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Find the Best Jewelry Soldering Techniques from Our Factory

Jewelry soldering is a technique that is widely used in most jewelry shops and other jewelry repair shops. It doesn't matter whether you are purchasing up silver or gold jewelry because every single metal can be soldered. The technique of soldering is available everywhere. If you are an engineer then you might have been introduced to the concept of soldering while fixing electrical circuits in your labs. During this technique, a metal of your choice is placed within the solder then, and it is heated to its melting point. When the metal starts to melt they are placed on the object to be repaired for creating a good connection. Soldering jewelry is a technique that is commonly used for repairing all types of broken chains and other parts in the design. This might seem like an easy job but in reality, they are tougher. If you are connecting a circular or any other metal then the job is relatively easy. But when you are trying to connect a broken part of a chain it should be completed with proper technique so that the final design will be presentable and not detectable. Most of the shops selling jewelry use some expertise technicians for repairing the designs so that they will be stronger, and the repair work done will be undetectable.

From the small rings to large studs all the jewelry items can be fixed. This technique has provided new confidence for the people and nowadays they are ready to try all types of designs on their costumes. This process involves a lot of heat and a bit of smoke. So if you are technically allergic to them do not try them at home.

How To Perform Soldering?

Soldering is a common technique where a metal or alloy is heated to a melting point and placed upon the broken piece to provide a connection between the two other metals. Commonly people used lead for the soldering technique. But because of the harmful side effects produced by the lead people tried to avoid using lead especially after heating them to a melting point. Later the soldering technique which was used for connecting circuits in the electrical field was transferred to several other fields like the mechanical field, jewelry, and also into construction. In the area of mechanical engineering while constructing new machines the concept of soldering was widely used for fixing spare parts. Also similarly they were used in the construction field.

One major development that was made in the soldering technique is the introduction of the concept into the jewelry area. The soldering technique was used to connect different metal pieces together by using a gold or silver alloy as the conductor instead of normal metals. This is because mixing pure gold and silver with low-quality metals will result in issues when the jewelry is sold for replacement or money. At the same time, the soldering technique is an easy concept and most of the students learn the technique during their university studies. They can be easily tried at home for repairing your circuits with proper precautions. But if you are trying to connect two jewelry pieces together then it is always better to seek professional help because the value of these designer jewels is much higher than the other pieces.

It doesn't matter whether you are trying to piece two gold or silver pieces together because at the end of the day the final output is more important than the metal used. If you are trying to solder two gold pieces together then it is better to use gold metal wire for melting. Similarly, if you are trying to join two silver medals or designer pieces together the best option is the silver wire for melting. Also, try to use the thin form of rod or wire possible because they are more artistic and easy to apply for minute details.

Uses Of Soldering In Fashion Jewelry.

The soldering technique is used in the area of both fashion jewelry and also on expensive jewelry. They are used for connecting the broken chains, expanding the size of the rings, mending broken earrings, and also in bangles. Even though it is technically impossible for you to create a perfect design using the solder you can mend them as accurately as possible. But before that, you have to understand that only well-experienced technicians will have the knowledge to choose the perfect soldering wire for jewelry. Most people prefer replacing the jewelry when there is any damage but nowadays you can easily repair them with the correct techniques. This is more useful for the kids because they tend to break the jewelry of an and hence repairing them constantly will allow you to reuse them for a long time especially chains and bracelets. The fashion jewelry field uses silver commonly and they are more suitable because even poor people afford them. They are sometimes later dipped in gold for a blended look. When dipping makes sure that the entire jewel is dipped for an even distribution of the color and to provide a perfect finish.

When you are performing soldering there are certain components that need to be present. Without having them it would be technically impossible for you to provide a perfect result especially in terms of design. If you are trying to develop yourself as a perfect technician then all the components mentioned below are essential but if you are trying to perform the technique at home for occasional requirements then only certain components are essential. Let us now see about the components required for or soldering metal jewelry and other things.

Components For Soldering

Soldering Iron - The first thing that you need to purchase is the soldering iron. It is necessary for you to choose the best solder for jewelry making to provide a perfect finish. The device is used to provide heat that will melt the metals to their melting point making it easier to join them. When you are purchasing the device for electrical circuits the perfect option will choose a device that consumes 25-40 watts of power. Do not imagine that with the increase in power consumption the heat of the device will increase. Because the design concept is different where with the increase in power consumption the component used for melting e will be larger in size. For example, if you are trying to solder a large rod then purchasing a 40 watts device is essential. Similarly when you are trying to join a small chain when purchasing a 25 Watt solder device is enough.

Most people think that they are only available for professionals but the truth is that they can be purchased in most of the electrical shops. Like the drilling machine, the soldering machine is also available for sale in a common manner. When you are purchasing a device make sure that it has a proper rosin core that prevents the metals from getting melted and only the solder wire is subjected to melting. The core is also responsible for wetting the surface of the metals used to prevent melting. But sometimes people use a different kind of core called the acid core that can be used for joining large pipes and metals. They are not suitable for electrical circuits and small jewels because they have the ability to damage the surrounding metal to a certain extent. So when you are trying to use the technique of soldering for jewelry items purchase the best device possible.

Solder - The next important part that you need to purchase for performing soldering is to choose the best solder for jewelry making. The soldering iron is responsible for producing the heat to melt the connecting metal and the original piece in certain cases. The solder is nothing but the connecting metal or wire that is melted to a certain degree to provide a proper connection between the circuits and jewelry pieces. There are a variety of soldiers available in the market including silver, gold, and other alloys. The main concept that is used here is that the solder used should have a lower melting point than the objects they are used for connecting. This will ensure proper connection and prevent the corrosion of the main object. They are available in the form of wires in a variety of diameters. when you are purchasing the wire for connecting circuits and small jewelry pieces then purchase the design that has a diameter of 0.75 mm to 1 mm. The size of the shoulder can be increased with the increase in the size of the joining metals. So depending upon the metal you are using the proper solder should be chosen. The best solder for jewelry repair is silver. So when you are purchasing be careful about the alloy and size. Because compromising it will change the quality of the product during the final output.

Stand - The soldering iron you are using will be made up of iron. When you are working for long hours you will have the requirement to place them on the stand and not on the normal surface because they have the ability to damage the surface they are placed on. The device is normally hot and they have the ability to melt the surface with excessive heat when placed on the surface directly. So the best option is to place them on the stand for safety. Some might think of switching it off before placing it on the surface but the truth is that even when switched off they take time to cool off. Also when you are working continuously switching it off and on alternative Li will waste a lot of time and energy. Because when you switch on the machine a certain amount of time will be taken by the iron to heat up before reaching the melting point of the solder. So waiting for the iron to reach the melting point will waste a lot of time, and it is more convenient with the stand. Purchase a stand that will be best suitable for the working area and they should not interfere with you in your other works. Make sure that the stand is not made up of plastic because even though the iron will not be in contact with the plastic there are still chances for accidents to happen while removing and replacing them resulting in damage. So purchasing a steel or iron stand will be more suitable.

Also when you are purchasing a stand make sure that it has a damp sponge available for convenience. This will allow you to remove the extra solder on the iron and place it perfectly on the stand to prevent leakage.

Solder Braid - Like soldering, desoldering is also a good technique that is used to improve the design of the jewels.  If you are planning on desoldering a repaired part for making certain corrections the braid will be essential. During this technique, the braid is placed upon the solder to be removed and heated using the soldering iron.  This will allow the solder to flow through the braid and be removed completely. You can also use them for altering the design to a certain extent and for making it thick or thin. But when you are using these components, make sure to wear gloves and protective gear. Along with these components you also need a wire cutter to cut the solder and braids. These are the most important and essential components that you need to purchase before performing soldering on jewelry.

Safety Precautions 

Normally when you are performing soldering the iron has the ability to burn objects since it produces a heat of more than 300 degrees Celsius. So it should be kept only on the stand and away from claimable substances including the wires to prevent leakage of current.

Always wear gloves and keep a bucket of water near the table for safety precautions. Using a fire extinguisher is more efficient than a water bucket if you are working on a home-based setup then water is more useful.

Keep the iron tip away from the wires and power line to prevent short circuits. They are extremely dangerous and have the ability to prevent the flow of current or burn the whole place down.

Wash your hands neatly after completing every single process since lead is used in certain techniques.

Some of the heat-resistant substances like asbestos can be used to make a perfect surface for performing these activities. This surface can be covered with heat-resistant sheets to provide a perfect workplace.

Types Of Soldering Techniques

Even though soldering is a simple process there are a variety of types involved in this technique. Depending upon the type of alloy used combined with the type of heat used in preparing these designs there are three forms of techniques involved. Depending upon the type of heat involved the technique will vary. Let us now see about them in detail. The normal techniques used are,

Soft Soldering Technique

Silver Soldering Technique

Brazen Soldering Technique

Soft Soldering Technique

This technique is mainly used for jewelry repair and other soft form attachments like circuit boards and chains. This technique uses lead combined with tin as a solder material. They are used for repairing fancy and silver jewelry items. The melting point of the solder or filler metal should be 400 degrees Celsius. The filler composition should be adjusted according to that and the metal quality should be perfect. The iron is used here for completing the action.

In this technique, the filler material is heated to its melting point by contacting it with the hot iron device. The circuit boards are fixed using liquid metal. The technique uses passive flux technology to avoid the surrounding metals from getting damaged. Sometimes people also use gas torch heated iron for soldering. But most people prefer the electrical soldering iron because of its easy usage and precise technical result. So most of the goldsmiths use the soft soldering jewelry repair technique for making the results perfect. This particular technique is used widely for creating circuit boards, manufacturing, and also for repairing jewelry.

Silver Soldering Technique

This technique is also similar to soft soldering but you have to understand that instead of using lead and Tin they use the most famous silver for joining two metal pieces together. This technique uses silver solders for combining the metals. There are a variety of grade types present in the silver solder. They are available in the form of hard, medium, easy, and very easy with varying melting points. So depending upon your requirement you can choose the best option available. They are used by jewel shops for chain soldering and for creating new designs. They are also used for joining the copper and other lead pipes together. They are slightly more powerful than the previous technique so they are used widely for combining large metals.

This particular technique can be performed through both electric nodes or through torch mode. But the torches are more famous because of the intense heat they produce. Expecting such heat from the iron is not possible and they are not suitable for melting large rods. When the metal is overheated they melt and can be used for combining two designs together. This technique commonly uses a different type of acid flux made up of Auroflux or Borax. This softens the surface before melting them. This technique is widely used because most people consider it to be more powerful. This is because the surrounding metals have the ability to absorb silver to a certain extent creating a strong connection. You have to remember that the connection made will be more powerful than the surrounding metal and hence filling should be perfect. This technique also uses the borax flux for easy clean movement of the metal after liquefaction. Most of the people designing jewelry use the torch to direct the flow of the liquid metal since they have the ability to move towards the heat in liquid form.

Brazen Soldering Technique

Most people get confused between the brazen technique and the soldering technique. The method they use to melt the metal and join the other two metals is the same, but the only difference between them is the type of soil used and the heating temperature. Normally when the melting point of the solder used is above 450 degrees celsius then it is called a brazen technique. This technique is more powerful because it uses highly powerful alloys like copper, tin, and lead. The melting point of these metals is more than 500-degree centigrade and they are mostly used for joining high-quality metals especially in constructions and machinery. When compared to the soldering technique the joint that is formed here is more strong. The joint formed is strong enough to withstand external pressure and weight and hence they are commonly used in machinery and other mechanical fields.

This technique is used for making jewelry and not for repairing it because the metals used in the jewelry do not have the ability to withstand such heavy heat even with the presence of flux. Sometimes people prefer wearing copper pendants and certain other designs that can be made using this type of brazing and soldering technique. They are mostly available in the mechanical field and jewelry manufacturing field especially in the area of fashion jewelry where new designs constantly experiment.

Modern Techniques

The concept of soldering has been developed a lot with the development of modern technology. One such technique is the usage of the laser soldering iron for melting the solder alloy. Here instead of using the metal iron for keeping the solder, the laser beams are being used. This is more effective because even some of the powerful filler alloys can be heated effectively. The processor of wetting is perfect and the hold after cooling is good. This is a high-powered computerized technique that provides proper precision and clarity for jewelers who are trying to create a perfect masterpiece. Laser soldering jewelry is a technique used widely for repairing jewelry for quick results and precision. So using laser technology will make you feel at ease. But they should be done only by the professionals.

Another important technology that modern science has given us is the concept of using liquid solder for jewelry repair. In this particular technology, a special liquid type of solder made up of tin or silver is used to apply to the broken area to mend two different metal pieces together. This is more suitable for DIY repairs and they can be used only for small repairs like combining two chains or circuits. All the techniques mentioned above are used for a variety of connections.

How To Solder Jewelry At Home? 

We have seen a variety of soldering techniques in the above passage. But we need to understand it is basically impossible for us to practice all the techniques. Some of the techniques like the brazen technique are difficult to implement in a home environment. When you are a woman you will understand the requirement for having personal soldering equipment in your home so that you can repair all your jewelry with perfection. Normally women tend to have a variety of designs and collections. One of the common problems faced by them while using a particular design constantly is the breakages and small damages that occur which cannot be prevented even when looked after carefully. Sometimes you might put on some weight and have the requirement to increase the size of your rings. Having the perfect set of equipment in your home will allow you to work independently and make the required changes without worrying about the money.

Basically, if you are trying to perform soldering jewelry at home then the best option is to purchase a high-quality soldering iron or a blow torch according to your experience. Having a soldering iron is more convenient for people without proper experience. Purchase a thin copper or tin-based alloy wire along with it for repairing the design.

Follow the steps given below for soldiering your jewelry at home using an electric iron.

Initially connect the electric soldering iron to the plug and start heating it. While the iron is getting heated on the stand the next step for you is to apply the flux on the wire and hold them using the holder.

Once the iron reaches the particular heat place the jewel on the table and place the broken pieces together. After setting everything off, the next step is to bring the solder near the broken part and start melting using the iron. Liquid evenly on the broken part and connect the entire piece. After connecting all of the metal to cool a little. Once cooled you can soften the rough edges using sandpaper. It would be difficult for you to obtain perfection during the first trial. But continuous usage will allow you to use them whenever possible and even connect the minute details in the jewelry.

Sometimes when you are more experienced you can use the blow torch to liquefy the silver strips and use the liquefied metal for connecting the metal pieces together. But you have to understand it requires a large workspace and a very safe environment when compared to the previous technique. Using a laser technique for combining metals or jewelry is impossible especially in the home environment as it requires proper computerization.

If you are afraid of using electric iron then the best option for you is to use the liquid solder that is available in the market where the main solder is stored in liquid form and can be used on this jewelry for a repair like applying glue. This technique is easier but remember even for this you require proper expertise; otherwise, the design will look horrible. But one of the major disadvantages with this technique is that the container should be stored properly and they are available at a higher price than the other techniques.

This technique is more suitable if you are comfortable with the type of iron used, otherwise, the best option is to submit them to the nearest jewelry store for expert repair and precision. Because when you make a mistake a very costly design might go to total waste. At the same time if you have proper expertise you can also perform desoldering techniques for removing unwanted connections and realigning the jewelry design according to your wish.

Sometimes people might feel difficult to search for the perfect jewelry store that performs soldering and other forms of repair services. If you do not have any store near your home you can always submit your jewelry through mail services for a perfect repair service from an expert jewelry showroom.

Alter Your Rings According To Your Wish

In most countries using the ring as a form of promise between a man and a woman has become common. Most people especially women wear their engagement rings constantly as a form of remembrance and sentiment. Sometimes it is used in weddings especially in the Christian religion, as an indicator in both men and women. Some people have a belief in wearing lucky rings where they placed their lucky stones on the ring and wear it all the time. This particular belief states that wearing the ring all the time will ward off the negative energy and increase the positive energy surrounding you. The ring has a more sentimental value in our culture than you can think of. So when you face difficulty in wearing the ring during certain situations. Sometimes there might be damage to the jewelry piece or breakage. Other times the ring will not be suitable for wear due to a sudden increase or loss in weight. This will prevent you from wearing the ring constantly for the fear of losing it.

In order to make the ring useful, the goldsmiths have come up with a useful technique. It is nothing but the soldering technique which can be used for increasing the size of the ring and also for decreasing it. Let us now see in detail the technique used.

Increasing The Size Of The Ring

Some of the people when they increase in size they will avoid using their rings especially their lucky rings because of the issues with them. The ring is one ornament that is purchased with the perfect size because even a mild variation in the size will result in an uncomfortably. So in such situations, certain jewelry stores will follow a normal technique called stretching where the circumference of the ring can be increased. In this particular technique, the metal is heated to a certain temperature and the circumference is increased by thinning the density of the metal. If the density of the metal in the ring is low then the next technique used is the soldering technique. Here the ring is cut in the middle and expanded. The gap between the metal is filled with proper filler material and finally, the length of the ring is expanded. Since this technique involves a lot of pulling and melting it is a better option to hand it over to the professionals. This is not suitable for home-based environments. After connecting the ring allows the metal to cool off. The uneven edges on the ring are removed by using special sandpapers. To make the design look new and perfect the best option available is to clean them and perform an inspection for strength and connectivity. After this, the entire jewelry is dipped in pure gold or silver to provide a perfect finish at the end. This jewelry soldering technique can be used on both valuable and designer rings. This technique is available in some of the famous shops all over the country.

People do not just increase in weight but they also sometimes decrease and wait which results in the reduction of finger size. Even a minute reduction will result in the failure of the design and you will be cautious about wearing that particular ring because they have a higher chance of getting lost. Losing a normal ring will not affect you in any way but when you lose a ring of sentimental value then you might feel at loss all the time. Most people, especially women, will feel bad when they lose their engagement or wedding ring despite the price. So in such situations, the best option is to decrease the size of the Ring by cutting a portion of it and removing it completely.

In this technique, the goldsmiths cut the ring and remove certain diameters according to the requirement. After removing the unwanted metal the next step is to join the two metals by using the soldering jewelry technique. Most of the technicians prefer using the normal soft soldering technique for combining the metal. But if they are more experienced they might use the silver soldering technique because they are both precise and the output will be perfect. This technique cannot be practiced at home because the cutting of rings requires precise workmanship and tools which are difficult to obtain and maintain properly.

Both the above-mentioned techniques are used widely by people all over the world but still, sometimes you might have doubts about the perfection of the final product. So in such situations, the best thing you have to do is to search for the best-experienced soldering jewelry shop near you. This is essential because most of the rings used are many up of diamonds and other precious stones. So they should be handled carefully with proper expertise because mishandling the iron will destroy the stone quality.

Broken Chains? Do Not Worry!

Nowadays most people prefer wearing simple and thin chains for their regular usage. The concept of wearing heavy chains has been moved for occasional purposes. Most people nowadays think about purchasing some chain but leave it because of the fear of breaking it. This criterion is more suitable for the kids because they are more used to breaking their jewelry chains. Sometimes the hooks of the chains will be broken which will require repair. It does not matter whether it is a normal silver chain or a gold chain. The value and sentiment of the product will be impeccable. So during that situation when you have a perfect shop for repairing them without any indication then it would be the best option. Sometimes women wear a specific chain called ‘mangal sutra’ as an indication of their marriage. Most of the women share a special sentimental value with this particular chain and they wear it on all occasions. So when these chains are under damage the first preference is to repair them so that they won't get cut off in the future and also look beautiful.

For repairing these special thin chains the best option is to use the soft soldering or the silver soldering technique combined with gold dipping. Both techniques are suitable for thin model chains. If you are thinking about making a repair on a thick model chain the best option is to perform the silver soldering technique rather than the other techniques because they are more powerful and suitable for this model. This technique is also suitable for connecting the hooks and also for replacing them according to your requirement. The chain soldering technique is practiced in most of the valuable jewelry shops combined with the other fashion jewelry shops which have been gaining more popularity during the last few years.

This same soldering technique can be used for mending other fashion jewels like heavy necklaces and hip chains.

Mend Your Fashion Jewels

Most of the women prefer wearing fashion jewelry rather than regular gold and diamond jewelry. This is because the amount of designs present in fashion jewelry is wide and they are of low price when compared to valuable jewelry. Most people especially women nowadays see the valuable gold and platinum designs as property rather than normal wear because of their cost. Fashion jewelry is suitable for all types of including modern and traditional wear. Most of the fashion jewelry items are made up of non-traditional metals like silver, iron, and copper. They mostly use gemstones and other types of famous stones. So when there is any type of damage to these fashion jewels proper mending should be done regularly. But since the entire country has only very few fashion jewelry designers it is difficult to find a suitable person. In such situations, it is necessary for you to keep a constant shop for repairing all your valuable jewelry items and designer Jewels. When there is any loss of gemstones and breakage of jewel pieces the best technique that is used for fixing them up is by soldering technique.

There are a variety of fashion jewels available and let us see how they can be mended.

Silver Fashion Jewelry

Silver jewelry has been in existence right from the olden ages. Nowadays the new generation is also preferring to wear silver designs especially in the form of chains, rings, and heavy necklaces. Even the traditional designs like the hip chains and necklaces are made using silver and then they are dipped in pure Louis gold for even coating. These types of designs are more famous among the youngsters and the elders nowadays. The main reason people prefer this design is because they are of low cost and easy to maintain. When you are traveling outside for functions you need not think and worry about the safety of the jewelry you are carrying. They are safe and more preferred by women.

Now women can travel safely alone wearing this jewelry. Similarly, the kids can also be sent outside for functions by wearing this jewelry without worrying about them losing it. The main reason people do not prefer fashion jewelry is because they think that they are not rich-looking. The jewelry items that came before 20 years might be simple and look like duplicate designs with improper gold coating. But nowadays with the increase in technology, the silver jewelry designs are dipped in high-quality gold to provide a similar appearance that prevents you from differentiating between both of them. When these silver jewelry items are damaged they can be submitted to the nearest fashion jewelry store for repair.

A few years before the goldsmiths usually used the normal technique of melting the edges and connecting them. For example, if it is a broken chain the two ends of the chain are melted and then connected together at the same temperature. A few amounts of liquid silver is applied extra to the chain to provide a perfect extra finish. But this technique was strong enough and the finishing was not as perfect as the others. So they tried to make certain changes to the jewelry by using the soldering technique.

When you are trying to perform chain soldering the first thing that needs to be noted is the type of alloy you are going to use for the soldering technique. The alloy you are choosing should be perfect and have the ability to be desoldered. This will allow you to measure the exact weight of the silver when you try to replace the jewelry design. So when you purchase fashion jewelry made up of pure silver with gold coating then the best choice is to use a tin or silver-based soldering technique. Doing this at home will not be preferable since they require proper workmanship at the end to provide good finishing.

Pendant Soldering

Most women nowadays wear pendants along with a simple chain to make a good appearance and also to provide a professional look. The first thing that you have to do when there is a damaged pendant is to check if it is a plain pendant or one made up of stones. If it is a plain pendant they can be easily soldered using modern technology soldering. But if it is a You can use the liquid soldering technique for the normal iron soldering technique. The liquid solder for jewelry with gemstones is the best option as they do not melt the surrounding metal and the stones will also be saved. The iron soldering technique needs proper expertise for making the repair on both the pendants as they might melt the metal even by slight damage.

When you are wearing gemstone-based jewels you might have noted that these stones will be fixed through metal through ridges or grooves. Some of the diamond-based designs use modern technology called the Prong setting. When there is any damage to these settings the gemstones placed might fall off. So the best option is to replace the gemstones within the setting again and solder them using the proper technique. This process will take a lot of time and energy with proper craftsmanship.

When you are soldering them the gemstones will usually be protected with proper gel-like substances that prevent the heat from entering the system. The next option is to surround the stones with copper foils to protect the quality of the stones while heating the surface around them. All these techniques are better done by experts. If you are trying to do it at home, better go with the liquid soldering option.

Bridal Jewelry

Most women nowadays prefer wearing artificial jewels for bridal purposes because they are of low cost and safe to wear. But sometimes you might face the situation of breakage or damages when they are used for a long time. If you have a parlor that rents artificial designs then you will understand the situation clearly. So when you give away your designs for rent then it is impossible for you to get them in return with proper conditions. They are prone to get damaged in the future and during those situations, you will have two solutions. The first solution is by using the liquid soldering technique or the normal iron soldering technique where you can repair your jewelry by yourself. The next technique available is by submitting it to the nearby store for repair so that the designs will be intact without any damage. Some of the shops also have the ability to repair them with proper authentication so that it would be difficult for experts to find the damage in them. So depending upon your hand skills and ability to solder you can choose to repair them yourself or try to go to the nearby shop. But personally, for me, the best option will be to choose the shops because they are safer especially in the case of bridal jewelry that is made up of multiple gemstones. Since most of the bridal jewelry is made up of high-quality gold coating it is necessary for you to clean the design and then dip it to obtain proper appearance. This technique can be done only in shops.

Antique Jewelry

When it comes to fashion jewelry some of the designs are more preferred by people. While some designs are easy to make and maintain a certain design should be maintained properly and they take a long time to design. One such design is the antique jewelry pieces that are either made up of silver or gold according to the preference of the user. The designs made on the antique jewelry pieces are intricate and hence if there's any kind of damage then you should keep in mind that they should be repaired properly with proper experience. Even a mild failure of repair will make the jewelry look old and damaged. So using a high-quality silver soldering jewelry technique will be suitable for recreating the designs and enjoying them.

The design present on the top of the pendants and bangles in the antique pieces will be more intricate and only a goldsmith will have the ability to recreate them properly. So it is a better opinion for you to submit the design in the nearest store than trying to mend them by yourself.

Tribal Jewelry

The next important design that people normally preferred these days is tribal jewelry that is made up of antique designs with a different twist. The tribal designs are mostly made up of pure silver and hence the current trending designs are also made up of silver. Similar to antique jewelry the best option available is the silver soldering technique that allows you to connect some variably large size pieces and allow you to make certain changes to the designs. Sending these designs directly to the repair shop will be more suitable because they require proper maintenance otherwise the designs will look really bad on you.

Soldering Jewel Designs

Funky Pendants

The current generation of designers is more attracted to new models, especially those that are made with a variety of objects. While the old generation designers used pure gold and silver to make jewelry, the current modern jewelry designers use a variety of objects including glass, quartz, iron, stones, leaves, plastics, and waste objects. The recent inclusion under this category is the soldering jewelry where the entire jewelry is made using the soldering iron gun or other soldering techniques. Even though it is impossible for you to create a chain or necklace using this soldering technique the goldsmiths have now created a variety of pendant designs that can be created using the soldering guns and gemstones embedded in them. They are of greater weight and suitable for sarees and other traditional attires. If you want to view search collections then search for 'soldering jewelry near me' on the internet for receiving a list of names. DWS Jewellery is one such shop that has been an expert in producing new designs that attract customers. When it comes to the concept of fashion jewelry and repairing them then our shop is the best option available in the country.

Thin Metal Pendants

The next type of jewelry that is widely gaining name nowadays is the soldering made thin metal pendants. Here the solder is heated to a certain temperature and they are bent in different ways to create designs that are beautiful and suitable for the pendant. These pendants are available in varying sizes, materials, and designs. Most of the time these high-quality pendants are combinations of metals and high-quality gemstones to provide the perfect designs. These designs are mostly under the category of modern designs and these pendants are used for casual wear. Some of the designs go well along with the traditional wear but not all of them are suitable. If you are a person who has been constantly wondering if there is any perfect  'jewelry soldering near me' then the best option will be to go for the DWS Jewellery. The shop has been gaining more popularity during the past few years because of its variety of designs and the ability to produce new designs according to the requirement of the customers. So if you are looking for jewelry soldering designs for exhibiting fashion statements or a suitable shop for repairing your broken jewelry the best option is DWS Jewellery. There are a variety of options available for contact and choosing a particular design from this jewelry store.

Other Techniques

While modern developments had led to the usage of various soldering techniques that was not the case during the olden ages. So in order to attach some of the pendants to the jewelry and to create several other attachments they used the technique called cold soldering. This cold soldering jewelry was preferred by women all over the world. They used a variety of gold or silver objects to connect the jewelry items so that the final output will be perfect. Most of these connections were made in such a way that they were not visible to the outsiders and they were mostly present in the interior parts of the jewel design. They make the jewelry look beautiful.

Hip Belts With Cold Soldering Techniques

Most Indian jewelry contains special pendants that were attached to the necklace and other forms of designs. One such design is the hip belt that is worn as a plain simple belt or as a belt with multiple pendants attached to them with the help of cold soldering techniques like the rivet.

Rivet - Riveting is an age-old technique where a hole is drilled into the metal or the gemstone that needs to be attached to the belt or ring. Then this particular special hollow tool is inserted into the hole and they are closed on both sides by hitting them with a hammer. This will prevent the stones from lessening up. Since most of the rivet materials come along with the same metal as the jewel design they will blend well along with the design and make the whole design look beautiful. This technique is common in hip chains and other forms of jewelry.

Bolt And Nut - The next important technique available in the jewelry market for fixing the pendant to the hip chain is using the Bolt and nut or screw and nut. This technique is more famous among the jewelers because they are more easily and allows them to remove the pendants when not necessary. This technique did not interfere with the design and everything moved smoothly. They were widely used and still continued in most of the pure gold-based jewelry designs. Some people might have the fear of the meaning of the Bolt and nut but they were created to be a perfect fix that never loses their integrity even after years of usage. This technique was used in a variety of other jewelry designs and still is being used especially for antique and heavy jewelry.

Even though these techniques were more famous recently with the development of soldering most people especially the goldsmiths are using this soldering technology for modern designs and fashion jewelry as they are easy on the eyes and can be manipulated without worrying about the weight of the metal like the gold or silver.

Pendants, Bracelets, And Earrings

If you are a woman you will understand the requirement of the above-mentioned jewelry. Most of the gold jewelry uses gold-based loops for connecting the pendants, bracelets, and earrings with gemstones. The gemstones can be plainly used as an attachment rather than embedding them in gold. These designs are simple and more preferred by youngsters because of their value and simple design. To achieve this design the gemstones are initially prepared. Here the stones are washed and a hole is drilled within them. A small metal loop made up of the same metal as the jewelry is used and it is used to connect the pendant to the chain.

This particular design is more suitable for people who wish to wear some simple designs. This pendant can be attached to your change bracelet and also to your earrings. The loop technique is more famous and still under usage in most jewelry items. But if it is gold jewelry most of the designers prefer using the loops that cannot be opened from an end to provide proper hold. But in the case of fashion jewelry, they can be easily removed since it is open on one end. So a slight tugging of the chain or pendant will cause damage to the loop. The best option available is the soldered loops used in normal jewelry designs.

These metals have gained more popularity during recent years, and people despite the presence of modern technology they still prefer using these old Technologies as they are most trusted by generations.

Gemstone Tab Setting

The next most famous cold soldering technique that is used in the field of jewelry is the tab setting. This is a common technique that is widely used for fixing the gemstones to the earrings and other jewelry items. This particular setting is used for some of the normal gemstones that are available in abundance and at a low price. This technology is not suitable for diamonds and other costly gemstones. In these particular settings, the gemstone is placed in the center and fixed on the jewelry through special metals that are thin and with like. They have the ability to hold the gemstones in place more suitable for fashion jewelry designs. But you have to keep in mind that they are still bound to get lost when exposed to damages. Some people feel that the domination of the metal is more and it does not bring out the beauty of the gemstone. They should be made up of high-quality material that is rigid and cannot be damaged easily. Some of the commonly used metals are copper and tin since they are flexible. The Silver medal is also used for both gold and silver designs.

This particular technique is preferred by designers for fashion earrings and also for setting up gemstones in bangles and necklaces. All these cold soldering techniques cannot be limited to a particular requirement and they are widely used for all types of jewelry designs. This special soldering technique can be practiced at home. With proper practice, you can gain experience and start repairing your jewelry items by yourself.  The materials are easy to obtain and can be purchased from anywhere.

The Best Choice For You

When you are trying to repair your old jewelry or purchase a new design then the concept of soldering might be useful for you. If you're looking forward to purchasing a design from a shop that has a variety of choices the best option is DWS Jewellery. DWS Jewellery located in Jaipur, Rajasthan is more famous for producing a wide range of designs. The shop has been producing a variety of designs that are suitable for various occasions. Most of the products produced by them are of high quality and they are well known for the designs that are exported all over the world. If you are looking forward to purchasing a design for your special occasions then our shop will be the best option for you.

Collections For All Occasions

It does not matter whether you are purchasing a set of bridal jewelry for your marriage or you are going to choose a simple pendant for your college requirement the best option is fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry designs come along in a variety of shapes and sizes including antique designs and modern designs. Nowadays most college-going youngsters prefer wearing fashionable jewelry because of the wide range of collections and designs present in the market. In order to maintain the integrity of the designs, we have a separate factory that is specially designed for mending broken jewelry pieces. The factory is made up of world-class technicians who are well experienced in repairing all types of jewelry using modern soldering techniques and also cold soldering jewelry techniques.

So now you can purchase modern bridal collections and other engagement collections from our shop. If there is any damage to the jewelry in the future you can repair them just by submitting it through to mail or directly to our factory. The goldsmiths working with us are well experienced to produce designs that are filled with intricate designs and they also have the ability to repair the jewelry without allowing anyone to notice the damage.  This technical experience is the most important thing that has allowed us to gain a name in the RIICO Industrial area of Rajasthan, India.

Authentic Soldering Services. 

Soldering is a technique that is widely famous among people all over the world. While some technicians prefer soldering their designs by themselves there is still a wide range of people who are still searching for them. If you are one of the people searching for the ‘best soldering jewelry near me’ Then DWS Jewellery is the best choice available in the market. There are a variety of shops available in the market but these stores have gained more popularity because of their high-quality factory that is well known for their repair services. The factory has a set of experience with goldsmiths who have been well known for their repair works that are excellent. The factory is used for manufacturing artificial jewelry through machines also through handmade techniques. Also, we have a set of workers who are well experienced in soldering techniques for making proper changes in the jewelry design. So if you have any requirements for altering your jewelry you can submit it with us. We at  DWS Jewellery are well known for producing a wide range of collections including customized jewelry. So if you are looking forward to wearing unique designs that are preferred by people all over the world then the best option is to visit our shop in Sitapura Industrial Area Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Soldering Copper Jewelry in Sitapura Industrial Area


Copper jewelry is one of the most famous jewelry items or metals that is used in the field of fashion jewelry. If you are a woman who is constantly wearing fashion jewelry items then the best choice for you is to use copper jewelry. Fashion jewelry is an area that is known for producing a variety of designs with unique features. Most of the women prefer using fashion jewelry rather than the other costly gold and silver jewelry because it allows you to enjoy a variety of designs for a low price rather than wasting them on gold jewelry. Even if you have a bulk of gold jewelry it would be practically impossible for you to wear it everywhere especially for normal occasions. So under such a situation wearing copper or brass jewelry will be a more suitable choice and it allows you to enjoy a variety of designs. 

Most of the copper designs are manufactured and then they are dipped in pure quality gold or silver for providing a perfect finish. Initially, this type of finishing was not available and people had an idea to differentiate between the original and imitation jewelry. But with the development of technology, the process of duplication has become more economical and practical allowing you to create a perfect design. The designs available nowadays are more suitable to be worn as bridal jewelry than the original gold jewelry. Copper is also practically good for your health and hence wearing copper jewelry will allow you to experience some of its positive qualities. Wearing gold or silver dipped to copper jewelry will be a safer option when compared to the other designs. Wearing pure copper jewelry will create a green-colored coating on your skin due to the process of oxidation. It is not harmful to your skin but still, sometimes you will feel irritated, and hence you must maintain the jewelry properly without exposing it to extreme temperatures and by storing it separately in a box. Normally you shouldn't take a bath.

Soldering is a common technique that is used all over the world for repairing jewelry items. When you are trying to repair copper jewelry then you need to use copper solder. Soldering copper jewelry requires a lot of work and technique.  When you are trying to solder a ring the process is much simpler. But when you are trying the same thing for a chain or a pendant it requires proper expertise because along with the soldering technique the design of the entire Jewel should be maintained properly. So unless you are properly experienced with the art of soldering it is always a better option to choose a repair shop for submitting your Jewellery items when required. Also one of the most common things that people face while having copper jewelry is the requirement to polish them now and then especially if you are using that particular design constantly. Polishing or repolishing jewelry does not take a lot of time and money. So it is always a safer option to choose a proper jewelry shop or a fashion jewelry shop that performs these activities regularly.

Soldering Techniques

Normally when you are using metals like brass and copper for soldering you will have a lot of fun because they are the most suitable metals available for practicing shoulder techniques. Even though it is typically difficult to solder copper or brass they are the best learning material available in the market. Both these metals are normally called base metals because they are used for designing fashion jewelry and later polished with other silver or Gold colors to provide a perfect look. So normally copper is a bit more difficult than brass metal because of its ability to be tricky while soldering. Copper is a malleable metal and hence it can be easily modified into your requirement with certain techniques. Normally there are a variety of soldering techniques available in the market but the most suitable form of soldering is the Sweat soldering technique and the normal soldering technique that uses a torch for melting.

How to Solder Copper

If you have previous experience in soldering metals like silver then copper soldering will come easy for you. But if you are a newbie without any experience then practicing the soldering techniques using copper will be the best option. For performing the soldering technique you need the base material for the design that needs to be mended made up of copper, copper solder for copper wire, a blowtorch that has soft heat with sharp edges, a perfect suitable surface, and tweezers for holding them in place. All these things should be purchased carefully with proper guidance.

Jewelry Item - when you are choosing a jewelry item for soldering make sure that it is made up of a single metal. If the jewelry is made up of double metal like Copper and silver then this soldering technique will not be suitable for them. For such cases, the sweat soldering technique is the most suitable option. So make sure that the repair item you are choosing is made up of pure quality copper metal.

Blowtorch - most of the people will have started practicing the soldering technique with the basic soldering iron. But when it comes to Copper which has a high melting point the iron will not be a suitable option. So using the blow Torch with a short point will allow you to heat the particular area with precision. The best option for soldering copper wire jewelry is the ‘Rings and things’ torch.

Flux - The best option for preventing the oxidation technique is using proper flux material on the heating portion of the combining metal. Preventing oxidation is essential because when the metal oxidizes the solder will not flow properly between them, resulting in easy breakage or failure of soldering. There are a variety of flux materials available in the market. They are available in the form of flux paste, liquids, and also sometimes in the form of solid.

Solder - The most important thing that you need to purchase while combining two copper materials is a proper solder. Most of the time people use simple copper wire as a solder which can fix the damage and join the metals perfectly without any difference between them. But sometimes for providing extra strength the best technique available is to use silver solder. The silver solder technique is more famous among the users but proper precaution should be taken to avoid showing the shining nature of the silver.

Suitable Surface - when you are performing soldering a lot of heat will be emitted by the torch and hence working on the fireproof surface is initial. Using metals like lead or aluminum will be suitable for perfect services since they can withstand a lot of heat for a long time. After purchasing and setting up the surface the best option is to cover the surface with fireproof materials so that if not damaged under any condition. It is also a safer option to keep some sand and fire extinguisher near the surface for emergency purposes.

Pickle Solution - after completing the soldering process the next important step will be to drop them in a Pickle pot or a solution made up of coal water and some chemical substances to clean the soldered product perfectly.

● Normal Soldering Technique

In the normal soldering technique, the copper metal that needs to be combined should be covered with flux. After covering the joining parts with proper flux material the next step is to clean the surface and place the material on the surface. Using a non-green surface will result in the dust particles mixing along with the solder which is not acceptable in the area of gallery designing. The best solder for copper jewelry is copper wire. Here the wire is taken and then cut into small pieces. The small piece is placed on the soldering area and it is heated with the blow torch. The copper wire will automatically start to melt and starts to flow between the two edges creating a strong bond that will last forever. Sometimes people also use silver metal for soldering. In such cases, you need to choose the most theme metal because when the soldered part has a large amount of silver the external appearance will not be good. So when you are using silver proper precautions should be taken to make it as thin and simple as possible. The external surface should also be coated with a proper copper coating. After completing the soldering process the next step is to drop them in a Pickle solution.

● Sweat Soldering Technique

The next type of soldering technique that is commonly available in the market is the Sweat soldering technique that is particularly used for joining two different metals together. So in the case of modern jewelry, it is a common occurrence where two different metals are combined to form a single design. During such situations, silver solder is known to be the best option available in the market. So initially during this technique, one particular metal is taken into account and silver solder is placed on them. Then the solder is exposed to increased heat through the blow torch. The heat will melt the Silver metal and create a glue-like point in that area. Later both the metals are combined and reheated to form a strong bond between them. When both the metals are combined and exposed to heat the Silver Line between them will start to melt and result in the soldering of both the metals.

Both these techniques are commonly used in the field of jewelry designing and manufacturing. Since most of the jewelry designs that used copper are considered under the fashion jewelry category there are only very few shops that perform this type of repair. So unless you are perfectly experienced in soldering it is always a better option to submit them for repair in these shops.

Soldering Copper Bangles Jewelry

There are a variety of designs available in the market especially when it comes to the concept of bangles. Most of the women nowadays despite the old tradition are attracted to bangles because of their beautiful appearance and the traditional look they provide. Nowadays in the area of fashion jewelry, mixed metals are more in Trend than using a single metal for a design. So in such situations wearing copper bangles combined with other metals like silver or brass will be a suitable choice. Most of these designs come in twisted forms where these two metals twist along with each other to provide a final product. It will be practically possible for you to mold two different metals at the same time so they are molded separately or prepared separately and then joined together using the soldering technique. Normally using a copper soldering technique for combining the metals will be the best option available.

Normally when you are trying to solder a copper metal piece with silver the best technique is the sweat soldering technique. In this particular technique, the Silver will not be heated too much since copper has a higher melting point and the solder used will be small making it practically impossible for normal people to identify the marks of soldering. So it's not just for repairing the bangles that soldering technique is also used for manufacturing the bangles especially in the area of fashion jewelry. Most goldsmith prefers using copper solder for jewelry making.

● Twisted Design Bangles

When it comes to Copper bangles there are only a certain set of designs available in the market, especially in the mixed form. Most people prefer wearing a simple copper plain bangle that is beautiful to look at and also provides a good look for both men and women. This Unisex bangle has altered a letter to provide a twisted bangle that combines a combination of both silver and copper twisted uniformly to provide a bangle-like structure. This design is suitable for people of all age groups including the children who are commonly found wearing this design. This particular design is the epitome of fashion and can be worn along with other bangles as a combination and also as a single bangle.

It's not just at the end but even while preparing this particular design it requires a lot of soldering techniques. So in such a situation using a copper-based solder for soldering Silver to Copper is the best strategy available.

● Traditional Antique Model Bangle

When you are trying to design a traditional antique model bangle using copper will be more suitable because they are easy to mold and durable. Most of the antic model bangles have a unique gold color that is easy to obtain in a copper bangle. Whether it is a traditional antique model Bangle or a gemstone embedded kemp model bangle using copper metal will be suitable for fashion jewelry designs. The traditional bangles will be a suitable choice for bridal wear. Along with these designs, one of the most favorite designs prepared by the women is the bridal bracelet bangle jewelry. This particular bangle looks almost like an amulet but instead of being plain, it is filled with traditional designs that are beautiful to look at especially for a bride.  Even though this bangle cannot be used constantly they are still suitable for functional wear. This particular jewelry cannot be worn using normal technique and hence they have to be opened and locked like a bracelet. The findings for the screws are soldered using sweat soldering Technology.

Along with the other models with the traditional bangles the most important design is the ones that are embedded with the gemstones. Most of the gemstone embedded bangles are manufactured with proper Technology. Sometimes while repairing the gemstone embedded bangles proper precaution should be taken to avoid damage to the gemstones. Most of the gemstone embedded bangles can be combined with traditional wear like sarees and they can also be used along with Salwars. Nowadays one of the most famous designs is the bangle that contains a thin circular circumference with four large gemstones placed at equal spacing around the circumference. This particular design can be worn as a single bangle and also as multiple bangles according to the occasion. This particular design because of its popularity is available in multiple metals and it is also available in copper dipped with gold.

The best soldering technique available in the market for manufacturing copper bangles is a high-quality copper soldering technique or the soldering technique. Most of the bangles that use gemstones for the decoration should be handled carefully especially during the soldering process. In such situations, the best option will be to choose the normal sweat soldering technique. Because using a sweat-saving technique will prevent the heat from spreading in the copper area of the bangle and also protects the gemstone to a certain extent. Using direct heat will affect the quality of the gemstone and hence it is essential to protect the bangle from external heat.

When it comes to copper designs DWS jewelry is one of the leading manufacturers of fashion jewelry designs and copper is one among them. We have a unique collection of jewelry designs available in our shop especially in the area of bangles. From the modern fashion jewelry bangles to the traditional gemstone embedded bangles all the designs are available in our shop in Jaipur Rajasthan. If you are not satisfied with the designs present in the shop you can always go for a customized design. We have special designers who are well equipped to create a new design for you. If you have a design in mind you can describe it and our designers will bring it to our life for you with the help of our very own manufacturing unit. The repairs in your bangles can be easily modified with the help of our special factory photo built for the purpose of altering the damage to the jewelry. Customized jewelry can also be ordered through an online website.

Soldering Copper Bracelets Jewelry

Recently the copper bracelets have been gaining more popularity because of their shining nature and also most men and women prefer the designs they provide. Bracelets are ornaments that are commonly worn in your hand. When it comes to bracelets they are always available in Chain form. The bracelet designs that are available nowadays have intricate designs on them. So to obtain the most perfect designs, the best option available is used in copper or brass metal for designing fashion jewelry. Most people nowadays prefer fashion jewelry because they are safer or and can be discarded easily when a particular design becomes old. But when you are using copper jewelry you need to maintain the quality of the design along with the metal. Normal copper-made jewels cannot be exposed to excessive water and sunlight. So using the copper Bracelet for regular wear is not a suitable option. If the particular bracelet is made up of pure copper with no outer coating then exposing it to the Sweat well causes a green-colored impression on your hand. To avoid these most people prefer using copper designs with an external coating of silver or Gold.

If you are a regular user of bracelets then you will understand the technique that goes behind making this design. Every single loop present within the bracelet is joined together using the soldering technique. This special soldered bracelet can be used regularly without having the fear of breaking then because the technique used is strong and perfect. Normally the soldering technique is performed by using a copper solder to avoid discrepancy. But sometimes when you submit the jewelry for repair the person might use the silver solder for joining the metals and making a perfect repair. The color of the Silver should be minimum and after completion, it should be Re polished with copper color to provide a good finishing.

● Chain Bracelet for Men

Most people think that bracelets and certain Jewellery are restricted only to women but the truth is even men prefer wearing bracelets regularly. Sometimes if men are traditional they always prefer wearing a bracelet with their lucky gemstone embedded in the center point. This bracelet design will allow them to enjoy a good luck charm forever and also feel safe. But make sure that the external surface of the copper metal is coated with silver since you will be wearing this particular design all the time. Normally when the goldsmiths create bracelets for men that design will be large with a good amount of thickness. This particular design will provide a perfect ragged experience for the man using the bracelet.

Some men also prefer wearing other designs in the bracelet where the outer area is covered with Spikes and thorns. This provides a perfect Bad Boy appearance and most of the college-going men are attracted to this design. The ends of the bracelet where the findings are available are connected using the normal soldering technique. The findings should be attached properly and the copper wires are the best sold as for attaching the findings to the bracelet.

The recent trend in the bracelet designing category is the tagged bracelets which also contain multiple tags like the chain pendant but in a smaller form. They are available in multiple sizes and designs and most of the time they are coated with silver. If you are looking for a decent bracelet that can be worn for occasions then you can easily find such designs in the market. Basic traditionally designed bracelets are made up of Copper and coated with high-quality gold to provide a perfect finish. These designs can be worn regularly for occasions like marriages.

● Bracelets for Women

The designs available in the bracelet category for women are larger than the men. This is mainly because these bracelets are mostly preferred by women for regular wear, especially for their offices and Universities. Wearing a perfect bracelet with a simple design combined with matching earrings and pendant will be suitable for formal wear. In most of these situations, the bracelets used will have a silver or Gold outer coating which will prevent your hand from getting green marks and also provide a formal appearance.

When you are going for a traditional design bracelet then there are very few collections when compared to the modern designs. This is because women are going for traditional clothing where they normally prefer using bangles or cuff bracelets for a better appearance. Some of the bracelets are also available with gemstones embedded in them. The ridges that hold the gemstones are usually held together through the soldering technique. So the modern bracelet designs have multiple metals attached. Under such situations, it is essential to use a good sweat soldering technique.

One of the most famous designs that women prefer in the area of bracelets is the loop bracelets where multiple circular jumpering are combined to form a perfect bracelet-like structure along with a pendant-like design hanging on them. These looped bracelet designs are also used to make a perfect charm bracelet. Whichever bracelet you decide to buy make sure that the findings are attached to properly with a good soldering technique. This is because the bracelets you choose are thin. Hence even if they fall off you will not be able to identify the missing bracelet under such situations so always go for the safest option with good manufacturing techniques.

The best choice available in the market when it comes to bracelet designs is the DWS jewelry located in Jaipur Rajasthan. This particular shop is well known for producing high-quality fashion jewelry designs that are authentic and exported to customers all over the world. Being one of the leading manufacturers of fashion jewelry they have always managed to satisfy the requirements of the customers with good designs including bracelets. The shop has its manufacturing unit allowing them to design and produce customized designs easily. You can also view our collections through the online website portal.

Soldering Copper Earrings Jewelry

If you are a woman you will understand the requirement for wearing earrings. More than chains and necklaces women nowadays are more attracted to wearing earrings that match their costumes. Sometimes for certain costumes, women avoid wearing necklaces and choose to wear a good design copper earring. This particular trend has been growing to a greater range nowadays and hence we need to go along with the trend for creating a good impression. There are a variety of designs available in the earring department and they are made up of many metals. The ear is the most sensitive organ in our body and hence when they are exposed to unwanted metals there will be immediate allergic reactions and pus formations. So before using copper jewelry make sure that it is not allergic to your skin type.

The most common designs available in the copper earring category are the chandelier design, and also the famous loop earring design. Having a good collection of earring sets is essential for the women of the country. A woman always has at least three or four choices of earrings for a single costume. So under such circumstances, the best option is to purchase fashion jewelry-based earrings made up of copper which are cheap and suitable for your collection. Wearing a chandelier design for your drop design will be suitable for the Anarkali churidar. Similarly wearing a simple stud without any extra design is suitable for formal purposes.

The next important thing that you need to understand about the copper jewelry designs is that the stud post is made up of soldering techniques. The stud post is the region where the design meets the screw holder. These stud posts are prepared using the soldering technique to attach the design to the post. Normally people use the copper solder wire for connecting the post with the main design. The soldering should be done perfectly and after the process, the design should be pickled properly for constant usage without damaging the inner metal. When it comes to the earrings there are multiple options available for the women that sometimes there are also certain options available for men who are into fashion wear completely. When you are purchasing a stud make sure that all the parts are attached properly without any issues.

● Traditional Jhumkas and Chandelier

The Jhumkas which is otherwise popularly known as the Jimikki is used by women in the southern part of the country because of their beautiful design and their ability to go well along with all the costumes including saree. When you are attending a marriage function but the sari, these Jhumkas are a perfect choice. They are attached to the main stud using jump rings that are soldered on both ends. These designs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The size and shape of the Jhumka should be selected depending upon the structure of your face. Because wearing a large Jhumka for a small face will look odd and make them look smaller. So depending upon your facial structure choose the better option available in the market.

Similar to the gym cause the chandelier designs are also famous among the current generation youngsters. Most of the women nowadays prefer wearing a grand chandelier design without any necklace so that the design of the earring will pop out creating a beautiful illusion on their faces. The chandelier designs are available either as a plain design or with gemstones embedded in them. Both of these designs are suitable for the occasion and hence the final choice will be yours.

● Studs and Drops

When you are going for a formal look then the best choice will be to choose a simple stud with normal designs like flowers and butterflies. Sometimes wearing a single gemstone embedded stud will be more beautiful for formal occasions. These single gemstone embedded designs are more popular and people prefer them for various costumes. Sometimes there are studs with multiple gemstones. These multiple gemstones jewels are grand with a beautiful design. They can be worn along with silk sarees and other grand attires. If you are satisfied with the product then the best option available is to purchase the models that come with different stones. Some models allow you to change the stones through a screw-type provision. So in such cases purchasing them will reduce the cost to a certain extent and you can wear them fashionably with a variety of dresses.

It's not just these designs there are a variety of other earring designs. One thing common for all these earrings is their findings and back stud. They are attached only through the soldering technique. When you are trying to solder them the best choice available is the normal soldering technique using copper wire. The copper used should be thin and they should have the ability to withstand intense pressure and temperatures. After the process, these hooks and other findings along with the designs can be pickled and cleaned using proper techniques. Once done they are thoroughly inspected and subjected to fresh coating for a shiny appearance.

DWS jewelry is one such piece of jewelry that is well known for producing designer earrings with good quality copper metal and gemstones. Now you can purchase the bridal earrings for your marriage from our shop. You can also purchase some of the best collections in our shop that are not commonly available in our shop. If you are located at a distance from our shop then the best option for you is to use our online website. All the earrings made by DWS jewelry are of high quality and are made up of a variety of metals. Copper jewelry designs are not available in common. Only very few authentic shops sell them freely with proper designs and metals. DWS is one of them and does not miss the chance of checking our website.

Soldering Copper Pendant Jewelry

Nowadays when it comes to simple forms of jewelry design the first thing that women prefer instead of necklaces is the pendants with simple chains. The pendants are not just for simple usage and they are also used for Grand functions like engagements. Wearing a gemstone embroidered pendant but the modern design will attract a lot of users. If you want to give off a traditional look then you can go for a traditional pendant with idle designs that are popularly known as the kemp model pendants or antique model pendants. Most people prefer using pendants for regular wear. Sometimes wearing a simple gemstone pendant will be sufficient and provide a grand gesture on your behalf. So it's not just the design of the Jewel but the matching is also important. The pendants are not just for women they are also used by men of all ages especially youngsters. If you are young then your choices of pendants will be some high-quality modern designs like skulls, tags, and other hipster designs. They are famous among the younger generation these days and if you are interested you can buy them in the modern jewelry department which is mostly made up of copper.

Most of the modern jewelry pendants for men are hipster-like because the youngsters prefer these designs to normal designs. Wearing military tags with their famous quotes embedded in them is more preferred by these youngsters. The most suitable metal for making this dependence is copper since it can be easily altered according to our wishes. Most of the pendants for both men and women in the fashion jewelry department are made up of copper to provide a beautiful design. These copper pendants are normally attached to the findings using the soldering technique. When it comes to Copper using a copper wire will be the best option for soldering. Also, the soldering should be performed by experienced goldsmiths so that the final output will be perfect without any mishappening.

● Modern Designed Pendants

Most of the designs that come in modern jewelry are made up of single or multiple metals. If you go for statement jewelry then you will understand that most of the jewelry designs are made up of copper and other non-costly metals. These pendants require proper soldering Technology for combining two different designs together and also for combining them with the findings. By combining two different designs it is common for the goldsmith to solder the copper jewelry with silver or copper wire. Soldering copper jewelry requires a lot of expertise especially in this situation because both the metals will be exposed to heat. Also, some of the geometry-based designs also require proper soldering to obtain the final output.

So if you are choosing a modern design-dependent then make sure that the final output is perfect without any hint of soldering. The soldering technique is not just about joining two metals strongly. When it comes to jewelry designs the area of joining should be small and strong at the same time. So after joining the metal should not look dirty and they should be suitable for functional wear without any extra metals available for normal eyesight. A perfect design requires perfect work and hence choose a jewelry shop that has proper experience and name in the market.

● Traditional Kemp Model Jewelry

Normally people prefer wearing antique designs in the form of necklaces but wearing pendants will also provide a good look. Most of the copper-based antique model pendants are famous all over the world. These copper-based pendants provide a perfect look for functional wear. They can be worn along with sarees and lehengas according to your choice. These pendants are available in a variety of sizes and hence you can choose the size according to your wish. Sometimes these designs are accompanied by gemstones embedded within them. Most of the time the embedded gemstones will be Emerald is Ruby because they provide a perfect finish to the antic model.

The findings and the gemstones are embedded within these traditional designs using the soldering technique. The best solder for copper jewelry is the copper wire available in the market. They are available in various sizes and can be used according to your wish. The soldering should be done perfectly because even a minute change will affect the final outlook of the design especially since this design requires a lot of minute details.

● Best Tags for Men

There are very few designs available for men because they rarely wear pendants and chains. But among the available designs, one of the most famous designs is that tag pendant. Inspired by the military men these tag designs are preferred by most of the youngsters these days. If you go for these designs in the fashion industry they are usually made up of copper with a silver coating. Sometimes there are also designs available in pure silver. Most of the time the tags have a separate coat written on them along with the name of the person wearing it. So according to your wish, you can write the statement on the tag and wear them freely. When it comes to statement jewelry these tags play an important role in the area of men’s fashion.

All these designs are made up of pure copper and hence the soldering technique will also involve the usage of copper wires. If you are not interested in using copper then the next possible choice for such a technique is silver which requires more concentration on the work. DWS jewelry is well known for soldering the jewelry with perfection and the final output displayed in our shop is proof of that. You can visit our shop in Jaipur for viewing our collections and sometimes you can also visit our website for more collections. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your friend then these pendants will be a perfect choice. It does not matter whether it is for men or women because pendants are favorites for everyone.

Soldering Copper Necklace Jewelry

The necklaces are a part of jewelry design that is used mainly as functional wear. There are a variety of designs available in the necklaces. If you are choosing the design for a simple function then you can go for a thin model necklace that contains simple designs for necklaces with gemstones embedded in them. These simple designs have a single row of gemstones and not multiple. At the same time if you are going for a grand function the best option available is to choose the antic model necklaces and other Grand designs like haram and gemstone embedded kemp model necklaces. If you are trying to gift your friend with a grand gesture then gifting the latest model copper jewelry necklaces is the best option. If you are not satisfied with the copper finish you can always polish them with the metal of your choices like silver or Gold. When it comes to Antique jewelry and function wear, using gold-coated Jewellery will be the best option.

Combining the necklaces with suitable accessories like matching earrings and bangles will provide an authentic look. The necklaces are mainly designed for providing a rich look in the background. It does not matter whether you are wearing original silver or Gold coated jewelry because either way the design matters the most in such situations. Most modern design necklaces use the soldering technique for providing a perfect design at the end. The necklaces made up of copper metal uses copper wire for soldering. These necklaces have multiple designs on them which will be either molded or made separately and finally attached to the necklace according to the design. So in such situations soldering technique is essential for combining all the parts and making it whole.

● Traditional Necklace Designs

When it comes to necklace designs there are two types available one is the traditional design and the other is the modern design. Most of the categories like antique designs and kemp model designs come under this traditional necklace category. Both of these designs can be beautifully expressed in copper metal because it is malleable and allow you to work freely with intricate designs. These designs cannot be manufactured using machines and hence they should be handcrafted for a perfect finishing. If you are handcrafting jewelry then there will be more requirements for soldering. Using copper solder for Jewelry making is the best option available here because they are easy to operate and the goldsmith can mold them according to their wish without any difficulty.

Sometimes these traditional designs come along with gemstones embedded in them which require more soldering techniques to be involved. So while shaping up a necklace and handcrafting them it is necessary for you to understand the amount of experience that goes beyond every soldering technique. These designs are mostly used for functions and they are more suitable for brides. If you are a bride looking for the best option to be worn on your marriage day then this copper-based design along with your beautiful red saree will be a perfect choice.

● Modern Jewelry Designs

Most of the modern jewelry design necklaces are available in the form of statement jewelry for tribal jewelry since they provide a perfect finish for your modern costumes like a skirt and jeans. While the traditional design can be worn only for Grand functions these modern necklaces can be worn for simple functions and also for your formal wear. They can be combined with anything and everything. This type of modern statement jewelry necklace will make you look unique and beautiful. Using a copper-based design will allow you to enjoy low-weight new technology and achieve intricate designs at the same time. The price of these designs will be low and allow you to enjoy wearing them everywhere without the fear of losing them.

Both these jewelry designs are preferred by people all over the world. It's not just these simple jewelry designs but there are also other types of necklaces that are available with long chains. This particular long-chain model is preferred by modern women because of its beautiful Outlook. They can be prepared with all types of modern costumes and wearing the necklace will be sufficient. This simple design will make you look beautiful and cover all the requirements for other accessories perfectly. You can also pair it up with a beautiful Drop model earring for a special effect.

DWS jewelry provides unique designs for women especially in the area of necklaces. We have a separate bridal collection from which the brides can choose their favorite designs. If the bride or not is satisfied with the collection we have, they can sit with our designers and create a new design that will be suitable for their special day. If the final output is not satisfactory they can always remodel them in our special repair factory using multiple soldering techniques and other repair techniques. All in all, it is our responsibility to make you look beautiful on your special day with our perfect jewelry designs. The designs are also present in the online websites from which you can purchase but if you want to customize the designs you can send a separate email for us with images of the design you need. We are also specialized in producing gemstone embedded necklaces that will make you look Grand during your wedding day.

Soldering Copper Cuff Jewelry

The cuff jewelry which is otherwise popularly known as the bracelet bangles are more common nowadays because of their ability to serve as both Bracelet and bangles. Most of the cuff jewelry designs are suitable to be worn as both traditional and modern designs. These cuff bracelets do not cover the breast completely and they are always opened on one end like the olden days’ amulet. The best way to purchase a perfect cuff design is by choosing a size that will fit your hand perfectly. This particular jewelry design can be worn along with other bracelets to provide a beautiful look on the hand. Sometimes they are paired up with watches and other chain bracelets to provide a complete look. If you are purchasing jewelry then you have to make sure that you have proper pay as you go along with that.

One main disadvantage of this particular cuff bracelet is that sometimes they needed to be adjusted according to your size. In such situations using a bracelet made up of gold will not be suitable. The metal that you use for designing this bracelet should have the ability to move and allow proper space for adjustments. If you are not satisfied with the gold metal then the best choice will be silver or copper. Most of the Silver-based designs are preferred by women all over the world and hence for providing more flexibility the designers came up with the idea of using copper metal with a silver outer coating. Even though there are no findings for or attachment at the end this particular jewelry also requires soldering for creating the design and to make the edges soft.

● Traditional Cuff Bracelet Design

When you are trying to purchase a traditional design that can be worn for marriages then you have to understand that there are very few designs in such a category. So the best option in this situation is to choose a design that will go well along with the traditional attire. Most of the traditional cuff bangle designs will be similar to the bangle except in the area of the edges where they will not be connected. These edges will have a bold design to complete the entire Outlook. Some of the times the bold designs will be made separately and sold to the main bangle design to provide a good appearance. Most of these designs are made up of high-quality Copper and they use good copper wire for combining them. Using copper solder for Jewelry making is a good option and will always benefit you in the end while polishing the outer area of the jewelry.

● Modern Designs

When you are going for the modern designs available in the market then the best choice will be the plain designs. There are also certain designs available in the market with gemstones embedded in them. Most of these gemstones are designed and cut in a way to make them look modern and not traditional. Each and every single part of this jewelry is made carefully to provide a perfect statement at the end. These cuff designs are most suitable for constant wearing, especially for college purposes. During college days when you want to gift something special for your friend and do not have enough money, using these copper-based cuff jewelry designs will be a good option. The price is cheap and the final Outlook will also be beautiful. If you want them to use the design on a regular basis then the modern design will be a suitable choice but if you want them to wear only for functions and occasional purposes then that traditional design will be the better choice. Depending upon the nature of your friend you can make a choice and give them. There are also models available for men in cuff jewelry. So if interested even young adults can give their friends these designs that will make them look more Hype and handsome.

Obtaining these models especially in the form of copper is difficult. So under such situations, you can always visit DWS jewelry for viewing a variety of collections in your shop. If you are away from the shop you can always choose to go for the online website where they have published all their collections that allows you to select a good design and shop them through online medium. The products will be delivered to you within a week but with the perfect packaging and protection. You can also order customized jewelry through online portals and also in our shop. If there is any damage to the jewelry in the future you can always submit them to our special repair factory for altering them and make them look as beautiful as possible.

Soldering Copper Rings

Most of the people during the olden days have the habit of wearing rings using copper metal. These rings are commonly present in temples as a form of ideological representation. Most of the men and women even nowadays prefer wearing rings made up of pure copper without any outer coat. While most of the Rings are a form of ideological representation certain designs represent the love between two persons. Most of the wedding rings and engagement rings are made up of high-quality copper with a white gold outer coat to provide a perfect structure. People who do not wish to spend quality money on wedding rings can choose this option as they are cheaper and beautiful. It's not just these designer Rings then also other types of drinks available in the market called the jumper rings. These jumper rings are used to connect the findings and the necklace and in various other requirements like increasing the length of the chains and the bracelets.

Most of the Rings are made up of metal and they are combined at the end using the soldering technique. Normally this type of soldering technique is made to be non-visible. But sometimes when there is a sudden increase or decrease in your weight then you will be forced to acknowledge the requirement to alter the design. During such situations, the soldering technique will be useful for cutting the ring and stretching it or for reducing it. Finally, the split portion is joined together by using the soldering technique. Most of the band present in the ring is plain and simple but sometimes there are certain intricate designs available in the band. These rings are more special especially in the case of wedding designs because of their unique nature. Sometimes people also engrave their names or certain lines within the ring for a permanent reminder.

● Beautiful Engagement Rings

When you are trying to purchase some of the best designs available in the market then you can come for DWS jewelry located in Rajasthan. We are a single unit of fashion jewelry designers and are known for our unique designs. We offer a variety of designs including rings. There are a variety of rings available in the market including statement rings. The best option for an engagement ring is a simple band with a stone in the middle. While most people prefer wearing the normal Diamond stones certain people prefer wearing the beautiful Emerald and Ruby stones so that their engagement ring will look unique and different. Being one of the best gemstone exporters in the country we have a wide range of collections that you can choose from. You can also design your engagement ring and make the correct choice. When you are trying to purchase erring make sure that the size is a perfect fit with the room to expand if required in the future. So making the correct choice is essential while purchasing the ring. The engagement ring will be worn by the women all the time and hence the design should be unique and suitable for all types of costumes. 

● Statement Rings

DWS jewelry is also well known for producing a wide range of taken drinks with unique designs and models. Sometimes wearing a unique statement ring alone will be more than enough as an accessory for certain costumes. So the designs you choose from our shop should be unique and our designer has made sure to satisfy your needs with their beautiful designs. If you are not satisfied with the designs in the shop you can always choose to make customized earrings using copper material. You can also choose your choice for the outer coat and the gemstone you want to be embedded within your ring. So statement rings or not just for fashion they can also be used as regular wear.

Most of the fashion jewelry rings are made up of copper because it can be easily altered and the outer coat will stick longer to Copper than any other metal. The designs made up of copper are beautiful and the process of soldering is easier in copper material than in any other metal available in the market. Soldering a ring should be done perfectly especially when you are connecting the joins with silver metal. After connection, it should be over coated properly to avoid showing the silver. If you are combining a copper ring with a silver metal without any outer coat then it is a better option to use copper metal or a thin layer of silver metal rather than using them in bulk and spoiling the design altogether.

DWS jewelry is one of the best shops in the country that is well-versed in performing soldering techniques without affecting the quality of the design. If you are interested in purchasing some unique designs Then visit our shop located in the Sitapura industrial areas of Rajasthan. We are one of the leading manufacturers of jewelry designs that uses a variety of gemstones and metals. The rings are available in the pre-manufactured state and can also be customized if required. If interested you can also contact our shop through the online portals for a better collection. DWS jewelry is not just for manufacturing machine-made and handmade Jewellery items they are also widely consulted for repairing damaged jewelry items. Similar to handcrafted jewelry and machine-made jewelry equal importance is also given to repairing the jewelry through soldering techniques. We have created a separate factory for creating a perfect environment in the background. Now you can submit your jewels to us for repairing damages to a certain extent. The final output will be perfect without any indication of the damages.


The art of soldering silver jewelry

Before a decade or so if you have suggested wearing fashion jewelry or a piece of silver jewelry for regular use then the women would have neglected it saying that they are not beautiful and will lower their status. But recently the requirement for fashion jewelry has been increasing at a faster rate. Before a decade the designs that were made up of silver were converted into gold jewelry by dipping them with improper experience. This resulted in a gold designed jewel that looked fake without any proper designs on them. But recently with the development of technology, the jewelry industry has been growing a lot. Recent Technology has allowed them to create fashion designs that are more beautiful and look more or less similar to the original. Recently the jewelry industry has introduced the concept of one gram gold where the fashion jewels were dipped in pure gold to obtain a gold coating that looks similar to the original. Unless you are experienced it would be really difficult for you to determine the difference between the original and the duplicate.

Along with the development in modern technology the women were more open-minded to trying out new designs that were made up of a variety of crystals, gemstones, metals, and some waste products. So the fashion jewelry designs became more famous and the shops related to them are also gaining more popularity day by day. From celebrities to normal people everyone is interested in purchasing these fashion jewelry to go along with their traditional and modern attires. The main reason for preferring this design is because they are cheaper than the gold designs and instead of purchasing a single gold necklace you can purchase at least 10 to 15 fashion jewelry at the same price. This allows them to have a wide range of choices and match up with multiple costumes and look different among their social circle. Along with the development in fashion jewelry also came the technology of soldering that is used for mending the designs from the damages incurred on them. Most of the fashion jewelry items are made up of sterling silver and hence it is essential that you have the sterling silver solder for repairing these designs.

Most of the women do not throw the damaged designs away and rather submit for recreating them so that they can be used again and again. Soldering is a huge technique that is preferred by women most of the time. This technique allows you to repair the damage with proper technique. Even though there are multiple techniques available in the market from ancient times most of the goldsmith today prefer using this technology because soldering prevents the damage from being exposed obviously. To be more clear the corrections made on the jewelry will be more fit and it will allow the goldsmiths to make some alterations in the soldered part to make it look more blended along with the design.

What is soldering?

Soldering is a technique that is used in many fields for joining two metal pieces together. They are used commonly in plumbing, mechanical designing, jewelry making, jewelry repairing service, and also in a variety of construction sites. During this technique, the two different pieces of metals are joined together by a combining factor. The combining factor is nothing but the melted form of another metal called as the solder. So this solder metal is melted to its melting point and applied on the joint of the remaining two metals. The melted metal piece will pass through the gaps between these two metals and combine them together leaving no space between them. But before performing soldering there are certain techniques that should be considered. For example, the solder metal should have the ability to combine both the other metals without leaving any space. Using a weaker metal will cause the combination to result in failure and hence the solder should be stronger than the combining metals.

The soldering technique is not used for combining two metals, they are also used for creating new designs. If you are a designer especially in the field of fashion designing then you will understand the requirement for such funky designs. This is because most of the people in the country prefer such designs nowadays for wearing it along with their modern costumes and also with their traditional costumes. These soldered designs can be combined with gemstones to provide a shining edge as a final result. Most of the fashion jewelry uses the Silver metal for creating new designs because of their ability to last forever. Most of the people prefer silver jewelry because they are stronger and do not cause any damage to the skin of the person wearing it. Sometimes certain metals like copper, aluminum, and steel might affect the outer skin of the person wearing it as especially if they come into contact with their sweat. It might result in some skin allergies like contact dermatitis and other sorts of infections in the future. So the better option for the women would be either gold or silver. Since purchasing the gold for such a price is overrated people always choose silver especially in relation to fashion jewelry. So when there is any damage to the silver jewelry they can be repaired by using the solder made up of silver. This solder silver technique has been under usage for several decades and most people prefer using this technique for jewelry including both gold and silver because of the appearance they get at the end. But when you are trying to solder using silver metal then you have to remember that a normal soldering iron-based technique will not be useful. Since silver cannot be melted by the heat produced by these irons. They use a special gas torch for heating up the metal and melting it to its melting point. This technique requires a lot of expertise since the surrounding metal is also silver and hence when applied to the other areas by mistake the entire design will be damaged to the core.

What do you need for silver soldering?

There are certain issues while performing Silver soldering on silver metal. When you are trying to use fine silver solder for jewellery making you should keep in mind that the jewelry is also made up of silver and hence their melting point will match. So there are a lot of things that need to be present for performing good Silver solder jewelry or repair using silver solder. Understanding these requirements will allow you to understand how they are made.

Blow torch

The blowtorch is the most important item while performing soldering. When you are performing soldering on a normal thin metal strip then you will not have the requirement of a torch a simple solder iron will suffice. But when you are using sterling silver or other forms of fine silver solder them the best option is to use a blowtorch since the melting point of the silver is more than 961.8°C. For such heat, it is essential to have a blow torch for melting the solder and to fix the point. If you are creating a new design with the soldering technique then you need to have a high-quality blue torch that produces a refined amount of heat. Some people prefer using laser torches for performing soldering but they require proper exposure and experience which is not available with the normal goldsmith who has been learning these techniques from their family members as a part of their heirloom. So depending upon your requirement you can purchase a suitable blowtorch that can melt the silver. It should have sharp features because sometimes you might use it for mending the jewelry which requires exposing the heat to the actual jewelry also. Even though they will be protected by high-quality fireproof materials it still needs to be perfect for a good job.

Most people will try to use the blowtorch by themselves which is not much safer because of the presence of gas cylinders and fire. So the best option for mending your jewelry is to submit them to the required shops that are present near you. If you are searching for such a shop then DWS jewelry in Jaipur, Rajasthan is one of the most famous shops that are well known for creating designs that are of high quality with designs that are famous all over the world. They have a variety of designs that are normally not present in other shops and hence visiting our website or store will be beneficial for your fashion sense. We also have a separate unit for soldering and creating new jewelry with authentic metals.

Solder metal

When you are performing soldering the first thing that you need to decide is the type of metal that you are going to use for combining the other two metals. In this case, we are going to be using some of the fine quality silver bars as a solder. But when you are talking about a silver bar it is not just any big bar but they are thin strips of silver metal that can be melted easily to act as a perfect combining agent. But if you think that this is a simple concept and purchasing a plain simple shoulder will be enough you are wrong. Based on the requirements there are four grades of silver solder present in the market. Every grade has a different melting point and hence you have to choose them according to your requirement. They are usually divided into four types named as hard, medium, extra easy, and easy. Obviously depending upon their melting point they are classified with these names. So the bar that has the lowest melting point is classified as extra easy while the bar that has the highest melting point is classified as hard. 

Type: Melting point 

Hard: 745 to 780°C

 Medium: 720 to 765°C 

Easy: 705 to 725°C

Extra easy: 655 to 710°C


The next important component that is essential for performing the soldering technique is the availability of the flux. The flux is the paste-like material that has the ability to clean the metal and also to increase the flow rate of the solder so that they can spread evenly between the combining metals. When you are heating up the solder along with the other metals it results in oxidation resulting in the hardening of the metal. To avoid this the flux is applied to increase the flow rate and allow the solder to reach all the parts. Normally you can use the liquid flux which is otherwise called the Auroflux. If you prefer to have a paste-like flux material then using the Borax dish will be the best option. They are applied using a small brush depending upon the size of the metal used.

Clean surface

After purchasing all these items the next step is to prepare a clean surface area so that the soldering can be done perfectly. If the surface area is not clean it might result in impurities affecting the process.  For example, when there is dust available on the surface and you are melting the metal the dust will also be combined with the metal resulting in improper work. The surface will be made up of high-quality metal with a huge melting point that will not melt under intense heat. So the surface should be clean and made up of good quality steel material that has a huge melting point above the silver you are using.

Fire coating

The fire coating is a technique where the combining metals are coated With the boric acid before exposing them to the flames from the blowtorch. This technique will prevent the original metal from losing its color and shining when exposed to heat. Now you can repair the damaged piece with proper experience and prevent them from getting affected by the heat. It is not necessary for you to heat the entire jewel and hence fire coating the part that will be exposed to the heat is enough. This will prevent the metal from getting oxidized and being exposed to discoloration as a result of the intense heat produced by the blowtorch continuously on the solder.

Pickle material

The jewelry pickle is nothing but a cleaning solution that is used for wiping the jewelry after completing the soldering process. This particular stuff can be made at home by using borax, vinegar, and some other material available at home. But in the industries, they use a high-quality pickle material for intense cleaning before sending them to check. Pickling and fire coating techniques are available in only advanced and experienced shops and not in the homemade soldering. They are essential for proper output. So unless you are a professional it is better for you to not try it at home.

All the above-mentioned products are required while performing soldering. While these objects can be purchased easily handling a blow torch can be quite difficult since they are not like the iron soldering. So it is always better for you to hand over the process of repairing your silver jewelry and creating new silver jewelry To the experts like DWS jewelry in Rajasthan. Located in the Riico industrial area the company has produced a wide range of products. From the bridal jewelry to the recent pendants all types of jewelry items are present in our shop and you can purchase them according to your wish.

How to perform soldering using the silver soldering technique?

Soldering is a technique that is constantly used for repairing the jewelry and also for making the jewelry especially while preparing new designs or for attaching two parts of the jewelry together. In this silver soldering technique, the first step is to set up the surface area. The surface area should be clean without dust. After setting up the next step is to place the parts that need to be combined on the surface and fire coat them with borax. This is essential because without fire coating the outer surface of the jewelry will be damaged. Applying borax will prevent them from exposing to the excessive heat and hence they will not melt to a certain level of heat. After applying borax the next step is to apply the flux to prevent oxidation and provide proper flow of the solder for a good attachment. The metal strip is cut and placed on the gap between the two metals. Then the heat is produced through the torch which allows the Silver metal to heat up and melt. The melted metal will pass through the minute pores present in the combining metals so that they will be attached together. After combining the metals the jewelry is washed in cold water and pickled. This process will remove unwanted waste and dust on the design. Then the jewelry is subjected to various cleaning and designing activities to make sure that the repaired piece looks exactly like the other parts of the jewelry. If the jewelry is gold-dipped then it is redipped again to provide a uniform coating. The next step is checking the quality of the soldering technique so that it can be returned to the customer.

Other soldering techniques

Though this type of soldering technique is common among the people and goldsmiths, they have recently been producing A new soldering technique with the same silver soldering components. This technology involves sweat soldering sterling silver to combine two or more metals together for a pendant or any other jewelry designs. In this technique initially, one part of the jewelry is taken and exposed to The concept of soldering. For example, if you are planning to join metal pieces together at the tip then one of the metal pieces is taken and a small piece of silver is soldered at the joining area. Then the two pieces are combined and heated as a whole. This technique will allow the metal pieces to join together only at certain points leaving the other areas vacant. This special soldering technique is mainly used in the areas of pendants where two metal pieces are joined together to create modern designs.

This type of designing soldering technique is useful on multiple occasions including in the industry of gold jewelry. It provides a fine finishing to the Jewel designed and hence they have been adopted by the fashion jewelry also.

Soldering silver bangle jewelry

Even though the concept of wearing bangles is not available in most of the countries Indian women are more attracted to it. The truth is that wearing bangles is a traditional requirement for women to increase the blood flow to the uterus and obtain more positive energy. Most of the women prefer wearing traditional gold bangles but recently they have been moving towards the concept of silver bangles and other fashion designed bangles. These bangles are made up of high-quality sterling silver with minute craftsmanship. There are two types of designs available in the market. One is the molded design where the entire bangle is made up of molding just by pouring the liquid silver into the mold and allowing them to cool off. The next technique is the most important technique called handcrafting where each and every single design is handcrafted. Making handcrafted jewelry requires a lot of patience and work. It is not just a skill but it's a talent that needs constant improvement and thinking. For example, if you need a playing silver rounded bangle all you have to do is pour the liquid silver into the mold and wait for some time. After hardening the mold can be removed and the bangle will be ready after some cleaning and polishing process. But if you are trying to design it by handcrafting technology then it requires a lot of process including molding and soldering. The concept of soldering is essential because they cannot be joined at the end without the soldering technique. After that, the bangle should be shaped properly and finessed using sandpaper and other polishing techniques. Most of the people prefer using handcrafted jewelry because of the final output and the designs in this particular jewelry are highly intricate. This soldering technique is not just used for creating bangles they are also used for creating some of the most important fashion designs like multiple bangles attached together or for attaching designs on the bangles. This process involves soldering with silver solder and it consumes a lot of time for the workers. Let us now see some designs and how they are created using soldering.

Looped bangles

There are a variety of bangle models available nowadays and this looped model is one of them. Here two or more plain silver bangles are taken and placed inside a circular loop to provide a design. This design is more famous because they provide a feeling of wearing multiple bangles but at the same time, it is a single bangle that is connected together by a circular loop or a circular jump ring. This jump ring is nothing but a plain metal that is available in the market. The bangles are looped into the ring and the ends of the ring are soldered to create a perfect design.

When you are soldering silver jump rings it is essential to remember that only the connecting part is exposed to the heat. So apply flux on the connecting part after fire coating it. The flux is essential to prevent oxidation. When the metal is oxidized it will be practically impossible for you to attach the solder on the piece because the solder will not stick to the oxidized metal. This type of design has gained more popularity among women these days. The design has also been modified to a certain extent to have three or more jumping connections in the same bangle at multiple locations. Even though they are not made up of gold they are still dipped in the Gold solution to provide a perfect bangle that can be worn with the modern costumes and also with the traditional costumes.

Traditional bangles

When you are wearing traditional costumes like Lehenga and saree if there is an unknown rule to wear bangles along with that. The traditional bangles are available in a variety of designs including antique designs and the one with the gemstones. One of the common designs that are available in the traditional bangles is the images of gods and various other designs that are attached on a plain bangle to provide an authentic look. Attaching these designs on the bangles require some advanced soldering technique. They commonly use the sweat soldering sterling silver technique where the bangle is initially sweat soldered with a normal silver bar and then the designs are attached to the plain bangle. The designs are then reheated to combine both the pieces together forever. This technique is most commonly used in traditional and modern bangles.

Modern bangle designs

When it comes to modern bangles designs soldering is the major requirement because in modern bangles multiple pieces are connected together to form the perfect design. The double metal design was two thin metals that are taken and twisted together to form a perfect design that requires soldering at many levels. This type of twisted bangles are available with a combination of gold and silver or using Gold and bronze metal. They are more famous among modern trendsetters and this design is also commonly used as kids bangle. The ends are covered in a molded metal to prevent them from getting after by the sharp edges. Along with these designs, there are also certain other designs where two or three different metals are connected together through a soldering technique to form a final design. Commonly the designs with multiple loops and multiple connections are soldered together. Most of these designs are available only in certain shops, especially in silver. DWS Jewellery is one such shop that has been existing in Jaipur providing services all over the world. We have a wide range of collections in the area of the silver bangle designs and we also have our own factory that is well experienced in manufacturing designs that are popular all over the world. We also offer customized jewelry designs that you can design along with our designers either by directly visiting our shop in the Sitapura area or through our online website. The customized designs can also be ordered through online websites just by sending an image along with size descriptions and certain other instructions you want to provide us.

Soldering Silver bracelets jewelry

Bracelets are designs that are used by modern designers as a replacement for the bangles because they look more fashionable and suitable for certain modern costumes like jeans and skirts. While the cuff bracelets are bangle-like designs the normal bracelets are available in a chain-like design.  These chain-like designs are made up of high-quality rings, loops, and jumping designs. They are available in a variety of designs and forms. The size will also vary according to your requirement. These bracelets are worn by people of all ages and they are suitable for modern costumes. Some women also prefer wearing them on all occasions including traditional occasions. Though they do not provide a traditional, costly outlook they are more suitable if you are going for the simple yet traditional outlook. Most women these days prefer wearing designs that are simple but still one that looks more authentic. For Sachin output or result is the best option available is the bracelets with gemstones embedded in them. They can be worn with suitable costumes including sarees. When you are going for a modern outlook then the bracelets with geometrical designs like the square, triangle, or circular cut is given to them. These bracelets are required to have a proper connection between each other because even a slide error in the connection might result in losing them entirely. Getting damaged is not an issue but since this jewelry is lightweight sometimes when they cut and fall off you might not note them missing for a long time.

Circular jumper loop designs

Jumper rings are rings that are available in a variety of sizes. These jump rings are connected together to provide extra length to the necklace, for creating designs, and also for connecting the gemstone embedded bracelets together. Initially, the first design that is more famously available in the market is the gemstone embedded design. It's not just Bollywood stars but normal men and women also prefer wearing their birthstones in the form of bracelets. For these designs in the center, the pendant with a gemstone embedded in them is used. Both sides of the gemstone are joined together by the circular jump rings that are interlinked with each other. After interlinking the jump rings with each other using the suitable grade solder for silver rings is selected and soldered perfectly. These designs are then subjected to a wide range of polishing and cleaning so that they will appear authentic with suitable appearance. The size and weight of the metal ring may vary according to your requirement.  Some goldsmiths prefer purchasing these jump rings separately in readymade form and then they are attached together with normal rods and some soldering at the end.

But there are certain shops that prefer preparing their own rings and then perform soldering according to the requirement. In this scenario, the rings are perfect, and they are created automatically for this particular piece making it more special and suitable. No adjustment is made here and hence the final outcome will be according to your requirement. This particular design is also used as a lucky bracelet or charm bracelet where the entire interlude sequence is prepared in the form of a Chain and later they are twisted and interlude to provide a perfect design of bracelet that allows you to hang the charms. A charm bracelet can work only if the bracelet is strong enough otherwise they will not last forever. The more fearful thing is losing the charms that you have collected or received as the gift.

When you are wearing jewelry with multi designs like geometric shapes then each and every single shape is connected to the other through the circular loops.

Designed bracelets

Most of the modern bracelets contain one or two designs embedded within the bracelets and in such a situation the concept of soldering will be necessary. One key point that you need to keep in mind about the bracelets is that they are made up of multiple pieces and each piece is joined together through direct soldering technique or through other techniques like the cold soldering to provide more movement and loosened effect on the bracelet. They are joined together through internal screws and riveting techniques which are rarely used since soldering is more common.

Such shops are suitable if you are planning on creating a customized jewelry bracelet that is made up of high-quality metal like silver or gold. The silver loop or jumping based designs are available in DWS Jewellery and we are well known for creating jump ring bracelets without any indication on the exterior to show that they have been joined together by soldering.

All these jewelry items are combined together through the technique of soldering and sweat soldering. Even more, soldering is used when it is made up of circular loops. More people prefer using silver solder for Jewelry making because they go well along with the other metal whether it is gold or silver. For example when you are trying to perform soldering on gold metal then having silver solder will allow you to enjoy a good connection and provide an authentic look in the end when they are gold plated.

This form of jewelry design is available in our shop and on online websites. DWS jewelry has been gaining more popularity in the area of jewelry especially in the field of fashion jewelry designs with metals like silver, bronze, and other famous metals. These metals are either provided in raw form only or sometimes they are polished to form a perfect design at the end.

Soldering silver earrings jewelry

Silver earrings have been gaining more popularity nowadays especially with the increasing trend in the loop earrings and other modern designs. There are a variety of designs available when it comes to earrings. They include the chandelier design, studs, loops, drops, and jumps. All these designs are created with the help of soldering and through other techniques available in the market. The earrings are the most important jewelry design available in the market since they are worn by both men and women.

Some men also prefer wearing jewelry items including bracelets and earrings. So because of the huge requirements, there has always been an increasing trend in the design of the earring in the market. When you are designing an earring initially the design is completed and then they are followed by the attachment which is done using the soldering technique. For example, the hooks that connect the design to your ear are soldered at another related stage than the initial one. From circular earrings to the most modern loot available in the market every fashion designer earring in the current trend belongs to the soldering technique without which it is impossible to obtain such designs with accurate precision.

Most of the earring designs with embedded gemstones are also soldered to form the perfect and outline before embedding the gemstone. You can observe the earring models available at home for authentication and you will not find the faint line of soldering in them. But only when this line is non-noticeable the design is made authentic. Otherwise, they are sold for a low price as a local design because of the imperfections present in them.

Loop earrings

Most people prefer wearing a variety of designs especially in the area of earrings. The first common earring model that is widely used among the women is the loop earrings where multiple loops are joined together to form a lengthy design. At the end of the loop, there is a small design present to increase the look on the outer area. The next design available in the loop earring is where a single jumper ring is accompanied with multiple strings attached to it to form a beautiful design. These designs are famous all over the world where multiple loops are placed within a single loop to provide a perfect design. Hear the loops are designed separately and later they are soldered within each other to provide a final output. Sometimes a normal soldering technique is used. Soldering silver ring requires a lot of expertise. So in order to make it more perfect, a very small soldering piece is used and the blow torch that produces sharp heat is used for soldering these methods to prevent unwanted damages to the rest of the earring.

Some of the loops will also be embedded with stones or gemstones to provide a good appearance. For some designs, the embedding process can be completed after the soldering technique but certain designs required the soldering to be done while the stone is present. In such a situation, the proper flux should be applied all over to prevent the metal from getting damaged. After creating the look design or other earring design using the soldering technique they are sent to the process of pickling and cleaning. Once they are completed they are finally inspected for any faults and then they are processed for polishing. All these techniques are essential for providing the most authentic designs available in the market.

Attaching the findings

The one thing that all the earrings have in common is the presence of findings or attachments that are necessary for connecting them to your ear. Most of these findings jewelry designs are attached after the main design is completed through soldering Technology. When you are using a silver design earring then the suitable solder for silver jewelry will be silver only. Because then the quality of the design will not be damaged and the final output will also be perfect. For such soldering, most of the Goldsmith use the Sweat soldering technique where the metals are connected by a single joint. But when you are using a wire-based finding then a normal soldering technique is more suitable than the switch soldering which is one at least two tables for button-based earring and Bombay earrings.

So in reality all the earrings will go through the process of soldering to attach the findings and to provide a proper framework for the gemstones. Soldering is not just for repairing and they are widely used as a part of creating a design. Normally there are multiple wire-based designs in the market that are made up of two or three wires combined together to create a Flower-like structure and other designs. Here in this design, different wires are taken and they are grouped together to form such a structure which is quite normally difficult to make and requires an intricate soldering technique for connecting the wires without getting exposed in the outer area. So most of the designs in the market are made up of soldering techniques especially in the area of fashion jewelry.

DWS Jewellery is one shop in the whole country that is well known for producing designs made up of high-quality metals with wonderful designs. It does not matter what type of earring you are looking for in the market because we have it all. So if you are purchasing for your casual wear or for your marriage it does not matter because we also have a simple and grand earring collection in our shop that can be used for a lifetime. If there is any ee damage to the earring it can be easily repaired by using the soldering technique and various other repair techniques available in our separate factory. We also have our very own manufacturing unit that is well known for producing designs popular all over the world. If you are looking for a high-quality jewelry shop in the Jaipur area then DWS jewelry is a suitable choice for your requirement. We also design customized earrings for your costumes according to your preference. So if you are interested you can order customized earrings from us. The order can be made either through online mode or through a direct visit from your side.

Soldering silver pendant jewelry

While most of the women prefer wearing necklaces for their traditional attire there are some women who prefer to go for a simple choice like the pendant with a simple chain. Wearing pendants has become an important requirement for modern-day women because instead of the necklaces and simple plain chain the best option is to go for the designs with pendants. The pendants are the most suitable form of wear for the traditional and modern-day attire that is preferred by both men and women. While women go for the beautiful designs the men mostly go for funky designs. Wearing them in silver has been becoming more famous, especially the ones with the gemstones. Whatever the design is that is one thing you need to keep in mind. All these pendants cannot be completed without performing soldering to attach the hook that comes along with the pendant. The loop or the hook that connects the pendant to the chain is the most important part and they are connected through the soldering technique. The jumping ring acts as a suitable connector for the chain and the pendant. So by soldering sterling silver jump rings to the pendant the connection between the chain and the pendant is ensured. But if you are thinking that this is the only requirement for the soldering technique then you are very much in the wrong. Because when a certain pendant requires multiple designs that are to be attached together to form a single whole design and this attachment is done using the specialized sweat soldering technique. When you are using this particular technique the final output will be perfect and the attachment or the soldering will not be obviously visible in the end. Most of the women or attracted to pendant designs that are modern in nature.

Some of the designs that include gemstones embedded in it will also be required in the soldering technique for creating proper ridges that hold the gemstone in place. There are a variety of techniques available in the market for holding the gemstone in the place including the riveting technique that comes as a property of cold soldering technique. But to understand more about the quality of the product you have to create proper joining points.

Gemstone pendants

The market is filled with a pendant made up of gemstones and they have mainly been used for functional wear especially the designs with multiple gemstones. Most of the gemstones in the pendants are held together by using some techniques like ridges and prongs. Sometimes when these jewelry designs are being used continuously for more than two or three years then you will understand that these designs will be remodeled and repaired only through the soldering technique. So when you are trying to repair a gemstone based pendant design proper precautionary steps be taken to avoid losing the gemstone or damaging them during the process. One of the common techniques that are still being used nowadays is the process of applying the kool jool gel to the gemstone to prevent it from getting hot. Similarly, there are also other techniques like a wet matted paper towel that are powerful and wonderful to work with.

So while soldering the gemstone will not be affected and the final output will be perfect. This type of setting and repair work can be done only with the help of experienced workers.

Loop pendants

If you are a person looking forward to purchasing soldered pendants then there are many options available in the market. The most famous design present is the loop design where the jumper rings are attached together to form a perfect design. Like circles attached in the form of a triangle, circular rings attached together to form a circle and other designs. These designs are more modern in nature and will make the person wearing it look more beautiful. Sometimes the best option available is to wear suitable loop earrings along with this design to form a perfect match. They can be paired with the matching loop bracelets for more authenticity. This type of high quality soldered jewelry design is suitable for professional looks and also for the party looks.

This particular design is available only in the department of fashion jewelry and they are very rarely available in the gold jewelry market. So if you are interested in purchasing this design in the Gold form then you can order them through the online portal of DWS gallery for a customized design.  we will provide you with the perfect design with proper output within a short span of time.

Plain metal pendants

If you are using a simple metal pendant that has a single design then soldering is not normally required for creating the design. But sometimes certain designs made up of two or more metals uses two different designs which will be pasted on one another. This pasting or attaching of one metal on the other requires a proper technique called the sweat soldering technique. Here the sweat soldered pendant requires a proper technique. For proper attachment, one metal is taken and the solder points are placed on the areas you want both the metals to attach with each other. Then the entire metal is heated again by connecting with each other. This will allow the experts to perform soldering on the regions that will be normally difficult to reach. This technique is commonly used for connecting two metal pieces together for creating a design by placing one on the top of others. 

Later after the completion of soldering these metal pieces is called off and then pickled for removing the unwanted dirt material. Then the pendant is subjected to polishing and other types of cleaning before submitting it for inspection and client.

Crystal pendants

Some people to obtain the maximum power of the crystals used the concept of soldering.  In this advanced soldering technique the silver metal is properly soldered to attach the crystal to the chain or to the findings. This technique uses the high-quality silver material which will be placed around the Crystal for soldering. These soldered crystal pendants are considered to be more powerful and they are worn with a long chain to be near the heart for good power. These soldered crystal pendants are good for constant wearing and they can be combined with other crystals also. Some designs are available in the form of polished crystals with holes at the end. The crystals are then joined together by a loop. This loop is then joined at the end through soldering techniques. The crystals are normally available in the raw form and hence both these techniques are perfect for the crystals.

DWS jewelry is one such jewelry that is well known for manufacturing pendants that are well known among the people in all the countries. We are well versed in producing all types of pendant including the simple and grand pendants. So if you want some customized designs you can purchase it from online websites or through the shop. If you are not comfortable with these designs being present in the shop you can discuss with our designers to create a new design in your mindset and the manufacturing unit will prepare it for you. So whatever design you have in your mind we will make it alive for you.

Like pendants, the necklaces also play a major role in completing the attire. There are a variety of necklaces available in the market like Haram, choker sets, simple chain necklaces, and large gemstone embedded necklaces. So whatever the design you choose it will have a piece of soldering techniques involved in the making process. The necklaces are widely used on multiple occasions. The gemstone embedded necklaces are more famous nowadays because they can be worn with traditional attire. Wearing necklaces cannot be restricted to a particular occasion and not with modern attires. But currently, the trend has improved a lot. The necklaces available in the current modern period are suitable to be worn along with modern costumes including skirts and jeans. When you say necklace it's not just the old model traditional design that had a variety of designs. The modern wear necklaces contain multiple pendants combined together to form a design, combines multiple chains together to form a design and there are other designs that are a combination of both chains and pendants according to your requirement. Most of these modern design necklaces are made up of multiple metals and pieces that are connected together by using the soldering technique. This technique is essential for making most of the designs and they are more required in modern jewelry designs than the traditional designs.

Chain necklaces

Recently the chain necklaces are creating more height in the market because of their Grand appearance and also because of the low weight. This particular design is available in the market in both gold and silver forms. They can be paired well along with the traditional attire like the sarees and lehengas. This particular design is available in two forms. One particular form is where multiple chains are connected together to form a beautiful design. Here the chains used are simple and beautiful. The only design in the necklace along with the row of chains is that the connecting point where the chains are soldered. These necklaces are gaining more fame day by day and they are also available as a pearl form. The central piece or the piece that connects all the chains can be simple with a normal design or they can be with small gemstones.

These chains are connected to the central piece through proper soldering techniques. The silver metal is soldered at the back of the metal using the silver soldering technique. This technique requires a lot of these because when you are connecting multiple changes to a single point they should be arranged properly and multiple soldering on the same surface should not affect the quality of the centerpiece. Especially if the centerpiece is filled with gemstones. Whatever design you prefer to have in your necklace everything can be done with the help of soldering. When the chains are filled with pearls then the design soldering should be done more safely with proper precautions like covering the rest of the necklace with fireproof materials.

When you are going for the gemstone embedded chains the soldering technique will take a lot of time than the previous one because they are thicker than the normal designs. These designs have more popularity in the market and hence there is more pressure on the makers to create the perfect design.

Pendant and chains

In this design, the necklaces are filled with multiple pendants in the same chain. For example when there are certain designs where the chain will be interrupted by small designs like the traditional idol designs or modern butterfly designs. This design requires a lot of soldering because the pendants should be attached to the chains through findings soldering technique and also through direct soldering technique. In both, the technique the chains are attached or looped through them, and hence soldering is essential in this technique. The main technology that is used here is the normal silver soldering technique.

In this technique, most of the pendants attached in the middle will be of the thin model and hence they should be properly soldered without any damage to the designer piece. This design is also available with the gemstones and hence if required they should be properly covered with flux and fireproof material before performing the soldering techniques.

Antique necklaces and tribal necklaces

Necklaces have been under usage for more than a century and hence while choosing a proper necklace you should also make sure that it can be repaired. Some of the necklaces when damage will completely be wasted. But with a proper set of people who have the ability to repair these necklaces you can repair even the antique designs and the most famous tribal designs. One thing that you need to understand is that most of the antique and tribal designs have intricate workmanship which requires proper handling by making the repair. So under certain situations soldering them required the skill of a good designer. The tribal necklaces are thick necklaces made of high-quality sterling silver with an antique finish to it. Both these necklaces are mostly available in a silver form and hence silver soldering technique will be the most suitable technique for this design.

Along with these designs, there are various other designs available in the market in the region of necklaces. When you are soldering necklace they should be done carefully with proper precautionary measures. So technically it requires proper experts and a setting with safety precautions available in the surrounding.

DWS Jewellery is one such shop located in Rajasthan. Our shop has been well known all over the world for the designs and quality. If you are interested in any of the designs displayed on the website you can purchase them through the online medium and you can also purchase them through our shop directly in Jaipur. Our designers are well experienced in creating new designs that are both modern and traditional. So if you are interested you can create customized designs with our designers, which will later be handcrafted in our factory. If there is any damage the product can be submitted to our shop either directly or through online to our repair workshop. Our experts are well trained in the field of repairing and preparing new designs.

Soldering silver cuff jewelry

The cuff jewelry is another form of design that is well known among bangle lovers. This is a hybrid version of the bangles and the bracelets. This particular cuff jewelry is a design that is worn by people of all ages. This particular cuff jewelry design can be worn along with traditional and modern attire. The cuff jewelry usually has a bangle like structure with a small or large design in the center. The centerpiece is attached to the design by loops or directly through the soldering techniques. There are a variety of designs available in the market. If You are looking for a grand design then the better option will be to choose the design that has gemstone settings in the center with the plain surroundings. There are also certain other designs where there is a centerpiece with a single large gemstone embedded surrounded by a beautiful design. Sometimes the bangle part of the jewelry will also be made up of designs like loops and circular design. Soldering techniques are common in this particular design and more people prefer using this design on a regular basis for their college purposes and also for other purposes like the marriages and small engagement functions. This design is widespread and used by people all over the world. They are also available in the traditional design. Even though most of the designs in this model are available in gold and silver there are also certain designs available in other metals like Copper and bronze.

Most of the silver jewelry cufflink designs are made up of sterling silver and hence the soldering should also be made with the high-grade sterling silver to obtain the proper quality. The soldering technique is not just used for designing but they are also used for other purposes like attaching the findings.  Some of the high-quality cufflink designs that are available in the market use the silver soldering technique for providing a perfect output.

Valuable centerpiece

Some people prefer wearing cufflinks that have gemstones in the center as a part of their belief instead of wearing the Rings. Some people prefer using them as part of their design. These Centrepieces are connected to the bangle structure through the findings loop. Sometimes they are also connected through the soldering technique. When you are using a loop the centerpiece will have a free of motion ability to move while walking. But when they are soldered they will be fitted to a single location and hence they will look more like a bangle than a bracelet.

So the attachment technique of the centerpiece will decide the structure of the cufflink jewelry. These designs are available in abundance at the DWS jewelry. We also accept customized orders from our customers and our products are more famous. The brackets model cufflink is more suitable to be worn along with the modern attire and the bangle model designs are more suitable for the traditional attire. The current modern situation is where the cufflink is worn on one hand and the bangles are worn on the other hand. This combination is preferred by women these days and they are more famous.

The soldering technique that is normally used in this cufflink design involves a lot of work, especially during the repair. For example, when you are working on the repairs the gemstones and the other links should be protected. If not they will result in extra damage to the main design. Similarly, the flux should be applied properly to prevent oxidation. 

When you are purchasing a piece of jewelry all these concepts should be kept in mind to understand the work that went behind every design and how the designs are made valuable. Every single piece of the design is worked, modeled, soldered, polished, and cleaned before they reach the hands of the people. The price of making and wastage is determined by these factors. So understanding the concept is essential and sometimes for certain repairs, they can be done at home with proper protection. All the safety gear should be worn properly with the presence of a fire extinguisher. Some people will not feel comfortable with these repair works and hence understanding the requirement DWS jewelry has opened a separate factory for repairing the damaged jewels. These damaged designs are subjected to high-quality repair processes and they are refined before delivery. The repair is done in such a way that even the experienced craftsmen will not be able to find the damages that occurred in the jewelry. They will be good as new. You can also order the new design from the shop through online portals. For more details visit our shop in Jaipur, Rajasthan. You can also visit our site for more information.