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Add A Zing To Your Appearance With Designer Silver Jewelry

We all love wearing jewelries. It not only adds that extra vibrancy to your overall appearance, but it can help you to dress up in a much easier way. In the recent time, designer silver jewelries are gaining a lot of popularity. This is mainly due to two reasons, firstly it looks really classy and elegant and secondly, you can pair them easily with all types of outfits. A designer Silver Jewelry Manufacturer in Jaipur has confirmed that, in the last few years the sale of silver jewelry has gone up and hence they are focusing more on developing new designs so that the youth gets more intrigued on buying them. Women from around the world are now buying designer silver jewelry to accessorize their favorite pair of dresses.

In this article we would try to find out, what are the different ornamental designs that the modern day manufacturers have, to offer you. We would segregate different designer silver jewelry for individual categories.

Designer Silver Bangles

Every woman loves to try their hands on some beautiful bangles, let us explore what are the different Designer Silver Bangles available in the market which would trigger your style to the next level.

  1. Marcasite bangles are basically made with rounded beats that look really beautiful. With stones on top, it gives a very traditional look to your overall appearances. You can find them in different shapes and sizes, like twisted, zigzag, etc. This is a very vintage design that looks so classy.
  2. Silver heart-charming bangles are gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. This is because the modern look and sleek design looks really good with almost all types of modern outfits.
  3. The contemporary bangles are perfect for all types of occasions, be it casual or formal. This handcrafted jewelry piece looks really elegant and is a perfect complement to your any day look.

Designer Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets are ideal to be worn on multiple occasions and you can even wear them daily. Let us now find out what latest Designer Silver Bracelets are available in the market that you can wear and totally rock your overall look.

  1. The silver chained bracelets is a great option if you want to wear something simple yet stylish on a daily basis. You can experiment with multiple looks and all of them would turn out to be really elegant.
  2. You can also buy charmed Designer Silver Bracelets with multiple trinklets n stars. This is a dreamy ornament which can help you to dress up very easily.
  3. The diamond and pearl silver bracelets are getting huge attention in the recent times. Even though they look quite traditional, but people are pairing them up with western clothes in order to get that perfect fushion look.

Designer Silver Cuffs

Cuffs have also been trending in recent time mainly due to the fact that they look really stylish and go well with almost all kinds of dresses. You would find different designer silver cuffs that you can wear daily and each of them would look equally elegant on your hand.

  1. The simple and thin silver cuffs are great option for daily used. You wear them to office with formals and Indian attire, and they would add grace to your appearance.
  2. The cuffs with pattern have also gained a lot of popularity. The zigzag designer silver cuffs looks quite funky and you can wear them with all types of western outfits.
  3. If you love matching colors, then wearing silver cuffs that has different color beads can work great for you. You can buy different colors and match them with your attire. These are quite popular specially among the young girls.

Designer Silver Earrings

No look can be complete without wearing that suitable pair of earrings. Buying silver earrings work great with almost all types of clothes and you can pair them with your favorite outfit. Some of the popular silver earrings designs are given below:

  1. If you go to office, school or college daily then stud earring are something that you must be familiar with. They are small earrings that can be worn anytime and anywhere and it can help you to complete your formal looks instantly.
  2. The hoop earrings have been really in demand for some time now. They go really well with western dresses and would make you looks very stylish once you wear them.
  3. Jhumkas have always been the favorite piece of designer silver earrings of Indian women and they really add a festive look to your Indian attire. Pair them with your favorite traditional dress and you would not need any other jewelry.

Designer Silver Pendants

A silver pendant with a silver chain can glam up your look and would make your appearance complete. Here is a list of options that you can choose from:

  1. The silver pendant with a small diamond looks very chique. You can wear it with your formal wear and it would give you an instant complete look. Pair it with your favorite silver chain and you would fall in love with the design.
  2. The next designer silver pendants are the sterling hammered pendant. It has a funky look and you can go out wearing it on a brunch. It has a circular shape with a rough surface throughout.
  3. You can also wear a pendant that are of different shapes and patterns. You would find multiple silver shaped pendants like that of a bird, animal or even abstract patterns. These pendants are really famous, especially among younger women.

Designer Silver Necklaces

You can find many finely designed necklaces that are made by manufacturers who have years of experience in this field. Some of the popular styles in necklace would include:

  1. The choker style Designer Silver Necklaces is something that has recently gained a lot of popularity. You can wear them with Indian wear and even western wear to get that perfect Indo-western look.
  2. The Riviere necklace with one or two rows of precious stones also looks quite stunning. You can also consider buying semi-precious stones if you are on a tight budget. They look really elegant with all types of attire.
  3. If you wish to look beautiful and unique on the next occasion, then you should consider buying the shoulder necklace. It is very underrated but when you wear it, you would surely stand out from the crowd.

Designer Silver Rings

Designer Silver Rings have really been in fashion and you can wear them on a daily basis. Some of the popular design would include

  1. Thin silver rings with stone.
  2. Rings with patterns.
  3. Thick sold rings.

Designer Silver Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

Silver is one common metal that has been used for several centuries even before the discovery of gold. From their initial Discovery up until now silver has always managed to who hold their plays in the jewellery industry despite the heavy competition with other metals like gold platinum and copper for several centuries. People started using silver again for Jewellery items with the development of modern fashion jewelry designs. Even though there are various traditional designs available in Gold jewellery they do not give the perfect antique look that at the Silver jewellery gives away. Multiple number of jewellery designs have been introduced in silver including silver necklaces, bangles, bracelet, ring, and earrings.

Beautiful Antique Designs

Recently most of the celebrities are wearing these designer silver Jewellery items along with their Costumes including both modern party wear and traditional sarees. Silver necklaces are the form of traditional designs worn by tribal people and people from various States still wear Jewellery silver necklace that indicates their traditional values and designs. Large silver necklace handcrafted with perfect antique finishing is suitable for traditional sarees and other types of traditional costumes.  simple silver necklace with the single stranded Chain and pendant will form a perfect modern wear that would go well along with any type of costume like jeans or skirts. These simple Jewellery silver necklace are famous among youngsters and professional women who prefer light jewellery for their complete professional look.

Engagement Specials

Marriages and engagements are the important function in a person's life. Why most of the Hindu marriages are indicated with a mangalsutra they still follow the habit of exchanging rings during their engagement functions. Certain people also exchanged rings during their marriage. Rings have played an important role in the life of most of the people and they indicate their promise of love made to each other. Why most of the people prefer gold rings certain people also gift silver rings as their promise of love. This silver jewellery rings simple single band or as a  Ring with pave diamonds embedded in them. DWS  Jewellery is one of the leading silver jewelry manufacturers in the country located in Jaipur Rajasthan. Being one of the leading manufacturers we provide a variety of designs for our customers which are designed by our special unit of designers who have excellent creative skills.

Other Exotic Jewellery Items

DWS provides a wide range of collections of various types of Jewellery items including beautiful earrings for women of various ages. These jewellery silver earrings especially the traditional jhumkas are famous all over the world. Sometimes people wear these jhumkas along with traditional costumes without any types of the necklace to enhance the beauty of the earring. Several celebrities nowadays prefer silver earring loops or Jhumkas for their party wear along with traditionally designed handcrafted silver jewellery bangles that provide a perfect combination of modern beauty. We have a wide range of collections in our showroom and in our online website portal. For more information on our designs and to view them online visit us at