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Information About Ammolite Gemstone

There is a gemstone that is garnering more attention than any other gemstone in the list. Ammolite gemstone is the one that is seeking everyone’s attention even those who do not like gemstones. The gemstone has a pretty cool back storyso, let’s get into the details about the ammolite’s color, occurrence, iridescence, clarity, andluster.

Ammolite Gemstone:

Ammolite gemstone is also known as the “sleeping beauty of the gem world” because of the mighty exhibition of the iridescent colors when viewed from different angles and in reflected light. Apart from being known by the name of Ammolite gemstone, it is also known by various other names such as Aapoak, Calcenite, and Korite. It is an opal-like organic gemstone found primarily in the foothills of the Rockies of North America. It is cut from the fossilized shells of a prehistoric creature ammonite, which are composed primarily of aragonite mineral. The stone officially obtained the status of a gem in 1981 by the World Jewelry Confederation. Ammonite gemstone is being demanded all over the world because of its vibrant shine and rainbow colors. Presently, the mining of this gemstone is done in Alberta, Canada and that is the reason by often it is considered as the “Canadian Stone”. This alluring gemstone became all the more fascinating when the artisans started using it making jewelry pieces. It has been used in jewelry for ages, though in the initial stages it didn’t gain much popularity, presently ammolite gemstone jewelry is what is really in demand.

The Ammolite Gemstone is one of those gemstones which are not available in any specific color. The gemstone is a very colorful stone as it has a tint of amazing colors such as red, yellow, green, indigo, violet, orange, crimson, blue and various others. The color scheme of this gemstone somewhat resembles the earth element. If you are a person who adores nature Ammolite gemstone jewelry is what you need to reflect that through your style. It is different from most of the gemstones as the iridescence is caused because of the microstructure of the aragonite, whereas other gemstones exhibit colors by absorbing light. Nearly all the colors that are in the color spectrum are visible in this gemstone; which makes it all the more eye-catching. It comes in varied colors, but to find ammolite gemstone is blue and violet color is very rare and therefore more valuable and costly. Ammolite in green and red color are easily available in the market and therefore they are not so costly in comparison to the other.

The ammolite gemstone is usually used by crystal healers and Fengshui teachers to bring personal awakening in them. Apart from being the healing stone, the gemstone has various other benefits and as such can be worn by any person.

  1. It helps the wearer to harmonize with their environment on the spiritual, intellectual and physical level.
  2. Being the seven color stone, it blesses the wearer with an abundance of growth, wealth, wisdom and luck.
  3. It is believed that it has assimilated cosmic power from the earth and helps detoxification and cleansing the owner’s body.
  4. The gemstone provides the wearer with immense positive energy to eliminate all the negativity from their life and overcome any challenge, problem or trauma.

Ammolite Gemstone Jewelry:

Just owing this gemstone is not sufficient, being in style is equally important. It is also believed that to experience better results the stone must touch the wearer’s skin. Ammolite gemstone jewelry is what you need in your life to sort your life but in a classy yet stylish way. The ammolite gemstone is often fashioned into designer pendants, rings, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets and what not. Being one of the impeccable semi-precious gemstones doesn’t restrict it from being used in jewelry pieces. The jewelry designed by using ammolite gemstone is the one which suits everyone’s taste. As the gemstone doesn’t have any specific color its hue keeps on changing, the ammolite jewelry is the one which can go with any color outfit. The vibrant color of the gemstone is whatoutshines and catches everyone’s attention and when you wear this gemstone’s jewelry you won’t be left unnoticed at any party.

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

When it comes to buying jewelry, the buyer looks someone who is trustworthy, loyal and has a reputed name in the market. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is the one which has all the above qualities and not only this it is a leading jewelry manufacturing company of India. The company started its journey way back in 2004 and ever since its establishment; we have put in a tremendous amount of time and efforts in providing our clients with classy yet stylish jewelry pieces. We are not only renowned gemstone jewelry manufacturers but we are also well-known silver jewelry, gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, and fashion jewelry manufacturers. A thorough process of quality check is initiated in our organization right from the raw material selection to final product. Our prime motive is to manufacture high-quality and trendy jewelry pieces which are not easily accessible in the market. Being the rarest and exclusive in design the jewelry pieces manufactured by us don’t have competitive prices.

Here at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., nothing matters to us more than our customers and their views and demands. For the years we have been manufacturing jewelry pieces on the demand of our customers and we aim to continue to do so. We look forward tocomplying with the high standards of our esteem clients with our world-class jewelry pieces. Amongst the various types of jewelry manufactured by us, Ammolite Gemstone jewelry is our trademark in the category of gemstone jewelry. The jewelry manufactured by us has a unique design and that is the reason why our designs are demanded in various other countries like USA, Canada, Australia, and others. We are proud to say that we have enough resources and capacity that we can comply with any number of bulk orders placed by our clients.

We not only manufacture ammolite gemstone jewelry pieces but we are wholesaler supplier of ammolite gemstones as well as ammolite gemstone jewelry. The range of our jewelry line in ammolite gemstone is not just restricted to rings and pendants. Whether you are of minimalist taste or maximalist, we have a complete range of jewelry line in ammolite gemstone. We manufacture ammolite gemstone rings, bangles, cufflinks, bracelets, earrings, jewelry findings, pendants, necklaces and what not. Try our ammolite gemstone jewelry collection once and you won’t be able to resist yourself from ordering more exquisite jewelry pieces from our site.

Ammolite Jewelry Exporter In Jaipur

Ammolite is the rarest form of naturally available gemstones. These Canadian stones are similar to opal and are organically found from old fossils of the aragonites that are extinct. These beautiful stones also contain traces of silica, pyrite, and calcite along with others. The bright shades of these stones comprising of two or more shades are often known to portray a rainbow-like effect. The most prominent colors of ammonite include hues of green and red along with a tint of yellow when observed under UV rays. These gemstones also have a historic significance and were named after the Ammon- an Egyptian deity whose form was like a ram and also has horns that were twisted. It is said that Ammon’s head looked similar to the ammonite shells and therefore ammolite crystals are often associated with perfection.

Apart from their physical appearance, there are also multiple factors associated with ammolite jewelry. The ammolite stone makes us knowledgeable, wise, and perfectionist. The vibrations of the stone carried strong positive energy. As a prominent ammolite jewelry exporter in Jaipur, DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. offers an extensive export quality collection of ammolite set jewelry. These jewels are a perfect accessory for daily wear and can also be clubbed as ethnic pieces with traditional clothing. Set in metals like gold, silver, and bronze these stones are a perfect highlight to your classy styles. The unique designs provided by the company include various handcrafter rings, pendants, bracelets, and other accessories. These jewels are a must-have in your crystal jewelry collection. As a top ammolite jewelry exporter in India, DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. offers custom designs to its customers as per their requirement. A different quantity of shipping options is available. Their unique website and Jaipur based store also provide a plethora of crystal jewelry at affordable prices.

Ammolite Jewelry Supplier In Jaipur

The rarity of the ammolite stones is justified by the immense benefits that the spectrum colored stone has to offer. Associated with the Egyptian deity, the stone offers a balance between the spiritual and physical energies thus providing harmony between them both. The energies associated with the stone help understand different changes that take place in life. Along with its use as an accessory, ammolite is also used by healers and preachers of Fengshui that make use of different crystals for different effects. The protective nature of the stone helps to heal the root chakra and direct the energy of the body in the right direction and also tunes it. The stone is also considered to bring good luck, prosperity, and helps in meditation activities. If worn as a birthstone this gemstone helps to make dreams come true and encourage positive thoughts in the mind.

The benefits of the stone can be reaped by adorning it as jewelry pieces. Ammolite set bright colored jewels are often coupled with metals like silver and gold to enhance their look. While many jewelry designs of ammolite crystals are available in the market. One of the highest quality of this gemstone jewelry is offered by DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. A prominent ammolite jewelry supplier in India the company has an esteemed range of clientele. Their unique ammolite jewelry ensemble is known to have intricate patterns that are handmade by their skilled artisans. Multiple complex jewelry-making techniques and extensive use of modern-day technology are required to make these beautiful ensembles. The known ammolite jewelry supplier in Jaipur, DWS Jewellery has a unique high tech jewelry store in Jaipur that offers facilities starting from jewel designs to manufacturing all under one roof. The firm also ships these delicate crystal pieces all over India. If you are looking for ammolite jewelry head to their new store today!

Ammolite Jewelry Wholesaler In Jaipur

Ammolite jewelry has been popular due to its glamorous properties. The iridescent colored gemstone looks similar to opal and is among the organic gemstones. The stone features rainbow-like colors or even a bright dual display of attractive colors. A very rare gemstone, ammolite jewelry is expensive due to its limited reserve and rarity. With the vibrant color display, ammolite jewels are often sought after and are often found in a variety of color combinations. Unique designs of ammolite set jewelry are available at DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd., a prominent ammolite jewelry wholesaler in Jaipur. With large varieties of ammolite accessories like rings, pendants, earrings, pendants, and more these are unique designs that are not usually found in Jaipur.

As an ammolite jewelry wholesaler, the firm provides beautiful ammolite designs that are composed of finely cut ammolite and assembled in different metals. They can be used in silver, bronze, or even gold pieces and can be combined with any look. A traditional dress will surely brighten up with these precious gemstones set accessories. For everyday use, these can be used as a simple silver ammolite set ring and a pair of small studs of ammolite. Often referred to as a rainbow-colored jewel ammolite jewelry demand has increased in the last few years. If you are a fan of gemstones and often accommodate these crystals in your everyday look a vibrant ammolite set accessory is a must-have in your collection.

Popularly used in imitation wear, the ammolite jewelry wholesaler in India, DWS Jewellery provides custom made ammolite jewels. Their hand-crafted designs are made by employing traditional jewelry-making techniques. They have a state of the art facility in Jaipur to assist their customers with the different process involved in the making as well as wholesale order. The ammolite jewels by the firm are available at attractive prices in their store as well as on their site.

Ammolite Jewelry Factory In Jaipur

Ammolite is widely used in jewelry pieces due to its vibrant colors. These stones were first incorporated in ornaments during the 1960s and are among the organic gems that are bejeweled. These stones are also popular as Korite - a trading name of ammolite. This semi-precious gemstone was obtained from fossil shells of extinct creatures of the sea, thus making them extremely rare. Due to its limited availability and color variations and patterns, they are widely used in designer jewelry pieces. There are different varieties of ammolite raging from the top-grade bright and single hued stones. Sometimes they also feature prismatic colors. Lower-grade ammolite is not bright also has limited colors.

Ammolite can be used in silver and gold jewelry like rings, pendants, earrings, and necklaces. To find the high-quality ammolite jewels one should always consult a prominent jeweler who deals in ammolite jewels. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a prestigious jewelry company in India offering unique ensembles of ammolite. With their ammolite jewelry factory in Jaipur, they offer a wide range of accessories in gold, brass, and silver. The firm’s signature collections include ammolite accessories in rare colors and patterns. One can also customize these pieces as per their requirement.

Also, among the well-known ammolite jewelry factory in India, DWS Jewellery is popular in Jaipur and among the well-known jewelry companies. These unique craftsmanship, high-quality gems, and intricate designs and patterns are a standout feature of their ornaments. As ammolite requires very critical care and maintenance the experts at DWS provide all the necessary information to increase the life of the ammolite jewelry. If you are unable to visit their store in Jaipur, their online interactive site provides a similar experience. More ever you can also explore other gemstone accessories and order your desired quantities at affordable prices across the country.

Ammolite Jewelry Maker In Jaipur

If you are a gemstone jewelry lover and looking for an optimum gems studded piece, ammolite jewels are trending these days. The new rainbow-like stone has been popular for nearly 70 years as compared to other stones that have a rich ancient history. Ammolite stones are found from the fossil shells of ammonite. These vibrant multi-colored stones are in these days and are incorporated in varieties of gold and silver accessories. If you are planning to buy ammolite jewelry from an ammolite jewelry maker in India here are few things about ammolite that you should know:

  1. Understanding the nomenclature
    GIA states that there is a major difference between both gems and fossils. As ammolite is derived from the extinct sea creatures, it is a trading name for the bright and hard layer of the fossil shells of ammonite.
  2. Ammolite is newly introduced gem
    Although ammonites were formed years ago, ammolite gems were only introduced in the market in the last 60 to 70 years. They were given the status of gemstones in 1960 and their trade as a piece of jewelry became prominent after 1980.
  3. They have different color variations
    Ammonites are available in different color varieties a few rare combinations are often considered to be expensive. These organic stones are available in rainbow colors. Most of the common ones are red and green; while violet and blue are among the rare and valued colors.
  4. Increased demand is expected in the coming years
    Dws is among the prominent manufacturers of ammolite and their demand is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years. A lot of jewelry lovers are now seeking ammolite accessories to add to their collections.

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known ammolite jewelry maker in Jaipur. They offer high-quality ammolite accessories in different designs at affordable prices.

Ammolite Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

Gemstone jewelry offers multiple benefits by acting as a natural healer and offering aesthetic features. Particularly when it comes to Ammolite- a recently introduced organic gemstone, the benefits are rarely known to everyone.

Ammolite stones derived its name from Ammon - the Egyptian God. Ammon was known to have twisted horns and features like ram similar to the ammonite shell. The stone is available in shades of spectral colors.

Before you decide to buy ammolite jewelry one should know the immense benefits offered by the iridescent gemstone. A verified ammolite jewelry manufacturer in India will offer information regarding the benefits of ammolite as well as provide quality ammolite jewelry.

Benefits Of Ammolite

Healing properties: Ammolite has immense energy and offers three prominent healing properties namely:

  1. Wisdom
  2. Perfection and
  3. Knowledge 

Preferred By Crystal Healers

Ammolite is often preferred by many crystal healers as a stone that helps to discover oneself spiritually and well as physically. As ammolite connects to our root chakra it helps us to focus our energy.

The stone also offers protective properties and guides us in sickness and other mental and emotional challenges in life. Ammolite reviews have stated that it has brought prosperity and riches to their lives.

Ammolites As Accessories

DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. offers extensive varieties of ammolite jewelry. Their unique designs implemented in rings, bracelets, and pendants help you to experience its healing properties in your day to day life. They can also be incorporated into an ethnic ensemble and are available in different spectral colors.

As a verified ammolite jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur, the firm offers solutions regarding jewelry designs and manufacturing. The company has a one of a kind jewelry showroom in Jaipur that offers R&D and other manufacturing solutions. Their unique designs are available at affordable prices and shipped overall India. Check out their extensive collection today!

Ammolite Bangle Manufacturer In Jaipur

Bangles have always been a favourite ornament for women and most of the women nowadays still prefer wearing it for traditional dress. The bangles are also suitable for skirts and tops,  especially for long skirts and tops. But for these long skirts wearing a silver bangle with gemstones embedded in it will be more suitable rather than a normal gold bangle. They offer an antique look and silver can be paired up with most of the gemstones as they are beautiful to look at. It is also believed that silver has the ability to channel positive energy throughout the body so wearing a silver bangle with gemstone will allow you to observe the power of the gem.

The Design Of The Greenstone

An ammolite is a form of gemstone that is formed on the surface of the ammonites. While ammonites are the animals these We have a are actually the gemstones. They are found in abundance and they are mostly available as a combination of multiple colours like green, yellow and blue. They are attractive and they are also used for channelling the positive energy within our body. Because of their appearance and physical properties, they are widely used in the fashion world for designing jewels. The bangles made up of ammolite stones are preferred by women because the will go well along with most of the costumes and they will make your light coloured costume more beautiful.

DWS Jewellery is an Ammolite Bangle Manufacturer in Jaipur. There are a variety of designs and models available in our store. For getting a good view of our products you can always visit our shop in Jaipur for you can visit our online website. We have our very own designers who are experienced in creating a variety of unique designs that are of high quality and have good features of fashion. The gemstones are processed in our own manufacturing unit as we are an Ammolite Bangle Manufacturer in India. We also perform repairs and other services for our clients including customisation.

Ammolite Bracelet Manufacturer In Jaipur

Ammolite is a gemstone that is formed in the rock shells of the ammonite fossil. These stones are found in abundance because of the presence of a Huge number of ammonite fossils. They are also found in certain regions of India. This particular gemstone is used for a lot of purposes. They include meditation, healing and also for jewellery. Because of its attractive multi colours the fashion industry has been using this particular gemstone for a long period. They are usually combined with silver to provide a perfect design.  One such jewellery where this stone is commonly used is the bracelets. Bracelets are chain-like structures that are usually worn around the hand near the wrist. There are a variety of bracelets designs available in the market. DWS Jewellery is an Ammolite Bracelet Manufacturer in Jaipur. We have a wide range of collections and our designs are preferred by most of the women all over the world.

A Jewel For Your Hand

There are many designs that have utilised the design in this gemstone perfectly for a bracelet. One design is where a single stone is used in the centre of the chain. This design is simple and can be used by both men and women. If you are looking for a grand design then the best option is to design jewellery with multiple stones embedded in them. Between these multiple stones, there can be loops or many designs engraved to make them look more specific and perfect. These modern designs are more suitable for modern wears than the normal traditional dress. The one thing that needs to be noted while purchasing a jewellery is to note whether they are original or not. There are certain duplicate designs made up of resin that can resemble this particular stone. So it is essential to purchasing the products from the original Ammolite Bracelet Manufacturer in India like the DWS Jewellery. For more details contact our website at

Ammolite Cuff Manufacturer In Jaipur

Cuff bracelets are a kind of hybrid version that lies between both Bracelet and bangles. These are preferred by both men and women because they are suitable for most dresses including the traditional wears. There are many designs for this particular model. The most important of it all include these designs with gemstones embedded in them. The main reason that women prefer cuffs with gemstones is that they are more attractive and prominent when compared to the other simple and plain models. Even though the metal part is engraved with designs in this model,  still the stone highlights all these features more and they make the jewel pop out. Ammonites are gemstones found on the top of the ammonite fossils and they are available in an attractive green and red hue colour. Using this gem for designing a model will make your hand look more beautiful.

The Perfect Stone For A Perfect Dress

These stones are mostly available in bright and attractive colours. They are usually paired up with the silver for an antique finish. DWS is an Ammolite Cuff Manufacturer in Jaipur with a variety of collections and manpower to manufacture them. Most of the time they can be combined with certain light coloured dresses for an attractive solution. If you are wearing a simple skirt and top then you can go with a single stone band with a single silver band. But for a grand design, you can always wear a band with two or three circular bands entwining with each other and ending in the middle with an ammolite stone. Similarly, there are other designs also. All these designs are suitable for traditional wears also. If you are looking forward to gifting someone with a special design then you can always select a customized design that can be designed by our designers and manufactured in our factory as we are the Ammolite Cuff Manufacturer in India. You can also visit our shop directly for more collections.

Ammolite Earrings Manufacturer In Jaipur

Ammolite is a gemstone used widely all over the world for both fashion and medical healing purposes. The Spiritual healers use this particular gemstone to heal the inner soul by awakening them and also to connect them to the environment. These stones are also used in fashion jewellery because of their vibrant colours. These stones are embedded in silver designs and they can be used as earrings, rings, and a variety of other designs.

The Necessity For An Earring

The earring is the most important piece of jewellery and it is necessary for women to have two or more choices of studs for a single outfit. If it is a single stud then purchasing in gold will be valuable. But purchasing 20-30 earrings in gold is impossible. At the same time, we cannot leave fashion for the sake of cost. So the only option available is the designer fashion silver jewellery that is cheap and gorgeous. Understanding this requirement DWS Jewellery the Ammolite Earrings Manufacturer in Jaipur has introduced a new range of different designer earpieces. For making intricate designs in earrings, especially for designs like the chandeliers, we need highly experienced craftsmen. So we being one of the Ammolite Earrings Manufacturers in India have our very own manufacturing unit along with the craftsmen to design many earrings.

You can find a wide range of collections including teardrops, chandeliers, dangers and normal studs with gems. These earrings can be matched with your dress according to your choice. The chandeliers are more suitable for the skirts and the Anarkali sets. But always remember when your earring is grand,  especially like the chandelier sets then it is necessary to avoid wearing the necklace. This will make your earrings beautiful. Also while choosing an earring make sure that it goes well along with the facial structure. For more details visit our website at

Ammolite Rings Manufacturer In Jaipur

People normally have the habit of wearing their birthstones as rings. But along with that they also wear other gemstones as rings for absorbing their powers. Rings are also an indication of love and affection. Ammolite gemstone rings to increase your concentration and peace. So gift this ring to your loved one will make your love strong. There are a variety of ring designs available in the market.

Beautiful Designs For Your Finger

DWS Jewellery is an Ammolite Rings Manufacturer in Jaipur. There are a variety of designs available in the market. From the simple bands with small gemstones to the large engraved silver bands with large stones in the centre, we have all types of design in our shop. If you are planning to gift your mother a ring you can choose the plain band with small stones embedded in it.  If you are looking forward to giving a ring to your friend or valentine then the best choice is to choose a band with an engraved silver band with a large stone in the centre. This central stone can be surrounded by other stones like a diamond or ruby. This also makes an excellent engagement ring especially if you do not have enough money to spend on a diamond jewel.

If you want any words to be engraved on your jewel then the best choice is our shop. You can always customise your engagement bands either by directly visiting our shop or by sending a mail with the image and other instructions. Our designers will help you design a perfect ring for your engagement with these ammolite stones which will set a new trend. We are the Ammolite Rings Manufacturer in India and we have our own set of craftsmen to hand carve the designs for a good intricate design. For more details contact our website on

Ammolite Set Manufacturer In Jaipur

Ammolite is a beautiful gemstone that has been found on the surface of the ammonites. They are available in vibrant attractive colours and rather than purchasing them as a single piece, it would be more beneficial to purchase the entire pair. DWS Jewellery is the  Ammolite Set Manufacturer in Jaipur. We have our own designers and with their helped, we have released many stone jewellery set in the market to satisfy the requirement of our customers. The contents of the set may vary according to the designs but the match will be perfect.

Purchase The Best Gift For Your Friend

If you are looking for a good gift for your friend this complete jewellery piece might be a good choice. You can choose from our many collections present in our shop. For a simple gift, you can choose a pendant design with matching earrings and rings. If you are looking for a large gift then you can choose the necklace model with matching bangles and earrings. The gemstones would be the best choice because they will go well along with all the attires and they will also be beautiful.

If you are not satisfied with the designs and you like different things from different designs like an earring from one design and ring from another then you can always order the designs you want. We will manufacture especially for you with perception and send them to you. Customised jewels can also be ordered as we have our own collection hand carving craftsmen. They will make the design perfect and according to your needs. Brides can also order their bridal jewels from us. They can choose from the pre-existing designs or we will design a new design for them according to their attire. If you are wearing white for the reception then order the set from one of the best Ammolite Set Manufacturer in India. For more details contact our website at

Ammolite Pendant And Necklace Manufacturer In Jaipur

Pendants and necklaces are jewellery items that are most loved by women all over the world. There are a variety of designs available in fashion jewellery. But among them, the ammolite gemstone based pendant and necklaces have a separate place in the hearts of the women. These stones are beautiful with their gorgeous colours and they can be used to make some beautiful pendants. DWS Jewellery is an Ammolite Pendant And Necklace Manufacturer in Jaipur. We have a wide range of collections with the facility to manufacture the customised designs on our own. Our designers always try to keep up with the trend and hence our designs are exported to clients all over the world.

Pendant, Necklace Or Both

Ammolite pendants are quite famous among people all over the world because of their beautiful work of colours. So if you are up for such a colour combination that can be worn along with your formal clothes and modern party wears. The pendants are mostly available as a single stone placed on a silver or gold plate on the base. The other option is a pendant with designs and stones placed in the required positions. They are a bit grand and suitable for small functions. Similarly, there are a variety of necklaces with or without designs. The necklaces are best suited for the functions and traditional attire. The stones are fixed permanently with proper fixtures and they do not fall easily. If you are not satisfied with the design and if you are looking for a custom used one that can be worn for your Mehandi or Haldi function then you can always customize it through our designers.

The stone gives a small feeling of nature and it is used to maintain inner peace. If you are looking for a wide variety of options then the DWS Jewellery is a good option as they are Ammolite Pendant And Necklace Manufacturer in India. You can directly visit our shop in Jaipur for you can also visit our website for more collections at

Ammolite Jewelry Findings Manufacturer In Jaipur

There are a variety of jewels available in the market. From rings to earrings all these fashion jewellery are predesigned and their structure cannot be changed when you require. So for people who are looking forward to creating their own designs they can purchase the findings jewel along with other components to make their own designs. DWS Jewellery is the Ammolite Jewelry Findings Manufacturer in Jaipur with their own set of designers, manufacturing unit and craftsmen. There are a variety of jewellery models available in our showroom including some rare gemstones.

Design On Your Own

With the help of these findings model, you can design many designs on your own. Ammolite is a gemstone that is found widely on the surfaces of the ammonite fossils. These gemstones are available in abundance and they are used for designing fashion jewels. These stones have the ability to channel the inner peace and tranquillity. They are available in a hue like a mixture of some bright colours like the green, blue, red and yellow. They are beautiful and can be duplicated through the resin. If you are looking forward to purchasing findings models with this stone then the best option is DWS Jewellery which is Ammolite Jewelry Findings Manufacturer in India.

We have a wide range of collections including ammolite connectors on gold and silver plating. The findings can be used for making earrings, chains, bracelets and anklets. The one major advantage of this type of type is that the designs can be changed whenever required. If you are not satisfied with the designs present in the showroom you can always order customised design and we will manufacture it for you using our special craftsmen who are experts in handcrafting. Most of the design is made up of handcrafted designs that have more intricate patterns and perfection that cannot be found in machine-made Jewel items. Our designers will help you in creating the most specific customised piece you need. For more details, you can refer to our website at