind of roles that confidence can play in your life. Blue Chalcedony is especially smart in serving folks with parts of their body that they will strain, like muscles. Many public speakers and singers use Blue Chalcedony because of the potential it has to ease your muscles and stop inflammation because of overusing your voice, a crucial issue that will be applied to all or any parts of the body. Blue Chalcedony also aids within the confidence that helps your body overcome things like sore throats. It additionally has the additional advantage of serving to you pace yourself once exerting for activities, creating it less seemingly that you just can strain your muscles within the future. The frequency of Blue Chalcedony is additionally integral to serving to center and soothe the body. It provides you with a way of knowing and being. People who are often glorious for overdoing things or straining themselves in any means will like having Blue Chalcedony because it helps them to realize the difference between hard work and excessive work. Blue Chalcedony gets its healing powers through the means within which it deals with vibrations, having the ability to sense the energy around a region and neutralize them to present the vibrations with an additional potential to appease someone’s well-being, which ultimately means that you just can feel calm on additional levels than you'll even understand. However, what's special regarding Blue Chalcedony is that it will it through terribly refined ways and with a shocking magnificence. With continual usage and thru leading your thoughts, you’ll notice that Blue Chalcedony won't solely assist you to have additional clarity once creating selections, however additionally appreciate the burden of the selections you've got to create in your life. Along with the possibly soothing qualities that go along with the stone’s sense of nurturing and security, this can be a really special stone. Though there are some Blue Chalcedony gemstone Myths popular too. So always try to learn a bit about the Blue Chalcedony gemstone Facts before buying it, so that you can utilize the maximum of the Blue Chalcedony gemstone Power.

Blue Chalcedony may be a nice stone to use in meditation. Pairing it with affirmations and prayers specifically regarding attaining peace and the way you've got peace among you usually may be improbably helpful for taming the energy of the stone and leading it to assist you with specific stuff you need. While using the stone to meditate, it’s additionally counseled to focus your energy on the items that are worrying you, as Blue Chalcedony can seemingly be able to use those thoughts as a jumping-off purpose to assist influence your thought processes. These parts of stability that you just will notice in your life with the assistance of Blue Chalcedony promote healing, as you'll be comfy knowing that you’re adding up to the mark of your selections. By having the ability to believe things additional fastidiously, you’ll be able to frequently higher yourself as an individual and take into consideration how your actions have an effect on others, each part to stronger well-being. Because of Blue Chalcedony ability to neutralize neighboring vibrations, this will facilitate to calm people in case if they are coping with things like anxiety or feelings of panic, by aiding in calming down your thought patterns, permitting you to suppose additional rationally and be able to balance your thoughts additional equally to combat feelings of overwhelming anxiety. For people who influence mental distress that always revolves around thought patterns and loops, you'll notice that the additional attention you pay to the loop itself, the additional intense it will become. This is where Blue Chalcedony will become useful, to cut back the strain in your overall being, making it easier for you to concentrate on what's happening. To an identical result, the convenience of tension on your mental processes additionally makes it easier to analyze your actions and be able to have additional foresight with what you say or do. Many people who get wedged in worry even have hassle pondering selections they’re making once defeated by negative thought patterns.

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Enticing Features Of The Blue Chalcedony Gemstone

Blue chalcedony is a precious demure gemstone that gets its name from the Latin word chalcedonius. It is a microcrystalline or cryptocrystalline variety of quartz and has high strength due to the compact arrangement of the crystals.


• In ancient times, this gem was very famous for carving especially, during the Minoan civilization. These stones were essential for making official seals for the Palace of Knossos.

• Later this stone was also used for making beautiful rings featuring intaglio designs.

• Native American Indians considered the gem sacred and often used it in their spiritual ceremonies.

• These jewels are known for offering special powers for the public speakers and were popularly known as 'Speaker’s Stone.' It was beneficial for famous personalities like actors and lawyers.


Blue chalcedony deposits exist in small quantities at various places around the world. It is available in limited amounts in the market, garnering a reputation of an uncommon or rare jewel. These crystals can be found in India, Madagascar, Brazil, Morocco, Namibia, and Mexico.


These gems have a rich history and folklore. Due to their precious and rare nature, there are very few blue chalcedony jewelry wholesalers in the market. DWS Jewellery, situated in Sitapura Industrial Area in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is a reputed blue chalcedony jewelry wholesaler. The jewelry makers provide a wide variety of these jewels and accessories studded with these crystals. They also offer attractive gemstone ornament designs in 925 sterling silver. This regalia can also be custom made as per requirement at exciting discounts.

Properties Of Blue Chalcedony Beneficial To Its Wearer

Blue chalcedony is a mystic, subtle and demure crystal. It has hidden characteristics that bring great respect to the wearer. The stone is very calming and attracts positive spirits. It strengthens the trust between relationships and is known as a nurturing stone famous for absorbing negative energies.

Properties Of Chalcedony

The gemstone is known for its physical and metaphysical properties that are highly appreciated.

Physical Properties

• It has hexagonal crystals and is a microcrystalline form of quartz.

• The hardness of the stone is rated 7th on the MOHS hardness scale.

• The gem has a granular form and conchoidal fracture.

• These crystals are free of any cleavage and feature a waxy luster.

• The optic nature of the jewel ranges from transparent to opaque.

Metaphysical Properties

• These gemstones help in finding inner peace and bring essential optimism to life.

• The crystal helps in focusing on the present life and calms down and relaxes the wearer.

• Wearing these crystals enhances one's communication skills and boosts the creativity of the wearer.

• One can also see an improvement in the verbal ability and mental flexibility of the wearer.

• The crystals develop psychic ability, helps in boosting concentration, bring powerful thoughts to the user, and helps in reaching the goals.

• This stone aids the user in avoiding any conflicts at the workplace and home and creates an atmosphere of serene and calm energy.


These properties of blue chalcedony gemstone combined with its beauty make it a perfect jewel for accessories. Blue chalcedony jewelry exporters have been explicitly exporting this stone for years. DWS Jewellery, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is a well-known blue chalcedony jewelry exporter that offers a wide variety of regalia in 925 sterling silver.

Top Uses Of Blue Chalcedony Crystals                              

Blue chalcedony is the most attractive form of silica. Its calm appearance has made it the favorite gemstone of jewelers, lapidaries, and crystal collectors globally. It is 7th on the MOHS hardness scale, making it a suitable rock for carving and polishing.

Prominent Applications Of These Perfect Blue Gems

The splendid look of these jewels makes them perfect for making crystal accessories. The closely placed gem crystar enough strength to make various kinds of accessories. The jewels have unique characteristics essential for healing the physical ailments of the wearer.

Jewelry Applications

The perfect crystallization of the stone allows the jewelry designers to use their creativity on these jewels. A variety of jewelry pieces like bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and more can be made using these trinkets.

Healing Applications

• This stone cures inflammation and chronic hoarseness of the throat.

• It helps in fighting depression, protects the wearer against jealousy and foul moods, and reduced sleepwalking.

• The jewels improve the movement of fluids in the body, minimize edema, and helps deal with sensitivity caused due to weather pressure or changes like glaucoma.

• The crystals prevent plant allergies, respiratory problems, and hay fever, cure dementia and Alzheimer’s.

• It helps in soothing the symptoms of Asperger’s disease, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and Tourette’s syndrome.


Manufacturing blue chalcedony accessories require attention as damaging the crystal can affect its healing properties. A blue chalcedony jewelry factory produces these gems and various accessories. DWS Jewellery, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a famous blue chalcedony jewelry factory that provides a wide range of accessories in 925 silver. They also offer this gemstone regalia in multiple design patterns and custom options.

Essential Tips For Cleaning And Protecting Blue Chalcedony Gemstone

The blue chalcedony gemstone is sensitive to heat and requires careful consideration while performing operations like shaping, polishing, and carving. Chipping or fracturing of the stone might affect its properties. Natural fractures are easy to deal with and can be covered by working on them from the beginning or can be dealt with by cutting the material from the fracture line.

Care Tips For These Brilliant Blue Gems

1. One must follow the standard cabbing and carving procedures for dealing with blue chalcedony. Coarse grinding with wheels must be avoided at any cost if the material is thin.

2. Despite having a dull or waxy luster, the stone can be polished effectively using a diamond grit or polishing compounds like Linde A or cerium oxide.

3. The shine of these gems usually fades when kept in sunlight. Hence several lapidaries and designers cut the rough material after keeping it idle for a long time to ensure that the material doesn’t fade away. It is essential to keep it at a distance from the sunlight or bright lights.

How To Clean These Gemstones?

The druzy surfaces of this stone require careful cleaning. It is difficult to clean the dust particles in the pits. When uncleaned, they reappear as a white layer on the surface of the stone after some time. It should be steam cleaned or ultrasonically cleaned to remove all the dirt.


Cleaning and caring is an essential part of these jewels. Blue chalcedony jewelry suppliers have to be very careful while shipping these jewels as it can sometimes damage their quality. DWS Jewellery, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a leading blue chalcedony jewelry supplier famous for high-quality gems.


Blue Chalcedony Lapidary And Design Work


Blue chalcedony has a glowing and translucent tone making it a very famous gemstone for cabbing and carving, especially for beads. There is a huge demand for blue chalcedony carved gems. They are cut in high-domed cabochons for color saturation. Its beads are available in all sizes and shapes. Their charm and splendid beauty are the results of their subdued and pleasant appearance.

Designing Process

These jewels make extraordinary design combinations that exhibit whitish dendrites or patches. They also include some parts of the outside crust. The surface texture of the crystal varies from smooth to druzy. These varying surface textures enable lapidaries and carvers to make exquisite combinations in carvings and cabochons. They also seek gel-like, clean, and uniform substances that can make spotless carvings.

It is often easy to work with druzy blue chalcedony. It is easy to cut in cabs, carving natural outlines, or cut it in geometrical and symmetrical shapes. The druzy coating is on top of a solid gemstone that needs to be flattened and polished to make beautiful contrast textures.

Many lapidaries line-engrave the druzy, running grooves or lines across the surface of the stone. These lines are responsible for providing the organic feeling and dimensions to the carving.


The structure varieties offer freedom to lapidaries to utilize their skills to the fullest. Many leading blue chalcedony jewelry makers use these gems to create beautiful ornaments. DWS Jewellery, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a well-known blue chalcedony jewelry maker famous for making splendid ornaments from these gems.

Commonly Asked Questions About Blue Chalcedony

Blue chalcedony is one of the most ancient gemstones. It is enigmatic, mysterious, and attractive and has a waxy to vitreous luster. The shades of this stone vary from bright blue to baby blue. The muted and gentle tones of these crystals provide an alluring palette for the designers.


Why Should One Choose Blue Chalcedony Gemstones?

This gem helps in restoring balance and stability in life. It helps in reducing tension and stress in one’s life. The crystals also provide grounding energies to the user and fill their surroundings with serene and peaceful vibrations. The jewels enhance the focus of the wearer and help in making progress in life.

How To Use The Stone For The Best Results?

This gem is very effective in eliminating stage fright or fear of public speaking. To get full benefits must be kept in the bedroom or office or where a person spends most of their time. The user can also place the stone under their pillow or by their bedside. It helps in reducing bad dreams and sleepwalking. Soak the gemstone in a glass of drinking water for half an hour before drinking also offers the strength to speak in front of a large audience.


A person can have various advantages of using these gems. Blue chalcedony jewelry manufacturers are aware of their alluring properties and manufacture regalia that best suits the crystals. One can get customized jewelry pieces from DWS Jewellery located at Jaipur, Rajasthan, a renowned blue chalcedony jewelry manufacturer in India.