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About Bloodstone Meaning, History, Healing Properties, Myths, Power, Facts, And Uses

Crystals treat us all equally, and also the construct of getting to relinquish up an area of yourself to complete a troublesome journey are some things that transcend cultures across all of history. Bloodstone or heliotrope is a type of Jasper. The red spots on the Bloodstone are caused by hematite. Bloodstone is found primarily in India, though there are sources of it in Central Europe, the center East, Australia, and, apparently, the Isle of Rum in the European nation. Because the coloration of Bloodstone is caused by the inclusion of another mineral inside the matrix of the stone as an entire, no two pieces of Bloodstone are equivalent. Each one incorporates a distinctive pattern, and lots of embodying tiny deposits of different minerals too, that means that some items of Bloodstone are literally quite bright and multi-colored. The blood-like look has created this stone central to a massive amount of lore. The Bloodstone History with some Bloodstone Myths and related Bloodstone Facts is also a very interesting topic to discuss on. The traditional Greeks referred to it as the Sun Stone. It was the same to confer the energy of the sun upon anyone who possessed it, a bit like Prasiolite. Additionally, it absolutely was related to the vitality of life as it seemed to even have blood inside it, thus defining the Bloodstone Meaning. The blood color that ran through it portrayed its power as any living thing. It also became an excellent stone for representing sacrifice and was worn as a logo of righteousness and a reminder of Christ’s sacrifice. Today, along with Angelite, it continues to be a strong image of sacrifice and is commonly still utilized in Christian contexts, or worn by those that would like to be reminded of martyrdom and sacrifice. The Bloodstone Power gives solace in troublesome times.

Bloodstone is one amongst the foremost helpful stones that you just will use after you are having emotional struggles. While several different stones are extremely helpful once your life is okay however not nice, bloodstone is one amongst those which will really help once life simply appears terrible. If you're feeling as if you’re perpetually being kicked once you’re down, Bloodstone will assist you to decide yourself keep a copy and keep it up in a very positive and constructive manner. It will function as a reminder of the importance of spirit and knowledge, and assist you to a far better person during this manner every now and then after you are troubled to try and do, therefore. Because of its affiliation to the Crucifixion, in trendy thought, the most use of bloodstone is its affiliation to sacrifice. It is typically used as a reminder of the maxim “life is a pain,” and that we mustn't permit struggles to overwhelm us, however, instead embrace them as an area of life and the way to create us stronger. Wearing bloodstone are often extremely comforting throughout intense struggles, like the death of a dear. As such, this can be one gem to that you'll invariably flip after you feel like you’re shouldering a burden that others can’t quite perceive. Not solely can it ease the load you’re carrying as you pay time with it, however, it'll conjointly offer you the inspiration to seek out the words you wish to precise to others simply what you’re feeling. It is conjointly a decent stone if you're feeling confused and engulfed, particularly by a variety of emotional issues and different people’s emotional desires. If you're feeling like all of your “good behavior” isn’t creating a distinction, and also the world is simply continued to treat you badly, victimization Bloodstone will assist you to urge past that feeling and still create positive contributions to the globe. Bloodstone is also one amongst the most effective stones that you just will use to prompt yourself of the sacrifice of Christ. This stone can assist you to be conscious of the suffering He endured for humanity, and assist you to use His teachings to create yourself a far better person. That said, the bloodstone properties of sacrifice, endurance, and swing others before oneself. Additionally, this stone, that is related to the root chakra, can assist in grounding you within the physical world, that relieves depression and anxiety and can keep you focused on the present moment and also the next one that you just have to be compelled to absorb order to resolve a trouble. It will encourage you to require action and provides you the spirit and private strength to try and do, therefore, if you're feeling apathetic, lethargic, or cornered in your own inability to require action. It is a completely robust stone of emotional support, therefore ought to positively be integrated into your life in troublesome or showing emotion traumatic times. Its powers to alleviate emotional turmoil mustn't be tasteful.

Sometimes we tend to become therefore upset regarding handling different people’s feelings that we tend to can’t influence our own, which, ironically, solely renders us incapable of handling different people’s further. Bloodstone will offer you a touch of a mental kick after you begin to stretch yourself and provides you a reminder of the importance of diligent and conscious self-care. Self-care doesn’t simply mean taking rest and enjoying a vacation, however conjointly to listening to your own emotional cues, recognizing your issues so you'll act resolution them, and reminding yourself that you just cannot place pressure on yourself to be everything to everybody all the time. The energy of bloodstone can assist you to grow, become stronger, and influence the globe in a very fearless, head-on fashion. The stone will truly absorb a number of the pain of things into itself, that means that though you're still awake to the pain, you've got a precise disconnect between yourself and it. Bloodstone is additionally an extremely protecting stone and is very helpful if you are being vulnerable. Whether with physical violence, blackmail, or simply a negative person in your geographic point threatening to create your life troublesomely, Bloodstone will produce a psychic barrier between yourself and also the threat. It provides you the insight to inform once to retreat and once to confront the danger, and strength and spirit to figure through no matter call you to create and these are only a few of the Bloodstone Uses.

If you're fascinated by the Bloodstone Healing Properties, then soak it in cold water long and drink the water to assist ease your symptoms and improve blood flow. It's even much better to mix Bloodstone with other stones instead of using it on its own. While you'll have the strength to influence your issues, you'll still be hyper-conscious of the negativity in your life, which might result in feelings of bitterness. When you introduce a powerful stone for dispelling negativity, then you'll become rather more effective at truly removing noxious folks and things from your life, instead of simply dealing with them. Additionally, it's priceless to introduce a stone that promotes quality and joy. This is a necessary part of the puzzle for truly actively developing a positive perspective towards life. While not this, though negativity could also be purged from your life, you'll still be left with feelings of emptiness, and will not make sure what to try and do with yourself. You can use bloodstone to cure, energize, and ground energies in your home. It’s conjointly said as a mortal stone as a result of it will increase the spirit of anyone who wears it. This stone revitalizes and opens the center and tempers strength with a lot of compassion. Most athletes prefer this stone as a result of its boosts spirit further as physical vitality. You can also get a piece of this gemstone jewelry from any Bloodstone jewelry distributors or Bloodstone jewelry exporters.

Bloodstone ought to be worn as jewelry that you just are often physically awake to, like a significant pendant or jewelry, bracelets that move quite a bit or have some heft to them, or earrings that swing and pull on your ears slightly, depending on the inspiration of the Bloodstone jewelry designers. Wearing Bloodstone jewelry will defend you against each external and internal enemies, and provides you the strength to deal head-on with the hazards or issues that you just face. Any variety of jewelry is useful here – whether or not you’re carrying a piece of earring or a ring, that you can easily get from any Bloodstone jewelry shop or Bloodstone jewelry store, it'll have an equivalent impact on your mood and aura. Bloodstone, naturally, is incredibly connected to problems with the blood and circulatory systems. A bloodstone gem or a chunk of jewelry within which it options will very get their circulation so as and mentally prepare them for the race, match or game ahead. The DWS Jewellery (P) Ltd., is offering great and mesmerizing Bloodstone jewelry collections. We are the renowned Wholesale Bloodstone jewelry suppliers and Bloodstone jewelry manufacturers with a Bloodstone jewelry factory in Jaipur city of Rajasthan.

Get To Know The Enchanting Properties Of Bloodstone Crystals

Bloodstone is among a very few gemstones with rich history, folklore, and spiritual importance. It occurs in two forms- the heliotrope and the plasma. The heliotrope (means turning sun) is a bit transparent and features a reddish appearance. On the other hand, the plasma form is green and opaque, featuring little or no traces of red. It is a beautiful combination of jasper and chalcedony.


  1. The Egyptians hailed this jewel as a powerful stone, believing it helps them win over their enemies and makes them invincible.
  2. The stone was essential for Romans and Greeks to enhance endurance and strength for athletic events.
  3. In the Middle Ages, the gem was very famous for its healing properties. It was simplified into powder and mixed with egg whites and honey. People believed that this mixture has the power to treat tumors and heal bleeding wounds.
  4. Alchemists used this stone to treat blood poisoning and to remove poison from snake bites.


It exists submerged in riverbeds as rocks and pebbles in countries like India, Australia, the USA, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, Madagascar, China, and Italy.


The most valuable forms of this jewel appear in crimson red and dark green color. However, the coloration and patterns differ from stone to stone.

The most sought color of the jewel is opaque, solid forest green base highlighted by vivid and bright red dots. This color of the gem appears as a Jasper stone with blood droplets on it.


The stone is famous because of its rich history and dazzling looks. There are very few bloodstone jewelry wholesalers in India. DWS Jewellery, situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is a leading bloodstone jewelry wholesaler that offers a wide variety of these jewels and crystal ensembles.


Mystical Properties Of Bloodstone Every Jewelry Lover Needs To Know

Bloodstone is known as a purification rock. Because of its appearance, this gem has always symbolized justice and courage. People often wore this jewel to repel negative spirits while soldiers kept it as an amulet to fight their enemies on the battlefield.


This gem is very famous for its metaphysical properties. Its physical attributes are distinct and make it stand out from the rest of the crystals.

Physical Properties

  1. It has a unique appearance and often exists in dark green color with fine red spots splatter all over the surface.
  2. These gems are usually hexagonal crystals with a waxy, vitreous luster.
  3. Its hardness is rated 6.5 to 7 on the MOHS hardness scale.
  4. The jewel is free of any cleavage, is opaque, and features a conchoidal fracture.

Metaphysical Properties

  1. These crystals bring clarity to the vague thoughts of the user and provide wisdom and courage to the user.
  2. It protects the user from negative spirits.
  3. It helps in decision-making, keeps the user in the present moment, and reenergizes them.
  4. The crystals boost self-confidence and make them self-reliant and self-sufficient.
  5. These gems bring good luck and enhance creativity, selflessness, and intuition.

The unique and various metaphysical properties of the stone have increased the demand for these gems. Numerous bloodstone jewelry exporters have started exporting this stone worldwide. DWS Jewellery is a leading and trusted bloodstone jewelry exporter situated in Sitapura Industrial Area in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, offering high-quality regalia in silver with attractive designs and custom patterns.

Health Benefits Of Bloodstone

Bloodstone has been a famous gem for a long and healthy life since ancient times. It is known for its healing properties, especially for blood-related diseases. It was famously known as ‘Martyr’s stone’ as people believed its formation took place when drops of Christ’s blood marked jasper at the cross’ feet.

Health Benefits

The gem cures physical ailments effectively.

  1. It cures blood ailments like leukemia, anemia, prevents nosebleeds, and improves blood circulation in the body.
  2. The gem is also known to treat brain tumors, over-acidification, and acute infections.
  3. It is also very beneficial for the skin. It is crushed and mixed with egg whites to apply to the skin to maintain health of the skin.
  4. It helps in detoxifying the body and boosts the lymphatic and immune systems of the body.
  5. The crystals strengthen bone marrow, kidneys, liver, intestine, bladder, and heart functions and maintain hormonal balance.
  6. It is known to cure menstrual disorders, eases PMS symptoms, and provides relief from mosquito bites and back pain.
  7. The crystals are also effective in dealing with anxiety and stress.

Explore The DWS Jewellery Bloodstone Collection Today!

Regalia made from these jewels is famous for its healing properties and alluring looks. Bloodstone jewelry factories manufacture these gems by adding them to beautiful ornament designs. DWS Jewellery is a reputed bloodstone jewelry factory located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, famous for offering exquisite patterns in the forms of earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, rings, and more. They also provide custom regalia made from these gems and 925 sterling silver that enhances the beauty of these jewels.

Tips To Keep Your Bloodstone Jewelry Everlasting

After using gemstones for a longer time, there are high chances they can lose their shine, look, and properties. Good care and maintenance of a crystal are prominent as it keeps it vitalized and usable. It restores all the properties of the stone and makes it powerful once again.

Cleaning Procedure

It is easy to clean these gems with the following steps.

  1. Take warm soapy water in a bowl as it eases the cleaning process.
  2. Take a soft cloth or brush and dip it in the soapy water.
  3. Use this soft damped cloth or brush and gently clean the stone. Using a soft cloth or brush avoids the chances of scratches to the surface.
  4. Store it at room temperature and in a dry place.

Care Tips

  1. Use mild detergents or soaps as harsh chemicals can be very rough on the stone and may cause damages to the surface. It can impact the physical and spiritual properties of the stone.
  2. It is rated 6.5 to 7 on the MOHS hardness scale. To ensure that it is not damaged by the hardness of other ornaments or jewels, it must be kept separately or in a soft muslin cloth.
  3. Remove the stone or jewelry while doing any physical activity.
  4. Make sure to wipe the stone thoroughly to remove any soap residues.

The bloodstone is relatively soft but hard enough to adorn every day as it doesn’t have any cleavage. Bloodstone jewelry suppliers have to be very careful while supplying the stone as it is not too hard and can get damaged. DWS Jewellery situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a leading bloodstone jewelry supplier in India that offers high-quality regalia.

3 Common Uses Of Bloodstone

Since ancient times, bloodstone has wide applications. They are relatively inexpensive gemstones with influencing qualities. Red spots splattered on the green color are the main attraction for these gems. Moreover, collectors and gemstone jewelry lovers are fascinated by the lapidary artistry over the stone, which elevated its appearance and price.

Uses Of These Gems

  1. Due to their striking color and mysterious qualities, these gems are popular crystals for jewelry. They can be incorporated in pendants, amulets, cabochon beads, necklaces, rings, and other fashion accessories. These accessories can involve the use of different metals like silver and bronze.
  2. Modern jewelers often use these crystals to make ornaments for men as their dark green color offers it masculinity. This gemstone regalia is most common among men's accessories. For men, these jewels are seen on cufflinks and rings.
  3. Lapidaries show the pure face and color of the gem by cutting and polishing it into a cabochon (colorful round beads). The cabochons create artful and faceted gemstones.

In ancient times, influential people used it to leave their official marks for signing documents and letters.


Bloodstone jewelry protects the wearer from internal and external enemies. Bloodstone jewelry makers use this gem to make different ornament designs. Silver jewelry with these gems is alluring as it is available in various odd and large shapes. DWS Jewellery, situated in Sitapura Industrial Area in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a leading bloodstone jewelry maker that offers attractive jewelry pieces using 925 sterling silver. They provide extensive design varieties and custom jewelry options at affordable prices.

Common Concerns Associated With Bloodstone

Bloodstone is one of those gemstones that help a person to deal with their emotional struggles. This jewel comes to the rescue of the wearer during an awful phase in their life. Throughout history, this stone was famous for its courage and justice.

Common Concerns Associated With These Gems

How To Identify A Real Gem?

It is easy to identify these jewels as they have a deep green color and feature red spots. The red dots change from stone to stone. Some gemstones might be fully covered with red spots, while some may not have any. Although one cannot identify a real one with these spots, they can determine their price.

A fake gemstone may have numerous red spots on it to increase the price. Bloodstones are very shiny and opaque. Look for these factors. Also, be very careful with the overly perfect stones as they can be fake.

What Is So Special About This Stone?

Bloodstone has a rich history. Its uses can be traced back to 5000 BC. After using this gem, one can feel its importance and spiritual power.

It has an appealing green color that keeps the user grounded.

Can Bloodstone Be Treated?

Bloodstone only undergoes cutting, polishing, and sometimes carving. Generally, any treatment of dying or heating is not essential for this stone.


It is rare to find fake bloodstones in the market as they are not very expensive. Still, there are few chances one may encounter a fake one. Hence it is always recommended to purchase it from a well-known bloodstone jewelry manufacturer. DWS Jewellery, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is one such trusted bloodstone jewelry manufacturer which provides high-quality and genuine bloodstones.