November Birthstones : What Are They And Why Should You Use Them?

To answer the question, the first thing that must be addressed is the precise definition and nature of a birthstone. Broadly speaking, most of its application is to be worn on pendants or as other trinkets. Essentially a gemstone usually corresponding to a select attribute, zodiac sign, a planetary connection, and/or other astrological significances, each birthstone confers its unique set of boons when worn in tandem with the right month, or by the right person.

The History Of Birthstones

The reputation of these gemstones predates Christianity itself, as it has warranted passing mentions in the Book of Exodus, for example. According to the first-century scholar and historian Titus Flavius Joesphus, its peak performance was noted when all twelve gemstones were assembled, and adorned the breastplate of the Israelite high priest (i.e. Aaron, to recount the Book of Exodus). Naturally, most historians for a number of centuries agreed unanimously with the notion that these twelve gemstones corresponded to the twelve months of the year. Even though this fabled breastplate would be a reliquary artifact, nevertheless the gemstones were no arcane objects, finding popular usage with the gentry, and later even outside of nobility, with the merchants. By the fifth century A.D., the parallel drawn had instead been between the twelve birthstones and the twelve disciples, i.e. apostles, consequently necessitating the idea of having all twelve stones and wear each one at the appropriate month. The practice of wearing a single gemstone all year round came much later, in the early eighteenth century Poland at the least, as scholars have projected it. Today’s birthstones, centuries after these events and ideas, hold little connection to the Christian interpretation of the ‘foundation stones’, and their connection with the apostles.

The primary idea of a relationship between a gemstone and a calendar month, however, still holds water and has been favoured by the astrologers and antiquarians of this era. There is a swath of Middle English poems written to superimpose the gemstones over the Gregorian calendar.
The first significant attempt at a standardization of these gemstones for a globally acknowledged market standards was in 1912, among a Kansas panel. The Jewelers of America (JA, estd. 1906), then known as National Association of Jewelers, had standardized a list in the same year. But these were in no way static yet, as over the next decade they arranged a number of additions to this month-based chart : Alexandrine for June, and pink tourmaline for Octobers, a switch in preference of December’s zircon rather than the former lapis lazuli, and of course, citrine for November too.

Birthstones In India

The quintessence of the Indian astrological tradition runs parallel to this Gregorian calendar interpretation of gemstone in more than one way. Like the twelve months, India’s theory of the Navaratna (i.e. nine gems) revolve around the Navagraha – four planets (and thus by extension a microcosm for a disembodied celestial power).

To put it simply, astrologers chart out a calendar to align the Navaratna with the Navagraha. Then, factoring in the client’s birthday, the Jewellery supplier decides which gemstone is going to be the optimal material to ward off misfortune and instead bring a state of tranquil confidences, good vibes, and enviable luck.
That said, there is quite a lot of faux-veneer around the prospect of honest gemstone merchandizing, many are adamant to undermine and disprove its powers, while in other cases the notoriety of the gemstone-trading circles for mendacity provides ample reason to many to not opt for these. Perusing the star-chart to determine one’s optimal gemstone is no difficult feat. The routine procedure that decides it is mechanically as simple as determining one’s zodiac sign – in fact, to know your birthstone, you do not need any prior knowledge of how star-charts work under the discipline of traditional Indian astrology. It does not take much more than merely casual googling to know that the November birthstones are citrine and topaz. The real issue is that since there is much scope to be dishonest about the genuine accountability of the gemstone in question, the brand consistency becomes paramount to safely choose a legit gemstone service.

What Is A Reliable Source To Buy These Birthstones From?

On the brighter side of things, there are still quite a few reliable and great gemstone assessment and supply services in India. But the forerunner among them is, of course, DWS jewellery, who are undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers in the gemstones scene.
The radiant yellow citrine has come to be known as a gift from the sun, and while it is not used to ward off a snake’s venom any longer, it still stands for success and prosperity. Topaz, the usually more preferred radiant honey-coloured gemstone, is also a blessing from the Sun, and has been commended for its healing abilities. If you are on the lookout for a November birthstone jewelry shopping store, both of these gemstones can and should be availed of from DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.
Not only do DWS Jewellers provide a 100% guarantee on birthstone effectiveness, but the pendants and rings are also dashing in the looks department. Gemstones are usually worn for their beneficial properties and ability to affect your luck, but they doubtless also make for great fashion accessories. With the expert craftsmanship that DWS Jewellers boast, you can get your citrine and topaz plated by silver in an astonishingly pretty ring, or a gracious pendant of the latest design.
But also with all this, the gemstones also come at affordable prices. There is no price bloating or gimmicky over-time investments, as DWS jewelers believe in a policy of total transparency towards its valued customers. There is no over-selling. What you see is what you get, and it is a one-time purchase.
If you dismiss the supernatural qualities of birthstones, they can still be an impeccable addition to your fashion arsenal. With DWS Jewellers, you can get an unparalleled consistency in quality – whether you pick one of the standards, intricately patterned ornate birthstone pendants or wish to have one custom-made for you. So if you are looking to buy great jewelry of the highest make and looks at reasonable costs, DWS jewelers are the place to go!

All Information About November Birthstone Citrine

While beginning to shop for any ornament, it is a basic requirement that people must brief themselves with essential information related to the product. This briefing is not mostly done by approaching the internet and gathering information about every possible aspect related to the ornament or services that the individual is seeking.
The information ranges from historical aspects of the ornament or product, relevant quality standards, reasonable price ranges, dealers and their prominent qualities.  Having appropriate knowledge about all these facilities gives the customer the power to genuinely choose between the right and wrong in an efficient manner.
When it comes to jewelry shopping, the decision-making process becomes more thoughtful and severe owing to the usually enormous price associated with the pieces. Here, we bring to you an overall, in-depth guide about the November birthstone citrine.

Let’s Begin-

The importance that jewelry pieces hold in a women's life is well recognized and acknowledged across all cultures and beliefs throughout the world. Ever since ancient times, accessories and jewelry pieces, in particular, have had an important role in religious and cultural aspects to support and validate many vivacious beliefs in various cultures.
Accessories and jewelry have mostly been considered as one or the same thing by many and this is self-explanatory as to what importance jewelry pieces hold.
The wearing of jewelry has always had a substantial connection with religious perceptions and beliefs. Especially in the south Asian countries, marriages and jewelry pieces have a very deep association with each other since time evident.
Besides the religious aspects of jewelry pieces, there is one more important reason as to why people are intended towards wearing jewelry provides and that is the benefit of beautification which comes along. Women have always had a special side for jewelry and related accessories and therefore their essentiality is well known and understandable.

Gemstone Jewelry-

As explained and justifiably stated above, it is clear that jewelry pieces are very important when looked at from the perspective of religious beliefs, cultural perceptions and the aspects of beautification.
Although there has existed a quite narrow perception of how broad the variety of jewelry pieces has been. Since ancient times, many people have taken jewelry pieces as the only ornaments of metals, mainly silver and gold. Little did people take into consideration that gemstones also take a major place in precious jewelry types.
Gemstones are found naturally from various sources. They occur in the environment naturally and are then extracted by the respective workforce. They have always held a very special place in astrological healing and astrological science. And because astrology has an inclination towards religious beliefs, a major part of the Indian population believes in astrology driven facts and the relevance of gemstones.
Astrology is of the opinion that gemstones possess healing powers and enormously benefit the individual who wears them on the basis of an individual astrological profile. Gemstones, according to this science, are said to benefit marriage life, education, life matters, and many other aspects.
With this, came along the concept of birthstones. A gemstone is associated with every month of the year in an astrological sense. The individuals born in a particular month are said to have that month's assigned gemstone as their birthstone. Individuals then wear the jewelry pieces of their respective birthstone to benefit themselves in various aspects of life.

November Birthstone

What’s a November birthstone?- Every individual who believes in astrological science is eager to know what birthstone does he/she have. The above-stated question is quite a common one that is found o cross minds of the individuals who are born in the month of November. The answer is- the beautiful gemstone citrine. The November birthstone citrine is a beauteous and alluring gemstone. Citrine birthstone meaning is that the gemstone citrine is related to the month of November and the individuals born in this month. November birthstone colors are beauteous and gorgeous. A wide range of November birthstone jewelry is available at DWS, these consist of November birthstone rings, November birthstone earrings, November birthstone bracelets, November birthstone bangles, November birthstone cuff, November birthstone pendants, November birthstone necklace etc.
Astrologically, citrine benefits are enormous; these benefits have driven people to wear citrine jewelry with a religious commitment.

DWS Jaipur

DWS Jaipur is a very revered name in the jewelry business and has had a tremendously high stature across its journey of fifteen glorious years. Owing to their quality driven business visions, they continue to enjoy this name and the amazing word of mouth that it brings along. DWS is a jeweler which works on the vision of customer satisfaction as their priority via uncompromised quality in their products and services. They also bring to the customers a tremendous option of jewelry personalization which contributes enormously to their popularity across the country and even overseas.
When it comes to the shopping of gemstones, November birthstone jewelry findings of citrine are immensely hard to find with the quality expectations and price reasonability that most of the customers demand. DWS is a savior for all customers in this aspect; all the qualities that DWS possesses are unmatched and are revered across the globe for numerous applaudable reasons. DWS Jaipur is the one-stop for quality driven November birthstone citrine jewelry with citrine rings, citrine earrings, citrine bracelets, citrine bangles, and citrine cuff, citrine pendants, and citrine necklaces.

Unmatched Qualities Of DWS-

• Transparency:
Transparency is the most loved quality that DWS impresses and retains the customers with. The transparency policies which DWS has penned down for their customer-dealer relationship is unmatched and highly revered across all customers in the market. The entire team abides by the transparency policies and rules in a religious manner. Customers have always been highly impressed and inclined towards DWS for this major reason that all the transactions that they have with DWS are transparency driven and therefore ensure no fraudulent activities to exist.
• Consistency
Consistency is the key to a successful business. This rightful saying holds true even today, across all business irrespective of the minute specifications. DWS Jaipur has taken this requisite for a successful business as an immensely serious point for their operations. They are immensely dedicated to serving quality and standardized service always, to all customers, throughout.
This consistency that DWS has showcased over fifteen successful years of its existence is evidence to the fact that it delivers what it claims.
• Rules, Regulations, And Policies:
A lot of rules, regulations, and policies are laid upon jewelry manufacturers and dealers by various national and international level committees and government organizations. These are all required to be attended to in a diligent and committed manner to ensure that the business activities are seamlessly continued and no legal issue comes the way.
DWS has a deep consideration and understanding of the rules and regulations that they have to work in accordance with. They have committed to always abide by these and never work in a way that does not go along the rules. This brings yet another feather to DWS' cap of glory.
• Genuine And Quality Products:
When shopping for jewelry pieces and ornaments, the costs associated are very high and substantial. Therefore, any individual would demand genuine and quality driven products if paying for sure high prices. DWS understands this concern of customers in a market that has many fraudulent activities going on and therefore makes sure to ensure that all the products that they offer to their customers are genuine to their set standards and true in the quality aspects.
• Price:
There are many jewelers across the country that provide quality in their products but inflate the price range to another level. Customers are surely never inclined to deal with such jewelers who do not work upon reasonable price for their quality driven products and services. DWS Jaipur is one such jeweler amongst the very rare lot that offers quality driven services without unreasonably inflating the price associated with it. The price set for products that DWS offers is always reasonable and true to the quality standards.
• Service:
DWS jewelers have made it a much-prioritized point that every customer who reaches out to them is left highly satisfied in all aspects. The service that DWS offers is highly driven towards achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction every time. Their services are consistent in quality, true to the designated time limit, and proper in the quality sense. This service quality has made DWS enhance the stature that it has and has made a great spot for it in the jewelry market.
After having this brief description about the essentiality of quality and the features that DWS holds, it is needless to mention that any individual would prefer to choose DWS over all other jewelers.
The unmatched qualities of DWS are the reasons as to why it has developed such an amazing position in the country and also overseas. The international clientele of DWS is live proof of its qualities.