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All About October Birthstone Opal

Let’s Begin-

Needless to mention, in a culturally rich nation like India, jewelry pieces are a part of dressing up essentials. Not only for dressing purposes, in our country, jewelry has relevance beyond merely dressing up and looking good. Numerous rituals, traditional follow-ups, and cultural legacies call for individuals to wear certain jewelry types being symbolic of various things. Besides the religious callings, showcasing of economic stature is yet another act that jewelry pieces aid. For almost all kinds of gatherings, get together, functions, etc, the jewelry that particularly women carry becomes symbolic of their financial state.

Along with the above-mentioned reasons associated with wearing jewelry, now comes yet another generalized reason- looking good. Beautification has a lot to do with how contended you are with your dress up, accessories and related things. A person who feels contended and happy within reflects that contentment as beauty. With women, jewelry genuinely and undoubtedly adds to how they feel about themselves. Having dressed up according to one's requirements and expectations satisfies women and that is then reflected in their latent yet brimming beauty.

Gemstone Jewelry-

Besides the famous and renowned metals like gold and silver used for jewelry making, there are yet other things which have been used in jewels since ages and history is evidence of this fact. The most important components after gold and silver are gemstones. Gemstones are naturally occurring and hold immense importance in an astrological sense and jewelry making as well. Most common gemstones are opal, emerald, onyx, opal, etc.

India, being a culturally and traditionally rich country has had older and stronger ties with the concept of astrology. Wherein in this concept, gemstones hold utmost importance and play an essential part as claimed by the astrologers since centuries. It is believed that wearing gemstones that suit a person's astrological profile is said to be immensely beneficial for the individual. Different gemstones suit different profiles and are claimed to benefit in different spheres of life.

The trends and beliefs pertaining to astrological science have made gemstones a demanded deal. The beliefs still hold true for a substantial part of the millennial generation the only difference is that now the generation demands trendy pieces of jewelry. There are really not many jewelers in India that serves customers with quality gemstones in trendy personalized or premade jewelry. This is a hard deal to crack by many. The prominent name which comes to customer's rescue at this point is DWS Jaipur that has been a renowned jeweler in the market and continues to be.

The concept of birthstone is linked to astrological science. Specific gemstones have been associated with individual astrological profiles that depend mainly on the month in which that individual was born. Taking this concept ahead, the terminology of birthstone came into existence where a gemstone is associated with every month of the year. People born in a specific month refer to that month’s gemstone as their birthstone.

October Birthstone

What’s An October Birthstone?

This would have been a genuinely frequent question coming to the minds of individuals born in the month of October. The answer is- extremely alluring and gorgeous Opal gemstone. The October birthstone opal is scientifically a hydrated amorphous form of silica. This gemstone has a water content ranging from three percent to twenty-one percent by weight. Opal birthstone meaning is that the gemstone opal is related to the month of October. October birthstone colors are basically black, pink, white, green, purple, blue, grey, yellow, red, orange and brown. This alluring October stone suits silver jewelry in an awestruck manner and customers have cherished the combination of both. A substantially wide range of October birthstone jewelry is available at DWS, these consist of October birthstone rings, October birthstone earrings, October birthstone bracelets, October birthstone bangles, October birthstone cuff, October birthstone pendants, October birthstone necklace and many more.

Astrologically, many claimed and evident opal benefits are believed to exist. The opal gemstone helps the wearer to contain everlasting happiness and joy in his/her life along with finding love, good luck, and positivity wherever one goes. In medical spheres, astrologers claim that opal gemstone aids in improving digestion, other stomach ailments and all sort of eye problems.

DWS Jaipur

This jewelry store set up in the year 2004 is localized in Jaipur city of Rajasthan. Over fifteen years of providing unmatched quality and unparallel services to its customers, it has earned for itself an extremely commendable position in local and international markets too. The most important aspects of DWS are its affordable and genuine price range with personalized jewelry options at an uncompromised quality, made with sheer dedication. They are entitled to provide customer satisfaction as their work priority.

Coming to birthstone jewelry pieces, October birthstone jewelry findings have been genuinely difficult with the expected quality and pattern of pieces of jewelry for many of us. Coming to our rescue, DWS also brings to its customers a complete range of birthstone related jewelry with commendable customization options available at a practical and reasonable service cost and jewelry price. DWS jewelers bring to you an alluring range of October birthstone opal jewelry wherein they have beautiful opal rings, opal earrings, opal bracelets, opal bangles, and opal cuff for men, opal pendants and opal necklaces. DWS is, in actual sense, a one-click destination for availing your dreamt gemstone/birthstone opal pieces of jewelry.

Unmatched Qualities Of DWS-

  1. Transparency: Staying miles apart from any fraudulent activities, DWS has set for itself an image of being transparent and reliability. With this, at DWS, they ensure the customers of clean and transparent jewelry making, services, and transactions. Owing to such commendable features, DWS has created for itself a wide national and international customer base within a mere of fifteen years of being in the jewelry business.

  2. Consistency: DWS is not a jewelry store that merely claims to stick to its visions and objectives. Overall these years they have proved their consistency in providing commendable services with assured quality and trusted services. With such consistent high in their quality services, they continue to grow on a global and local level with an amazing word of mouth by every customer that comes to them. At DWS, they are diligently entitled to always hold true the ideologies that they began with and continue doing so in every aspect of jewelry business and related services.

  3. Rules, Regulations, And Policies: All the rules, regulations and policies set up on jewelers by the government and higher level departments/ authorities are diligently followed and consistently obeyed by DWS. At DWS, every team member makes sure to serve flawlessly while still being in the boundaries set up by the government or other departments. Also having an international customer base, they ensure that all the regulations set for international councils and respective country’s governments pertaining to jewelry imports are attended to in a careful manner. This is one of the many reasons why DWS is said to be one of the cleanest and renowned jewelry store in India.

  4. Genuine And Quality Products: At DWS, the team does not believe in compromising quality at any cost. Completely genuine pieces of jewelry are brought to the customers always. With a surety in quality assurance and genuine offerings, DWS holds true its long-existing motto of customer satisfaction. The extremely talented designers and artisans at DWS make sure that not breach occurs in any case.

  5. Price: There are many jewelers in the market who assure quality but along with it hike prices of jewelry to an unimaginable and irrelevant point. Customers have complained about such cases many a time. Aiding the jewelry customers, DWS has assured and proven to deliver jewelry of uncompromised quality and standards at reasonable and genuine price range. This is one commendable USP of DWS jewelers.

  6. Reliability And Trust: Since 2004, the quality assurance and tremendous service that DWS jewelers provide have been the main reason why customers completely rely upon DWS for their jewelry after having dealt with them even for once. The unquestionable quality and services have made them earn a commendable trust along with the stature that they hold today. DWS jewelers can be justifiably quoted as one of the most reliable and trusted names in the jewelry market. Only because of this trust and reliability, they have maintained and retained a beautiful international consumer base too.

  7. Service: Every team member at DWS is entitled and committed to diligently serving their customers with flawless service. They carry with themselves a moral responsibility of providing the best to the customers and this is one of the many reasons as to why DWS' service providence is unmatchable in the market. Their extremely dedicated and morally responsible team holds the charge for this.

    After knowing about these tremendous qualities of DWS jewelers along with the doubtless quality assurance that they provide, it is difficult to keep oneself from choosing DWS.

    Whatsoever the occasion is, they have a piece of jewelry to suit all your requirements. None of their customers return disappointed once they get in touch with DWS- virtually on their website or at the store. Therefore, thousands and thousands of happy and satisfied customers recommend this tremendously awesome and reliable jewelry store to all those who are looking for quality jewelry at an affordable and reasonable price range.
Wishing a very happy shopping experience to you!