All Information about March Birthstone Aquamarine

Before beginning to shop for jewelry pieces, it has always been advised to do some homework to ensure that you know the appropriate specifications and are acquainted with the necessary knowledge. Jewelry pieces involve huge monetary exchange and therefore jewelry shopping must be mindfully done. However, for mindfully shopping for jewelry pieces, having appropriate knowledge is utmost and therefore if one does not want to fall into the traps set by fraudulent traders in the market, being educated about certain important spheres is extremely essential.
Prior to beginning the shopping, the types, history, variety, best traders, genuine price ranges, best services, etc must be searched for and kept in mind while purchasing jewelry pieces. Such information proves to be very important when dealing in an atmosphere which has a certain amount of frauds going on.

Here is a small guide for you on March birthstone aquamarine jewelry.

Let’s begin-

None of us is alienated to the importance of jewelry pieces in our lives- especially that of women. Wearing jewelry has been symbolic of a number of things which religion governs at most. Religious beliefs have a major thing to do with jewelry pieces and their essentiality particularly for women in countries like India. This does not mean that in the other parts of the world wearing jewelry pieces is a lesser-known trend. This fashion has been widespread across the globe since time evident.  Almost all civilizations, religions and communities that have ever existed on the earth in some recent centuries have had an inclination towards jewelry pieces for a variety of reasons. This has been a common point of contact for all these fraternities across the globe.
Besides religious and ancestral beliefs, jewelry accessories have also been revered in the aspects of beautification. Women have a special inclination towards jewelry pieces for this reason mainly. They enhance the wearer's beauty and contribute highly to the eloquence and elegance of an individual and his/her dress up. The compliment that jewelry pieces lay on the apparels and overall looks of an individual are substantially noticed and acknowledged.

Gemstone Jewelry-

Having stated the importance and reverence that jewelry pieces hold in an individual’s life, it is also equally essential to know about the major jewelry types that exist.
There has been a narrow perception amongst the masses that jewelry pieces revolve only around the two major metals namely gold and silver. No doubt, these have been most popularly used in jewelry making since ages but it must not be forgotten that there are other elements too that have been elegantly beautifying the glory and glamour of jewelry. Some of the most known elements in this regard are the ever beauteous and electric gemstones.
Gemstones are naturally occurring which are extracted from various sources are carved into stone as you finally get to see them. These have been believed to possess tremendous powers of healing and blessing n individual’s life is worn according to the proper astrological profile.  Astrology is of the belief that gemstones can also be used as corrective measures for the mishaps or bad times.
Countries which have a larger inclination towards religions like Hinduism are more towards believing the astrological science and its studies. Therefore, India has seen a tremendous move towards astrology and gemstones since forever.
It is undoubtedly accepted that the addition of gemstones in jewelry pieces make them more worthy and alluring than ever. The jewelry industry, besides the astrological belief too, has been bringing trendy and amazing jewelry designs made in gemstones. Gemstone jewelry pieces seem like they are only crafted for the elite, this is the level of class that they exhibit.
Astrologers believe that a gemstone has been associated with every planet in our solar system and because every planet is related to a month in the year, every month has a gemstone of its own.
This gave birth to the concept of birthstones. The gemstone of the month that an individual is born in becomes his/her birthstone according to astrological science. Due to many reasons, individuals are advised to wear jewelry pieces of their birthstones as they are said to benefit many aspects of an individual’s life- love life, career, higher education, relationships, happiness, marriage, etc.

March Birthstone


What’s a March birthstone?

Every individual having an inclination and belief in astrological science would have come across this question for themselves, as to what is their birthstone.  The answer for March born individuals is- the glamorous gemstone aquamarine. The March birthstone aquamarine is an extremely gorgeous and beautiful gemstone. Aquamarine birthstone meaning is that the gemstone aquamarine is related to the month of March and the individuals born in this month. March birthstone colors are gorgeous and exquisite which go well in all metal types. Pure beauty and nothing else.
A wide range of March birthstone jewelry is available at DWS, these consist of March birthstone rings, March birthstone earrings, March birthstone bracelets, March birthstone bangles, March birthstone cuff, March birthstone pendants, March birthstone necklace etc.
Astrologically, aquamarine benefits are enormous which include healed up trauma, cooling down of high temper, resolution of conflicts, stress relieving, peace imparting, heart and mind calming, and also helps the wearer in being truthful.

DWS Jaipur

When quality assurance and brilliance in jewelry making is talked of, DWS is the first name that comes to the mind.
DWS Jaipur is a jewelry store set up in Jaipur in the year 2004. It has only flourished and prospered since then. They are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and providing high-quality services and products to cater to the customers' requirements in an efficient and commendable manner. They also have an international client base which speaks highly of their stature and reverence not only in India but across the globe. They are trustworthy and genuine.
Coming to gemstones and birthstones, March birthstone jewelry findings of aquamarine are very difficult to look for in a market which has a number of fraudulent activities going on. But DWS is here at your easiest rescue.
DWS is a boon in this sphere; the amazing qualities of this jeweler and the unmatched services that they provide are commendable. DWS Jaipur is the one-stop for March birthstone aquamarine jewelry with aquamarine rings, aquamarine earrings, aquamarine bracelets, aquamarine bangles, and aquamarine cuff, aquamarine pendants, and aquamarine necklaces.

Unmatched Qualities of DWS-

• Consistency:
Being consistent in business and ensuring consistent services with quality is a very essential part of any business. No customer would appreciate the idea of inconsistent service qualities of fluctuating services. DWS has very well recognized this expectation that customers have from their jewelers and have diligently fulfilled it. They have been successfully dealing with their customers in a diligent manner since last 15 years. This is a unique superpower of DWS over other inconsistent jewelers in the market.
• Rules, regulations, and policies:
In the jewelry business, the rules, regulations, and policies set up by various authorities and the governments hold an immensely important role. The jewelers have to abide by these in any condition or they might be held liable for a number of things according to the laws. Not only the customers, DWS knows it very well how to keep the authorities satisfied. They are only involved in abiding by the rules and regulations and therefore have never come across any issues in this aspect.
• Genuine and quality products:
Genuine and quality products are the specialty of DWS. The customer base that they have successfully retained in all these years is by and far a resultant of the product quality that they have entitled themselves to provide. They are not involved in any fraudulent activities and are only committed to providing the best and true quality of products.
• Price: 
Price is never a factor to worry about when dealing with DWS jewelers. The price that they set for all their products and services is extremely genuine to the quality standards. The reasonable prices have attracted a lot of customers towards their unmatched offerings. They are never involved in inflated pricing for prioritizing their profit margins and therefore quote the most reasonable and justifiable prices for their products and services. This quality of DWS is indeed unmatched in the market and their vast customer base is evidence of this fact.
• Service:
DWS jewelers provide top class services of jewelry making and personalization. Their jewelry making rate is extremely reasonable like all other offerings. The designers that they have appointed are extremely dedicated which is reflected in their flawless services. They are very prominent in ensuring timely service with uncompromised quality standards and true to the work rates. DWS has been famous for a number of reasons and their service is one of the most important ones.
After having a brief about the March birthstone aquamarine and its jewelry, if you are intending to buy some for you then DWS is the best one that can cater to all your requirements under one roof.