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Jewelry Wholesaler In India

India is a country filled with a variety of jewelry shops and designer showrooms. Even though wearing jewelry is quite a common practice in most countries, India is one of the leading consumers of gold and silver items. It's not just wearing jewelry, but we are also one of the leading wholesalers of fashion models in the world. So there are multiple manufacturing units available within the country that offers various designs for export and sales to individual customers. The collections have always inspired many designs, from rings to necklaces made with various metals and gemstones.

Among the multiple manufacturers in the country, DWS is one of India’s leading fashion jewelry wholesalers. With a showroom located in the Sitapura industrial area of Jaipur Rajasthan, they have managed to capture the attention of multiple brides and wholesalers available all over the country. But, it’s not just the showroom. They also come along with a unique manufacturing unit that offers various designs suitable for the current trend. They have a team of designers, manufacturers, and artisans who can provide perfect products to the core. Each design is tested before being delivered to ensure the product structure, metals, and gemstones. Let now take a look at the features and designs offered by DWS.

Diamond Designs

Diamonds are always a women's favorite, and if you are thinking about purchasing a fashionable diamond collection, then DWS might be the best choice available in the market. Hence, ranging from bracelets to pendants, there is nothing that is not available in the shop. Each design is made with the latest trend, and interested people can also find our unique collection of Royal designs suitable for the brides. It's not just gold, but the combinations are available in all types of metals. Along with simple diamonds, the collection also includes other gemstones embedded in them.

Starting from Ruby to Emerald, multiple other gemstones can improve the look. The earrings are dazzling and suitable for women of all ages. Being one of the leading diamond jewelry wholesalers in India, DWS is ready to offer you everything. They are starting from simple studs to beautiful chandelier designs that are nothing that is not available in the showroom. The brides can also place customized orders on the designs. Along with the bride, the customization option is open for everyone, including retailers who wish to purchase wholesale designs and sell them. Despite being the Diamond jewelry wholesaler in Jaipur, DWS has always focused on creating designs that their customers love. Each diamond is tested separately for quality, and they are offered a certification to gain trust. If you are interested in purchasing, the online website will be a suitable option, but for a personalized experience, this is the showroom located in Jaipur.

Silver Designs

Silver has always been a metal that most women favor. Even though most people prefer gold, silver has always been the choice of people choosing within the budget. It's not just the price, but silver has also been the option for people who wish to stay within the traditional category. It is authentic and can be purchased in-laws instead of purchasing gold jewelry. Nowadays, most brides prefer silver with plating to look gorgeous on their special day and remain within the budget. DWS is one of the leading silver jewelry wholesalers in India and offers various options in terms of designs.

From traditional structures to beautiful modern jewelry designs, the collections have always been eccentric. The collections are also available wholesale and can be ordered in bulk which we will deliver on time. With the help of their very own manufacturing unit, DWS has always managed to produce the best. If you are interested in purchasing, visit the shop to know more and view the mountain number of collections in the showroom. Being a silver jewelry wholesaler in Jaipur, DWS has offered traditional tribal models and southern designs for a preferable budget.

Gemstone Designs

When you are looking for the best designs in the market, gemstones might be a better choice. When it comes to gemstone jewelry, one of the most significant advantages is its ability to make any design look bright and gorgeous. Various designs available in the DWS showroom and gemstone jewelry, especially the bridal collection, play an essential role. As a leading gemstone jewelry wholesaler in India. The collections include a wide range of traditional designs that you can wear for special occasions like marriages and other functions. When it comes to modern designs, minute gemstones are used in fashion models, and sometimes, for statement jewelry, large gemstones are used.

If you are interested in purchasing the best models, then DWS can be a significant choice. A customization is a good option for brides and women who love their fashion. The pearl necklaces with gemstone models have attracted a lot of attention, and women of all ages refer to them. It is not just the necklace part of the collection that also includes bangles, rings, and pendants. Being the leading gemstone jewelry wholesaler in Jaipur, each product is unique, and the gemstones are quality tested before being placed within the designs. The designs with moonstone and sapphire gemstones, simple floral pendants with ruby, and other designs are pretty famous. Customers can also view our collections on the online website on mobile applications. After viewing the models some people can place a direct order through the applications or chat with our models for a customized order. From gemstone alterations to designs, they offer everything to satisfy your needs.

Fashion Collections

There, however, there are very few outlets in the country that offer good quality when it comes to fashion jewelry. Among them, DWS has gained a huge name because of the collections available. Fashion jewelry requires an authentic look and intricate that they offer to be one of the leading fashion jewelry wholesalers in Jaipur. When it comes to fashion jewelry, statement collections are unique, and they have taken up a different place in the market. Statement designs are designed to be worn alone and to make a statement. From statement rings to beautiful statement necklaces, the designs can be paired with a variety of costumes.

DWS offers a collection of statement jewelry that people can combine with party wear and modern costume. You can also combine specific statement designs with jeans and other regular modern costumes. The long-chain collections can be a suitable choice to meet your requirements. To provide a more grand gesture, you can go for collections with gemstones embedded in them. The long chains have been existing in the world of fashion for a long time, and they are suitable for women of all ages. 

Men's Collections

Being a leading jewelry wholesaler in India, DWS has always managed to work efficiently with its designers. The designs are not just limited to women but are also available for men. So, starting from chains to bracelets, the collections are impeccable and suitable for men of all ages. So if you are interested in purchasing a beautiful gemstone collection filled with an authentic design, this shop will be the perfect choice for you. There is also a vast collection of gemstone embedded rings that can bring luck and prosperity to your business. It is always a better option to carry good luck, and DWS offers the original quality gemstones. If you are constantly involved in fashion, selecting jewelry items from DWS might be a better option.

Along with the collections mentioned above, there is also a wide range of other options that make it suitable for women and men of all ages. One of the essential features includes customization that allows the customers and wholesalers to create their designs and receive them with quality. You can do anything related to jewelry in the manufacturing unit and repair factory specializing However, and it rejuvenates your old jewelry items without any damage symptoms. Customers can contact the showroom through the website, mobile application, email, and phone for more details. They can also visit the showroom directly for an in-depth analysis. Each design in the showroom is unique, and the quality is maintained in every piece of jewelry.