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Onyx 925 silver 2.3ct diamond pave vintage look bangle gemstone
Onyx 925 Sterling Silver 2.3ct Diamond Pave Vintage Look Bangle Gemstone Jewelry
Natural 1.70ct diamond pave 925 silver bangle fashion jewelry
Natural 1.70ct Diamond Pave .925 Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet Fashion Jewelry
Pave diamond om bangle 925 silver vintage inspired latest jewelry
Pave Diamond OM Bangle Sterling Silver Bracelet Vintage Inspired LATEST Jewelry
Four skull bangle pave diamond ruby 925 silver handmade jewelry
Four Skull Bangle Bracelet Pave Diamond Ruby Sterling Silver Handmade Jewelry
Pave diamond 14k gold snake bangle 925 silver wondering halloween fine
Pave Diamond Bangle 14K Gold SNAKE Bracelet 925 Silver WONDERING Halloween Fine
Diamond studded hamsa hand bangle 14k gp 925 silver religious jewelry
Diamond Studded HAMSA HAND Bangle Bracelet 14k Gold 925 Silver Religious Jewelry
1.48ct pave diamond 14kt gold 925 silver love quoted bangle jewelry
1.48ct Pave Diamond 14kt Gold .925 Sterling Silver "Love" Quoted Bangle Jewelry
Pave diamond dream palm bangle 925 silver estate look fine jewelry qy
Pave Diamond Dream Palm Bracelet 925 Sterling Silver Estate look Fine Jewelry

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Designer bangle jewelry diamond emerald ruby sapphire tiger bracelet
Designer Bangle Jewellery Diamond Emerald Ruby Sapphire Tiger Bracelet Sterling
18k yellow gold sterling silver rose cut diamond bangle bracelet
18K Yellow Gold And Sterling Silver Rose Cut Diamond Bangle Bracelet
Designer sapphire peacock bangle pave diamond ruby sterling silver
Designer Sapphire Bracelet Diamond Pave Bangle Ruby Sterling Silver Peacock
Solid 14k yellow gold ruby blue sapphire bangle pave set diamond
Solid 14K Yellow Gold Ruby And Blue Sapphire Gemstone Bangle With Pave Set Diamonds
Sterling silver stacking bangle set three 1.5mm bezel set diamonds
Sterling silver stacking bangle set with three 1.5mm bezel set diamonds
1.12ct pave diamond angel wing design bangle sterling silver jewelry
1.12ct Pave Diamond Angel Wing Design Bangle Sterling Silver Handmade Jewelry
Ladies pave set diamond blue sapphire gemstone bangle 925 sterling
Ladies Pave Set Diamond Blue Sapphire Gemstone Bangle Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver
18k gold over sterling silver blue sapphire pave diamond bangle
18K Gold Over Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire And Pave Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Wholesale Diamond Bangles Jewellery Manufacturer In Jaipur

Whenever we talk of gemstones the most beautiful, appealing and precious gemstone is diamond. It is the most desired gemstone across the globe. The jewellery made of this gem is highly in demand as it goes well with every outfit. When diamonds are embedded in metals to form jewellery it gives an amazing look to the wearer. The gemstone also has astrological benefits and chakra healing properties. It is considered that a diamond wearer leads a luxurious life. It is also supposed to bring back your creativity and helps to achieve you, name and fame.
It financial stabilizes the wearer and fills the life of wearer with peace and tranquillity. It keeps the wearer away from dreadful thoughts and leads towards goodwill. It also helps to reduce various diseases like diabetes, uterine diseases, urinary issues etc. It is beneficial for your relationship and sexual life. To avail exceptional benefits of this gemstone it should be worn with platinum or gold.

Astrological Benefits Of Diamond

This gemstone is linked to Venus. It is beneficial for the people who have Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra sun sign. But it also provides benefits to every individual. The people who are doctors, artist, musicians and businessmen are specially benefited by this gem. It is also the birthstone for April born people.

Chakra Healing Properties

Diamond has spiritual vibes. Thus, these spiritual vibrations clear all your chakras and open them. But it is strongly associated with your etheric and crown chakra. The crown chakra has connection with spirituality and etheric chakra has connection with your social life. Hence, the diamonds enhance spiritual energies of the wearer and enhance the social relations of the wearer.

The Relation Between Diamond And Spirituality

Diamonds enhances your psychic powers. It strengthens your power of premonition and intuition. It enhances your instincts.
If you are under confidant and seeking confidence in your life you can put on diamond. This can be in the form of jewellery. Diamonds help you to understand your self-worth. In your tough times it provides you emotional as well as spiritual strength so that you can stay strong under pressure.


Diamonds are mined from the fields of Kenya, South Africa, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Ghana, India, Tanzania and Angola. In India there are fields in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa from where diamonds can be mined.

Use Of Diamond In Jewellery

In the market of jewellery, the most desired gemstone is diamond. There is a high demand of this colourless gem. Colourful diamonds are also being used in jewelleries and are called fancies. Some of the coloured diamonds are highly expensive and rare such as black-diamond. There is a vast market of this gem jewellery. You can find various types of Diamond bangles in India such as gold bangle with diamonds, diamond bangle bracelet etc. You can approach DWS Jewellers, the biggest diamond bangles jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur to get trendy and premium quality jewellery. It looks appealing when embedded in gold or platinum.
Jewellery is the important part of a woman’s life. You cannot imagine a woman without jewellery. Among all the jewellery, bangles are something which women carry every day. Thus, there are many types of bangles available in market which adds sparkle to your look.
These days gemstone jewellery is in trend and the diamond jewellery is highly desirable. Diamonds can be studded in gold, silver and platinum to create beautiful and attractive jewellery.
Diamond-jewellery is evergreen and can be worn on any event. It adds charm to your regular look as well as worn on a formal dress. You can also put on these bangles on a party dress.

A Perfect Gift For Your Loved Ones

If you are searching a gift for your loved ones then these bangles could be the perfect gift for them as it is simple and elegant at the same time. Nowadays many experiments are also done with these bangles such as to give a fancy and modern look to this bangle, diamond jewellery manufacturers have created diamond bangle bracelet. These bangle bracelets made of diamond are also available in India. There is a diamond bangles jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur known as DWS Jewellers. So, you can contact them if you want to buy diamond bangles in India.

Diamonds Embedded In Gold Bangles

There are gold bangles available in market, which have diamonds studded in them. These types of gold bangles with diamond can be a bit expensive as both these gems have high market value.

Diamonds Embedded In Platinum Bangles

The combination of platinum with this gemstone is always deadly and trendy as well, whether it is about a platinum diamond-ring or a platinum diamond-bangle. The platinum jewellery can be expensive but totally worth it.

Diamonds Embedded In Silver Bangles

You can also find diamonds embedded in a silver bangle. The silver bangles are priced economic as compared to gold-diamond or platinum- diamond bangles.
You can find a huge variety of gold bangles, silver bangles and platinum bangles in market. These bangles are available in various styles. You can find both traditional as well as modern style diamond bangles in the market.
Diamond holds a significant value in various civilizations. It is an ancient gemstone which has many beneficial properties. It has mental healing, physical healing properties. It also connects you to spirituality. It is linked with crown chakra and etheric chakra. It is believed that it has mystic powers and in ancient time it was used in talisman. If you add diamond to your life, this can be advantageous for you. It can transform your life by enabling you to achieve your dreams.
Diamonds can be worn in the form of jewellery like diamond rings, bracelets, bangles, bangle bracelets etc. There is a variety of diamonds in market as well. Diamonds are available in various colours like red, orange, brown, green, pink, grey etc. You can get this jewellery in the desired colour and shape.