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Black Onyx Gemstone Jewelry

Ornaments, one among the most loved things on Earth by almost every women and man. It all started with the production of gold coins, then wearing them as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, bangles and a lot more. Gold has always played a vital role in human society, especially ladies. It makes them feel elegant, beautiful, worthy, and superior. It is sure that the love of women on jewellery never fade by time. When the cost of Jewelleries gets low, there could be a most probable hike in the crowd in front of the doors of jewellery shops.

DWS jewellery also serves for a wide range of collections in Black onyx gemstone Jewellery, which is mostly liked by the customers due to their healing properties and other uses. This company had gained its demands in supplying gemstone jewellery possessing different collections including trendy semi-precious gemstone jewellery as well as contemporary gemstone jewellery. Also, this includes other wide range of collections such as custom jewellery, pendants, rings, earrings and necklaces made of Black onyx gemstone.

This company is one among the successful ones in India because they possess a very good bunch of jewellery designers who are professionals and have high brilliance in designing products, especially Black onyx. They have successfully created 4900 designs. There are lakhs and lakhs of jewellery shops in India which provides people with ornaments such as gold, silver, diamond etc. at different rates and qualities. Since the people are very much fond of jewellery, they are in urge to seek jewellery which is pure, along with the best quality. There are around 450,000 Goldsmiths, 100,000 gold jewellers, 6000 diamond processors and 8000 diamond jewellers in India. This company initiated the strong foot among the industries and owned its brand through the distributors of USA, UK, Japan etc..  Also, they are very much renowned distributors, as they distribute black onyx gemstone Jewellery to various parts of the countries and also to abroad countries. DWS jewellery also exports their valuable products to abroad nations to develop the economy of both the countries and make foreigners to purchase those items.

DWS jewellery provides you with all the items that you wish for. They are one among the topmost jewellery manufacturers and sellers in the world as they have cemented their name and contains stores and shops in countries such as North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Oceania, Northern, Western and Southern Europe, Central Asia etc. This company was first established in 2004 at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. It was the primary root which helped to establish various branches across the globe. This company is somewhat outstanding when compared to others because they provide you with global quality and assurance, along with affordable prices. DWS jewellery, they are one amongst the most famous wholesale suppliers of the Black Onyx gemstone.

They have their manufacturing unit, which makes them manufacture their designs according to the interests of their customers. Especially, this company serves as the most notable manufacturers of Black Onyx gemstone jewellery. However, DWS jewellery has faced a lot of struggles and pain to become one among the leading companies containing the separate manufacturing unit themselves. They are experts in the manufacturing techniques holding their necessary Raw materials and a prolific experience. To come out with the best output, they use the combination of blending old and new techniques so that the customers who invade to purchase jewellery are not bored of the same collections. Being well equipped with art tools and other equipment, they provide us with a unique handmade jewellery too, which are mostly adored by people all around the world.

History Of Black Onyx:

All through history, black onyx placed an important role in making jewellery parts, especially cameos, which is carved in a way that it portraits the picture of a face. It emerged as popular among the Romans. The meaning of the Greek word onyx is fingernail. Black onyx is made effectively in a fashion that the carving is given one colour, and the background was given the next layer of colour, which is the master of the jewellery. Here, this eye-catching stone has its history which includes the cameo carving Gemma Augustea which is identified to be made in between 9 and 12 AD. While some onyxes are used in making the cameos, others that are not used were subjected to dye where it gets its beautiful layering thus gaining a uniform colour.

Black Onyx belongs to the category chalcedony, which absorbs negative energy, and it is found with the nature of absorbing dyes. Hence it possible to dye as likes other stones. As passing through the astrological history, ancient Italians considered it as the birthstone of July while Tibetans assigned it to December.


Apart from the common works it does for making jewellery, Black onyx has benefits in a lot of other fields as well. It is considered to be one among the powerful stones; it absorbs all negative energy and transforms it into positive vibes, which helps the person draining the energies that he possesses. Black onyx mentally enables the person to inculcate themselves, due to which the decisions further are taken are found to wise and productive. Also relieves us from stresses, confusions in everyday life and acts to strengthen us both emotionally and physically. Peoples use black onyx as the symbol of good fortune. And because of this, they think that black onyx can be useful in healing the past issues and provide support in developing self-discipline.

Using the suggestible secondary grounded stone with the combination of onyx is considered as the best during meditation and dreaming. There are various physical problems which could be cured by this stone such as addictions, alcohol, birth and health problems and many disorders while it can cure some emotional conditions such as anxiety, negativities and calming.


The Black Onyx gemstone is said to be associated with the planet Saturn, and it is the birthstone for Leo, the zodiac sign. It is a soothing stone and is good for wearing, especially during times of emotional turmoil. It is known to help release negativity, as well as to guard the wearer against the 'evil eye'. The Black Onyx gemstone is worn to help a person get over previous relationships, move out from the past, and start living in the present. Some of the important powers of this stone are intuition, focus, balance, positivity, change, and protection. Experts have claimed that anyone who wears this gemstone has full access to these powers and that it helps one live life the way it's supposed to be lived.

Healing Properties And Releasing Negativity

The Black Onyx gem is worn to unharnessed any form of negativity from someone. The stone is soothing and helps the user to deliver himself/herself from negative emotions, thoughts, and ultimately, situations.

Letting Go Of The Past

A person cannot have the same set of moods throughout his life period. Acquiring a Black Onyx stone will help the individual to introspect and become aware of his current mood or state of being. There could be lots and lots of negative thoughts running in our mind, which holds us back from reaching the fullest potential. Here, Black Onyx could make us get rid of such thoughts and make the mind a clean state with good receptive power. Once a person starts using these Black Onyx crystal. The ones who suffer from hearing impairment or weak bones would be relieved from such cases. It increases immunity, strength and vitality. It is such a powerful healing stone that it can prevent a relapse after an illness is treated. There are certain ailments like glaucoma and epilepsy, which are said to be irreversible, but this Special stone can cure them. It has a high healing effect on personal emotions. This stone could most probably give you the courage to separate yourself from those situations that make you unhappy. It boosts your inner confidence and makes you feel happy and relaxed. Onyx stone can also help you to be more focused and balanced by changing your bad habits.

The Myth

The term Onyx is a word which was derived from the Greek word Onux, which means the fingernail. This stone is related to a myth story along with Cupid. One fine day the Cupid cut the divine fingernails of Venus with the help of an arrowhead while she was asleep. Once he finished, he left the clipping scattered on the sand. The fates(three goddesses who presided over the birth and life of humans) turned them into stones so that no part of the heavenly body would perish further.

However, Black is not normally the color that is associated with fingernails, but for the Greek, almost all colours of chalcedony, from fingernail white to dark brown and black, were called Onyx. Later, the Romans narrowed the term to refer to the black and dark brown colours of chalcedony only. So visit our shop to buy the best black Onyx gemstone jewellery in India.

Understanding The Marvellous Black Beauty: The Black Onyx Gemstone

Black Onyx is considered a Leo birthstone and a 7th marriage anniversary gemstone. It belongs to the family of microcrystalline crystals of quartz, known as chalcedony. The mystical black beauty gets its name after Calcedon, an old port located at the Sea of Marmara.

The Origin Of The Microcrystalline Jewel

Throughout history, the crystal has played a prominent role in accessory making, especially cameos. These were carved in a way that resembled the picture of a face. This motif jewel became very popular among Romans. Onyx is a Greek word that means fingernail. This gemstone accessories involves so many intricate processes like carving in one color and the background in the next layer of color, making it the master jewelry-making process. Often onyxes not equipped to make cameos were subjected to dye where they were beautifully layered, to get a uniform color.

Chemical Composition

Onyx has formed due to silica deposition in gas cavities in lava, forming the unique bands on the stone. These bands of the onyx are straight and can be black, brown, or white. There are also curved bands that occur in various quartz known as agate. Natural darker hued onyxesare very difficult to find. Hence, commercial variety is mostly agate, formed by the sugar-sulfuric acid treatment, immersed in sugar, and then carbonized and heated in sulfuric acid. Be it naturally occurring or commercial, it offers uniqueness to any piece of accessory. When paired with silver, they bring out silver’s luster with their darker hues.

DWS Jewellery is a leading black onyx jewelry wholesaler, providing quality gemstones and ensemble. To get these crystals or accessories, one can visit the DWS Jewelleries store located at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Shoppers can also visit the black onyx jewelry wholesaler’s online site and check out their other alluring collections.

How Does The Black Onyx Benefit its Wearer?

Black onyx is a very precious and ancient gemstone existing since antiquity. It not only looks good and divine on a person wearing it, but it is also a powerful protective jewel for those who adorn it daily.

In addition to being an accessory, it is essential for healing purposes. 

Healing Benefits Of The Dark-Hued Crystal

  1. It absorbs all the negative energy around the person wearing it and changes it into positive vibes.
  2. The gem helps the person to get mental stability.
  3. It helps them to make wise and productive decisions.
  4. The microcrystalline quartz helps people in relaxing and relieves stress.
  5. It clears everyday confusion in life and gives strength to be strong emotionally and physically.
  6. It cures various physical problems like addictions, alcohol, birth and health problems, and disorders.
  7. The stone also helps deal with emotional conditions like anxiety and negativity.

Spiritual Benefits Of The Crystal

  1. The rock is essential as a sign of good fortune.
  2. This faith in the trinkets help heal the past issues and develops self-discipline.
  3. The use of this gemstone with another compatible stone gives the best outcomes during meditation.
  4. These trinkets help the person to from past relationships and aids them to live in the present peacefully.
  5. The stone also radiates powers like intuition, balance, focus, and positivity.
  6. Experts also believe that it paves the way for a person to live the life they are supposed to live.

A person wears this microcrystalline jewel to deviate negativity from their life. The stone is soothing and also helps the person restrain negative emotions. If you are looking to purchase high-quality gemstone or jewelry, it is advisable to buy from a reputed black onyx jewelry factory. DWS Jewellery, based in Sitapura Industrial Area in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is a leading black onyx jewelry factory and supplier that provides an authentic and affordable jewelry range.

Different Types OfBlack Onyx Ensembles Available With A Black Onyx Jewelry Exporter

Black onyx has set a new trend in the jewelry market with its marvelous design and outlook. People are intrigued by the ways these trinkets elevate a simple jewelry piece and makes it a daily wear accessory. Black onyx jewelry exporter such as DWS Jewellery, located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, provides a wide range of this dark-hued crystal collection.

Ensemble by the accessory brand has unique designs and high quality that makes the wearer stand out from the crowd.

Jewelry Types

• Daily Wear Pieces

The gem is available in the form of daily wear ornament like earrings and small pendants. They go well with any clothing. There are various kinds of ornaments in the form of earrings and pendants available in the market that can elevate your everyday look.

• Statement Pieces

The dark-hued gemstone is often paired with accent diamonds and white metals. It gives a trendy and modern look to the wearer.

• A popular Men's Accessory Choice

The black-colored crystal is widely used in male accessory pieces, as it provides a masculine look. They look superb in rings, studs, and accessories like cufflinks.

• Matching Couple Accessory

Nowadays, modern couples prefer black-stoned engagement rings. A ring set with these darker stones is perfect for such couples, as it looks magnificent. It is an inexpensive alternative to black diamonds.


One can opt for various kinds of these bold hued ornament pieces as it offers a splendid look to the individual. DWS Jewellery, located at RIICO Industrial Area, in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is the best black onyx jewelry exporter and supplier that offers various types of these dark-colored ornaments. One can even order the custom jewels at DWS Jewellery.

Identifying A Fake Black Onyx: Always Buy From Reputed Black Onyx Jewelry Suppliers

People love buying and wearing accessories. Hence the jewelry market has always been on the rise and has become very competitive. Some jewelry suppliers make more profits by selling fake gems or accessories to their customers. It is not until the ensemble loses its color or breaks into pieces, people realize that it is a fake. It is always advisable to buy these dark-hued gems from reputed black onyx jewelry suppliers to prevent yourself from such scams.

One needs to be very careful while purchasing a this bold coloredgem or regalia as it can easily be fake.

While it is often wiser to buy from reputed black onyx jewelry suppliers like DWS Jewellery, the below listed are some of the ways to confirm the genuineness of the crystal

  1. Take a lighter and hold it below the stone, lighting it for 10 seconds. After this, drop it in water. If the stone remains unharmed, then it is the pure onyx, as a fake one will melt in the water.
  2. For checking the quality of the stone, one can check its surface. High-quality jewel has reflective and well-polished translucent surfaces. Due to its translucent surface, light shines through it.
  3. It is pretty hard and doesn’t react with acid. If the stone is softer than glass and reacts to the acid, it is fake.
  4. Always purchase from a reputed jewel store. Many ornament stores use various light settings and to make the stone look good.

To buy a genuine black onyx, one has to look at it very carefully. If one has to purchase this black beauty without worrying about its genuineness, visit one of the most trusted black onyx jewelry suppliers, DWS Jewellery, based in the RIICO Industrial Area in Jaipur in Rajasthan, India.

The Mystical Power And History Of Black Onyx

There are a lot of mystical powers associated with the black onyx. A person wearing the this jewel gets powers of defensive magic and protection. It also reinstates the concept of eternity and clears the ideas regarding birth, death, and rebirth.

The gem is known to impart knowledge and influences future life.

Metaphysical Properties And Benefits

The jewel is known to bring the following metaphysical properties to its wearer-

  1. Enhances decision-making ability and intensifies one’s instinct and intuition
  2. It helps to control the future by making one realizes his/her material goal
  3. The gem helps to increase self-confidence and maintain emotional balance
  4. The dark-hues crystal provides mental and physical strength 
  5. Reduces worries and fears and gives mental stability.
  6. Aides in treating Glaucoma and Epilepsy
  7. Heals blood disorders and recovers cell damage
  8. Helps in treating health problems associated with skin ailments, bone, and teeth

Mystical History Of The Dark Crystal

The word onyx is a Greek term meaning fingernail. The stone is associated with a story of a famous Greek mythical god of love called Cupid. It is believed that one day Cupid cut the fingernails of his mother Venus using an arrowhead. When her divine nails fell from Mount Olympus got into the Indus river, they became the onyx. Hence it is considered very sacred.


Black onyx is a very popular gemstone because of its divine nature and all the above-mentioned metaphysical properties. It offers immense benefits to the wearer. Hence black onyx jewelry maker like DWS Jewellery is a preferable choice to purchase black onyx jewelry. The leading black onyx jewelry maker and supplier offers varieties of dark-hued jewels at exciting prices.

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Black Onyx Jewelry

Black onyx is a famous variety of chalcedony minerals. It is relatively soft with a Mohs ranking of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale. Hence one needs to be very careful while handling and especially while cleaning it. Keeping this sensitive nature in mind, black onyx jewelry manufacturers also make it with great care.

How To Clean A Black Onyx?

Cleaning the gem is very simple. Use a dry, soft cotton cloth to clean it. It removes the loose dust over the stone.

For removing any visible marks, moisten the cloth using a little water and wipe the stone gently. As onyx is a sensitive stone, make sure not to apply much pressure.

What Must Be Avoided? 


Chemicals are essential to clean the ensemble, but this gemstone is the exception. Owing to its porous nature, it quickly absorbs chemicals that can damage the stone or change its color.

Lotions, Fragrances, And Soaps

One should not use lotions, fragrances, or soaps while wearing the dark-hued accessory as it is sensitive to chemicals and water.

Is The Gem Safe If Cleaned With Water?

Many ornaments are just directly soaked in the water to clean them. However, in the case of this gem, it is not advisable to soak it in the water as it is very porous and absorbs the water, and will damage it. It is advisable to use a moistened cloth to clean it.

Caring Tips

  1. Store the onyx ensemble in a separate protective pouch
  2. Avoid wearing it while doing exercise or household chores
  3. Protect from cosmetics

Black onyx is a sensitive material. Hence it is advised to clean it regularly. In this way, deep cleaning of the stone can be avoided. Black onyx jewelry manufacturers like DWS Jewellery ensure care while manufacturing the accessories. Their experts also guide buyers with cleaning and storage procedures, thus offering a unique jewelry purchase worth their purchase.