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The Reason To Wear Black Spinel Gemstone Jewelry

Black spinel stone is amongst the rare gemstones that are made up of hard vitreous magnesium aluminum oxide or magnesium aluminate. Black spinel is one of the rarest minerals that come from the Spinel family and is a true gemstone often confused with black tourmaline. The name ‘Spinel’ is taken from the Latin, ‘spina’ meaning thorn. It means the sharp crystal formations it’s made up of. The black spinel gemstone jewelry history is not much known of, but the little bit that we know is that black spinel is usually mined along with ruby and sapphire, one of the main reason why they share so many similar properties. Spinel is most commonly found and mined in Cambodia, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. The traces of black Spinel have been found across Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Nepal, and Nigeria. The black spinel gemstone jewelry meaning is to clear out all the difficulties and problems in one’s life and get them back to normality and is a source of inspiration. It is also said to be as sharp as a knife. The general black spinel gemstone myths are related to property in love life and business affairs. People in this field say that if one wants to attract your love interest towards you or to make great profits in business, then this will be your best fit. Other than that, it radiates powerful energy, brings the inner strength to reality, and clears negative energy.

If we discuss the black spinel gemstone jewelry uses, then we can say that its healing properties and some extra points such as positive energy radiation, and negative energy repelling power, can be good points to buy these gems. Here are a few reasons that will pour some light on black spinel gemstone healing properties:

  1. Regain brightness
  2. Raise an evaluation from the surroundings
  3. Get a solution to every problem
  4. Get out of adversity

Now, these were the facts that will tell you about the black spinel gemstone jewelry properties. Now, apart from these stated uses and other properties, we can say that they can be your companion for every occasion, be it casual, party or formals. There are various designs available for every occasion. There are rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and bangles that can go with formals and casuals, western party wear and ethnic Indian wear. If there is a cocktail party, reception ceremony or if there is a business meeting or a casual visit somewhere, you can go with these to create a good impression. The black spinel gemstone jewelry has been there in the market for some time but has gained enormous popularity recently. So, if the factual knowledge that is stated above is kept aside, then yes, the black spinel gemstone jewelry is the current hot trend and is something that requires your attention. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the black spinel gemstone jewelry needs to be tried at least once, it has the qualities to go on any type of clothing for any type of occasion. At the marketplace, it may be doubtful that you will always find these type of gemstone made jewelry. And if you try online shopping portals, then the prices displayed may make me avoid bagging such a type of beautiful gemstone made jewelry.

What should be done to get these beauties without tiring-up yourself? Want to know a secret then? Are these the questions that you are battling to answer? Then, I know a place where you can simply relax and find out the best for yourself. All you need is a computer/laptop and an internet connection an there it is. Excited for the big reveal? Now, let’s take you to a place that has a beautiful collection of bright gems and jewelry.

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So, we are DWS jewelry, multi-tasking as well as a multidimensional company that has the wide range of jewelry, be it customized jewelry or the hottest trend in town, we make sure that our customers don’t miss the opportunity to grab some of the best designer jewelry for themselves. Our primary objective is to provide the best products and services to our clients. Therefore, we at DWS jewelry, have great wholesale black spinel gemstone jewelry suppliers so that your favorite items reach you on time, hassle-free. We want that you get the best for yourself, be in the hot trenders of town or some classic wear. So, we work with the best black spinel gemstone jewelry manufacturers who provide us with superior quality and innovative design so that you can look gorgeous at any occasion. So no matter how dull the atmosphere is, you are bound to shine with our black spinel gemstone jewelry. We are one of the leading black spinel gemstone jewelry exporters in the nation, providing earrings, necklace, pendants and what not, you name it, and we have it. We have also employed a set of finest black spinel gemstone jewelry designers, artisans, skilled cutters and polishers that check on current market trends to generate a beautiful piece for their customers. Our speedy popularity has been possible only because of the efforts put up by our team in delivering the best results and never letting our consumers down, as well as the love we have been receiving from our Clients worldwide. And a part of this success goes to our black spinel gemstone jewelry distributors, they act as an interface between our customers and us. Our black spinel gemstone jewelry shop is situated in the culturally rich place of India, which is Jaipur although you can simply sit at home, relax and have a look at their products. We aren’t difficult to be found out. You can visit our official plain black spinel gemstone store is So now you can sit back home and choose the best designs for your party outfit. We are a leading name in the market for a manufacturer, wholesalers, and exporters worldwide. We not only have black spinel gemstone jewelry but also a wide range of gold and bronze jewelry studded with diamond, semi-precious and precious gemstones. All the black spinel gemstone jewelry collection can be checked online. Here is a list of products that we provide;

Pendants: It also includes single strand, multiple strands, temple, multiple pendants, single pendant, charms and etc. So now you have a variety of options to choose from. All you have to do is sit back, relax and log in to our website to explore a great range of beautiful pendants. We have black spinel gemstone made pendants and apart from that, we have silver, gold, diamond and many different types of gemstones which can be formed into pendants.

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Earrings: Ranging from simple to light-weight attractive earnings, we have all in stock so that you can choose the best fit from a wide range. Now your looks can be enhanced with these earnings. They will ensure that you look dapper in any type of clothing that you will wear, be it formals, causals, and party wears.

Bracelets: This category includes a great variety, such as single strand bracelet, multi-strand bracelet; cuff bracelets, etc. from our collection and trust us they are really an eye catcher. These can be worn casually.

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Features Of Black Spinel Gemstone

The love for dark colored gemstones is increasing day by day. One of the rarest black gemstones is the black Spinel. It is composed of glassy magnesium aluminates or magnesium aluminium oxide. These jewels get their name from the Latin word ‘Spina,’ meaning thorn, and explain its sharp crystal formations.


This dark-hued crystal has always been confused with rubies and sapphires. In ancient times, large crystals of these gems were found in Southeast and Central Asia. These crystals were famous as Balas rubies among emperors and kings and were also war prizes. Hence the most eminent rubies of the world are Spinel.

The best example is the “Black Prince’s ruby." It is placed at the Imperial State Crown of England and exhibited in the Tower of London.


The rock's formation takes place due to metamorphic activity that combines dolomites or limestones and molten rock. It results in residue deposition on the rock. Mining this deposition results in the formation of the inky jewel.


Deposits of these dark-hued rocks are often with sapphire and ruby. Hence they have a lot of similar properties. Its deposits exist in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, Nigeria, Burma, Thailand, and Cambodia.


This gemstone is known for its uniqueness. Due to its precious nature, its supply is limited. There are very few black Spinel jewelry wholesalers in India. Hence jewelry retailers can buy this shiny bright gem from one of the most trusted black Spinel jewelry wholesalers, DWS Jewellery, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


Alluring Properties Of The Black Spinel Gemstone


Black Spinel gemstone is one of the most mysterious jewels, valuable, rarest, and beautiful jewels. It is opaque and has a pitch-black look which makes it look similar to a black diamond. It is one of the reasons why it often goes hidden in the jewel market. 


It is well-known for its unique properties. Following are some of the properties of this dark-hued crystal

Physical Properties

  1. It is hard and has the eighth rank on the MOHS hardness scale.
  2. The jewel exists as octahedral-shaped crystals.
  3. High-quality gems are free of any chemical treatment.
  4. The jewel has a unique color and doesn’t contain any secondary shades, and is pure black.
  5. This shiny bright gem is ideal for faceting and has vibrant sparkle and shine on polishing.
  6. It is not very easy to cut as it has inclusions and cracks on its surface.

Metaphysical Properties

  1. It drives out negativity and empowers the user.
  2. The rock heals the wearer emotionally and mentally.
  3. Relieves the bearer from feelings of resentment and sadness
  4. It helps to bring emotional stability and achieve goals in life.
  5. The gemstone enhances confidence, perseverance, and assertiveness in the individual.
  6. It promotes the winning attitude to its wearer.
  7. The gemstone plays a crucial role in meditation and maintains the focus.
  8. The jewel provides a whole new strength promoting life balance.
  9. The gem removes the toxins from the skin and improves the digestive system and muscle strength.

This dark-hued crystal is famous for its above properties. Due to these extraordinary properties, there is a high demand for these inky crystals. 

These jewels are also supplied overseas by black Spinel jewelry exporters. To order these crystals visit DWS Jewellery, a famous black Spinel jewelry exporter situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Their online store also offers great varieties and discounted prices.

Best Combination Gems That Go Perfectly With Black Spinel

The black Spinel is a unique gemstone that can unleash its full potential when combined with other gems. Every combination of this gem is significant and helps to deal with a specific issue or condition. To get its full benefits, one should have a specified unique combination.

Following are the unique combinations one can use to deal with particular issues

Security And stability:

Those needing security and stability in life can combine this shiny bright gem with Topaz, Clear Quartz, Blue Quartz, Rose Quartz, or Black Tourmaline.

Deal With Depression

People who want the strength to deal with depression can wear it with Botswana Agate, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Lepidolite, Jet, Fairy Quartz, Eilat Stone, or Moonstone.

Kundalini Energy

All those who want a flow of kundalini energy can combine it with Garnet, Kundalini Quartz, or Jet.

Improve Memory

For improving memory power, use combinations like Emerald, Blue Calcite, Rhodochrosite, Onyx, Honey Calcite, or Pyrite.

Strengthen Inner Power

People desiring a push in inner power can combine this black-hued crystal with Sunstone, Rutilated Quartz, Yellow Jasper, Chrysoberyl, Golden Tiger Eye, Yellow Brown Scapolite, Sphene, Yellow Sapphire, or Citrine.

Improve Energy Flow

Pairing with Carnelian, Tiger Eye, Quartz, Calcite, Garnet, or Herkimer Diamond can boost energy flow.

Enhance Mental Ability

Those who need to enhance their brainpower and mental ability must pair it with Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Tektite, Malachite, Pyrite, Topaz, Honey Calcite, or Malachite.

Every combination has its specialty and strength. This dark-colored gemstone needs to combine perfectly to get the desired benefits. A reputed black Spinel jewelry factory can offer top-quality gems with their combination crystals. DWS Jewellery, located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is a leading black Spinel jewel factory famous for providing these unique combinations of this dark-colored jewel in the form of attractive accessories.


How To Check The Quality Of A Black Spinel?

Before purchasing any gemstone, one has to be well aware of its quality. The quality of a jewel determines its price. The quality of black Spinel can be checked by its color, carat weight, cut, and color. Hence one must know these factors to check the quality of black Spinel before purchasing it. 


This gem has a unique black shade. It varies from inky to sharp black similar to the night sky and contains no secondary tones. This dark color makes it a favorite choice among black crystal collectors.


The gemstone can be changed using a cutting process that gives it facets. The process offers it a reflective feature. The uniform nature and less cleavage of the gem make it ideal for faceting. Once the stone is polished, it exhibits glass-like luster, shine, and sparkle.

Carat Size

This crystal is available in all sizes and shapes. They can be used as accent stones where their size can be up to 18 carats. As they also come in large sizes that fit perfectly as the center stone.


It is a bit difficult to cut the jewel as it contains cracks and inclusions. Once it is faceted, it is available in several shapes like pear, oval, cushion, and round. One can also get it in more beautiful cuts like baguette, octagon, marquees, kite, or trillion.


Before purchase, one needs to check the quality of these crystals thoroughly. Hence it is advisable to purchase these gems from a genuine black Spinel jewelry supplier. DWS Jewellery is a widely trusted black Spinel jewelry supplier located in Jaipur, Rajasthan.


Taking Care Of your Black Spinel Jewelry


Black Spinel is a very rare and precious gemstone. People buy this shiny bright gem for auspicious occasions. One needs to take good care of the rock so that it remains in its pure lustrous form.

Care Tips

  1. As this black-hued crystal is pretty tough, it remains stable when exposed to light and chemicals. However, there might be concerns when brought in contact with intense heat.
  2. Ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners are safer for cleaning the gemstone, but one can avoid them if there are any fractures in the stone. In such cases, one can employ soap water and wipe it properly, and get rid of the stains and soap residue.
  3. The crystal can also be cleaned with color-altering heat treatment.

One Needs To Follow The Following Steps To Ensure The Black-Hued Gem Remains Sparkly:

  1. Get warm soap water and a soft brush.
  2. Use the brush to clean it gently. A brush helps cleanse the minute spaces in the stone.
  3. Wipe it properly so that no soap remains on the gemstone.
  4. Use a soft cloth to make it dry.

It is advisable to wrap the crystal in a soft cloth and store it at room temperature as high heat can affect its shine.


Though black Spinel is very tough, it requires careful handling. Black Spinel jewelry makers need to be very cautious while creating jewelry pieces from these dark-colored jewels. To maintain its quality and shine, they have to clean it regularly and store it at room temperature. DWS Jewellery in Jaipur is a leading black Spinel jewelry maker that follows careful jewelry-making processes. They also offer safety and cleaning precautions to keep the stone in its original form.


Prominent FAQs Associated With Black Spinel


Black gemstones have gained popularity in recent times, especially black Spinels, which are very lustrous among other dark-hued crystals. It is a better alternative to black diamonds as it is less expensive and affordable.

Following Are Some Of The Most Prominent FAQs Associated With These Jewels:

How To Identify Real Crystals?

It is often confused with other black gemstones like black onyx, black diamond, and black tourmaline. It is very reflective and lacks metallic overtone. It has faceted cuts like pear, square, cushion, and oval.

What Are The Uses Of The Gem?

This shiny bright gem is very versatile due to its specific hardness. The crystal finds application in various kinds of jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories. The crystals combinations with other precious gemstones can enhance the look of the accessories and prove beneficial to the wearer.

How To Use It For The Best Results?

The gemstone has to be cleaned regularly and needs to be kept properly to keep its power intact. It is powerful and removes the negativity around the user. The user always needs to keep it close to the body to experience the best results.

Where To Buy It?

There are very few black Spinel jewelry manufacturers in India. To purchase a good-quality crystal, one can visit DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.


As this black-hued crystal is very rare, there are not many black Spinel jewelry manufacturers in India. DWS Jewellery manufacturers these gems and ornaments in silver using elaborate designing processes.