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925 Sterling Silver Bloodstone Bezel-Set Ring - Fine Gemstone Jewelry


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Artisan Made Natural Bloodstone Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendant


Handmade Solid 925 Sterling Silver Pendant With Natural Bloodstone

All Information About March Birthstone Bloodstone

It is very important to conduct short research before beginning to shop for anything. The research might include small information extraction like the variety available, the prevailing reasonable price ranges and also the reliable sellers for the product.
When it comes to jewelry pieces, it becomes more important to conduct this research in an efficient manner to keep yourself from getting involved in any fraudulent practices. We understand that such information gathering must not be very easy and therefore we bring to you one stop that would cater to all your needs relating to jewelry pieces, peculiarly that of the March birthstone bloodstone.

Let’s Begin-

Accessories have been always known to enhance the beauty and looks of oneself. The accessory decisions that you take, define your looks in a commendable manner and therefore such an aspect must never be overlooked.
Jewelry pieces and accessories have been synonymous in the usual sense. Since years and through generations, jewelry pieces have held special places for people across the globe; and especially for women across all cultures and religions.
Jewelry wearing has a substantial link with religious beliefs and cultural reasons. Taking the legacy of forefathers is also an important reason due to which people wear certain jewelry pieces. These are some of the most concrete reasons that can be accountable in this aspect.
Beautification and dressing up according to ones wish and expectations has always been known to enhance the contentment of an individual from within and jewelry has held an important part in this entire drive of dress up.
Therefore, it can be justifiably concluded that jewelry pieces have held substantial importance since ages across all cultures and religions.

Gemstone Jewelry-

The fact that jewelry pieces hold immense importance can never be overlooked. Since many generations, across cultures, jewelry pieces have been referred to as an important part of dressing up and essential when it comes to religious or cultural events.
However, in older times and even today, some people picture jewelry pieces as only that of silver, gold or at most platinum. Undoubtedly, three of these have been considerably good players when it comes to jewelry pieces but it would wrong to state that only these make the jewelry pieces.  There is yet another important component that adds to the magnificence of jewelry pieces- the name is gemstones.
Gemstones occur naturally in the environment and are extracted from different sources. Gemstones have always held astrological importance. According to the astrological science and astrologers, they have enormous powers of healing and aiding aspects of life in a positive manner.  And Indian population, being much inclined towards religion, is highly inclined towards astrology. Therefore, including gemstones in jewelry has been an older trend in our country.
According to the astrological science, gemstones have healing properties that can benefit relationships, medical aspects and well being of an individual in various aspects of work, business, marriage, etc. Therefore, it is claimed that gemstone jewelry has enormous benefits if the appropriate gemstone is worn by an individual in accordance with his/her astrological profile.
With this, came in the concept of birthstones. According to astrological science, a gemstone is associated with every month of the year. The gemstones were called birthstones of the month they were belonging to and the individual born in that month had the respective gemstone as his/her birthstone.

March Birthstone

What’s A March Birthstone?-

This would undoubtedly be a question that would have come in the mind of individuals born in the month of March at least once in a while. The answer is- the beautiful gemstone bloodstone. The March birthstone bloodstone is an extremely gorgeous gemstone. Bloodstone birthstone meaning is that the gemstone bloodstone is related to the month of March and the individuals born in this month. March birthstone colors are beauteous and gorgeous. A wide range of March birthstone jewelry is available at DWS, these consist of March birthstone rings, March birthstone earrings, March birthstone bracelets, March birthstone bangles, March birthstone cuff, March birthstone pendants, March birthstone necklace etc.
Astrologically, bloodstone benefits are enormous; it enhances the courage of the individual wearing it. It is also used to purify and detoxify the body.

DWS Jaipur

DWS jeweler is a renowned manufacturer and dealer of jewelry pieces. Established in the year, 2004, it has earned tremendous stature and goodwill in the market with credits due to its vision of customer satisfaction. All their services and offering are high in quality standards and the best offering is their personalization option for a lot of jewelry options, particularly gemstone jewelry.
Arriving at the topic of birthstones, March birthstone jewelry findings of bloodstone are really hard to find because there are a lot of fraudulent dealers in the market who are engaged into befooling the customers for their personal benefits and interests. DWS is a savior in this aspect; the quality standards are high set and consistently achieved with transparency policy to benefit the customers. DWS Jaipur is the one-stop destination for quality oriented March birthstone bloodstone jewelry with bloodstone rings, bloodstone earrings, bloodstone bracelets, bloodstone bangles, and bloodstone cuff, bloodstone pendants, and bloodstone necklaces.

Unmatched Qualities Of DWS-

• Transparency: 
While shopping for jewelry pieces, it is always advised to make sure that your jeweler is transparent enough during the processes or services that are provided. Many jewelers indulge in fraudulent practices and customers get befooled. However, DWS is a brand that does not even leave scope for you to question; they are appropriately transparent with their services throughout the process. Customers have highly cherished this quality of DWS and continue to. Also, the transparency policy of DWS has added to customer satisfaction in a special manner. Customers, being satisfied with the transparent working of this jeweler, are highly well spoken of it and recommend it to many.
• Consistency
Being consistent in quality and services is very essential. However, many jewelers fail to understand this and therefore do not take into consideration this important factor of delivering consistent results and quality. As a result, they fail.
DWS is a jeweler that has taken this into important consideration and work towards ensuring consistent and quality driven products and services always. This is a reason for the large customer base that they have, both in the country and across the globe.
• Rules, Regulations, And Policies:
Rules, regulations, and policies play a major role in the jewelry business. Complying with all of these is not as easy as it seems. Especially when a manufacturer and dealer is also involved in exporting the products overseas, he/she has to comply with the procedures and regulations of the other country and own country as well.
DWS has however conquered this challenge in the most fabulous manner by conducting business in accordance with all rules, regulations, and policies that have been put upon them by authorities within the country. This has earned DWS a special feather in its cap of qualities and features.
• Genuine And Quality Products:
Any individual while shopping looks for quality assurance. Especially when it comes to jewelry pieces, quality is the foremost requirement that every customer demands. DWS has ensured quality to every customer they have ever dealt with and commit to doing the same ahead. Genuine and quality products are assured when one is shopping with DWS. This is the unique and commendable feature of this jewelry store that attracts customers and enhances their stature. There is currently no competitor in the market that can provide the quality standard and genuine products that DWS brings to the customers.
• Price:
DWS, keeping high their quality standards in services and products, have never looked at inflated price ranges as an option for revenue or profit maximization. Taking their goal of customer satisfaction as a benchmark, they are entirely more inclined towards ensuring that their customers are left completely satisfied and happy. They never engage in fraudulent pricing and always deal in reasonable price ranges. This quality that DWS exhibits has enhanced its customer base and proved to be very beneficial for their name.
• Service:
Customer satisfaction has always been a priority for every team member at DWS. They are well considerate of the fact that customer satisfaction can be derived solely by ensuring good service quality to them. Therefore, every team member at DWS has been entitled to diligently deliver their services in an effective and efficient manner to make sure that the customer’s issues are well attended to and catered to in an appropriate manner.
Having appropriate information about bloodstone jewelry, it is justifiably true that the best dealer for it is DWS Jaipur.
DWS is now available on their online shopping website as well which has an enormous range of beautifully crafted jewelry pieces at reasonably casual price ranges.
Therefore, not only for bloodstone jewelry, for any type of jewelry related requirements, the best place to reach out it DWS if quality assurance and being satisfied is in your list.