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White Sterling Silver Ring With Amethyst Rough Unshaped Gem


Sterling Silver Ring With Colorful Round Cut Gemstones


Sterling Silver White Ring With Amethyst Pear Cut Stone


Sterling Silver White Ring With Amethyst Matrquise Cut


Plain Silver Band In Circular Pattern With Amethyst Stone


Silver Pita Wire Hoop Earrings With Amethyst Stone


Sterling Silver Oxidized Earrings With Amethyst Cabochon


Sterling Silver White Ring With Amethyst And Garnet Cut


Brass Gold And White Ring With Amethyst Heart Cut And Pita


Sterling Silver Gold 18K Ring With Amethyst And Peridot

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Sterling Silver Earrings With Amethyst Temple Unshaped Stone


Brass Gold Ring With Amethyst Heart Stone


Sterling Silver Ring With Amethyst Round Cut Stone


Sterling Silver Earrings With Pearl And Amethyst Drops


Sterling Silver Earrings With Pearls And Amethyst


Sterling Silver Earrings With Amethyst And Citrine Unshaped


Sterling Silver Earrings With Amethyst And Green Onyx Stone


Sterling Silver Drops With Amethyst Tumble Unshaped Stone


Sterling Silver White And Gold Ring With Amethyst Round Cut


Silver White Ring With Amethyst Round Cut And High Polish


Silver Oxidized Earrings With Amethyst And Pink Amethyst

The Importance Of February Birthstone Amethyst Jewelry And Its Uses:

Amethyst is a very well known name to all who have a good communication with the astrology or jewelry shop. It derives from the ancient Greek word ‘Amethystos’. It indicates the story of boasts. It is a rich-violet purple. You can find it in any shades of purple, lilac, and mauve. These are referred to as the ‘royal gem’. Amethyst is also recognized as the February birthstone. It is a gemstone for the 6th and 17th marriage anniversaries. You can buy February birthstone amethyst jewelry at wholesale prices. 

February Birthstone Amethyst Jewelry In Jaipur:

You may see that there are several amethyst Jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur. Among all these manufacturers, you need to find out the best one for you. You can visit Wholesale February Birthstone Amethyst Jewelry Manufacturer in Jaipur to get the best February Birthstone amethyst. Before buying the February Birthstone amethyst, you need to gather the information about it. You can contact Amethyst Bangles Manufacturer to get the best Amethyst Bangles. Amethyst Bracelets Manufacturer will lead you to buy the right product. 

You can visit them also. As you must know that amethyst is the gemstone and it is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It is very relevant to drive out the darkness of your life. To collect this, you can visit Amethyst Cuffs Manufacturer. Amethyst is for the people who took birth under the sign of Aquarius and Pisces. It is for the month of February. To collect this stone, you may contact with Amethyst Earrings Manufacturer. 

In the ancient time, amethyst was signified for the vision of love. You can collect this Jewellery from Amethyst Jewelry Findings Manufacturer. You can realize that Amethyst is very important for the people and you need to collect this stone from the manufacturer. Amethyst Pendants Manufacturer can be the right place to collect the stone. 

Amethyst In Different Shapes:

Somebody likes to wear this stone as a ring. Sometimes, people would like to wear it as bangle or people may choose it as a necklace also. To buy the Amethyst necklace, you can communicate with Amethyst Necklaces Manufacturer. To buy a ring, you can communicate with Amethyst Rings Manufacturer. You can wear it with different shapes. It will be helpful to reduce your black time. 

Religious Connotations:

This royal gem has the importance of a religious platform. There are a few early Christians who used to believe that Christ is associated with the amethyst. Its purple color represents the purity of the soul or spirit. Another way, its reddish color indicates the suffering. People used to use the Amethyst to aid the healing of wounds. It helps people to be free from mental stress. It also helps to be physically fit. Many psychics take this gem for their own benefits.

So, you need to visit the best jewelry manufacturer to collect this stone for your own welfare. If you go through this article, you would get the right information about your future destination. You can visit these places to get the perfect and right manufacturer. You can get it through DWS Jewellery. This is an online process.


February Birthstone Jewelry

Jewelry was always a woman’s all-time favorite accessories. A life of a woman is empty without jewelry. They give an extra life to your outfit. Nowadays February birthstone jewelry such as bangles, cuffs, earrings, bracelets, pendant, necklace and rings are in great trend. These are not only worn by the women born in February but also by others because of its great look. February birthstones are the purple quartz with a blend of purple and red. These are found in every corner of the earth.

• February birthstone bangles- Bangles are the traditional Indian jewelry mostly worn by young girls and women. It goes perfectly with an ethnic outfit. Nowadays February birthstone studded bangles are in great trend and it looks elegant apart from the gold and silver bangles. It is also worn as a party wear by most of the women. It glam you up.

• February birthstone cuffs- Cuff bracelets are nowadays worn by both men and women. It has become a fashion statement for the country. A February birthstone cuffs bracelet gives an extra essence to your outfit. Along with the cuff bracelet, the arm cuffs and the neck cuffs are also a trend. The arm cuff looks pretty with a sleeveless dress whereas the neck cuff looks like a ‘C’ shape and are adjustable in size.

• February birthstone bracelets- Bracelets are the most beautiful and timeless piece of jewelry a woman can buy. It is a great accessory that can make a real impact on your outfit. A February birthstone bracelet will add a perfect touch of class and glamour to your outfit.

• February birthstone pendants- Necklace always looks the best with a pendant. So a purple February birthstone pendant will always be the best gift for your lady love and especially if she is born in February. It will add an extra color to your ethnic or western outfit.

• February birthstone necklace- A necklace always compliments a female body. It frames your face and draws all the attention of the people. A February birthstone necklace can pull any outfit together and make it look beautiful.

• February birthstone rings- Rings are worn by both the sexes as an ornament or as a token of marriage or engagement. A ring set by a February birthstone will give a classy and royal look to every outfit. It comes in different designs and sizes.

• February birthstone earrings- Earrings are one of the most desirable jewelry in a women’s list. It comes in different shapes, designs, and sizes. It is worn by both men and women. A February birthstone earrings are the best choice for daily purpose, dinner date or for a weekend trip. They look elegant and trendy with every outfit. It compliments your look. 

These jewelry are in trend nowadays and are found almost in every wholesale stores or manufacturer or supplier at an affordable price. They look beautiful with every outfit. They also look glamorous and classy. So you can check out these stores and buy one for yourself too.

Wholesale Amethyst Jewelry In Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. It is well known for a tourist destination. It is a major hub of tourism, manufacture of jewelry and information technology.

Amethyst stone is the most beautiful and precious stone. It is a purple color quartz with a blend of purple and violet. It is found in every corner of the earth. The ancient use to call it ‘Gem of fire’. The ancient Greeks believe that it helps to keep a balanced mindset. The stone symbolizes the month of birth. The beautiful color of the amethyst symbolizes passionate love and romance. These are the semi-precious stones used in jewelry like bangles, necklace, earrings, cuffs, wedding rings, bracelets, and nose pins. It is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Siberia. Due to intensive marketing, these stones have become very popular nowadays. Earlier it was mostly used by the Egyptians and Tibetans used to make prayer beads from it. In the Middle Ages, it was considered as the symbol of loyalty. 

The jewelry is in great demand and therefore these are manufactured by the Wholesale Amethyst Jewellery Manufacturer and they also act as a wholesale amethyst jewelry supplier and supply this jewelry at a reasonable price-

Amethyst Bangles- For Indian women bangles are something which is a part of the culture and tradition. Be it any religion bangles play a significant role in determining the culture and heritage of our people. These are usually worn by women. They come I different shapes, sizes, and colors. Bangles have bee a part of our culture for years. However, the latest trends in bangle designs and types have changed. Nowadays, amethyst bangles are being widely used more than the silver and gold bangles. 

Amethyst Cuffs- Cuff bracelets are yet a new kind in its variety. These are seen being chosen by both men and women. It has become a fashion statement these days. This has become the latest fashion statement these days. These cuff bracelets look quite pretty with different outfits.

Amethyst Bracelets- Bracelets have always been in fashion as women can buy. This is a great accessory that can really make an impact on your overall lookup or style. A perfect amethyst bracelet matched up with your outfit would surely complete your look.

Amethyst Pendants- We have seen men and women wear different kinds of necklaces. However, there is some variety to these. There are some which would look great with a piece of pendant attached to it. An amethyst pendant can be a gift worth presenting to your loved one. It would add an extra glamour when worn with an ethnic or western outfit.

Amethyst Necklace- These necklaces do have some variety and would always compliment a female body. It not only helps frame your face but would easily draw all the attention towards you. An amethyst necklace can look great with any outfit and present a complete look.

Amethyst Rings- Rings are worn by both men and women especially during the wedding. This has been a part of our wedding traditions for over years now. An amethyst form of the ring would not only give you a classy look but even make you look royal. A ring set by an amethyst will give a classy and royal look to every outfit. It is available in different designs and sizes.

Amethyst Earrings- Earrings are one of the most desirable pieces of jewelry in a women’s list. It comes in different designs, shapes, and sizes. It is worn by both men and women. Amethyst earrings are always the best choice for any social, private or personal events.  It can complement your look with any kind of outfit.

These jewelry are often exported by the wholesale amethyst jewelry exporter internationally to other countries at a reasonable price. They are also sold in large quantities at a cheap rate in a wholesale market by the wholesale amethyst jewelry wholesalers. The wholesale designer amethyst jewelry provides the customers with varieties of designs and these are available in all wholesale amethyst jewelry shop in Jaipur and all over India for the customers at an affordable price. Whenever you visit Jaipur, you can pay a visit to these Wholesale amethyst jewelry stores in Jaipur and buy some jewelry from there.