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Natural Green Garnet Tsavorite Gemstone 9K Solid Rose Gold Infinity Wedding Ring


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Sterling Silver 18K Gold Earrings With Rectangular Drops


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Gold Plated Jewelry Manufacturer In Jaipur

Gold is one of the most precious metal loved by women all over the world. Women love to flaunt their gold jewellery designs to others in the old days. Nowadays with an increased amount of modernization people prefer jewellery that suits their needs and attire rather than metals they can flaunt. Women nowadays prefer buying multiple fashion jewellery designs rather than a single gold jewel that would be impossible to wear with other kinds of attire. These designs are available all over the world and they are worn by all women from poor to rich, including celebrities. With the increase in value for designs silver jewellery with gold plated designs have become popular in the market.

What Is Gold Plated Jewellery?

Gold plating is a process in which a jewellery item made up of a different metal is dipped in Gold liquid form to give an appearance similar to Gold. There are various types of gold plating methods available and plating can be done with various concentrations of gold. Proper precautions should be taken while wearing these types of gold plated jewellery because exposing them to hard environmental conditions will result in the destruction of the gold-coated layer.

How To Maintain Gold Plated Jewellery?

Online gold jewellery these gold plated Jewellery items required proper maintenance. They should be stored in an airtight container or plastic ziplock pouches when not used. Also so avoid exposing the gold plated Jewellery items underwater as much as possible.

How To Clean Gold Plated Jewellery?

Cleaning gold plated jewellery is an easy process. After every usage, these gold plated Jewellery items should be cleaned with a cotton ball or a soft cloth material and placed within the box safely. If there is more amount of dust accumulated then these Jewellery items can be easily cleaned by wiping them with a wet cloth.

Is Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Anything? 

There are a variety of gold plated Jewellery items available in the market with various amount of quality in multiple grades. The purest form of gold plated jewellery is made up of sterling silver dipped in 24-carat gold Eid to obtain a perfect finish that can last for several months or years. Such gold plated Jewellery items are of high value and they can be resold for a good price due to the amount of silver present in them. But certain other gold plated Jewellery items that are made up of copper or brass as the base metal would not be as worthy as these jewellery items. Also, most of these Gold plated Jewellery items are cheaper and they have no resale value.
Also when these gold jewelry items lose their color they can be easily recolored and polished by dipping them in gold liquid.  These handcrafted Jewellery items are easy to repair and they can be remade into proper jewellery again.
India is not only famous for gold. It is also well known for gold plated jewelry designs and other forms of jewelry. The Indian gold plated jewelry designs are handcrafted jewellery items. Most of these designs are preferred by people all over the world. There are a variety of designs available like traditional gold plated jewellery, fashion jewellery items, kemp model jewellery, jewellery with gemstones embedded in them and other forms of pave diamonds can also be embedded in this gold plated jewellery in a beautiful and elegant manner.

Variety Of Designs

These gold plated jewellery designs are available for all types of jewellery models like ok necklaces, rings, bangles, bracelets and studs.  They are available in both traditional and modernised designs. The traditional designs are mostly handcrafted to detection in silver and then they are converted to gold, by dipping them in 24-carat pure gold. The handcrafted jewellery items provide a perfect finish when compared to machine-made designs. Sometimes certain fashion jewellery is made in silver and other forms of metal initially. Later their colour can be changed into gold or another form of gold colours like rose gold, yellow gold or black gold by the method of gold plating.
People who do not have enough money to spend on their engagement rings can use these silver engagement rings that are plated with gold. These engagement rings can be embedded with pave diamonds to provide a much richer look. Along with the rings, there are varieties of designs like sterling silver based bracelets which can be gold plated weather in rose gold or yellow gold for matching at with other forms of jewellery designs.
Silver necklaces that are handcrafted provide an antique finish and when these silver jewellery are coated with antique gold plating finish they are much beautiful to look at and they provide a perfect antique based gold plated jewellery designs.
Bangles are nothing but a traditional form of bracelets that are mostly used by women for their traditional attire. But buying gold bangles every time would be costly. Insta people can buy this gold plated silver bangles that provide a perfect match for the traditional attire. Nice traditional gold plated bangles are also made up of handcrafting techniques and hence they are perfectly designed without any flaw.
DWS jewellery is one of the leading gold plated jewellery wholesale exporters who provide multiple designs for the customers. With the help of our very own manufacturing unit, we provide the best form of gold plated jewellery designs. DWS jewellery is one of the leading jewellery manufacturers in Jaipur Rajasthan. We also provide customised jewellery designs for our customers depending upon their requirements. These customers designs are famous all over the world and customers can create any type of jewellery designs they want with the help of our designers and handcrafted jewellery makers. People can view a wide variety of designs in our exclusive showroom available in Jaipur Rajasthan. These jewellery designs are designed by our special unit of designers who have the ability to design a perfect set of designs that are expected in our showroom. For our customers who love our jewellery designs, we also have an online website portal that allows them to buy our jewellery designs from online. People can log into our website at to view our variety of designs and buy them online. Then products are delivered to our customers with the utmost care and safety.

Every Bit Of Information You Need To Know About Gold Plated Jewellery

Women love to wear different types of jewellery. But nothing can match the age old amazing and attractive golden jewelleries. Imagine how precious a piece of necklace of your grandma to you! But every time we cannot afford such precious pricey jewelleries. On another hand not always everything stays in fashion. That means even if you spend lots of money for this jewellery, the style may not last long! So why would you spend so much money on something that wouldn't last long? Instead of using original gold jewelleries, people love to wear gold plated jewellery these days. In this article we will tell you every bits and pieces of information you need to know about gold plated jewellery;

Difference Between Gold Plated And Gold Polished Jewellery:

In case of gold plated jewellery, there's a thick plate of gold put on the silver jewellery. Almost 5-micron gold plate is put on the jewellery. It will stay long on the sterling silver handcrafted jewellery and the price of such pieces are way more than polished ones. In case of polished ones, a mere 0.1 micron gold particles are brushed on the sterling silver handcrafted jewellery. Life of such polished jewelleries is very less. The polished golden plates get wear off easily and the silver jewellery comes out. Price of such polished golden jewellery is very less compared to the gold plated ones.


It is better to use thick plating on your handmade silver jewellery. Price changes with the thickness of the product and also the quality varies a lot. On a thicker plate, different designs can be without any problem whereas if the thickness is less, it is absolutely tough to make any design on it! Some buyers even have requirements of a particular thickness on their plated handmade silver jewellery. So this is one of the main features of gold plated jewelleries that buyers should know.


When you are spending money on something, you need to make sure that the product lasts long. If you buy a gold plated jewellery that has thick plate on it, it will stay long. But if you buy gold plated bangles or gold plated bracelets with thin layer of gold plate, the longevity of this product is not assured at all! If you buy gold plated jewellery findings from a known and reputed shop, you may end up getting a high-end product that will last long.


Now you know that pricing of gold plated pendants and necklaces depend on the quality of the plate, thickness of the plate and of course the store you are buying it from. Some stores even offer warranty on gold plated cuffs. Even if you wear these jewelleries daily and use water after that, it will not wear off easily.

Inspection Needed: 

You are sparing a lot of money for a not so genuine piece of jewellery. Make sure you are not wasting your money! Check the piece thoroughly for wire coming out, colour wearing off etc. If you are buying the piece online, make sure to go to those sites that have return facilities available. A thorough inspection is needed when you are sparing money as gold plated cuffs are not cheap at all!

How To Take Care Of Gold Plated Jewelleries

Using gold plated earrings is not easy, you need to maintain a lot of points to make sure that your piece of gold plated pendants and necklaces stay long. Here are some precautionary tips:
  1. Keeping It Away From Chemicals: Every time we are using a new makeup product or a perfume or hair spray we are not aware of the ingredients. The ingredient list sometimes include strong chemicals. If you want to use any of, make sure to put that before you wear any jewellery. Use the perfume or make up and let it settle down a bit. After few minutes wear the jewellery. Else the strong chemical present in the perfume or makeup may erode the gold plate available on your gold plated bangles or gold plated bracelets.

  2. Keeping It Away From Moisturizer: In past times people used to clean glass jewelleries and stone jewelleries with moisturizer. After applying a bit of moisturizer, one needs to wipe the whole stone with a thin cloth or with cotton pads. But it can be done on metal bodies and glass to maintain the glossy effect. But the same thing will not happen in case of gold plated rings. If moisturizer gets stuck on the metal plate, the shine will be vanished! If you are going to use moisturizer, it is recommended that you do that first. After the moisturizer gets absorbed by your skin, you should wear the gold plated rings.

  3. Protection From Sun Rays And Heat: You should protect it from strong sun rays and scorching heat. The chance of gold plated earrings to erode off increases when it is open in sun. You cannot take the piece to heated areas as well! So wearing such pieces during day time out in the sun, or while doing barbeque, or around the beach or pool side at day time is strictly prohibited. Else the shine or the quality of the metal plate will be destroyed.

  4. After Use Care: After you use the product, make sure to get rid of excess sweat, perfume particles, makeup dusts from the jewellery piece. Use a cotton ball and clean the jewellery properly. After reaching house, you can put the jewelleries under fan or in AC. Make sure the sweat gets dried off and then cleaning it will help you. You can keep all the pieces of gold plated jewellery findings separate from each other. If the jewelleries get stuck to each other, it will be a huge problem afterwards.

  5. Cleaning Of The Gold Plated Jewellery: cleaning these pieces is a tough task. To restore the shine of the original gold available in this piece of jewellery make sure to apply warm water and put few drops of detergent in it. Put the jewellery in it and leave for a minute or so. After 2 minutes, take out the jewellery, use a brush or a thin cotton cloth and clean the jewellery properly. Dry the jewellery properly before storing it back in your almirah.

These are a few points that one should know before going to buy some gold plated jewellery. It is better to know things before you jump on buying them. You need to make sure that you know almost all points to make sure that your gold plated jewellery stays longer. These are the major points that you should consider while you are planning to buy a new piece of jewellery.