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July Birthstone: What You Need To Identify About Rubies?

One of the best birthstones for July month is ruby. The king of gemstones is the other name of ruby which also carries good fortune. It is one of the highly prized gemstones. As compared to large diamonds, large ruby is very hard to find and the ruby price increases with the size of the stone. The shiny red stone is known as ruby. Male or female, young or old, etc have one thing in common which is birthstone. 2,000 years ago the ruby was discovered but now also people are confused where exactly it is assumed to be in India.

Diamond, the ruby, the sapphire, and the emerald are some of the precious gemstones. You will get ruby of many shades from pink to dark red. Deep red is considered to be the most precious and has more value than others. In Ancient Hindu mythology, it was a belief that if you rub rubies directly on your skin it improves both mental and physical health and also improve blood circulation.

What Is A birthstone?

There's always a question arises what is a birthstone? So in this article, you will get the explanation of everything. Birthstone is that kind of stones which are associated with the birth month. Each stone has a significant meaning and uses. Nowadays you will commonly see birthstones in jewelry pieces, bracelets, ringsnecklaces or earrings. Birthstones are part of the modern society people who nowadays also believe in luck and trust birthstones a lot. Wearing a birthstone can bring wellness and good fortune for your future.

About July Birthstone:

Corundum is mainly known as aluminum oxide. Ruby is a composed mineral which is also known as aluminum oxide. Are you confused regarding ruby color? Ruby has a different color from pink to deep red. In Sanskrit ruby is known as ‘ratnaraj’ which means king of all gemstones. This month jewelry is also known for love stone because the stone has a beautiful red color on it. Myanmar which is previously known as Burma is a place which is abundant in the production and exploration of rubies. You can find rubies in different parts of the world like Thailand, Cambodia, and Afghanistan. You will also find all this in different countries like Vietnam, the US and Nepal. Burmese Rubies are one of the most famous rubies as compared to other rubies as these rubies are of one of the finest qualities and you will mainly find these rubies in Mogok Valley of Burma. Ruby benefits in bringing peace and love in your life. You can even simply buy ruby online. In Jaipur, you will find a natural ruby jewelry store that provides varieties of ruby of different colors at different ruby gemstone price.

About Ruby As July birthstone: 

It is a stone which is suitable for every day wear and rubies is also known to be the hardest than any other gemstone and its one of the most durable stone. Ruby is a sign which can protect you from evils as it is a belief of every people. And some other says that ruby attracts good luck. To show off the wisdom, wealth, and power most of the kings, the royal and nobility use to wear ruby.

You may always think why you have to use a particular stone for every birth month? There is a connection between the gemstones and the twelve months of the year to the bible itself. The most valuable rubies are those which are deep in color which is also called pigeon blood red and also has the highest level of clarity with few or no milky inclusions. The July birthstone ruby is very effective and considered as one of the best for the July birthday people. There is a shop in Jaipur who are natural ruby jewelry manufacturer and who have a variety of ruby jewelry which you can buy as per your birth month or for gifting other.

Ruby can be considered as one of the effective gemstone and one of the precious stone as compared to other stones. All the natural rubies have an imperfection within them which also include their color impurities.

Facts About Ruby That You Must Know:

This July birthstone is said to be one of the gemstones with highest price. It’s very difficult to find larger rubies as compared to find large diamonds. The size is one of the factors because as the size increase the ruby price also increases.

Ruby stone meaning:- it is a gems stone which is very precious and is very rarer. Ruby price is considered as per the size. This symbolized the sun and its glowing hue suggests an inextinguishable flame within the stone.

• Ruby is one of the precious gemstones as compared to other gemstones like diamond, sapphire, and emerald.

• Rubies are originated from Latin “Rubens” which means red.

• Corundum is a thing which forms ruby. Corundum is also available in many other colors but those color are considered as sapphires.

• As ruby is considered as the birthstone of the month of July. It brings powerful and positive results to the person who is buying it and the people around it.

• Ruby is just not only a birthstone for June month but it is also considered as a birthstone for Zodiac sign cancer also. By wearing ruby you will bring positivity in the form of success, fame, good health and name.

• Ruby can warn you about the upcoming problem in advance. If something bad is going to happen the color of the ruby switch to a darker version.

• The term “Corundum” was originated from Tamil word “Kurultai” which also means ruby.

• Ruby is considered as a gemstone for the wedding because it has a beautiful red color which can add beauty to the bride.

• Gifting ruby to your spouse on 40th marriage anniversary can increase love and affection in couples.

• In ancient time ruby was considered as luck as ruby were laid in the foundation of a new building so that it can strengthen the house.

• In ancient time women use to wear ruby to make their physical appearance attractive and increase their beauty.

• If you see ruby gemstone in your dream then its one of the good sign and this also indicates that you will secure your money and wealth in your upcoming life.

• In the year 1837 first synthetic ruby stone was created by a French chemist “Gaudin”.

• In the American Museum of natural history, you will find the world largest ruby “Manik Ratna” which has a weight of 4.67grams.

• To honor there soldier during the war days Chinese use to give this amazing ruby.

• Nowadays it's very hard to recognize real ruby as in today’s market you will get treated rubies and synthetic rubies.

• You should always consult an expert gemologist before you buy an untreated and natural ruby.

• As we know rubies symbolize protection and power as ancient people use to wear a talisman, it was considered that it will help protect warriors in the war battlefield.

• In the bible, ruby is referred for different time and situations. This gem has beauty and wisdom as associated with the bible.

• In India, people use to believe that rubies will help them to be peace with their enemies.

• One of the precious rubies are those which are full red in color with the hint of blue tones.

• The rarest rubies type is the star Ruby. The surface of the ruby has 12 or 6 rayed star which is created by tiny needle-like inclusions in ruby. This gives a silky sheen once it has been polished and looks amazing. Star ruby also come in the same shade as the normal ruby but it has pigeon’s red blood.

• The highest-quality rubies of 10 carats costs much more than a similar sized diamond. Some of the largest rubies price increases more as compared to diamond. As the rubies price is affected as big is the ruby.

• One of the most amazing and popular shades of ruby is pigeon’s blood which is also called deep red with the hint of blue.

• World’s top rubies quality is mined in Myanmar previously known as Burma. The rubies in Burma have a different name called “Burmese ruby”.

• With lack of inclusions, you can identify Synthetic rubies.

• Rubies are used in jewelry product from a long time since the 1850s.

• In India, people mainly wear ruby for astrological reasons.

• Ruby is the sign of love so in many wedding the rings are considered as an engagement ring as compared to diamond.

• For your good future you should always wear the ruby ring on left hand.