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August Gemstone: What do you need to know about Peridot?

Those who born in August month their primary birthstone is peridot which is light lime to a deep olive green gemstone that symbolized a good fortune. A very common source of volcanoes is called olivine, peridot is originated from olivine. This stone is one of the rarest as they come from deep in the earth mantle pr from pallasite meteorites. Egypt, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, and the USA are some of the places where peridot is found.

What are birthstones?

Birthstones are one of the precious stones which are given as gifts and also you may buy it for yourself for a particular month. From ancient times birthstone is in trend. These precious stones are classified as modern, traditional, mystical, zodiac birthstone and Ayurvedic. There are different types of stones of different colors allotted for each month.

What color is peridot?

Peridot is an ancient gemstone and it is well-known with all jewelry pieces getting all the way to the Pharaohs in Egypt. The gem is a variety of olivine mineral which gives a color of green to the olive green gemstone. The amount of color present in this is depending on the amount of iron present in peridots. This green gem is found in the rocks which are created by volcanoes and in some cases, it is formed as a result of meteors that landed on the earth surface. The fresh lime green color is one of the unique features. This is one of those gems which come in just one color.


This is a stone which brings peace and good luck to the wearer. As ancient Egyptians believed that the stone was associated with the sun and help in wiping off the evil spirits. It is even considered that peridot has healing properties especially for eyes, heart, stomach and lungs. The gemstone also symbolizes the tears of the goddess Pele in Hawaii. You will even find tiny grains of peridot in Hawaiian beaches but it is too small to cut.
The price and the value of the peridot vary a lot and are mainly based on the size and the quality of the particular gemstone. It is even considered that it is one of the affordable green stones available in the market. The darker versions of the peridot gems are more expensive.

Interesting facts about peridot

• As peridot is rich in that's why it is a popular stone. The mining began in around 300BC and going back to Pharaohs in Egypt who mined the gem on the island of Zabargad in the red sea.
• In Egypt, it is regarded as the national gemstone.
• Chrysolite is another name of Peridot. This stone was formed in the mineral olive and used to be referred to in the way.
• There are varieties of the way to cut Peridot. This includes emerald cuts, ovals, and cushions. Larger crystals of peridot have cut gems more than 50 carats in size.
• Wearing this gemstone can bring prosperity and happiness as it does boost creative power and resulting satisfaction gained from the work.
• The people who wear peridot earring gain a lot of power through psychological healing. If you want to forget your past and want to be strengthened further this stone is going to help you.
• If you are suffering from anger issues and depression then this birthstone will help you to boost up your energy and with positive energy.
• As peridot has regenerative power this gemstones have the capacity for healing liver and improves digestive related problems.
• If fear is one of the biggest challenges and you want to overcome but if it's impossible then the stones will help to enhance your heart chakra and will help you to overcome all your fears.
• Peridot helps in boosting immunity and helps in rejuvenate and better the power of the sight.
• This stone will help in wearer realize a cherished dream and bring good luck in your life.
• This stone helps in increasing your confidence and coming out of your comfort zone and discovering your hidden talents.
• People who wear peridot stone have protection from evil eye and negative energies and help our soles to stay away from negative energy.
• Peridot helps in increasing the strength and vitality in people.
• These stones help in clearing out negativity and bring happiness and warmth in the lives of people.
• This earring also helps in understanding feelings, relationship and their values in lives.
• If you are asthma and sinus patients then this will heal it.
• This gives a magical effect on eye, stomach, liver, thyroid and other body parts. This also helps in good sleep, the openness of mind, comfort to people and relaxation.
• This helps in foster love as they are stone of love.
• This stone has a lot of power to manifest money and provides a lot of good energy.

Jewelry you can make out of Peridot

There are various kind of jewelry or ornaments which can be made from the peridot gemstone like ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet, etc.

  1. Peridot rings:  These peridot rings are fixed in jewelry made of gold or silver. You can wear this stone on a little finger or ring finger and you can wear this on Wednesday. People who are suffering from anxiety, irritability, having an anger issue, not confident enough, etc this ring will help you to solve your issues and problem. This ring will help in managing the emotions very well and will make your nature calm or composed to others. The people who born in the month of August can wear this stone fixed with silver or gold as it is august birthstone rings. This stone is peridot birthstone rings as it is one of the best rings for people who are suffering from different mental issues. This stone is so beautiful in color and is best for a partner whom you love. You can even gift peridot engagement rings to your partner on their engagement or any occasion as this stone can make your partner calm and loving. In Jaipur, there is a peridot jewelry manufacture where you will find men’s peridot jewelry rings.
  2. Peridot necklace: women love to wear precious things as they love to show off to others and want to look attractive. For the women who loves stones and gems for them peridot necklace is best. You can wear this for making yourself pretty from inside and women can wear this with every type of outfit. It will best match with saree and maxi dress. Peridot necklace has lots of benefits like this stone help in cures the problem related to digestion and liver. These stones have the power to boost up the immune system and also enhance the eyesight. People use this to cure the illnesses related to the eye. This helps in increasing the decision making power of an individual. If you are fighting between your heart and mind and cannot get the answer then this peridot earring will help in taking the decision in the right way. This stone helps every individual to develop their talents and achieve a better public presentation. This stone can ruin all the negative power around you and can make you feel confident and happy in your life. This green color of the stone symbolizes mother earth which adds calm, consistency and productivity to your professional life whether it is a job or business.
  3. Peridot earrings:  the green stones will make your face shine and attractive. These earrings are best for making yourself stand out from others. This earring will suite with every kind of outfit. As you know there are many kinds of earring in the market of different styles like hoop earring, ring earring, cuff earring, etc. but these earrings are one of the best in the market and will bring out your inner beauty. These earrings will go with every kind of dress and color. These stones are one of the best for those people who are suffering from anxiety and stress. This will remove negativity and bring all the positive things around you. This attractive peridot earring will improve emotional health and will also help in creating love and joy in your life. The powerful action to manifest growth in your abundance and prosperity.
  4. Peridot bracelet: if you have pretty dress and you don’t like anything on your hand but try this beautiful peridot bracelet which will make your soul and your body calm. This stones helps in increasing the energy and power, beauty into your life, and bring light. If you are confused with someone or some decision the stone will help you a lot to take a decision. This helps in to connect with your heart chakra and helps in encouraging your feeling of love. A shinning stone and a dress is perfect for any occasion. Bracelets are one of the best things which can increase the beauty of your hand and will keep it simple.