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Banded Agate Gemstone Jewelry For The Bold And Beautiful

The banded designs are surely mesmerising at first sight itself. The self-designed pattern gives an elegant look to the entire attire. It simply adds on to the style of any outfit. The banded agate gemstone ornament would make the person look simply bold and beautiful. It is so designed to meet the beauty in one to look more cherished. It's not just mere beauty enhancer more stories reveal from these healing stones. It is not only the body that is beautified, but the inner psychic mind also gets healed. The Agates are the oldest stones known to have healing property on earth. It is known as the earth rainbow because of the banded pattern. The Agates were used by those who wished to calm down their psychic minds. The stones are believed to produce subtle energy in the person wearing them. Thus their energy is slightly enhanced, bringing to their psych a sense of calmness and well-being. The calm and serene mind also lifts ones face for sure.

The agate gemstone is a semi-transparent crystal. It is a form of quartz obtained from the bottom depths of the sea. The different banded like appearance is, in fact, the impurities that get deposited during its formation. The naturally occurring designs give the stone an eloquence. It is then perfectly shaped and polished to give the rich-look appearance. The agate stone occurs in a wide range of colours such as white, grey, black, pink and yellow. The Banded agate gemstone manufactures make it a point to add radiance to the jewels worn on special occasions. Whatever the secret behind the use of the gems, it has never lost the demand in society. The banded agate stones were one of the earliest stones that were fashioned to be used as ornaments. The manufacturers precisely cut and polishes the crystal into peculiarly shaped beads and then design necklace, ear drops and studs out of it. 

The Banded Agate Gemstone History:

The banded agate meaning is stones formed from the deposits and underwater currents. The underwater tends to deposit horizontally or concentrically, and over the years it gets hardened. These are microcrystalline deposits of silica. The concentric or layered deposits give a banded look to the stone. This is the reason why the gemstones were known as earth rainbow. The layers which later form the bands gives the appearance of a rainbow. These naturally occurring stones are truly a wonder of nature. The stones are precisely cut out to different shapes as per the occurrence of bands by the manufacturers and then polished to give the glow and elegance. Thus formed gemstones are then used in making of necklace, earrings, and bangles etc. The banded agate gemstone jewellery collections will win the heart of many who longed to adorn themselves in elegant designs. The attractive bands which are like in-built designs are surely attractive and match with the designs of the pattern of the outfit. It goes perfectly well on any occasion, and the person wearing the jewellery can gain an eye-catching iconic point.

The Mystical Myths:

The banded agate Gemstone myth existed as early as its use persisted. The mythological believes ranges from the use as a birthstone, which wards off evil spirit or negativity. The stones are believed to influence the emotional or the spiritual part to that extent where they are used to calm down the mind in psychological disturbances. It is used to create positive energy in people who are believed to be stuck in bad luck or negativity. These stones possess unbelievable healing properties and could ward off evil spirits and negative energy. This is where the wide use of the gemstones gain popularity to boosts once luck, be it in profession or business or even in one's love life. These are the facts that have made the gemstone dear to both men and women equally. Good fortune, healthy and loving livelihood are some of the things which most of us wish to have. Thus the banded agate Gemstone Healing properties renders one to regain their lost energy by stimulating their energy cycles inside the body. These stones produce subtle energy in the body of the wearer and thus create a sense of calmness and well-being. This in-turn boosts up the confidence, increase the level of honesty and sincerity and thus helps in developing a productive life in profession, business and family life.

The Banded Agate Gemstone Factory

The banded agate gemstone jewellery stands unique in its manufacturing technique as well as the pattern that is created by the banded agate gemstone designers. The jewellery comes in different colours from black, red, white, pink and grey. Thus giving a wide choice among the lovers to make a match to their desired outfits. More than the choice of colour, the stones also gives a wide range of design pattern that goes well with the designs of the attire. The design and the well-placed gems make the jewellery a centre of attraction for the jewel lovers on any occasion. Apart from the most dreamed off accessory for an occasion, the charm of gem will surely bring in the desired effects in one’s life. These can be a blissful experience for those who have a taste to create a unique style perfectly blending accessories and the outfit. The banded agate uses ranges from producing a sense of calmness and stability of the inner soul to reducing the effect of the negativity. It improved the concentration, honesty and memory and believed to protect one from any kind of psychic attack and thereby prevents the bad effects of negative energy. In other words, it can be used to enhance the beauty of both mind and body. The positive energy created in the person wearing the ornament will increase the confidence in him, and the sense of well-being created will bring a pleasing attitude to the entire outfits. Some of them are even in use such as paperweights, bookends and even marbles. Gemstones are carefully handcrafted and beautifully designed by eminent designers. Various ornaments such as bangles, necklace, chains, nose rings, finger rings, and earrings are crafted out perfectly with a blend of tradition and the most fashionable wear. It is so designed to meet the need for any occasion. The banded agate beads bring happiness to both the mind and body of not only the wearer but the admirers as well. These features surely make the banded agate jewellery a temptation for those loving hearts longing to get designed in the best add-ons. It ever loves to decorate one with a unique and awesome gift from nature. There nothing which could bet with the designs of nature. These naturally created banded designs will be overwhelming on any occasion for any person wearing it.

The Exporters Of World’s Best-Banded Agate Gemstone:

The leading wholesale banded agate gemstone jewellery suppliers are the DWS Jewellery. They are worldwide exporters known for their exquisite collection of antique designs of gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones from India. With the world’s best quality designs and perfect making, the DWS company bags the name of the world's best-banded agate gemstone jewellery distributors. They aim to provide the best designs to meet the purpose of enhancing the beauty of the women adorned in their thousands of unique designs. Not only women look pretty in the ornaments it's a sign of their uniqueness, passion and at times a portfolio to display their true being. The banded agate jewellery exporters make it a point to give the perfect blend of tradition in art that as always increased its demand in the world market. They have thousands of unique designs exported in different parts of the world. The love for ornaments never ends in women, and for them, in whichever part of the world they are, the DWS Jewellery comes as a promise of fulfilment of their dreams. The customised designs are yet another feature which makes DWS Jewellery stand at the forefront of the jewellery makers and distributors across the globe.

The banded agate gemstone jewellery stores are opened up in various parts of the country like in Jaipur. It displays the unique designs that are minutely and perfectly handcrafted by their designers to bring out world-class jewellery collections. The stores display the jewellery which is meant for up for exhibition cum sales. The banded agate gemstone jewelry shops exhibit various jewellery sets such as pendants, bangles, earrings, necklace etc. which are studded with semi-precious and precious stones. Not just the designs the charming looks and the positive glow renders the wearer the style icon of the crowd.

With all these unique features the banded agate Gemstone jewels form part of a spiritual healer, more than just mere ornament. One cannot prevent being tempted to wear the precious piece of art, which is unique in design and has tremendous healing property. Once used, you cannot resist yourself being adorned in the precious gift of nature.


Banded Agate Jewelry Wholesaler

Banded Agate is an exclusive stone available in the market for creating unique jewelry. This gemstone comprises unique color combinations with a distinct band pattern as rainbows. People use them for healing the mind, soul, and body with improved concentration and memory. This stone allows you to find the inner peace embedded within your soul. Using this stone can prevent you from unwanted psychic attacks. They also help you avoid the negative energy surrounding you. It’s not just for their spiritual and medical purposes, but the beautiful design and colors have also so attracted a lot of users.

Understanding this DWS jewelry is one of the top banded agate jewelry manufacturers in the country has been trying to provide new designs. From the basic rings to the advanced bridal collections, you cannot neglect the multiple designs available with us. If you are one search collector of beautiful fashion jewelry, then our shop will be the best choice for you.

Dive In With Us

Never hesitate while you find a piece of design because sometimes we might lose them in a jiffy. So when you find something you like in our online showroom or our shop, order it immediately. Even if you are interested in any other banded stone-based design, you can always place a customized order with us. With the help of our very own factory and talented designers, we will offer you the best jewels you can place your hand on. We offer you the original quality stones in multiple colors and shades based upon your priority. To install our mobile application or visit our website immediately for looking at our collections and contact us for more details

Banded Agate Jewelry Exporter

Recently with the development in technology, most of the jewels are being exported including the fashioned gemstone-based designs. DWS jewelry is one of the top banded agate jewelry exporters in the country. We export quality gemstones and also design high-quality models worn by women for their everyday usage. The brides and other women also preferred certain designs for function wear. Understanding the market and requirements, our designers have introduced multiple collections.

Rainbow Bracelets

Bracelets are one of the most favorite items that women prefer all over the world. Understanding this, our designers have created unique designs that you can wear for normal and well-known occasions. The simple models with a single gem embedded on them to the advanced models with multiple stones are beautiful. The colors can vary from basic black to shining brown, and customers have the liberty to choose them. It’s not just the chain bracelets, but the collection also includes cuff models that are unique and grand.

The brides looking forward to a beautiful set during their marriage function can choose our shop for the collections. Women can wear them for multiple occasions including Mehndi and Haldi which requires a simple yet unique collection for the bride. The statement designs made using this stone are also so beautiful and suitable for regular wear. DWS has designed every piece carefully and has manufactured them in our very own factory. Depending upon the model, we handcraft them or manufacture them through machines. Our well-experienced experts in the world of fashion can provide the perfect option for every occasion, depending upon your requirement. For more details, customers can contact us through our website and mobile application or visit our shop in Jaipur.

Banded Agate Jewelry Factory

Nowadays, one of the important requirements of a bride would be to purchase a unique collection of jewels that will be perfect for your day. It’s not just a single set, but it requires multiple collections that will go well along for various events. Understanding this, DWS has introduced a new line of bridal designs with banded agate gemstones. Every jewel is unique, and sometimes we customize them to meet up with requirements of the bride. Experts in the field who have experience in the current fashion create the designs. If you are interested in going for a bridal purchase, then the best option is the shop in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

A Complete Set

Every bride may feel unique. Understanding this, we allow creating customized models. From rings to necklaces, we manufacture everything in our banded agate jewelry factory. Our experts have created the design with unique craftsmanship, and they are available as a complete set. Now the brides can use them for their reception and other functions. Here the black color combo can go well along with the brightly colored costumes. Combining beautiful necklaces with gorgeous earrings and matching bangles will make your costume look gorgeous and rich-looking. Even though these designs seem like a simple concept, it is every single thing that makes a bride look the most beautiful on their special day.

We embedded these fashion jewelry designs in high-quality metals. DWS can repair them if there is any damage in the future. The factory also specializes in repair works and other types of jewelry designs that allow you to experience an entire world of fashion jewelry through us. If you do not have the facility of visiting our shop, you can always install our mobile application to view our display of the collections and choose one of them.

Banded Agate Jewelry Supplier

Agate is a unique gemstone that is of high quality and available in the market with beautiful designs. The rainbow-like structure adds to the beauty and makes it more suitable for jewelry and fashion purposes. If you are interested in purchasing a beautiful design, the best option is to go for a shop like DWS jewelry in Jaipur Rajasthan. As a leading banded agate jewelry supplier, we have always created the best models that are unique and perfect. If you are looking forward to giving beautiful jewelry to your wife or friend, the best choice is to visit the shop. You can also place customized orders on the fashion piece you require either through direct visit or by visiting the website.

Customized Gifts

Sending up a surprise to loved ones is always quite special. If you are looking for a perfect gift, then our shop is the best choice with unique designs created using these gemstones. From the special men’s bracelets and rings to beautiful necklaces for women, anything and everything is available with us. If you are interested in purchasing a perfect gift for your loved ones, schedule meets with our designers. Their expertise in the world of fashion and patience will allow you to discuss freely and create a perfect jewel drawing. Our exclusive factory can manufacture these designs with precision.

Every piece in our collection is unique and made just for you. Our collection includes a range of small rings to large necklaces with the option of customization for everyone. So visit us immediately and shop for a perfect pair of design models.

Banded Agate Jewelry Maker

Agate is a part of the quartz family that is available in different forms. One such collection is the multicolored gemstone available in the market with multiple bands running across it. We use these stones for designing high-quality jewelry. The usual collection includes modern jewels, but we at DWS offer a unique line of vintage jewelry designs that are perfect. As a leading Banded agate jewelry maker in the country, we have created new designs in antique collections. This stone can boost the strength and confidence of a person. People those days used it in the breastplates of the soldiers during the olden days.

Women And Antique

Women’s love for antique jewelry goes way back, and hence they never lost their place in the fashion world. This is one line that has never been out of trend. We offer models for both men and women that are unique but and perfect with intricate details. Right from the stone placement to the final vintage finish, everything is precise in our jewels. The black color is used to set up a mood for the old model, but the collection also includes shades of brown and green. We make these bangles and necklaces using brass and copper for easy maintenance.

They are available for sale on our online websites, and you can also purchase them directly from our shops. Our gems are of original quality, and any other product can not replace them in the market. We have our manufacturing unit with experts from each area to create new designs that women can wear regularly or during certain occasions. Stop stalling and order from us immediately.

Banded Agate Jewelry Manufacturer

Banded stone is a modern gem, that is used for making unique jewels. So, this stone with its valuable properties also acts as the best form of fashion equipment. DWS is a leading Banded agate jewelry manufacturer that offers the best jewels with its expert designers. Unlike previous generation manufacturers, who mostly went along with the same models with mild variations, they focus the current industry on creating new designs. So we have our very own team of designers who are experts in creating much jewelry from rings to necklaces. The color and bands add to the beauty and are suitable for all genders.

Collections For Men

The jewelry collection for men is always low when compared to the women population. So we have placed a separate expert for creating men’s collections made up of this gemstone. From a simple bracelet to high-quality rings and funky pendants, the collections are gorgeous. We have both professional and modern designs. So now men can wear this collection to their office without worrying about looking out of the area. Some say that men have used this stone for centuries to provide strength and luck. Our bridegroom models are one of their kind and suitable for marriages.

We accept customized orders, and customers can place the orders through emails. Our flexibility to work on new designs, customizing some designs, and the ability to manufacture them with perfection has made DWS a perfect choice for all your jewelry needs. Customers can contact us for further details and install our mobile applications for viewing the collections from the comfort of your home.