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All about September Birthstone Sapphire

Before beginning to shop for any sort of jewelry pieces, it is very essential to have appropriate and relevant knowledge pertaining to the quality, dealers, reasonable price and types of the material.  Having proper knowledge certainly enhances the quality of shopping.

Let’s begin-

Jewelry is an integral part of dressing up. Especially, living in a traditionally and culturally rich country like India, pieces of jewelry play an essential role in taking ahead cultural and religious legacies as well. These ornaments undoubtedly multiply the beauty of the beholder and add an elegant and elite touch certainly. Pieces of jewelry have numerous reasons to be worn, what matter is the quality and skills of the artisans that must match one’s expectations and be worthy of the money being charged.

Beauty has a lot to do with how you feel from inside and wearing jewelry pieces adds to self-worth eternally. The wearer does feel a sense of goodness from within and feels good in a positive sense. Astrology is yet another important aspect of wearing pieces of jewelry. In India particularly, astrological beliefs are deeply rooted in the minds of people. Being a religious perspective, these astrological views have gained a lot of popularity even in recent times, even for the millennial generation.

Gemstone Jewelry-

Gemstones are genuinely nature’s unbelievable and astonishing beauty handed over to us. The gemstones come in a variety of color, properties and are related to various spheres by people. Some of the most common gemstone types include that of diamond, sapphire, emeralds, onyx, etc. These come in a commendable and stare-worthy luster and colors.

In India, gemstones have been highly related to the concepts and beliefs of astrological studies and practices. According to astrological beliefs, gemstones represent the planets. Astrologers believe that wearing proper and appropriate gemstone's jewelry can benefit the person in numerous ways based on the suited gemstone type and the properties that it holds.

Having adopted this jewelry of gemstone culture since centuries, the recent generation demands trendy and beautiful jewelry types and designs coupled with gemstones. Very few jewelers across the country provide such services in gemstone jewelry. One of the prominent names that come in mind while talking of gemstone jewelry is that of DWS- renowned jewelry shop in Jaipur that manufactures, exports and deals in a wide range of jewelry.

Related to the astrological concepts is the concept of birthstones. A gemstone is allocated to every month of the year and the people born in a particular month are said to have the respective month’s gemstone as their birthstone.

September birthstone

What’s a September birthstone? This question comes quite often in the mind of September born individuals. The birthstone associated with September month is the alluring gemstone Sapphire. September Birthstone Sapphire is a precious and lovely looking gemstone of worth. Sapphire birthstone meaning is that the gemstone sapphire is related to the month of September. September birthstone colors are basically blue, black, purple and sometimes also green, white, yellow, pink, orange and brown. This beautiful September stone complements silver jewelry in a tremendously beautiful manner and customers have loved the blend of both. A wide range of pieces of jewelry is available pertaining to September birthstone jewelry, these are September birthstone rings, September birthstone earrings, September birthstone bracelets, September birthstone bangles, September birthstone cuff, September birthstone pendants, September birthstone necklace and many more.

Astrologically, there are a lot of claimed and evident sapphire benefits. It is said to provide protection from enemies, keep from jealousy and the evil eye. Sapphire is also claimed to clear confusions and assist individuals in making correct decisions. Medically, astrologers state that sapphire gemstone helps in improving digestion, takes away lethargy and aids concentration.

DWS Jaipur

DWS is a renowned jewelry store in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Having set up this shop in the year 2004, DWS has earned a commendable name and stature throughout the country and also across the globe. It serves internationally as well. The company has a virtual presence and is entitled to undertake personalization work too. The company is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction with quality services at an affordable and reasonable price range.

At DWS, they also bring to the customers a complete range of birthstone jewelry. September birthstone jewelry findings must have been difficult has quality is not promised at every store and some demand unreasonably high prices. Although, after knowing about DWS, all such issues need to be at rest as the quality that DWS provides is uncompromised and flawless at appropriate rates. DWS jewelers have a complete range of September birthstone sapphire jewelry wherein they have beauteous sapphire rings, sapphire earrings, alluring sapphire bracelets, sapphire bangles, and sapphire cuff for men, sapphire pendants and sapphire necklaces. DWS is indeed a one-stop solution for all jewelry finding and especially for the gemstone/birthstone sapphire pieces of jewelry.

Unmatched Qualities of DWS-

• Transparency:
Keeping their customers from any fraud activities, DWS ensures transparency in all their actions and stages of producing, jewelry making and selling. The wide customer base and good word of mouth by its customers is the biggest proof to its clean and transparent business activities.
• Consistency
Success does not lie in the revenue or the number of products sold. It rather lies in serving at reasonable quality pertaining to the set standards consistently and diligently while serving flawlessly. At DWS, they are entitled to serving quality in a diligent manner and not for once, for always and to each and every customer that comes to them. They do not believe in fluctuating their quality standards and there believe in the mission that customer satisfaction must never be minimized.
• Rules, regulations, and policies:
The set of policies and rules that DWS has set for itself and its customer satisfaction aim are uninterrupted in any way since the day from them they are in effect. Also, policies and regulations and policies set up by higher authorities and government are diligently and flawlessly obeyed and catered to by DWS jewelry shop thereby making them have a good image and stature in the jewelry market. DWs has a commendable international customer base as well and they dedicatedly make sure that the internationally valid and placed regulations are also followed while dealing with overseas customers.
• Genuine and quality products:
Owing to the designers and artisans who have expertise in jewelry making, DWS Jaipur is always victorious in delivery hundred percent genuine and quality services/pieces of jewels to their customers. DWS works on the motto of delivering genuine and quality services at any cost. Customer satisfaction is their first priority.
• Price: 
Despite providing unmatched quality in their jewelry and services, DWS ensures that the price quoted for its offerings is true and reasonable to its standards. One would never find an overpriced product by DWS. This is yet another important reason for customer's loyalty and trust in DWS. The jewelry experience doubles when coupled with appropriate price while quality and services being uncompromised. DWS makes sure to cater to customer's needs and expectations. Right from gold and silver jewelry pieces to valuable diamonds and rare gemstones, the price setup for all of these is very reasonable when compared to other jewelers who have overprized these in the market.
• Reliability and trust:
Setup in the year 2004, DWS Jaipur has served thousands of customers will unparallel and reliable services. While bringing to them numerous modes of payment and safe transactions, the company has won customer trust and owing to these benefits customers have recommended DWS with every deal. Trust and reliability are two important aspects of DWS' stature and name across the globe.
• Service:
With ethical and flawless service that DWS provides to its customers, it has enhanced its value and name in the market. The staff at DWS is completely entitled to follow the company's mission, vision, and guidelines in a diligent and dedicated manner. The staff focuses on customer satisfaction and to cater to customer's requirements and essentials in a proper manner.

Having known about these commendable qualities of DWS jewelers and the flawless quality assurance that they give, it is difficult to stop oneself from shopping with DWS. For them, once a customer always a customer. They have mastered the art of customer retention with customer satisfaction. In their 15 years of unparallel service, they have served thousands of customers who have been extremely contended with the jewelry and services that DWS provided them. The best part about them is their personalization service wherein they bring to life a clone of the customer’s jewelry imaginations.

For those who are looking for such unparallel and flawless experience with quality assurance at reasonable prices, DWS is your jewelry shop.

Customers can also visit DWS’ online website to shop for gorgeous jewelry designs and avail their jewelry within a click while being in the comfort of homes, hustle of office or while on vacations.

A very happy shopping experience to you!