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All Information about November Birthstone Topaz

We have all been advised at different points in time to shop very wisely and not to fall prey to fraudulent activities. This advice holds true for all sort of shopping. Jewelry shopping usually involves a larger sum of money and therefore also takes a long thought process and assessing along with it.
Having huge monetary importance, jewelry pieces and ornaments are products whose shopping must be done in a mindful manner. Research about the types, quality standards, best dealers, price fluctuation, must be conducted to ensure that no wrong decisions are taken in this aspect. It is usually a very tiresome and time-consuming process to look for each and every detail. Coming to the rescue of your time, we bring a one-stop destination for you that will answer all your queries relating to jewelry pieces and the best dealer to seek for your jewelry requirements.

Let’s begin-

Accessories have been accepted across the globe as important aspects of dressing up and beautification at occasions and even for everyday life. Since ages, across all cultures and religions, people have been of the belief that accessories are essentials when it comes to dressing up and serving the purpose of beautifying oneself. This has helped accessories gain an important part in the lives of individuals and also for cultural legacies.
Besides the purpose of beautification, more deep-rooted importance of jewelry pieces is in the minds of individuals is the religious importance that accessories and jewelry pieces are believed to hold. In many cultures, especially the South Asian countries, these ornaments hold tremendously high essentiality in terms of religious beliefs and marital status. In fact, the sentimental point of contact of individuals with such jewelry pieces is uncanny and severe to firmly support their religious beliefs.
Thereby, it can be justifiably concluded that these have a tremendous appeal and importance across the globe.

Gemstone Jewelry-

It has been evidently stated above that jewelry pieces and wearable ornaments hold immense importance from the various point of views that include religious perceptions, astrological beliefs, and beautification as most important of all.
Despite the popularity and appeal since ages, there has existed a misconception in most people's mind. This misconception is pertaining to the jewelry types which have usually been considered to dwell between gold and silver metals. Other beauteous pieces that have been and are been used in jewelry pieces have not been given the importance that they deserved. One such component is gemstone which has been readily used in jewelry pieces to enhance the glamour of the wearer.
Gemstones occur naturally and are then extracted from various sources. These are very essential from the point of view of various aspects. The most important aspect of gemstone’s importance and appeal is their association with astrological beliefs and astrological science. Also, because of the religious inclination of Indian minds, astrology too is deep-rooted in their minds as a very important and dignified extension to religion.
Astrology believes that gemstones have latent powers of healing and capabilities of benefiting almost all spheres of an individual’s life if worn appropriately, according to the individual’s astrological profile.
Along with the astrological importance of gemstones, another important term has been coined. The term is of birthstone. Birthstone is a gemstone that is referral to all individuals born in the month which has been assigned to that birthstone.

November Birthstone


What’s a November birthstone?

All individuals who have a thing for astrology are somewhere curious about what their gemstone is. The above-stated question is usual for the individuals who are born in the month of November. The answer is- the beautiful gemstone topaz. The November birthstone topaz is a tremendously beautiful and alluring gemstone. Topaz birthstone meaning is that the gemstone topaz is related to the month of November and the individuals born in this month. November birthstone colors are blue, brown, orange, gray, yellow, green, reddish pink, pink and sometimes colorless.
A wide range of November birthstone jewelry is available at DWS, these consist of November birthstone rings, November birthstone earrings, November birthstone bracelets, November birthstone bangles, November birthstone cuff, November birthstone pendants, November birthstone necklace etc.
Astrologically, topaz benefits are enormous; it imparts courage, bravery, energy and ambitions to the wearer.

DWS Jaipur

DWS, set up in the year 2004, is a Jaipur based jewelry store which deals in jewelry pieces and gemstones. This store has developed a high customer loyalty and market image with the quality driven and beauteous ornaments that they offer. Driven by the vision of customer satisfaction, DWS has entitled their entire team to offer services diligently and with uncompromised quality standards. The unmatched features that DWS offers are the key reasons that have lead to its greatly revered name and the stature that it holds. The jewelry personalization services that they offer are one of the unique superpowers that they hold.
Coming to gemstones and birthstones, November birthstone jewelry findings of topaz are immensely hard to look for. The issue comes with the enormous amount of fraudulent activities which are going on in the market.
DWS is a boon in this aspect; the unmatched qualities that DWS has, are all appropriate to cater to every expectation that customers have from a reliable jeweler. DWS Jaipur is the one-stop for November birthstone topaz jewelry with topaz rings, topaz earrings, topaz bracelets, topaz bangles, and topaz cuff, topaz pendants, and topaz necklaces.

Unmatched Qualities of DWS-

• Transparency:
The foremost and most revered quality of DWS jewelers is their transparency policy. The customers always wish to have an insight into what is going on with their desirables. Especially when it comes to jewelry pieces, such insights become more demanded. Many jewelers do not have customer oriented transparency policy also because that would prevent them from doing the fraudulent business that they have undertaken. But DWS is far away from all these and has customer oriented transparency policy to ensure high customer satisfaction.
• Consistency:
Delivering consistency is an important part of keeping a business going. Customers have always been inclined towards those jewelers who serve quality, but consistently. Those that showcase inconsistent services are not much preferred and this is one major reason as to why people choose DWS over all other inconsistent dealers. The consistency in DWS’ quality and services is assured and the testimonials of regular customers are evidence to this fact.
• Rules, regulations, and policies:
Rules, regulations, and policies play important roles in the jewelry business. In fact, these three decide the direction and intensity of the jewelry business. Because it involves revered and worthy jewels and therefore a hefty sum of money is engaged. It is therefore essential to have a check and control over the transactions and other aspects of this business.
DWS has an international clientele too, due to which it has to comply with various rules, regulations, and policies that are laid by international forces. Taking into account all of these, DWS ensures to comply with all such rules in a diligent manner. A good business is not just about the increasing profits, it is also about creating and sustaining an appreciable image in the market and DWS has mastered this in a flawless manner.
• Genuine and quality products:
Products that are rich in quality are always demanded by every individual. Especially when it comes to jewelry pieces with a huge monetary association, the demand for genuine and rich in quality products increases in folds.
DWS offers products that are assured of quality. They are all in accordance with the set standards of quality and are all extremely genuine. Being extracted from rich and reliable locations, quality is very high.
• Price:
Price and monetary constraints are always subjective to shopping. When it comes to jewelry shopping, these constraints widen but also severe. Also, there is one more concern that revolves around the price of jewelry pieces and it is that of reasonability of price. There has been a trend of inflating the price and the reasonability of price ranges is rarely noticed under such trends. However, DWS deals far away from such fraudulent pricing. This quality of DWS makes it stand apart from all other fraudulent jewelers and therefore it is much appreciated and revered across its customer base.
• Service:
DWS has reached this stature and name in the jewelry market mainly because of the unmatched service that it provides to the customers at every level of association. The service that they provide is driven by prioritizing customer satisfaction over anything else; this is a major vision that the entire team at DWS has. Service quality is one of the most important aspects that a customer demands and expects. This is diligently taken care of by DWS.
After having a look at the claimed and proved qualities of DWS jewelers and the importance and history pertaining to birthstones, it will be wise to choose DWS as the only jeweler whom you let to cater to your jewelry requirements.