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Vintage Engagement Rings For Women

Women nowadays are more interested in a piece of antique jewelry when compared to modern collections. Most women try to preserve their family jewelry since they can come back into the trend. It is not just the dresses. The jewelry items also have a circle trend. Among such collections, vintage engagement rings have always held a perfect value. They are sentimental, and women prefer engagement pieces over any other item. Maintaining and preserving such unique collections require patience and knowledge that you can develop through this blog. Let us now look at the antique rings and how you can maintain them for a long time even while wearing them.

Value Of The Old Ones

Some people think that old collections have no value. But in reality, these vintage-style engagement rings have a higher value when compared to modern collections. This condition is because the designs are beautiful and something that has lasted for multiple generations. Along with the emotional value, the design also plays an important role. If you are interested in purchasing such a model, it is essential to look for antique pieces. But nowadays, with the development in technology, many shops offer vintage-designed collections. So, to be clear, you are purchasing a new product designed like an old one. From the color to the intricate design detail, they make everything to perfection. Such collections are rare, but they need to be maintained as well.


With unique vintage engagement rings, maintenance plays an important role. Since it has a sentimental value, you must wear them regularly. During such conditions, avoid wearing them while exposed to Extreme temperatures when bathing, cooking, gardening, and washing utensils. This work can spoil the quality of the product. Try to soak it in lukewarm water every week and polish it regularly for maintenance.

Famous Victorian Brand

Victorian engagement rings have always gained unique popularity because of their designs. Usually comprises a variety of metals like silver, rose gold, and gold. They can showcase the gemstone, cutting with clarity. Most of the collections include cutting the like Marquise, old mine, and rose model cut. Along with them, the round collections also came into trend, especially from the year 1860. They are one of a kind and have a perfect setting that provides a snug fit for your finger. They feature a variety of gemstones including blue sapphire, diamond, green Emerald, and Ruby.

Sapphire Collection

Presenting a vintage Sapphire engagement ring is a symbolization of honesty, faith, and sincerity. There is also a belief that supports the concept that using this engagement ring will provide fortune in the marriage and allows you to stay healthy. It symbolizes the importance of your partner in your life. We combined this sapphire gemstone with beautiful diamond stones to provide a sense of completeness. We used this design in the royal jewelry item and is famous among the general women. So purchasing a sapphire-based ring will be the best choice for women with a delicate nature. It is necessary to test the quality of the gemstone before buying the product. They are available in oval, and square cuts.

Emerald Model

The color green always held the essence of perfection for women. So these vintage Emerald engagement rings with a rich green color provide a top-notch look. Most women and men nowadays prefer a square-cut Emerald gemstone in the middle with my new diamond surrounding it to provide a perfect combo. These collections symbolize good luck and the love the couple has for each other. It is also a civilization of peace and eternal hope that shows their intent and blesses the marriage. Presenting this collection to your partner is a representation of a new beginning and development in life. The major disadvantage of the emerald collection is that they have many Imperfections making it vulnerable to breakage. So, to maintain the collection with precautions.

Opal Collections

The vintage Opal engagement rings are a representation of faithfulness and creativity. It allows them to develop confidence within their relationship. The beautiful white and mixed color adds to the beauty. It’s not just green, but they are also available in a variety of other shades like pink and blue. These vintage-style collections have gained more popularity since the color combo goes perfectly well along with the design. You can present them as an engagement ring for your better half.
The collections are available as a single centerpiece in most cases. But sometimes the vintage models also include a triple centerpiece or a flower pattern with the gemstone embedded in them. There are many vintage models available for the Opal piece. Women with a better knowledge of the vintage collection and those who have a love for colors will prefer this option.

Oval Engagement Collections

With a similarity to the diamond rings, these vintage oval engagement ring collections are a representation of a promise forever. Wearing these rings will improve your creativity and allow you to take a risk in life. It is a promise ring that you can present as an engagement ring for your loved ones to start a new life together. Despite having a similarity to the diamonds, they have always had a unique place in ancient times because of their price and beauty. They are really popular and are available in round cuts. They will never go out of style and these vintage collections can be a better addition to your special day. Women with the classic style and delicate features will prefer this option.

Vintage Halo- A Trendsetter Forever

These vintage Halo engagement rings are usually at least 20 years old to 99 years. Some of them use most of them to remain unused regardless of their old age. These inspired collections can never go out of date and women always loved them because of their unique style and design. This particular cut pattern will never go out of style, regardless of the usage and modernity fused in the engagement sector nowadays. The collections with ordinates handcrafted engraving and minute diamonds embedded on the line provide a better classic look.

Marquise - An Old Beauty

Time and time again, the jewelry field has proven its value. Regardless of the old collections, women always have a love for jewelry. We shape these vintage marquise engagement rings like a football and they provide an appearance that can never go out of style. Similar to the choker set that went out of style and regained its footing recently, this collection also so has appeared now and then. The designs might look odd to some women. But with surrounding patterns, it can never become a disappointment in the fashion industry.

Emerald-Cut- A Desire To Wear

As the name says, these vintage emerald-cut engagement rings have gained more popularity and never fell out of trend because of the office a shiny appearance. Similarly, its ability appears huge and better, which has made it a better choice for most women. Gifting them to your better half during the day of engagement is good. They used this type of cut-in-white gemstone with transparency. Original quality diamond stones surrounded most of them to stress their appearance. So if you are a person with a love for square-cut or emerald-cut models, then go for the vintage collections, since the designs always last forever with a sense of simplicity. If your better half has or is interested in rich collections, then this product is the better choice.

Moissanite - Price Does Not Matter

Replicas have always entered the field now and then and became popular regardless of their cheap price and the fact that it is a duplicate. These Vintage moissanite engagement rings are one such product that was valued for its designs and not the gemstone. Most women do not prefer a duplicate product, but its ability to shine brilliantly has made it a better option when compared to the Diamond. It is like natural diamonds and this handmade gemstone can make it difficult for you to distinguish the difference with the naked eye. Even now, they are available and used in modern collections. If you are looking for a vintage product, remember the product value is higher. The price is not for the gemstone but for it being a vintage product.

Unique Models

Sometimes even during ancient history, women preferred designs that differ from the others. So with such ideas came these unique vintage engagement rings. Instead of following a regular pattern with a centerpiece, these rings have a different model with floral patterns. Set in collections also have black gemstones embedded in them, which are quite rare for engagement. If you are interested, you can purchase these designs from anywhere. If you have a partner, who prefers to be unique from others, then these collections can be a better choice since they are one in a million. Most women prefer vintage rings because it is a blessing in disguise. The ring has seen multiple marriages that they considered to be sentimental. So purchase them for your engagement.

Amethyst - The Purple Beauty

If you’re looking for a unique combo in the vintage collection, then these Vintage amethyst engagement rings are the best. They show a sense of wisdom, sincerity, and purity. It offers a better start for your life, together with faithfulness. Remember that anything can scratch this gemstone since it is low on the hardness scale. So choose with caution. Choose this ring design with Diamonds embedded around for a grand appearance. If your woman preserves her jewelry with caution, then you can purchase them.

Pattern And Cuts Followed

When selecting a vintage ring, it is necessary to understand the cuts and patterns. Each gemstone is unique, and sometimes they are embedded in raw form. Remember halo and the Marquise, has left the market a few years ago, but for vintage, you can choose them since it is proof of history and Designs followed before a century. So if you decide to go for vintage engagement rings for women, remember that the quality will vary along with the modern appearance. The setting in engagement rings will vary and might not be as unique as they are available now. You cannot expect a perfect cut from old collections.
Some of the common settings include the Bezel setting, the box set, cluster, three stone, four-prong, and other unique settings. Each of these collections is available in the market. They remained through the years with their craftsmanship and style.
Most vintage setting engagement rings have a history right from the Georgian Era. While the cluster setting dates back to the Georgian Era, the bezel setting collections are available from the middle ages. Each of these settings brings out the gemstone with minimal metal contact.

Why Us?

If you are looking forward to purchasing any Victoria and vintage engagement rings, ensure their quality. Nowadays, most people offer collections stating that it is the old ring, but in reality, we manufactured them to look like an old one. So the quality and authenticity of the collections play an important role. There are a variety of showrooms available within the country that offer such models. It is not just within the country. There are such Victorian engagement rings for sale available globally. Similarly, as mentioned above, the maintenance of these vintage earrings is essential. So even if you purchase it through online portals and other authenticated shops, ensure that you have a local shop willing to polish it for maintenance.
If you are looking for a perfect collection, then DWS is the best option. We have our manufacturing unit along with the showroom that provides you with a variety of Victorian model collections. Visit our website, mobile application, and shop for more details. We have our manufacturing unit and factory, that allows you to polish the jewelry and maintain its safety for a long time. Each product is unique, and you need we are there for your jewelry maintenance and purchase. Located in the Sitapur industrial area, we strive to achieve the best.